TCYEC Ch. 85

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The power struggle in “MODE Impression” did not affect the fans’ enthusiasm for buying the December issue but the number of online magazines available was too small and was not timely updated.

Luo Peng was also keeping an eye on the progress of the publication of “MODE Impression”. When he swiped on Weibo and saw the uploaded magazine cover picture from netizens, he immediately yelled: “Fuck!” If it weren’t for a trace of reason, his cell phone would have hit the ground directly.

In the conference room, dozens of people all cast their gazes on him. Their gazes were almost like looking at a warrior who fearlessly faced death.

Wei Xiaofeng, who was presiding over the meeting, injected a lot of effort to prevent his facial expression from becoming distorted. “Luo! Peng!” The two characters seemed to pop out of the teeth, which meant to swallow the bastard alive.

——Playing on mobile phones in a meeting, and yelling, it seems that he does not want the year-end bonus.

Luo Peng didn’t care about that much, he put his hands in his pockets in a hurry, and said anxiously: “I am sorry, there is a problem with the artist, please tell me gist of the meeting later.” Finished saying this, he blew out of the meeting room just like a hurricane.

Approaching the end of the year, just as the media would take stock every year, entertainment media companies had to hold meetings at the end of the year to take stock of the work of the year.

Wei Xiaofeng was the director of the Artist Department, and he was in charge of the dozens of agents of All Star Entertainment. Now, it was December. It was hard to gather the agents who were busy all year round for a meeting. Luo Peng not only used the phone in the meeting but also ran away from the meeting.

The other agents secretly exchanged tacit glances.

Everyone knew who Luo Peng’s artist was. There was something wrong at this moment, and they didn’t know whether it was big or small.

Yu Siyang had made his debut for less than a year, and he was the most popular newcomer. They all got news in private. At this year’s Cloud Awards, Yu Siyang was nominated for the Best Newcomer Award. Luo Peng had been walking around the company with his head in the sky recently.

Although they were the brokers of the same company, they were also in a competitive relationship. The company’s platform was large, and the resources were many, but there were more artists. Everyone wanted good resources, but they got very few.

Take the example of the casting of “Battle of Fei Shui”, which was raging some time ago, which could excite all the agents and artists in the company, and they all wanted to get a place in this crew, but the director had long ago decided on a candidate. And the audition was just a formality, but the film’s investor was Hengsheng Capital alone, making it impossible for other people to interfere in the casting.

Although not kind, other agents could not help but gloat when they heard that Yu Siyang had a problem.

To be honest, a few of the people who could be well-known in this circle were kind people.

Let’s leave the thoughts of other brokers in the company alone. Luo Peng came out of the meeting room, went back to the office, turned on the computer, and searched the online sales platform of “MODE Impression”. As expected, he saw the product showing out of stock. It was the December issue which was to be released on the 8th.

On the merchandise display, the exact picture that Luo Peng saw on Weibo showed the cat perched on Yu Siyang’s shoulder.

Luo Peng folded his hands, and he quickly thought about why the cover would be changed without informing them.

Was it the sponsor’s instructions? Or was “MODE Impression” making its own way? Regardless of the case, they must be informed as the artist management team.

Now the cover had changed. He got to know this from Weibo, no one had notified them whether it was P&H or “MODE Impression”.

If it was the sponsor’s request for replacement, that was okay. If the magazine made their own decisions, they would probably offend the sponsors.

Anyway, calling P&H first, would be correct.

Luo Peng did what he thought, took out his mobile phone and called the P&H brand director, who then picked it up without making him wait long.

“Lao Luo, what’s the matter, want to go to the bar early in the morning.”

The brand director of P&H China was not a foreigner, but a north-eastern man named Ma Langqing, about the same height as Luo Peng. Luo Peng’s height was 193cm, and his was 192 cm. He had a bold personality and strong professional ability. He loved to drink in his life, and Luo Peng was his drinking buddy.

Luo Peng smiled and said: “What go, whoever drinks early in the morning, I have called you to ask about something serious.”

Ma Langqing asked, “About the cover of the magazine, right?”

“You know?”

“I’m not blind, of course I know. I’m contacting MODE here.”

After listening to Ma Langqing’s words, Luo Peng secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and said, “I thought it was you who asked to change it. To be honest, this cover is cute, but it can’t show the style of your clothes.”

“We are not stupid, we have decided what we have decided, how could we go wrong.” Ma Langqing said while rolling his eyes, but Luo Peng couldn’t see it.

Knowing that it was not the sponsor’s decision, but the magazine’s unauthorized change of the cover, Luo Peng was more casual and said, “Who knows if it is because of your convulsions?”

“What…I still suspect that you asked to change the cover.” Ma Langqing continued to roll his eyes. This friend would only look a little cute at the wine table. He was a husky on weekdays and dragged him down.

“We have enough support,” Luo Peng snorted, “No it was not me; it was MODE.”

Ma Langqing drank green tea and said: “I could see no reason to change this cover.”

“I will ask people in the circle to find out what they are doing. I will call you when I have news.”

“Okay, as soon as possible.”

Luo Peng made a round of calls, and he contacted anyone who could inquire about the news.

Just when he hung up a person’s phone, Yu Siyang’s phone came in right then.

Yu Siyang learned about the cover change when he read it on Weibo, when Master Ouyang told him that his magazine had already been published.

But the old man didn’t know that the cover of the magazine was originally not the one used now. He was even happier when he saw that his magazine was about to be published and it was on the hot search list.

However, when Yu Siyang saw that the cover was not his photo in a suit, but his photo in the sweater, he was surprised and immediately called Luo Peng to ask what happened.

He regretted it as soon as he dialled the phone. Using that photo might be the sponsor’s intention, so what would he ask on the call?

However, Luo Peng responded quickly and answered the phone quickly. Knowing why he called, he told him the general situation in less than three minutes, “Don’t worry about this, you can take your vacation with peace of mind, and I will tell you the result of the process later.”

“Really okay?” Yu Siyang asked uncertainly.

“It’s okay, even if something happens, it’s not our pot.”

“Well, come to my house to eat hot pot at night. Mr. Xue asked me to buy lamb, it was very fresh, and it was just right to make lamb hot pot[1].”

Luo Peng was immediately greedy and said by him, “Don’t worry, I will come eat.”

Yu Siyang hung up the phone and clicked on Weibo to read it. The cover of him on the Internet was being complimented, even if there were one or two discordant voices, they were being ignored. Fans didn’t know that the original cover style was not like this, but it seemed that whether they knew or not, it won’t have any effect.

But it should have a great impact on the sponsors.

Yu Siyang felt sorry for the sponsor for a second, and then left it behind, concentrating on reading poems with his master Ouyang.

Luo Peng hung up Yu Siyang’s phone, and he didn’t have to wait long before he got the answer.

Inside “MODE Impression”, when they saw that Yu Siyang was a newcomer, they wanted to use him for an internal fight.

The marketing account who gave him the inside information, said with a wry smile: “Now it’s like a palace drama, I really like this kind of freelance work.”

“So, you decide to spread this kind of rumours. What’s the job?” Luo Peng said, “You’re so boring.”

The marketing account’s big V immediately pretended that he was offline, deeply regretting why he knew Luo Peng. He was simply a neighbourhood committee aunt, who cared about others’ success.

Luo Peng got the quasi-credit here, and immediately called Ma Langqing to tell him.

“You say, should we cause trouble with MODE?” Luo Peng asked.

“No, I think their editor-in-chief will come to us in person.”


On the second day, as expected by Ma Langqing, Xu Yan came to the door to apologize in person.

Xu Yan was the representative of the magazine, Ma Langqing was the representative of the sponsor, and Luo Peng was the representative of the artist. The three of them sat in a teahouse with distinctive decorations.

Xu Yan pleaded guilty and smiled, saying, “I’m sorry, but the company has a problem, so the cover has been changed.”

Ma Langqing apparently did not want to accept such a cold apology. “Your internal problem is inexplicable, but we are the victims.”

Luo Peng nodded and said, “What’s the matter this time?”

Since Xu Yan invited the two out for tea, he was naturally prepared for everything.

A verbal apology would not solve any problem. Since he wanted to apologize, he also had to show substantial sincerity.

“Mr. Ma, you also know that the magazine is now fully distributed,” Xu Yan said: “It is too late for the cover, and netizens seem to like the cover of this issue. It is said that there are cat slaves who specially ordered this issue of the magazine.”

Although Ma Langqing refuted Xu Yan as useless in his heart, there was nothing extra on his lips.

“Of course, what we did wrong is what we did wrong. We can only try to apologize to you and Yu Siyang.”

“How are you going to pay us back?” Ma Langqing raised an eyebrow with interest.

Xu Yan said: “Is this all right if we give the cover of the magazine at the beginning of the year, next year?”

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