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Lu Rong searched the master bedroom of Ji Tong and Fang Qing, but found nothing, so he was sure that the necklace must have been dropped in the nightclub. It just so happened that Li Nanbian called him at that time: “Rong Rong, I found something! It’s in the hands of a male model. What should we do next?”

Ji Wenfeng stared at the phone in his hand, and heard the person on the other side shouting, “Rong Rong”, he called so intimately, it was really ear-piercing. Unexpectedly, Lu Rong seemed to know that person very well, and his eyebrows lit up: “Wait for me, I’ll come over!”

Lu Rong called and walked out of the room, Ji Wenfeng stopped him again, this time he used it leg. He leaned against the door frame with his hands in his trouser pockets, and his long legs kicked on the other side of the door frame: “Today is a happy day, where are you going? Who are you meeting?”

Lu Rong stepped over his long legs, staring at him, squinting: “None of your business.”

Ji Wenfeng: “…”

Lu Rong deliberately angered Ji Wenfeng and snubbed Ji Wenfeng repeatedly, so as to get rid of him. It was absolutely impossible for the noble and glamorous Young Master Ji to remain patient with his little slave after overcoming him.

Lu Rong put on his clothes and rushed outside, facing an extremely serious problem in front of him – no car. It took seven or eight minutes to drive from the door of the house to the main road outside, and twenty minutes to drive from the main road to the city. If he walked to the bus station, an hour would have passed.

Lao Song was not there again, so Lu Rong had no choice but to turn on Didi Taxi and place an order from his door to “Deep Night”. He didn’t know if he could get a taxi in this ghost place…

“The driver has already taken the order, the license plate number is xxxx.” To his surprise, he just placed the order, and the next second there was a driver who took the order! Lu Rong was secretly happy. Looking at the location on the map, the car was almost at the door of the house, and it was the only online car-hailing car within a few kilometers. Lu Rong thought that he was lucky today.

But after a closer look, it was a Regera, and while Lu Rong was feeling overjoyed, he felt something was wrong.

At this time, there was the humming sound of the large oil cylinder that was unique to the start of the racing car from behind. A pure black Regera drove out of the garage, drove onto the main road, slid past him and stopped slowly, with the windows down.

The person in the driver’s seat was Ji Wenfeng.

Lu Rong: “…”

Ji Wenfeng’s face was frosty: “Deep Night?”

Lu Rong: “… Hello, Master Ji.”

Ji Wenfeng opened the other car door: “Get in.”

Lu Rong walked up to front of the co-pilot’s door, then he got into the vertically opened door. As soon as Ji Wenfeng stepped on the accelerator, he drove down the mountain at a fast speed.

As he was driving to the main road and stopping at the first traffic light, Lu Rong fastened his seat belt silently: “Do you have a driver’s license?”

Ji Wenfeng snorted coldly: “Are you willing to talk now?”

Lu Rong: “I say really, do you have a driver’s license? You’re only 16.”

Ji Wenfeng held the steering wheel and looked forward proudly: “It’s on your left.”

Lu Rong looked to the left, and there was indeed a driver’s license in the groove there. He picked it up, the driving license was not in Chinese, but in English.

Lu Rong: “It’s all in English.”

Ji Wenfeng: “Otherwise? The American driving license should be written in Chinese for you?”

Lu Rong: “The American driver’s license does not permit you to drive in China!”

Ji Wenfeng turned around, staring at him with a cold face: “Then you drive.”

Lu Rong screamed in the co-pilot seat: “…you watch the road!!!”

Ji Wenfeng: “…”

Ji Wenfeng stepped on the accelerator all the way in high speed.

Lu Rong, who was riding a supercar for the first time, had to say: “This car is uncomfortable to sit in.” The seat was too short, the chassis was low, and the shock absorption was not as good as that of a family car, which made his butt hurt.

Ji Wenfeng: “Do you think now is the time to discuss changing cars[1]?”

Lu Rong: “…”

Ji Wenfeng glanced at him gloomily from the rearview mirror: “You’d better think about it later in the night. Don’t be confused about what to do.”

Lu Rong: “……Look at the road!!!”

Ji Wenfeng: “…”

But Ji Wenfeng’s words really reminded Lu Rong who was excited about riding a supercar for the first time, he still had a thorny matter that had not been resolved. What was favorable to him now was that there was always a debtor for every grievance. According to the latest news from Li Nanbian, the male model involved had arrived at the store, and the necklace was in his dressing room; the male model realized that the necklace was very valuable and began to rip it off. What’s more unfavorable was that Ji Wenfeng was going with him, and Lu Rong didn’t want Ji Wenfeng to face the members of the whole gang of villains at all.

First of all, he didn’t want Ji Wenfeng to know that he was actually the boss of Chengnan Middle School. It was bad enough to have Fang Qing in this family, if he was still a school bully, Ji Tong would definitely have a deeper feeling of luring the wolf into the house. As an adopted son under the fence in adolescence, he had to behave better to give Fang Qing a lot of points.

Secondly, he didn’t want all members of the villain team to know that he and Ji Wenfeng had reorganized their families. In the past, everyone was a good brother of the proletariat, and worked hard to make a fortune together, because he was also a poor man with no way out, so everyone believed that the decisions he made would benefit the whole group; now, he followed Fang Qing and became the young master of the Ji family, with a change in class attributes, what should they think of him now? He had plenty of money, would he still care about every penny? Were his decisions credible? Or just playing with tickets? Li Nanbian and the others must have such doubts in their hearts.

If people’s hearts were floating, how to lead the team?

The most important thing was that they all hated Ji Wenfeng. They called him the Musical Fountain.

“I can’t let the two teams meet”, that was the only thought in Lu Rong’s mind.

When Ji Wenfeng parked the car, Lu Rong sent a WeChat message to Li Nanbian and the others: “Good job, I’ll take care of the next thing, you go to 711 and buy me breakfast first.” According to Baidu Maps, the nearest 711 is 700 meters away. It would take 20 minutes to come and go without talking.

Li Nanbian: “Okay, what do you want to eat?”

Lu Rong: “Look and buy.”

Li Nanbian: “Do you want to keep someone here. In case he runs away. He is now in the dressing room and refuses to come out.”

Lu Rong: “It’s okay, I’ll be there soon. You’ve worked hard, I’ll treat you if you want something to eat.”

Yan Gou, Deng Te, and Liang Wendao said: “Okay, let’s go buy you breakfast together.”

Lu Rong flashed into the darkness beside because he saw the whole villain group talking and laughing as they passed by. When they were far away, he alighted, and Ji Wenfeng also parked the car and came back.

The next thing to do was to get the necklace in 20 minutes.

The two walked into “Deep Night” side by side. Ji Wenfeng looked critically at the nightclub’s decoration: “You come to this kind of place?”

The lobby manager came out with a smile on his face: “Two guests, we haven’t opened here yet, and we don’t accept minors either.”

Ji Wenfeng : “That’s not what you said last night.”

The lobby manager, Lu Rong: “…”

Lu Rong: “Give him a glass of red wine.” Let him forget all his worries.

“I still have to drive later.” Ji Wenfeng said coldly.

He walked to the side, supported the bar lazily and domineeringly with both hands, stared at Lu Rong and said, “Don’t worry about me, just meet whoever you want to see.”

Lu Rong: “…”

Lu Rong suppressed his voice and said to the lobby manager: “I I want to meet that male model in the dressing room.”

Even though he said in a low voice, Ji Wenfeng still heard it, and the veins on his forehead twitched: “It’s still a male model?”

Lu Rong: “…”

The lobby manager suddenly realized: “Oh, you are the one from yesterday…he is in the dressing room now, I will take you there.”

Ji Wenfeng jumped off the high stool and inserted it into the middle of Lu Rong and the lobby manager: “Let’s go.”

The lobby manager was puzzled: “Excuse me. Do you want to go together?”

Ji Wenfeng smiled back, looking at him and then at Lu Rong, the three of them together? “It’s pretty wild.”

Lu Rong: “…”

No matter what Ji Wenfeng was thinking, he didn’t want to know.

The four walked into the dressing room of the nightclub. The male model with thick eyebrows and big eyes was drawing his eyebrows in front of the mirror. Seeing the wave of sending away and the wave of welcome, he rolled his eyes and threw away the eyebrow pencil, staring at them boredly.

Ji Wenfeng sized up the male model and asked Lu Rong, “Is that so?”

Lu Rong didn’t want to pay attention to him anymore, and said to the male model, “I’m here to get my things back.”

“Can those who tip male models in nightclubs still get them back?” The male model raised his head arrogantly.

Ji Wenfeng questioned Lu Rong: “Are you still tipping him?”

Lu Rong: “…” He did not even tip him. He just took the blame for Fang Qing. Anyway, Ji Wenfeng’s brain hole couldn’t be stopped at first glance, so let nature take its course.

The male model turned around on the chair with Erlang’s legs crossed, and said to Ji Wenfeng, “It’s just a fake necklace.” He opened the drawer, and the thirteen million necklace and other rhinestones were jumbled together.

Ji Wenfeng: “…”

Ji Wenfeng looked at Lu Rong in disbelief: “You rewarded him with this? This is for marriage!”

The male model: “It doesn’t matter whether you are married or not, is the necklace real or fake? You can’t return the tipped things, this is the rule. It’s not that I didn’t pay, I gave you 300 yuan as a reward yesterday.”

Ji Wenfeng felt that the truth was getting stranger and stranger one by one: “Lu Rong, you are also a male model here?!”

The male model: “Not really, but his striptease is really good.”

Ji Wenfeng: “Did you striptease here yesterday?!”

Lu Rong was shocked: “I was doing the striptease here yesterday?!” Then he explained in a low voice to Ji Wenfeng, “I just found out too, okay?”

Ji Wenfeng’s face turned livid: “I finally know where the roses and banknotes in your pants came from.”

“What? Roses and banknotes? In my pants? I didn’t find it when I woke up this morning… You took off my pants yesterday?” Lu Rong finally dared to meet Ji Wenfeng’s eyes.

The male model wowed: “You took off his pants yesterday?” He folded his arms and looked at the Shura field.

The lobby manager also shook his head sadly, his face was full of “I didn’t expect you to be this kind of person”.

Ji Wenfeng stood there silent for a few seconds, then looked at the male model: “Hand over the necklace.”

Lu Rong: “Don’t change the subject.”

Ji Wenfeng: “Take care of the necklace first, and get married today.”

The male model ripped off: “Give it to me and ask me to spit it out? There’s no such good thing. Even if it wasn’t for me, I’ve picked up gold in the nightclub, so I still have to ask for some thank you gold.”

Ji Wenfeng keenly captured the loophole in his words: “You picked it up, right?”

Male model: “…”

Lu Rong was relieved to hear that the male model’s tone was relaxed, and as long as he talked about money, he could say, “Thank you for picking it up, how much thanks do you want?”

The male model: “30,000 to 50,000.” Judging by the battles of these waves of people, the necklace was very likely to be real. If it was true, it must cost a few million, he deserved a storage fee of 30,000 to 50,000.

Lu Rong took out three one-hundred sheets from his trouser pocket and threw them on the table: “Three hundred.”

The male model: “Do you start bargaining at 1%!”

Lu Rong took out two more one-hundred sheets: “Up to five hundred, no more.”

The male model: “I gave you three hundred yesterday! You only gave me two hundred! You are too much! I will never give it back to you even if I die!”

Originally, Ji Wengfeng was very impatient to hear them bargaining, but now he heard the old story of the male model again, and he grabbed his hair gracefully, slapped it on the table, and then lifted him up, gracefully using his low and magnetic hair, while his voice asked, “What did you say?”

The male model took out the necklace with a nosebleed and said, “I’ll give it back to you.”

Ji Wenfeng said politely, “Thank you.” He dropped his head and picked up the necklace.

Lobby manager: “You hurt our male model, you are responsible…”

Ji Wenfeng’s eyes sharpened.

The lobby manager: “… responsible for drinking a glass of red wine for free.”

Ji Wenfeng declined: “Thank you, I have to drive later.” He glanced coldly at Lu Rong, who was too frightened to move.

Ji Wenfeng snorted coldly and walked out, Lu Rong stepped forward and put five hundred-yuan bills into his trouser pocket and followed his footsteps.

As soon as he walked into the corridor, he heard Li Nanbian and the others coming in: “Why hasn’t the boss come?” and Ji Wenfeng was walking out. As long as the two teams walk into the hall, boom.

Lu Rong was quick-witted, so he grabbed Ji Wenfeng’s arm and dragged him into the private room, closed the door smoothly, and threw him against the door.

Ji Wenfeng: “…”

Lu Rong: “…”

When he woke up, Lu Rong found himself pushing the door with both hands, trapping Ji Wenfeng between his body and the door. To put it more plainly, he was kabedoning Ji Wengfeng.

The atmosphere was very awkward for a while. Not only because neither of them spoke, they were short of breath, but also because the room was dimly lit, full of ambiguous sweet fragrance and obscene taste after sex, and there was a bed behind them.

After a long silence, Ji Wenfeng spoke first, gnashing his teeth: “Do you think…you think…that nothing will happen?”

Lu Rong said slowly: “Is there something wrong?”

Ji Wenfeng: “Does it count that you rewarded the male model with a wedding necklace worth 13 million in the nightclub yesterday?”

Lu Rong stared at the slender white fingers of his hand hanging by his side: “You took off my pants yesterday.”

Ji Wenfeng choked up and continued to attack: “You stripped in a nightclub yesterday.”

Lu Rong: “You took off my pants yesterday.”

Ji Wenfeng: “Yesterday you let a male model stuff your pants with roses and banknotes.”

Lu Rong: “You took off my pants yesterday.”

Ji Wenfeng: “…can you say something else?”

Lu Rong kept his movements on the wall, racked his brains, and really thought of a thing Ji Wenfeng owed him: “Yesterday you said you didn’t want to let others know that we belong to the same family.”

Ji Wenfeng froze, and then visibly relaxed. He straightened up, and said arrogantly: “Because of this, you go to nightclubs to get drunk, striptease, reward male models, and let him stuff your pants with roses and banknotes?”

Lu Rong: “…” This was him following his Mom wherever.

Lu Rong lowered his head: “You just need to think about some things, you don’t need to say them.” Hearing this made people want to hit someone.

Ji Wenfeng stared at the top of Lu Rong’s furry hair, and there was a slight smug smile on the corner of his mouth, which showed a pampering that he didn’t even realize. But he quickly closed the corners of his mouth, and softly scolded: “Childish.”

After speaking, Ji Wenfeng pushed Lu Rong away, turned around and held the doorknob: “Let’s go, if you don’t go, you won’t be able to catch up with your parents’ wedding.”

Lu Rong took a step back: “I won’t go with you.” Let his subordinates see him messing with Ji Wenfeng? No!

Ji Wenfeng’s face darkened: “Then?” Even if he said yesterday that he didn’t want others to know the relationship between the two of them, Lu Rong had already gone to nightclubs to get drunk, striptease, reward male models, and even let them stuff his pants with roses and banknotes, isn’t it over?

Lu Rong talked endlessly with his eyes.

Ji Wenfeng snorted coldly: “It’s up to you.” Holding the necklace, he opened the door and left.

For the first time, Lu Rong felt that it was quite useful for Ji Wenfeng to set up people in his brain, and he didn’t need to explain why, Ji Wenfeng would come up with 10,000 reasons by himself.

The whole villain group in the booth of the nightclub hall witnessed Ji Wenfeng swaggering out of the gate, and then roaring away in a supercar. Behind him, the lobby manager helped the male model with a nosebleed out.

Li Nanbian: “The latest news, the latest news, Ji Wenfeng drives a sports car and sleeps in a nightclub with a male model and is suspected of sexual abuse!”

Lu Rong: “…”

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[1] This is an innuendo…. Cars and driving are euphemisms in Chinese for papapa.

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