TDAB Ch. 1

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“Zijin, although you are our daughter, we have raised Xiao Xuan for fifteen years and have a deep relationship with her. She was raised rich since she was a child and is not as able to endure hardships like you who has always been in the country, so the eldest daughter of the Ying family is still Xiao Xuan.”

“I feel guilty that we have wronged you, but you are so kind. Mom knows you won’t mind. Don’t worry, you will have everything you deserve.”

“What? You want it too. Go, are you kidding me? What you want is to be a socialite, and you can’t even play a piano piece. You’ll only be embarrassed if you go there.”

The dream was full of chaotic figures and noisy words.

After a few seconds, Ying Zijin finally woke up.

Her long eyelashes moved, her eyes opened, and what came into her eyes was a white ward, with the smell of disinfectant filling her nose.

“Hey, are you awake?” A sarcastic voice came from above her head, “I thought you were dead. Don’t move. Why are you moving? Will you be responsible if the needle escapes?” A hand held her down and squeezed her hard on her wounds.

However, the girl showed no sign of pain. She turned her wrist and pressed her hand on the bedside table. The man suddenly felt pain and screamed: “Are you sick? I’m going to hurt you.”

The girl turned her head, and her pale and bloodless face was exposed to the air. She looked sick and had no energy.

But if you looked closely at her facial features, they were very delicate. There were beautiful phoenix eyes. When you turned them slightly, there would be light passing by, like a floating green and flowing elixir, which would disappear obviously.

It had a powerful bewitching power that made people lose consciousness.

The woman’s eyes flashed, and she asked with concern: “Xiao Jin, are you feeling uncomfortable in any way?”

The girl didn’t say anything, but her hands relaxed.

Doctor Lu rubbed his wrists and stepped back, scolding: “You are indeed an uneducated white-eyed wolf.”

Ying Zijin raised her eyes, her narrow phoenix eyes still stained with dew.

Her voice was hoarse after waking up, with a hint of haziness and coldness: “Sorry, I just woke up, I thought a dog bit me.”

Dr. Lu’s expression changed: “You!”

“Okay, Xiao Jin. I’ve already apologized, so stop arguing.” The woman tried to persuade her, with a look of remorse on her face, “Xiao Jin, I’m sorry, if it wasn’t for my illness, you wouldn’t have had to give me a blood transfusion. I didn’t expect that this time it would hurt you and you would pass out.”

“She deserved it!” Dr. Lu looked disgusted, “Isn’t she the daughter that your Ying family adopted out of consideration for her pity? Why do you need to find me specifically to help take care of her?”

The woman sighed. She took a breath and said, “Xiao Jin has suffered too much, how can she compare with Xiao Xuan?”

“She can’t be compared.” Doctor Lu smiled contemptuously, “I heard from my brother that she is the second in grade. It’s not like some supercilious person who relied on money to get into the elite class, but was dropped by more than 300 points by the second to last place. It’s really embarrassing.”

The woman frowned: “Don’t say that, Xiao Jin was still ranked No. 1 in her previous middle school.”

Doctor Lu sneered: “The first place in a county can’t even pass the second exam.”

However, the conversation between the two did not affect Ying Zijin at all. She glanced at the woman casually and thought in her mind, a name emerged – “Ying Luwei”.

Her aunt, 25 years old, was the first socialite in Shanghai and a famous pianist in China.

Ying Luwei suffered from a rare form of haemophilia due to a genetic mutation.

Once a patient with this disease had a wound, they would bleed continuously and be difficult to heal. Moreover, her blood type was RH+, which was extremely rare, and it was extremely difficult to match. There was still no complete cure.

Ying Zijin looked at her slender wrist with visible blood vessels, and said with a tired expression, “Tsk.”

She died in the world of spiritual cultivation, but returned to the earth where she had been.

After sleeping for nearly seventeen years, her consciousness and memory were now fully awakened.

Her name was still Ying Zijin, and this name had stayed with her for a long time.

It was just that she is no longer in the world of spiritual cultivation, where “one hexagram determines life and death, and one glance determines misfortune and fortune”.

Now she was an adopted daughter of the Ying family who could not stand on the stage, and she was also Ying Luwei’s mobile living blood bank, always on call.

This time she fainted because Ying Luwei was injured. Her blood had been forcibly drawn for several days and she was still unable to resist.

“What happened at that time?” Dr. Lu looked at Ying Luwei, “Who pushed you down? Were you on the side, did you see it?”

The last words were said to the girl.

Seeing that she didn’t move, Dr. Lu suddenly became angry: “I’m asking you something, are you mute?”

“Noisy.” Ying Zijin’s eyebrows were sparse, “Quiet.”

“What’s your attitude?” Dr. Lu slammed the folder in his hand on the table and sneered, “Luwei, I’m sorry for treating her like this, but I can’t cure her disease now.”

Ying Zijin slowly closed her clothes: “Close the door.”

Dr. Lu originally wanted the girl to say soft words and beg him, but unexpectedly he punched soft cotton. He looked embarrassed for a moment, his face was burning with pain, and then he said “You are a bitch who seduces your little uncle. What a prestige?” and left in a hurry.

“Xiao Jin!” Ying Luwei scolded, “Dr. Lu is an expert recuperation physician. If you piss him off, what will happen to your body?”

“Yes, an expert in glucose infusion.” Ying Zijin said calmly, “I don’t know. Yes, I thought I was going to undergo some major surgery.”

Ying Luwei’s heart skipped a beat: “Xiao Jin?”

Ying Zijin propped her elbows on the bed and sat up: “But what the experts said makes sense. I also want to know who pushed my aunt down. There will always be evildoers showing off.”

She picked up the mobile phone beside the bed and looked at the woman: “Do you think so?”

The girl’s momentum suddenly became so overwhelming that Ying Luwei couldn’t resist it at all. She frowned and said displeased: “Xiao Jin, you really don’t want to be wilful anymore. I don’t care if you hurt me, but if you keep doing this and bump into a big shot one day, how can I protect you?”

“Then thank you first, I heard that this ward, you chose it specially for me.” Ying Zijin looked up at the door number and seemed to be smiling, “The number is good.”

After saying that, she went straight out of Ward No. 914 without looking at the woman’s expression.

Ying Luwei bit her lip, her eyes darkening.

She thought for a while, then took out her mobile phone and pressed a number. After the call was connected, she whispered: “Moyuan, Xiao Jin usually listens to you the most. Can you help me persuade her?”

There seemed to be a voice on the other end of the phone. He didn’t expect to hear such a sentence. He was silent for a moment and said very coldly: “Take good care of yourself and leave her alone. If she takes advantage of you again, I will send someone to send her away.”

The wind and snow were falling, and the snow was wrapped in white.

The city of Shanghai was located along the coast, and there was no snow in the depth of winter. But this year, in late January, snow started to fall, scattered in the night sky, and it was freezing cold.

At nine o’clock in the evening, people were coming and going on the streets, and it was very lively.

The girl only wore a simple black shirt, her legs were slender and straight, she was carrying a shoulder bag, her steps were slow, and she was extremely out of tune with everything around her.

Her face was pale, but she was still beautiful. Occasionally, the light of a neon light passed between her eyebrows, like tiny stars slowly spreading.

Across the street: “Hey, Qi Shao.” Nie Chao’s eyes immediately fixed and he bumped the waist of the person next to him, “Guess who I saw?”

“Huh?” The man looked casual, “I saw your old lover again.”

He was leaning against the wall, with a tall body and a lazy posture, showing a dandy air.

Xiu Ruo’s fingers were playing with a ring, but the hand was whiter than jade.

The wind and snow blurred his features, but they did not cover up his exquisite beauty, making them look more dusty.

The man had a pair of naturally smiling peach blossom eyes, which were slightly curved. He looked like he was full of affection to everyone he looks at, and his eyes were full of electricity, which was very seductive.

Born to be a seductive monster.

Nie Chao thought to himself, no wonder those ladies couldn’t see anyone else when they looked at such a face. He made even a man want to kneel down.

“What old lover? I never look back. I saw the girl that the Ying family adopted a few months ago.”

The man hummed absentmindedly. He slightly bent his right leg and raised his profile. The lines were just right and perfect, making passer-bys turn their heads frequently.

Nie Chao knew that he was not interested, so he added, “You just came back and you didn’t know that the adopted daughter of the Ying family was seducing her aunt’s fiancé.”

The man raised his eyebrows slightly and finally responded: “Jiang Moyuan?”

“It’s him.” Nie Chao clicked his tongue, “She is so courageous.”

Jiang Moyuan was felt to be far older than these young masters, but he was only five or six years older. Before he reached the age of thirty, he was already the top leader in the company. He was from Shanghai. Everyone thus respectfully called him “Master Jiang”.

Jiang Moyuan and Ying Luwei were also well matched. They were both from one of the four wealthy families. One was the number one socialite in Shanghai, and the other was the man that socialites most wanted to marry.

Nie Chao sighed: “Seventh Young Master, you say that if you were serious about your job, with your face, you would definitely be the one they would want to marry the most.” Besides Jiang Moyuan, the other person with the most famous reputation in Shanghai was the one in front of him. Fu Yun, the seventh young master of the Fu family, was very mature.

It was just that the latter didn’t have a good reputation. It seemed that apart from his face and money, you couldn’t find any other advantages.

But Nie Chao felt that he had never been able to see through this playboy.

Fu Yun’s eyes narrowed and he smiled carelessly: “I don’t want to be like him.”

“That’s right.” Nie Chao said, “It’s better to have a good time. With such freedom, you are the only one in my family who won’t be caught by the old man to inherit the company.”

Fu Yun said nothing.

“You may not know that the Ying family adopted her just to provide blood for Ying Luwei. She is quite pitiful.” Nie Chao added, “But poor people must also be hateful. I think the girl Ying family adopted doesn’t have a good character.”

He looked at the girl, and was inevitably surprised: “But she is really good-looking, tsk…tsk, none of those in the imperial capital can compare to her.”

Fu Yun still didn’t respond, his peach blossom eyes were slightly lowered, and no one knew what he was thinking.

There was no one to gossip with, and Nie Chao was bored. Just when he was about to ask the man if he wanted to go to the newly opened bar, he was suddenly surprised: “Hey, Qi Shao, this adopted daughter of the Ying family seems to be in trouble.”

There was a group of street gangsters that appeared out of nowhere and blocked the girl’s way. They had malicious and lewd smiles on their faces, and two of them had knives in their hands.

Many people around saw it, but they all just glanced at it indifferently, and then hurried away.

“I now believe in retribution.” Nie Chao didn’t move, as if watching a good show, “Look at her thin arms and legs, how pitiful she is.”

Fu Yun didn’t look at it, but said: “Go and help..”

“Help?” Nie Chao suspected that he heard wrongly, “No, Qi Shao, you actually asked me to help her? Do you know how bad her reputation is in Shanghai? If you go there, you will get dirty.”

“She’s just a little girl.” Fu Yun raised his eyelids, “You’re just hearing from hearsay. It’s normal for wealthy families to confuse right and wrong. How do you know what kind of person she is?”

Nie Chao thought the same thing: “But why me?”

Fu Yun said lazily, “You know karate.”

“Okay, okay.” Nie Chao said helplessly, “I’ll help, but if the adopted daughter of the Ying family takes over, I’ll say it’s you.”

“Yes.” Fu Yun said calmly, “It’s mine.”

Nie Chao walked forward reluctantly, but before he arrived, an accident happened.

He saw the girl holding the arm of the gangster with an expressionless face. She suddenly raised it and threw him over her shoulder with her backhand. Her movements were extremely cold and cruel.

Within ten seconds, she punched, kicked, raised her feet and struck with elbows, quickly knocking down the remaining gangsters without even taking a breath.

It was so fast that everyone was caught off guard, and the passers-bys around were shocked.

Nie Chao was stunned: “…”

Damn it?

Fu Yunshen slowly stood up straight, raised his peach-blossom eyes, and suddenly smiled.

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