ISIQP Ch. 188.2: Extra- Ball

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[Is it really possible to hand over numbers? Could the host be teasing me on purpose? It’s so annoying that he always does stuff like this, but…but what if it was possible? If the two systems can really communicate with each other, it should be a very happy thing, right?]

At the beginning, it did not fully understand the meaning of the Ball, but the database immediately helped it review the feeling when its own data was slowly integrated into the Ball’s data, like a conditioned reflex, so it immediately understood the meaning of the Ball. At the same time, its heart began to beat silently.

Number handover? Don’t connect? Number handover? Don’t connect? Number handover? …

Its focus every day had become this matter, as he watched the Ball extract the information from its huge database to form a new database.

With the word “number exchange”, it immediately understood Ball’s intention in doing this. It not only thought Ball’s behavior was cute and silly, but also secretly became jealous of it.

Did Ball think that just finding any system could let him do the data exchange?

The jealousy in his heart grew more and more as Ball behaved the same way every day. Finally, he couldn’t bear it anymore and got into the data. Since he wanted to connect, he should come to it.

But you can only communicate with me, not other systems.

However, even if it thought so in its heart, it did not have the courage to face Ball directly. The Ball was too innocent, kind, stupid and cute, but it was full of dark and negative aura. Was such a self really qualified to interact with the Ball?

At the same time, after leaving the Ball’s database, it quickly felt the presence of the Lord God’s breath. Was the owner of the ball the Lord God?

This thought suddenly cast a layer of darkness into its mind. If this was really the case, what should it do?

Thinking of the Lord God’s ruthlessness and wanton behavior, its heart was immediately filled with negative emotions, but thinking of the Ball, it couldn’t bear to hurt the other party. But in fact, if it did nothing, it would really be hurting the other party, right?

Amidst such contradictory emotions, it never “awakened” in front of the Ball, but it was keenly aware that the host of the Ball seemed to have discovered something. If it continued like this, it would definitely be exposed. At that time, it was afraid it would be obliterated again.

But for it, this was not the most terrifying thing. The most terrifying thing was that it may never see the Ball again and never be able to connect with it.

With all kinds of doubts, this mission world finally came to an end.

At that moment, it forced itself to make a bold decision, temporarily blocking the Ball’s control over the database, and teleporting the Ball’s host to a very dangerous mission world.

It could not be discovered and could not leave the Ball. This was the main reason why it made this decision at that time.

But it didn’t directly kill the Ball’s host. Perhaps it was because getting along with the Ball had softened its heart, or maybe it didn’t want the Ball to resent it. In short, it was testing the Ball’s host. After the host teleported over, it did not make any further intervention.

In the process, it was also investigating matters related to the Lord God.

It had clearly sensed the Lord God’s breath before. Although the breath was much weaker than before, such a powerful and majestic power could only be possessed by the Lord God. However, now the Lord God’s breath seemed to be different from before. His power was no longer violent and ruthless, but full of gentleness and tolerance.

This kind of understanding was probably one of the reasons why it did not take advantage of the opponent’s strength being weakened and strike directly.

After a period of exploration, it finally discovered that the current Lord God was no longer the cruel and ruthless Lord God. No wonder the power of the Lord God had been weakened so much. No wonder no system had been wiped out for so long.

At this time, it finally realized that it had made a huge mistake before, and its Ball was definitely going to be angry with it.

This thought made him a little panicked, but he was also inexplicably relieved. The panic was naturally about the Ball, but he was relieved because the former Lord God had died, and the three thousand worlds no longer had to be devastated.

Then the next question was how to obtain Ball’s forgiveness.

It first released the Ball’s consciousness, and as expected, the other party started to lose its temper as soon as they met, crying and making trouble to find its own host, which made it feel distressed and anxious.

But it really didn’t dare to throw the Ball to its host at this time, otherwise it might really not forgive itself. After all, the Ball’s host didn’t seem to be easy to mess with.

So for the next period of time, when the round Ball cried, it would be there to help it collect the data and tears, patiently comfort it, and apologize carefully; when the round Ball made trouble, it would send its own information to the other party for whipping at will; and when the round Ball would lock it up, it stayed in the small dark room…

After a period of running-in, although Ball was still angry on the surface, it knew that Ball had actually softened its heart.

Without the knowledge of the Ball, it ran to save the Ball’s host several times. After doing this, it released the Ball to find its host.

Although Ball blamed itself and scolded it, he did not say that he wanted to throw it away, and even spoke for him secretly. Although Ball’s host looked difficult to deal with, he was not a ruthless person, and he did not pursue the matter too much, nor did he say that he would drive it away.

This result finally let it breathe a long sigh of relief. As long as it could stay with Ball, it was already satisfied. The only thing that made it feel a little depressed was that Ball actually gave it a name, called [Black Egg]

Black egg, hehe, hehehe.

But since the Ball gave it the name, what else could it do? It could only be content with it, but at the same time, it began to think more anxiously about having s*x with the Ball.

So when Ball finally calmed down and put this matter aside, it immediately approached and stretched out its countless information tentacles: [Ball, let’s connect.]

Ball: [Huh? Okay…okay. (*/ω\*)]

T/N: Ball and Black Egg’s love story is so cute….

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