TDAB Ch. 3

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Nie Chao was once again stunned: “???”


What did he hear?

Adding an ancient character before Ozhou changes the meaning completely.

That was O continent from the 14th to the 16th century. Due to an ideological and cultural movement, countless famous figures appeared in various fields such as literature, art, music, etc. O continent also changed from decline to prosperity.

There were many royal families in continent O, but most of them no longer existed. There were still ten royal families headed by country Y, and the etiquette of each royal family was different.

It was just an ordinary sitting posture. He didn’t see any clue. Where did she follow the etiquette of the royal family of O Continent?

But Nie Chao would not doubt Fu Yun’s words.

Because this young master told him that in order to be a successful dandy, the prerequisite was to know both astronomy and geography.

Nie Chao always felt that there was something wrong with what he said, but he couldn’t figure it out what, so he had to accept the lesson with an open mind.

It was not surprising that the number one dandy in Shanghai knew the etiquette of the Ozhou royal family, but this little sister from the Ying family came from the countryside, right?

Ying Zijin opened her eyes, her expression unchanged.

She changed her posture and sat, supporting her chin with her hand, looking very lazy: “I have read the corresponding books.”

Fu Yun leaned back and smiled: “This hobby is quite different.”

Ying Zijin did not say anything again.

Within ten minutes, all the dishes were ready.

There were no single rooms in the Han Pavilion. Each table was separated by a blue curtain. There was an incense burner beside the table, and different incense was placed according to the guest’s preference.

There was also a small stone bridge and running water on the side, showing the ancient style.

Ying Zijin turned her head and her eyes moved slightly.

Osmanthus, rosemary, agarwood, lavender, sandalwood… all were soothing medicinal materials, obviously specially prepared.

After just a moment, she felt much better.

Ying Zijin lowered her eyes.

The first time she came to Earth was in the mid-fifteenth century.

She didn’t expect that she would come to Earth again. After all, she was mortal and it would not be easy for her to survive.

Because the injury was so severe that her soul was completely broken, her consciousness had been sleeping for nearly seventeen years. She only woke up completely today. After waking up, the situation was quite miserable.

Long-term anaemia had made this body very weak, it could even be said to be riddled with holes, such that it could break at a single touch.

She needed a lot of jade medicinal materials to improve her body and restore her qi and blood.

But she was short of money.

In the past, she had saved a lot of gold in O State. After so many years, the old bank must have collapsed. She wondered if her gold was still there.

Ying Zijin thought for a while and asked, “Are there any interesting places in Shanghai?”

“There’s a lot.” Nie Chao became drunk and burped, “You’ve been here for so long and you haven’t gone out to play?”

“There should be no such thing as freedom for a living blood bank.”

Nie Chao was choked again.

“Drink this.” Fu Yun handed the girl a bowl of longan and red date soup. After seeing her take it, he settled into the bamboo chair. “How many times has Ying Luwei been injured in this year?”

Nie Chao was stunned. After a while, he did the math: “If it’s just going to the hospital, it would be no less than ten times.”

As soon as this number came out, even he was surprised.

Everyone in Shanghai knew about Ying Luwei’s haemophilia, so the ladies and gentlemen also guarded her carefully.

She was also Jiang Moyuan’s fiancée. She was proficient in music, chess, calligraphy and painting, and was loved by all the elders of the four wealthy families.

If she didn’t touch anything dangerous, how could it be possible for her to be injured so many times?

Nie Chao tentatively said: “Boss, you won’t lose to her so many times…”

The words came to his lips, but he didn’t continue.

Who could survive more than ten blood transfusions?

Ying Zijin slowly finished the longan and red date soup, squinting her eyes, but it didn’t matter: “It’s more than that.”

The vitality of this body was exhausted when she woke up, and now she had only barely recovered a little, which showed how weak she was.

Nie Chao felt mixed emotions.

The Ying family took in an adopted daughter and provided her with delicious food and drink, wasn’t it just for the blood?

They had long been used to the darkness in wealthy families over the years, and there was nothing more filthy than this.

Nie Chao sighed and called the waiter, who was attentive and said: “Boss, eat more. Young Master is right, you must replenish your blood.”

Ying Zijin looked at the plate that she had finally finished eating and was filled with pork liver: “…”

At this time, the carved wooden door of Han Pavilion opened again.

Footsteps sounded, and a group of people walked in.

The leader was a man with a tall and handsome figure.

His face was cold and his brows were thin.

Even the waiters at Han Pavilion couldn’t help but feel a little solemn when they saw the visitor.

No one in Shanghai would not recognize this face.

The third master of the Jiang family, Jiang Moyuan.

The first heir to the four wealthy families, he combined appearance, status, and power.

The man that all the famous ladies in Shanghai wanted to marry.

The manager stepped forward, respectfully but not condescendingly: “Mr. Jiang, the seat you reserved is over here. Please come with me.”

Jiang Moyuan nodded and walked inside.

But at this moment, the secretary who was following behind suddenly stepped forward and whispered: “Third Master.”

After speaking, he pointed in a direction.

Jiang Moyuan frowned, but still turned his head and looked in the direction pointed by the secretary, his eyes suddenly darkening.

The thin girl sat on the bamboo chair, her head tilted, not knowing what was going on, and her expression was very resistant.

And he also knew the person sitting next to her.

Fu Yunshen.

The dandy boy from the Fu family had a very bad reputation.

After being sent abroad for three years, it seemed that he hadn’t made any progress at all.

Not knowing what he thought of, Jiang Moyuan frowned even deeper and strode away, leaving the few people following him looking at each other.

These people were all clients of the Jiang Group, and they knew Jiang Moyuan’s temperament quite well.

Mr. Jiang from Shanghai City never showed his emotions or anger. What could make him change his expression?

“Third Master went to discipline a disobedient junior. He will be back later.” The secretary apologized, “Please take a seat first.”

The male protagonist, who was a newbie, was here, clean and tidy.

Fu Yunshen: “?”

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