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As soon as Pei Jin arrived at the skating rink, Mengmeng madly started bombing her WeChat with messages.

[Mengmeng: Brother Jin, I heard that you and Brother Xun made a big showing today! What a cool comparison.]

[Mengmeng: Unfortunately, I was not there, otherwise I would have called out for you like crazy! 】

[Mengmeng: Brother Xun deserves to be Brother Xun, and Brother Jin can only give counsel before him.]

[Mengmeng: How does it feel to race? I didn’t expect you to be so courageous! Everybody has to depend on someone, are you going to depend on being gay with Brother Xun? No matter what you are doing, you have to keep up the pace of your attack?]

[Mengmeng: Hahahahahaha, I won’t tease you anymore. Hey, you don’t even know, Xu Yi hid in the bathroom and cried as soon as she came back to the dormitory. She probably hates you now.]

Seeing Mengmeng’s words talking about depending on being gay as well as his relationship with He Xun, she didn’t know what to say?

She wanted to tell Mengmeng that, in fact, she and He Xun weren’t in that kind of relationship as she was thinking, and that she was not a boy at all. Even if she wanted to be with He Xun, she wouldn’t be gay. But it was estimated that Mengmeng had a deep misunderstanding, and she could not be convinced even if she explained to her. So, she stopped thinking about explaining.

As for the last sentence Mengmeng said, she didn’t care about it.

If Xu Yi wanted to hate her, she could hate her, anyway, she and Xu Yi would not have too many opportunities to contact each other.

As soon as Pei Jin put away the phone, He Xun walked over with two pairs of skates.

“Peipei, what size shoes do you wear?” 

Pei Jin pursed her lips and said, “36.” After Pei Jin said it, she was a little worried that He Xun would laugh at her for being too small, like a girl, and not being enough of a man. After all, He Xun had teased her like this several times before.

But unexpectedly, this time, He Xun said nothing.

He Xun threw the 37-size pair aside and put the 36-size shoe on the ground. “Try the size. If it is too small, change to the 37-size pair on the side.”

Pei Jin was a little surprised. She didn’t expect He Xun to be so careful that he had brought two pairs of skates directly.

Pei Jin put her feet into the skates and found that they were particularly suitable. She looked down and said, “Brother Xun, the size is just right.” She was about to bend down to tie her shoelaces after she said this, but unexpectedly He Xun squatted down to help her tie her shoelaces.

Pei Jin was taken aback for a moment and pulled her feet back subconsciously. He Xun grabbed her ankle quickly, and reminded her, “Don’t move.”

Pei Jin was a little embarrassed. She was so old, but it was the first time a boy had tied her shoes. She felt a little awkward, so she pursed her lips and said, “Brother Xun, I’ll do it myself.”

“It’s okay.” He Xun said as he tied a knot in the shoelaces neatly.

On the other side, Fatty watched this scene from not far away with an open mouth.

“This, this… Brother Xun… and that Little Five… What’s the matter with them?” Brother Xun actually bent over to tie someone’s shoelaces! Was the end of the world coming! Or had the sun risen from the west!

This scene was one that Fatty completely dared not even think about before!

Who was Brother Xun! The school bully, only others dared to kneel and lick his feet, when was it his turn to bend over and tie someone else’s shoelaces?

If Fatty didn’t see it with his own eyes today, and someone else had told him that He Xun would tie another person’s shoelaces one day, he would definitely think it was a fantasy. But it just happened in front of him!

Fatty now had a little unreliable guess in his heart, but since he hadn’t heard the person admit it, he always had a fluke mentality, and felt that it should not be what he thought.

It shouldn’t be what he thought, right?

Zheng Li was the only one who knew the truth.

He Xun said that Pei Jin was a girl, but the fewer people that knew this fact, the better. Fatty had a big mouth. Once Fatty knew this, it would mean that the whole class would know it. Wouldn’t it mean that everyone in the school would also know?

As for Zhang Chen, he didn’t know why He Xun didn’t tell him about it. So, for now, only He Xun and Zheng Li know that Pei Jin was actually a girl.

Zheng Li watched the show and put his hands together, “What’s the situation? Whatever situation do you think it is.”

Fatty scratched his head and said slyly, “I think Brother Xun wants to be gay. Gay with Little five.”

Hearing this sentence, Zheng Li really couldn’t hold back and laughed wildly, “Fatty, you are awesome, you have told me a hilarious joke.”    

Fatty was a little anxious, “I thought about it, when has Brother Xun been so active before? Now he is so active that it makes me scared.”

Zheng Li snorted, “You should be afraid of a fart, he doesn’t want to be gay with you. Just relax, it’s never going to be your turn.”

He didn’t know why but Fatty felt heartbroken when he heard these words.

Pei Jin and He Xun had both changed into their skates and left for skating.

He Xun stretched out his hand to Pei Jin, “Grab onto me, I’ll take you to slide slowly.”

Pei Jin hesitated for a moment when she looked at the beautiful hand in front of her.

He Xun looked at her hesitant look and curled his lips, “We have held hands so many times, it’s just holding hands, why are you being so shy?”

Pei Jin flushed slightly when she heard these words. She didn’t dare admit it, “I’m not shy.”

He Xun said, “If you are not shy, why don’t you hold my hand?”

Pei Jin gritted her teeth and stretched out her hand to He Xun.

He Xun slid forward slowly, and Pei Jin followed him awkwardly.

Her hand was held tightly by He Xun’s, and she was a little uncomfortable.

He Xun couldn’t help but ridicule her, “What happened to your courage that made you hug me so tightly before?”

The memory just now was brought out by He Xun’s words. It was fine when he didn’t say it, but when he said it, Pei Jin’s face turned red by two points.

She didn’t know where the courage she had displayed came from, when she hugged He Xun so tightly from behind.

And that too when they were still in front of so many people. It was definitely something she didn’t even dare to think about before.

Just like He Xun said, she had hugged him anyway, and now it was just holding hands and skating together. Thinking about this, Pei Jin finally relaxed her body slowly.

Fatty was eating a chocolate on the sidelines but seeing the interaction between Pei Jin and He Xun on the skating rink, he took a bite of the chocolate and then suddenly stopped.

“I want to fall in love, too.”

Zheng Li glanced at him, “If you want to fall in love, give up your chocolate first.”

Fatty was not convinced, “A man’s appearance is not important, what is important is connotation!”

Zheng Li pulled at his ears, “What? Do you have connotations? What else do you have besides a stomach full of snacks?”

Fatty jumped up angrily, “Zheng Li!”

“Hahahahahaha.” Zheng Li didn’t forget to give him a big smile after he finished laughing. He sneered, “You have such a big stomach, can you do your homework well?”

Fatty took another bite of chocolate in confusion, “What does this have to do with homework? Brother Xun never does his homework as well?”

Zheng Li looked at the foolish Fatty, “I mean, homework on the bed.”

Fatty crouched, “Zheng Li, you are talking as if you are an expert driver.”


Zheng Li and Fatty were chatting and bragging, He Xun was teaching Pei Jin skating one-on-one in the rink, and only Zhang Chen was alone on the sidelines thinking about something.

It was very late when Pei Jin and He Xun returned to their dormitory. As she walked on the campus path at night with He Xun and the September wind blew on her, the sadness of imminent parting slowly rose in her heart.

If possible, she really wanted to stay with He Xun without transferring.

But like Father Pei said, she was a girl, and it really was not decent for her to stay among a group of boys. And that too when they didn’t even know that she was actually a girl.

The most important thing was that when things were exposed in the future, it should not affect her. So, the best option for her was to transfer and leave when no one else knew that she was a girl.

“What are you thinking?” He Xun faintly asked.

Pei Jin opened her eyes wide and looked at He Xun’s handsome face, she opened her mouth, wanting to say something, but in the end, she still chose to remain silent.

“Nothing. Brother Xun, are you hungry? Would you like to have some supper?”

He Xun started to feel a little hungry when Pei Jin said this.

But he didn’t really want to order takeaway. It just so happened that the commissary in the school hadn’t closed yet, so the two of them simply went to the commissary and bought a few packs of instant noodles.

Hot water was provided in the commissary, and the two of them boiled a bowl of instant noodles each, and then sat on the school bench while eating and talking.

“Brother Xun, what major are you going to study in the future?”

He Xun took a bite of his beef noodles and was silent for a while before he said, “Finance.”

Pei Jin wowed and felt that the future business leader was sitting next to her right now.

The small hair on He Xun’s forehead was blown by the September wind. He lowered his eyes to look at the instant noodles that had not been eaten, and suddenly said, “Peipei, I never told you, I have a stepbrother.”

Pei Jin bit her lip, “Well, you haven’t talked about it.”

He Xun smiled faintly, “He is only a few days younger than me. It is the child of that woman and her ex-husband.”

That woman? It should be He Xun’s stepmother.

Pei Jin quietly acted as a listener without saying a word. Because she knew that at this time, she didn’t need to say anything, just listen quietly.

“She… was the first love of my dad. Not long after my mother passed away, she divorced her husband in the name of true love, and remarried my dad not long after.”

He Xun said this, took a long pause, before continuing. He said, “I want to study finance, because I don’t want to give up my things.” After He Xun’s father remarried, the relationship between him and his stepmother and stepbrother had been very tense. He even couldn’t live at home for a while. And this was why he chose to live on campus.

He didn’t know if his father had signed a prenuptial agreement, but it was not uncommon among wealthy families to want to snatch family property. He would never take this threat lightly.

Pei Jin came from an ordinary family and didn’t know anything about the intrigues within such a wealthy family.

All her impressions of this came from TV dramas, but the plots in TV dramas were mostly exaggerated and could not be used as an effective reference. So, at this moment, she couldn’t give He Xun any advice. All she could do was stay with He Xun.

But she didn’t know how long she could provide this kind of company.

Pei Jin took a slight breath, and finally summoned the courage to speak.

“Brother Xun, if one day I left…”

“Left?” He Xun raised his eyebrows slightly, “Where are you going?”

Pei Jin said carefully, “If I can’t be near you, I’ll just go to a place that is close to you.” The 12th Middle School was right next to the boys’ school, really close, so she wasn’t lying.

He Xun gave a hum, he threw the cold instant noodles into the trash can, then stretched his arms, hooked Pei Jin’s neck, and pulled her to his side.

The two were so close that they could feel each other breathe.

Pei Jin clearly heard He Xun say word by word, “Peipei, stay by my side, don’t go anywhere.”

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