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Lu Rong walked into the hall, met with the members of the whole villain team, and thanked them for their support for this detective mission. With their effective intelligence and timely intervention, the prisoner had already been executed, and obediently handed over the necklace. Lu Rong announced the successful completion of the task, and Li Nanbian, Yan Gou, and Liang Wendao stood together and applauded passionately.

The lobby manager walked by and felt that the organization and discipline of these high school students was stronger than their huge nightclub. They were not so uniform when they performed exercises in nightclubs, and the male models would not show such admiration, reverence or even longing for him as the lobby manager. The lobby manager looked at Lu Rong, thinking of how the drunk him was doing a striptease on stage yesterday, then looked at the three people standing in front of him, and made up a script that couldn’t be said to others.

The whole villain team finished their meeting in “Ambiguous Night” and was about to leave when Deng Te appeared at the door with his schoolbag hanging on one shoulder. He looked at the crowd who were about to adjourn again, and stopped in his tracks, his only remaining right eye showing a wounded expression.

“We’re not going to adjourn the meeting.” Lu Rong quickly changed his words, “We just arrived.”

Deng Te rekindled hope and fighting spirit in his eyes, and threw the schoolbag on his shoulder: “Where is the person?” He wanted to get rid of him.

The male model walked past him, clutching his nose and yelling and all the villains looked at the male model in unison.

The male model frowned: “What else do you want to do? The necklace was already returned to you!” Holding his old waist, ouch.

Everyone present heard Deng Te’s heart break. He picked up his schoolbag, patted it, put it on his shoulder, and turned to leave. There was no room for him in this group, they could even do the work of beating people by themselves, so what else did they need him for.

Lu Rong put his hand on his shoulder: “There are other tasks today.”

Deng Te turned coldly: “Who else?”

Lu Rong: “…”

Li Nanbian and others also came up: “There is another mission? Where are we going?”

Lu Rong pretended to take out his mobile phone: “Let me see.”

On the surface, Lu Rong was as stable as an old dog, but in fact he had no clue at all. Was there any task that could involve Deng Te without too much trouble and allow him to attend the wedding on time?    

The lobby manager came in from outside the door:

“Which of you is Lu Rong?”

Wenfeng actually remembered to call him a car.    

Li Nanbian heard this: “Boyue Longhu? That super five-star hotel? Rongrong, what are you doing there?”    

Yan Gou quickly typed a line on his mobile phone, raised the screen to signal to everyone: “The afternoon tea there is delicious and there are plenty of desserts.”

The pupil of Deng Te’s right eye under his bangs slightly dilated and sharpened.    

Liang Wendao remembered one thing: “Isn’t Boyue Longhu the hotel where Ji Wenfeng’s younger brother going to get married?”    

When Ji Wenfeng was mentioned, everyone looked at Lu Rong, and Li Nanbian asked everyone’s thoughts: “Are we going to attend Ji Wenfeng’s younger brother’s wedding?”    

“Of course not.” Lu Rong denied it.    

First of all, strictly speaking, Ji Wenfeng’s younger brother they were referring to was him.    

Second, he did not have a wedding of any kind.    

Facing everyone’s vigilant eyes, Lu Rong responded accordingly: “Do you want to know why I went to Boyue Longhu? Because… because I want you to go with me.” Everyone was surprised and looked at each other. No one had ever been to such a high-end hotel, and no relatives in the family treated guests there.    

Lu Rong continued: “Today’s next task is to have a team building exercise within the group, and the location is Boyue Longhu.”    

Everyone smiled and said, “Thank you, boss!” They rushed out and scrambled into the taxi.

Lu Rong had a premonition that today would also be a day of fighting.

After entering Boyue Longhu, Ji Wenfeng sent him a WeChat message: “Are you here yet?”

Lu Rong didn’t reply.

Ji Wenfeng: “I know you’re here, Didi deducted the fee for me.” Immediately afterwards, there was a white knife emoji, dripping with blood.

Lu Rong: “…”

Ji Wenfeng: “The luncheon is about to start, come here quickly.”

Lu Rong put away his phone, turned his head and said calmly to the people who entered the Grand View Garden, “There is a wedding here today, do you want to go to have a meal?”

All villains: “Is this okay?!”

Lu Rong: “What’s wrong? You just have to pretend to be relatives and friends, go in and find an empty table and sit down.”

Liang Wendao said: “If they ask us what should we do if they want red envelopes?”

Lu Rong: “This is just a luncheon, dinner will not be until evening.”

Li Nanbian: “What if they ask us for red envelopes at night?”

Lu Rong: “…” You really plan to stay from lunch to dinner?

Yan Gou endured the physical discomfort and typed a line: “The host may ask me to go up and hold the microphone to bless the bride and groom.” He almost fainted just thinking about it.

Lu Rong: “Let’s talk after lunch.”

A group of people walked outside the lunch hall. At the main entrance of the auditorium, there was a wedding photo of Fang Qing and Ji Tong.

Li Nanbian: “Look! The bride’s name is Fang Qing! Isn’t that the same name as Rong Rong’s mother?”

Liang Wendao said: “It looks a bit similar too.”

Lu Rong pretended to post it and took a closer look: “Well, it does look alike. But not as good-looking as my mother.” P is too old.

Deng Te spit out two words coldly: “Coincidentally.”

Li Nanbian said: “The groom’s surname is still Ji!”

Liang Wendao said: “However, he doesn’t look like Ji Wenfeng’s twin brother, but rather his father.”

Lu Rong pretended to go up to see Ji Tong’s name: “This surname is not rare.”

Deng Te spit out two more words coldly: “Coincidental.”

Lu Rong led everyone to an inconspicuous corner outside the banquet hall: “You guys sit here for a while, I will go to the front to visit and explore the way.”

Li Nanbian, Liang Wendao, Yan Gou: “Okay!”

Deng Te’s eyes were shining brightly: “Go and come back quickly.”

Lu Rong: “…” I can already see that you can’t hold back, Chuang Wang.

Lu Rong walked into the luncheon hall and went straight to the main table closest to the stage, which was now more than half empty, only Ji Wenfeng and a few Ji family members who were closely related by blood were seated. His name tag was impressively placed beside Ji Wenfeng.

Ji Wenfeng sat on the seat, playing with the phone in a state of mind, constantly refreshing the dialogue interface with Lu Rong. Sensing Lu Rong approaching, Ji Wenfeng immediately raised his head and stared at him coldly from the crowd. His expression frightened away several cousins who wanted to take a photo with him.

Lu Rong walked up to him and said before he could make an attack: “I don’t want to sit next to you today.” He threw his name tag back as he spoke.

Ji Wenfeng: “… As for it?” When will this matter be settled?

Lu Rong shook his head slowly at him: “Don’t come looking for me.”

Ji Wenfeng: “…”

Lu Rong turned around and left after speaking. He believed that with the proud pride of the young master, he would not come looking for him even if he died – at least within two hours.

Lu Rong took care of Ji Wenfeng, came out and said to all the villains: “I went to explore the road, and there are many vacant places inside. When you enter the door, sit down and eat by yourself.”

Li Nanbian: “You guys? You won’t come with us together?”

Of course Lu Rong didn’t intend to be with them. Although Ji Wenfeng won’t come to find him, he must stare at him coldly with his searchlight-like eyes. From the beginning to the end, while monitoring him, he exuded a strong sense of presence and anger. If he sat at the same table with all the villains, he would be exposed in an instant.

Lu Rong said: “Eat, I’ll let you out. You can sit at the table I’m at later.”

Everyone entered the door one after the other.

Lu Rong picked a table where no one was sitting at all, and Li Nanbian, Liang Wendao, Yan Gou, and Deng Te filed in and sat down in a row opposite him. Lu Rong stood opposite them and poured a glass of Coke, then went to toast Fang Qing’s relatives, without any communication during the whole process.

Everyone saw Lu Rong with a warm business smile, talking and laughing happily with a group of people, who patted his shoulders like acquaintances, as they clinked glasses with each other, a sense of reverence spontaneously arose in them: the boss can still sit at a random  banquet like his own family, so terrifying!

Ji Wenfeng on the main table also snapped a pair of chopsticks.

Cousin: “Cousin qaq…what’s the matter with you…”

Ji Wenfeng: “He doesn’t even toast to the Ji family.”

After a full meal without any risk, the whole villain team retreated smoothly and went to the lakeside western restaurant to make up for afternoon tea and dessert. They sent Lu Rong a WeChat message asking him to come over quickly, he worked so hard, he was socializing with all kinds of people the whole time, and he didn’t even eat a few bites of food. They took it upon themselves to order a lot of desserts for him.

Lu Rong was indeed a little tired, so he rushed over to take a rest and eat something. Under Ji Wenfeng’s nose, it took him too much energy to hold a team building exercise for all the villains. At this time, he got a chance to breathe, and he lay on his side in the lazy sunshine, eating matcha mousse in his mouth, thinking that this was the life.

When he was squinting his eyes and was about to fall asleep, Li Nanbian said: “Hey! Isn’t that person Ji Wenfeng?”

Lu Rong woke up suddenly, and his entire upper body sank slowly against the back of the sofa as he buried himself in the sofa. Ji Wenfeng swept his eyes over and saw Li Nanbian and the others but did not see Lu Rong who was sunk on the sofa. So, he turned his head and continued to order with his cousins.

Taking advantage of his turning back, Lu Rong said “I’m going to the bathroom”, and pretended to fall, climbed out of the sofa from the carpet and left quietly.

As soon as he walked behind Ji Wenfeng, Ji Wenfeng turned around vigilantly and stared at him.

Before he could speak, Lu Rong took the lead and said in a low voice: “I don’t want to have dessert at the same restaurant as you today.” He walked away lightly.

Ji Wenfeng: “…”

Lu Rong got into the bathroom, sat quietly for a while, did eye exercises to relieve stress, stood up and pushed open the cubicle door.

Ji Wenfeng stood in front of the sink.

Lu Rong secretly glanced at his watch, two hours hadn’t finished yet, the young master wouldn’t bother to talk to him out of pride. He walked up to Ji Wenfeng and washed his hands with his eyes and nose carefully.

When he was about to finish washing, Ji Wenfeng’s deep order came from beside him: “Follow me to Xiya Hall.”

Lu Rong: “…”

Lu Rong: “I’m today…”

Ji Wenfeng: “Would you like to say that again? If you dare to say one more word, you won’t be able to enter the door in the future.”

Ji Wenfeng left without looking back. Lu Rong glanced at his watch. One hour and thirty-seven minutes, he still overestimated the character of the young master.

Ji Wenfeng didn’t dare to let Lu Rong outside by himself for a second. He didn’t expect that Lu Rong, who looked ordinary on the surface, turned out to be a pole dancer behind his back, performing in various bars. He was only 16 years old, this was not going to work.

He could see that today Lu Rong deliberately found an excuse to have a cold war with him, and he suspected that Lu Rong had another date. He would call Lu Rong a car because he was afraid that Lu Rong would mess around in the bar by himself and miss his parents’ wedding.

Now Ji Wenfeng wished he could tie Lu Rong to his body and keep him away from sensual places and old men who would stuff roses and banknotes into his trousers.

When Lu Rong walked out the door, Ji Wenfeng was leaning against the wall and waiting for him solemnly.

No matter what, Lu Rong couldn’t go back to Xiya Hall with Ji Wenfeng, with Li Nanbian and the others still doing team building there. He said lightly: “I don’t want to eat dessert.”

Ji Wenfeng: “Then what do you want to eat?”

Lu Rong: “Whatever.”

Ji Wenfeng: “…”

Lu Rong: “You asked me out, you arrange it. “

Ji Wenfeng’s eyes were burning with anger: “Are you my girlfriend?” He actually only now realized that Lu Rong’s troubles from the wind and dust field, he usually hid it too well.

Lu Rong: “…”

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