HWBGC Ch. 13: Wild

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The tree squeezed out from the window, and its huge crown covered the original store sign. Not far from this store was a former large shopping mall, with a huge billboard still hanging on the upper floor, but it had long since been scrapped.

Lang Shiyi stopped here and looked at the big tree on his right.

There was someone behind the tree. Lang Shiyi could see the figure behind the tree. It was balled up into a ball, and he couldn’t tell how big it was.

Lang Shiyi originally thought that Yan Leyang taking him hostage would restrict his freedom, but later he found out that he did not.

This made Lang Shiyi even more suspicious of Yan Leyang’s purpose.

If Yan Leyang really regarded him as Hutch’s substitute, then his plan to leave here through Yan Leyang would probably not work.

He had to figure out the activity patterns of the mechanical guards in the prison, how often the starships transporting prisoners came, and the distribution of forces in the prison.

The Dawn Planet was an abandoned planet, and the gathering points for criminals were usually those once-abandoned cities. The gathering points were far apart and it was generally impossible for them to intersect, including the criminals in the gathering points.

There was the sound of footsteps, and Lang Shiyi knew that the guy looking for trouble had appeared.

At the same time, Yan Leyang and Dai Zu were taking a bath and arguing.

“So those two black bears are in an alliance? They look so similar, I thought they were brothers.” Yan Leyang poked his head out, “And that snarky fennec fox is your ex-boyfriend, right?”

“Yeah.” Dai Zu changed back to his original form, “How do you know?”

“I heard him and the new fox-shaped orc yelling at each other at noon, with their hands on their waists and their voices so loud that they almost broke each other’s heads.” Yan Leyang was quite happy to hear it at the time. After all, because of these two people being at odds with each other, he got a lot of useful information.

He even filled in some details that Yan Leyang was unclear about.

Yan Leyang narrowed his eyes and wanted to rest for a while. Yan Leyang had become much more relaxed recently. Hutch’s existence did give Yan Leyang some comfort, although Yan Leyang expressed doubts that Hutch could fish him out.

Yan Leyang stayed there for nearly an hour. When they returned to their new house, they found that Lang Shiyi was already there, and Lang Shiyi was still in half-animal form.

Lang Shiyi’s half-animal form… had a tail behind him. He probably cut his pants himself. Yan Leyang remembered that Lang Shiyi’s original pants had no holes in the back.

And, from Lang Shiyi’s shoulders up, there was a wolf head, a bit like that Egyptian god of death, Anubis.

A real beastman, and quite handsome in appearance.

Seeing Yan Leyang and the others coming back, Lang Shiyi changed back to his normal human form. Only then did Yan Leyang realize that Lang Shiyi’s face was covered in blood. If he looked closely, he could even see dark blood stains on his trouser legs.

“You actually like water?” Lang Shiyi spoke first. He looked at Yan Leyang’s wet golden hair and felt that Yan Leyang had broken his perception again, “Are you really a cat?”

“…Why did you go?” Yan Leyang did not answer Lang Shiyi’s question, but asked, “Whose blood is on this body?”

Lang Shiyi’s clothes were all dark, and his head was also black when he was in his beastman form, so the blood stains were not obvious at all.

However, Lang Shiyi’s clothes were not torn, and he didn’t look like he was injured.

“Another wolf.” Lang Shiyi wiped a handful of blood on his face, but instead of wiping away the blood, it became even more smeared, and some of it dried up on his cheeks.

It wasn’t Lang Shiyi who took the initiative to stir up trouble, it was the guy who wanted to kill him and accumulate points.

Lang Shiyi did not explain, but Yan Leyang could probably understand what was going on. Yan Leyang was silent for a long time, and finally sighed: “I will take you to wash your face, and then eat.”

To be honest, Yan Leyang couldn’t adapt. This was attributed to the social environment before his time travel. He always felt that killing was quite far away from him.

Yan Leyang led Lang Shiyi out. Lang Shiyi noticed that Yan Leyang was in a bad mood and asked a lot: “Are you angry?”

“Ah? No.” Yan Leyang denied. Why would he be angry? No, to put it bluntly, this matter had nothing to do with him, but the feeling that death was around him made Yan Leyang a little depressed.

If he had a choice, Yan Leyang would definitely want to kill someone. But in the end, what if there was really no other way and he had to take action?

It’s really… his head hurt from thinking about it, so he could only take one step at a time.

Lang Shiyi washed his face by the small pond, and then changed into another pair of pants.

He used the collar to contact the mechanical guard and the guard sent him the pants.

But when he finished changing his pants and stood up, he found that Yan Leyang was still staring at the water with a serious face, his eyes were unfocused, and he was obviously thinking about other things.

“You…” Before Lang Shiyi could finish speaking, he was interrupted by Yan Leyang, “Do you have a Chihuahua race among your wolves?”

“Ah?” Lang Shiyi didn’t react.

“It’s about as long as my forearm and won’t grow much.” Yan Leyang described it.


“Oh.” Yan Leyang said nothing more and started changing the topic.

Yan Leyang didn’t want Lang Shiyi to know that he was feeling unwell. After all, he came in because of the assassination of the crown prince.

“Then Hutch lied to me.” Yan Leyang touched his chin, and the topic was brought away.

There was no such creature as a dog in this world, but Hutch was recognized as a wolf. Yan Leyang had reason to suspect that the wolf clan included various dog breeds, but it turned out that there was no such thing, or that there were no ornamental dogs.

“How could there be a wolf as big as a forearm?” Lang Shiyi thought that something like Yan Leyang was quite strange and asked, “Just like there is no cat bigger than a wolf in the world.”

After saying that, Lang Shiyi noticed that Yan Leyang looked at him fiercely.

“What’s wrong?”

“No, it’s nothing. But I think you’re not rigorous enough.”

Yan Leyang walked back with Lang Shiyi, but halfway there, he heard a scream, and then warm liquid poured on Yan Leyang’s face.

With a pop, a black figure fell to the ground.

Yan Leyang stretched out his hand and wiped it, okay, it was blood.

Looking again, he saw that the people lying on the ground were all cut into two pieces, and the ones that had just been torn apart were squirting blood.

This was the beastman who brought Hutch’s message a few days ago.

The other one who attacked this beastman had turned into his animal form and was a Komodo dragon. The Komodo dragon stared at Yan Leyang warily, its forked tongue sticking out from time to time.

The giant lizard stared at Yan Leyang warily, and after noticing that Yan Leyang did not intend to attack him, he quickly took half of the beastman’s body and ran away.

Yan Leyang couldn’t even react.

The beastman was killed, and it was obvious that the giant lizard was holding his body to eat.

“It’s time to wash your face again.” Yan Leyang touched his face again, his voice trembling slightly, but not obviously.

There were many beastmen in the prison who didn’t want to go to the food distribution point as they were afraid of getting into trouble. They would choose to “hunt” other criminals, so that they could earn points and also fill their stomachs.

Of course, don’t even think about cooking it, it was just pure hunting.

Just like the way they survived before they were civilized, there were no “people”, just beasts.

[Is Yan Leyang scared?]

[Maybe he was shocked. The picture we were watching had such thick mosaics. I was shocked when I saw the red mosaics.]

[It came out all of a sudden, who can bear it?]

[Wow, his voice is shaking, I feel distressed.]

[What crime did the one who was killed come in for?]

[It seems like he was torturing and killing children, and he was even broadcasting it live. He obviously has children at home.]

[You deserve it. Yan Leyang probably has never faced such a scene.]

[Isn’t he a civil servant of the Cat Clan? Oh, there’s blood on his glasses.]

[He is so powerful, I thought he must have seen blood.]

[Ugh, what a waste.]

[You can do it, go ahead. I wonder if you can hold on without the mosaic.]

Yan Leyang lowered his head and found that there was a section of internal organs on the ground, like a large intestine.

“Hmm.” Yan Leyang covered his mouth and suppressed the nausea.

“You can just vomit if you want to.” Lang Shiyi understood Yan Leyang’s current state very well, “I can wait for you.”

Lang Shiyi had the impression that that giant lizard was the one who was hiding behind the tree and watching, probably wanting to sit back and pick up the corpses, when he was being attacked.

It was estimated that the body was swept away by others, and the monitor lizard had no choice but to come out to hunt.

From Lang Shiyi’s point of view, Yan Leyang’s current state was quite normal. After all, Yan Leyang had never killed anyone before assassinating the crown prince, and he had never seen anyone messed up like this.

Yan Leyang didn’t move.

He was a little cranky now, and after the nausea passed, he actually felt a little excited. The excitement aroused by the smell of blood.

Beastmen were humans, but they also had some habits that could not be erased. Otherwise, Hutch wouldn’t go running in the snow regularly every winter to have fun.

Suppressing their nature and living well in society was what they beastmen must learn.

But the reason why nature was nature was because it could be suppressed, but it would never disappear.

This was true even for pet dogs and cats that humans had kept for many years. They were served with cat food, dog food, and snacks, but they instinctively preferred raw meat and bones.

Yan Leyang was also a cat, a big cat. As an apex predator, his nature was certainly not gentle.

As a modern person, he was confused and unable to accept it, and even subconsciously felt nauseated after such a scene, but as a tiger…

Yan Leyang’s Adam’s apple rolled up and down, and a low growl escaped from his throat.

[F**k! Damn it! It’s that voice again! I got goosebumps!]

[Do you cat people always bark like this when you are scared?]

[Are you sure this is fear?]

After hearing the sound, Lang Shiyi realized something was wrong, and a pair of ears popped up on Yan Leyang’s head. Was he entering his half-animal form?

By the way, why were Yan Leyang’s ears round? Still black, with white dots on the back of the ears. Weren’t cats’ ears supposed to be inverted triangles?

“Let’s go.” Yan Leyang covered his nose and accelerated forward.

He probably acted like this because he was stimulated. Was he scared? Was he scared?

No, if it was just blood, it shouldn’t be. Who hadn’t eaten pork and been to the meat market?

But when the two of them walked to the door, they met Meng Han, the big rhinoceros again.

“I asked them!” Meng Han saw Yan Leyang coming and stood up quickly, “Those two black bears can’t beat you, so I…”


Yan Leyang roared at Meng Han in a warning voice. He didn’t dare to fight Meng Han now because he was afraid that he would be unable to control himself and change back to his original shape.

This roar was truly deafening, causing a rhinoceros horn to appear on Meng Han’s nose.

Lang Shiyi’s head also turned into a wolf’s head. He seemed not to have expected this. His sharp triangular eyes widened and he looked more like a big black dog.

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