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But when he got closer, Xu Maomao realized something was wrong. It had no shadow! Instead it was transparent!

“Meow Meow Meow!” the transparent cat called anxiously.

Generally speaking, as long as it was cat language, Xu Maomao should be able to understand it, regardless of if the cat was from the mountains, but he didn’t understand what this transparent cat meant to say.

“Meow meow meow meow meow!”

Seeing that it didn’t respond, the skinny cat with messy hair raised its paw, wanting to touch the puppet cat, but its transparent paw went straight through Xu Maomao’s body.

“Meow?” The transparent cat was stunned, not understanding why he couldn’t touch him.

Xu Maomao was also surprised, what was going on?

He also raised his paw, trying to touch it, but unsurprisingly, he could only catch a cloud of air.

Xu Maomao tilted his head, it seemed as if he understood a little bit, this cat might… be a cat in the state of a soul!

He actually saw a soul?

Could it be because of cultivation? But it was only practiced once. However, according to some supernatural materials that Xu Maomao had read on weekdays, cats were actually a kind of evil creature. In the culture of many countries, cats, especially black cats, could communicate with yin and yang. And, he had both black and white colors on his body, maybe because of this reason, he could easily see the soul body belonging to the same kind? No, perhaps the most important reason was that after practicing, his five senses had become clearer, and his hearing and sight was also clearer.

The transparent cat was so anxious that it patted him several times again, no doubt it missed every time, so it gave up and let out a desolate cry, then ran a few steps in one direction, and then looked back at Xu Maomao.

It must mean for me to follow. Xu Maomao guessed and followed.

Sure enough, the cat did want to take him to a place.

Xu Maomao followed it all the way, and it ran very fast. But following along, Xu Maomao found that its originally transparent body had started disappearing little by little. The transparent cat didn’t notice it and was still leading the way. After running through three alleys, Xu Maomao couldn’t see it at all!

At this time, he had come to a very dilapidated courtyard house that seemed to be deserted.

Xu Maomao opened his eyes in surprise, trying to find its figure, but there was no trace of it in the air.

Was it lost in spirit? Or an earthbound spirit? Or…he couldn’t see it?

Xu Maomao calmed down and sensed for a moment, and sure enough, the sense of clarity just now was gone. It seemed that only a short period of time after practicing could he have that kind of clarity.

He sniffled, carefully identifying the smells around him. There must be some reason for that cat soul to bring him here, and he already had a vague guess in his heart.

Seeing that there was no one around, he kicked his hind legs and jumped into the high wall of the small courtyard.

The old yard showed the atmosphere of being uninhabited for a long time, but Xu Maomao’s sensitive nose keenly sensed a faint smell, which came from among a few wooden boards, broken cardboard boxes and some other miscellaneous debris piled up in the corner.

He followed the smell and approached the pile of garbage step by step. The closer he got, the more obvious the faint smell became.

When he walked in, Xu Maomao gently opened a thick cardboard box with his mouth, and looked down, what he saw there was a big cat and a litter of small milk cats!

The big cat was already stiff all over, and its appearance was very similar to that transparent cat, it was obviously the same one. There were five little milk cats nestled in its abdomen, all with their eyes closed tightly, curled in a ball, motionless.

Xu Maomao’s heart trembled, were they still alive?

He quickly leaned over and stuck out his tongue to touch them lightly.

As expected, the big cat was cold and dead, but what was surprising was that the five kittens were still alive. Although their breath was extremely weak, they were still breathing! On such a cold day, with such a shabby environment with only a few quilts and torn newspapers, they were still alive!

Xu Maomao’s first thought was to move them all to a warm place. Fortunately, Shen Yu’s home was not far from here, so he still had time to run fast. But how to transfer was a problem, there were five in total, so it was impossible to transfer them at the same time, and he couldn’t wait for Shen Yu to come, it seemed that he could only take them back one by one.

But the last one was exposed to the ice and snow for too long, and he was worried about accidents. How should he keep it warm?

Suddenly, he had a flash of inspiration, and he thought of canned rice.

Its cans had magical effects that revitalize the cats, and maybe if he fed them some, they could last a little longer. So Xu Maomao immediately went to the group to ask about rice.

[Oscar]: Is your canned food suitable for cubs?

[Rice]: It is, it can be used by men, women and children, and it can enhance their resistance. Which kitten are you going to feed? I recommend the fine and original one.

Xu Maomao didn’t reply, he just hurried to the mall to buy a can. The can was still hot when he placed the food in the mouth of the milk cat.

The canned rice was not ordinary, it was very sweet, the little milk cats noticed the delicacy in their mouth even in a coma, and stretched out their little tongue weakly, rolled it around the canned meat and ate it.

After feeding a few mouthfuls, Xu Maomao obviously felt that their breathing had become much smoother, and they moved their hind legs when they were sleepy, while huddling together to keep warm.

Seeing that the canned food had some effect, Xu Maomao took a bite to increase his strength, then he quickly picked up the thinnest one first, and ran home as fast as possible.

After successfully bringing one kitten home, he went on to bring the remaining four back.

Passers-by on the road saw this puppet cat running like the wind, and all of them cast surprised eyes on it.

Among them was a pair of mother and child, and the child looked shocked: “Mom, look, the big cat ate the little cat!”

The woman couldn’t laugh or cry: “No, it’s because the cat mother is worried that the kitten would be cold, so she put it in her mouth to keep it warm.”


Xu Maomao, who was misunderstood as a cat mother, couldn’t help but look back at them with the cat in his mouth. I am male, male!

His running back quickly disappeared into the alley, and the transparent, real mother cat was watching him bring her babies home with tears and relief. After a while, a slight change occurred on the cat, now its hair was no longer bald, and its thin body seemed to have regained its strength.

It was very satisfied, the cat that rescued its babies was a god cat with a bell, so it knew that the babies would be well taken care of, so it could go away with peace of mind. The next moment, a road dotted with dots appeared in front of its eyes. It looked in the direction of Shen Yu’s home for the last time, and then she reluctantly stepped on it. When her paws touched those dots, her figure finally truly disappeared from the alley…

After returning home, Xu Maomao immediately put all the kittens in his nest and fed them more high-grade canned food. Seeing them sleeping soundly, Xu Maomao finally collapsed on the ground, and let his running paws that were about to catch fire take a moment to rest.

Then, he waved his paw three times and dialed Shen Yu’s phone number.

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