TDAB Ch. 2

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Ying Zijin retracted her hand, completely ignoring the weird looks from the people around her, rolled up her sleeves and continued walking.

Shanghai was the second international metropolis in China, with rapid economic and technological development.

“Fu Yun, did you see it?” It took Nie Chao a long time to come to his senses. He pinched his thigh and hissed, “I can’t. I remember clearly that this little sister just entered the hospital the day before yesterday. She can now fight one against five?”

“Yes, I saw it.” Fu Yun put one hand in his pocket and looked at the girl’s back, “But this skill can’t be seen. What kind of method was it? It was a bit like Muay Thai, and a bit like Judo.”

Nie Chao was stunned: “How can you say it?”

“Every move she attacked with was very clever.” Fu Yun smiled deeply, “If she had used a little more strength, then it wouldn’t have been as simple as the five people falling to the ground.”

Nie Chao broke into cold sweat when he heard this: “It’s impossible? Is it possible that this little sister also learnt ancient martial arts?”

The warriors used ancient training methods and combined them with today’s science. He was an ancient warrior, and an ancient warrior was many times stronger than someone like him who only knew karate.

There were ancient warriors in China, but there were not many of them. Some ancient martial arts families had also gradually declined after the arrival of the 21st century. Even the wealthy families in the imperial capital were looking for real ancient warriors, not to mention the city of Shanghai.

If any wealthy family could invite a real ancient warrior to take charge of the family, they could have the ability to compete with those ancient chaebols in O continent.

If the adopted daughter of the Ying family knew ancient martial arts, would the Ying family use her as a living blood bank?

It was not too late to provide for the whole family.

“Gu Wu…” Fu Yun glanced deeply and froze.

Ahead, the girl suddenly left and came back, still walking in their direction.

Fu Yun narrowed his eyes and turned slightly.

The dazzling lights on the street reflected in his narrow peach blossom eyes, which were coated with a touch of crimson and tinged with a bit of tenderness.

It was difficult for anyone to resist his gaze.

Being so close, Fu Yun could clearly see the cyan blood vessels under the girl’s pale skin, which were so frighteningly weak that his eyebrows moved slightly.

Nie Chao’s cold sweat became even worse.

Could it be that he was saying bad things about people behind their backs and was heard?

Although he was a 9th-dan karate expert and was still a big man, looking at the posture of this little sister just now, she could hit a hundred people without using both hands.

At this time, the girl stood still in front of him. She raised her head, with a hazy mist in her eyes, and said, “You–“

Nie Chao’s legs softened and he knelt down with a “plop”: “I’m just a gossiper, but I don’t have any ill intentions. Please show mercy!”

Fu Yun was very interested: “Kneel down on one knee with a pious posture. Are you proposing?”

Nie Chao: “…”

His legs were not up to par!

Ying Zijin looked at Nie Chao who stood up again, raised her eyebrows slightly, and said unhurriedly: “Three days later, at seven o’clock in the evening, at the No. 1 Huangpu Road Tavern, you will suffer a bloody disaster, but you will be fine, starting at 12 noon seven days later, I suggest you avoid the Punan area, otherwise your life will be in danger.”

Nie Chao was confused.

After hearing this, Fu Yun quickly grasped the jade stone with his slender fingers. He raised his peach-blossom eyes and said with a low voice and a smile: “Kid, do you know how to tell fortunes?”

Ying Zijin didn’t answer, but just said: “Thank you.”

Saying thank you was just a pretence. It didn’t matter to her whether anyone helped her. She just wanted to test how much of her divination ability was left.

It seemed that it would take a long time for her to recover, but it was enough for now.

Nie Chao was even more confused: “Huh?”

Fu Yun glanced at Nie Chao deeply, and then looked at the girl. His pupils were light amber, with a bewitching tenderness: “My little friend, just a thank you, isn’t it too much? Are you bullying me? Huh?”

Ying Zijin paused.

Nie Chao was dumbfounded: “Fu Yun, aren’t you? It’s obviously you who bullied the little sister. Did you take the wrong medicine today?”

As a grown man, aren’t you embarrassed?

Why hadn’t he seen this young master talk like this to other members of the opposite sex?

Fu Yun ignored him, his peach blossom eyes were narrowed, and he stared straight at the girl, as if she was discharged: “You gave him a fortune, why not do it for me too?”

Ying Zijin narrowed her eyes slightly.

“Little sister, please ignore him.” Nie Chao felt that Fu Yun was ill today, so he tried to smooth things over, “Where are you going? Let me take you there?” Sure enough, the wealthy families had deep waters. At first glance, this sister was not who she was rumoured to be.

“No need.” Ying Zijin shook her head and left.

But when she turned around, her body shook slightly, which was obviously the sequelae of excessive blood loss.

She raised her hand and pressed her temples, her brows covered with frost.

At this moment, a lazy voice sounded from behind.


Ying Zijin stopped and turned around.

The man was leaning against the glass door, still looking like a playboy: “Your benefactor said that in order to thank you for reminding him, he invited you to dinner tonight.”

Han Pavilion.

After the waiter set the tableware, Nie Chao still couldn’t understand. He looked at the girl with dull eyebrows and said, “Did you really agree? Aren’t you afraid of being betrayed? What if we are bad guys and poison you?”

Besides, Fu Yun also surprised him. When did he take the initiative to invite a girl before?

Ying Zijin half-closed her eyes to rest her mind: “Because I’m really hungry.”

Nie Chao: “…”

“Well, that’s all, and another plate of fried pork liver.” Fu Yunshen closed the menu.

The waiter bowed and went down to get the food ready.

Han Pavilion was the only restaurant in China that refused to be rated as a three-star Michelin restaurant. It only accepted ten tables of customers a day, and reservations must be made three months in advance.

Nie Chao looked around: “Young Master Fu, you don’t know the owner of Han Pavilion, do you? This store, even if my old man comes, he has to make a reservation.”

“I don’t know.” Fu Yun put his arm on the back of the chair, his tone was very casual, “Maybe it depends on face.”

“Miss Ying, you hear me, the Seventh Young Master just likes to talk nonsense, don’t believe a word he says.” Nie Chao didn’t care, and waved his hand, “But today is a rare treat from Young Master Fu. You can eat freely. He lacks everything except money.”

“What a coincidence.” Ying Zijin said casually, “I only need money.”

Fu Yun raised his head.

“Are you short of money?” Nie Chao was stunned, “The Ying family won’t give you money?”

The servants of the Ying family were all paid, let alone their adopted daughter?

“I’m not good at studies, I haven’t learned etiquette, and I don’t know how to arrange flowers and tea art.” The girl said calmly, “It’s so embarrassing, why should they give me money?”

Nie Chao was choked.

Fu Yun’s eyelashes fluttered, and the corners of his lips curved: “That means they are blind. Your pre-dinner etiquette has been inherited from the royal family in ancient O continent.”

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