HWBGC Ch. 12: Leader’s Love

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Meng Han was confused, Yan Leyang was standing in front of him, but…

“Forget it.” Meng Han let out a long sigh, “Hitting you feels like bullying a child.”

“That makes sense.” Yan Leyang nodded in agreement, “Then are you going back now?”

Meng Han raised his head and stared at Yan Leyang for a while, seeming to be mentally building up. In the end, he gave up helplessly: “How can a bi**h like you, be so powerful?”

“Charisma.” Yan Leyang touched his chin shamelessly, “Sometimes a person’s excellence is not entirely reflected in force.”

Meng Han was still a little unwilling, and he looked at Lang Shiyi again. Lang Shiyi also stopped at the same time as Meng Han stopped.

Charisma? The two black bears who were watching looked at each other and blinked, full of confusion.

A beastman who was also watching on the side and was over 1.7 meters tall spoke cautiously at this time: “Well, um… you are Yan Leyang, right?”

Yan Leyang turned around and found that it was an unfamiliar face.

Meng Han knew him, after all, he was a criminal from the same group as himself.

“Before I came, that…the leader of the second wolf planet asked me to bring you a message.” The beastman’s voice was trembling, and he was probably too scared. If Hutch hadn’t promised to help him take care of his family, he would have never agreed to help.

The second planet of the wolf tribe? Yan Leyang subconsciously looked at Lang Shiyi, but Lang Shiyi had no connection with the wolf society.

The Lord of the Second Planet didn’t have much plot in the original text, it just went through a cutscene. He was just a background NPC, who didn’t even leave his name. Why would such a guy want to find him?

The beastman was shaking all over, and while shaking he spoke: “He, he said he knew you, and wondered if you still remember the friendship between you.”

Friendship? Yan Leyang frowned, not least because he wondered if his survival changed the plot and created some incredible butterfly effect.

“He, he said that you met when you were children. At that time, he went to Desolate Star and was surrounded. Yes, it was you who saved him. He has been looking for you since then.”

Um? This plot sounded like a novel.

“But what you told him at that time was not your real name, so he could never find you.” The beastman continued, and as he continued, the eyes of the surrounding beastmen focused on him.

As a child, the leader met his savior on the deserted star and entered into a private friendship. Finally, due to various reasons, they were forced to separate for many years. After meeting each other again, things had changed. The young man in the slums cried behind bars, but the rich man became the leader of a planet. In fact, it was really sad.

There was an uproar in the comment area. It seemed that the title of leader of the second planet was out of reach for ordinary people. Especially when someone found a photo of the leader of the second planet. He was a handsome guy with gray hair and blue eyes. This made it even more disturbing and saddening.

The young man who relayed the story saw that everyone around him seemed to be thinking about it, so he became less afraid. He began to retell in an emotional tone: “He said he believed in you. No matter what, he believed in you unconditionally. Please don’t be afraid.”

No, Yan Leyang took a step back. He was occupying the magpie’s nest, but he couldn’t go back now. Hearing someone who was suspected of having feelings for his original self confessing to him…how should he put it, it was embarrassing.

“He said that you will definitely meet again.” The young man stared into Yan Leyang’s eyes and said, “Dear AKA. The best junior high school student in the world. Tiger.”

At that moment, Yan Leyang felt like something exploded inside his head.

AKA. The world’s number one junior high school student. Tiger… This name, oh no, had a dark history, and Yan Leyang was very familiar with it.

When he was in junior high school, he fantasized about being a hero. Which hero wouldn’t need a codename to travel around the world? At that time, Yan Leyang had long blond hair and called himself a loner.

And at that time, he was very good at rapping. Yan Leyang didn’t know why. Anyway, he thought that a boy with AKA in his name would be very handsome and tasteful. As for the No. 1 junior high school student, he really felt that he as a famous boy was very handsome, and he also included the word Tiger! Which boy didn’t hit the second grade sometimes?

At that time, AKA. No. 1 junior high school student, Tiger, was Yan Leyang’s first codename. At that time, he used this name to defeat some gangs in the junior high school and even the high school next door.

But this thing was really… shameful beyond measure!!

When this name reappeared, Yan Leyang seemed to see himself as the child who didn’t wear his school uniform properly. He had his shirt tied around his waist, had long hair, shook his head in a pretentious manner, and raised the corners of his mouth in a self-righteous smirk. Then he said the sentence: “Oh, don’t bully young people into poverty.”

Couldn’t stand it, couldn’t stand it.

Yan Leyang covered his heart and took two steps back. He was in shock and his pupils were shaking.

“Brother Yan! Brother Yan!” Dai Zu quickly supported Yan Leyang, and even Lang Shiyi came over and took Yan Leyang’s arm out of humanitarianism.

Yan Leyang closed his eyes and reached out to cover his eyes, but he couldn’t hold back a hot tear which rolled down his cheek.

“You…” Lang Shiyi saw it, and he thought it was Yan Leyang’s tears of regret as he remembered the past but couldn’t get it back.

Did Yan Leyang like the leader of the wolf clan? Lang Shiyi frowned, then why was Yan Leyang so attentive to him? Because he was also from the wolf clan?

Meng Han came to fight, but the fight didn’t take place. He took a bite of a melon for no reason, and the whole rhinoceros was a little confused.

It was quite embarrassing.

Why was there another one? Seb couldn’t help but click his tongue when he got up. The wolves were indeed particularly annoying.

Yan Leyang calmed down for a while, then said tremblingly: “What’s Thief Sun’s name?”

“Ah?” The beastman who sent the message didn’t respond, “What?”

“Oh, what’s the name of that leader?” Yan Leyang calmed down, moved his hand, and looked calmly at the orc who was delivering the message.

“Oh, that leader’s name is Hutch.”

Yan Leyang was silent.

Hutch, this guy also traveled through time?


Hearing this should reassure him that he would find a way to get him out.

By the way, wasn’t this guy just a dog?

This was not the point.

The point was that he was not the only one who came to this world, it was good to have someone to take care of each other, haha, haha…

Yan Leyang looked around him. There should be cameras around him. He smiled at the camera: “You are watching.”

What do you say about that smile? Like the winter wind blowing on one’s face, it was still a winter wind of more than 20 degrees below zero.

Yan Leyang had already thought about cutting off this guy Hutch’s head when he got out. It was really a big mistake of his to keep this guy alive until now.

Dai Zu on the side was thinking about another thing.

Lang Shiyi said before that he didn’t have much interaction with Yan Leyang. But Yan Leyang had such a good attitude towards this person. Wasn’t he just using him as a backup?

It was hard to say for Dai Zu, but he had a pretty comprehensive understanding of failed relationships.

Dai Zu couldn’t guess what Yan Leyang thought of Lang Shiyi. But if it was what he thought, there would probably be more trouble in the days to come.

Yan Leyang looked around at the crowd of spectators with an almost grim expression: “Let’s all leave.” He had to think carefully about what to do next, and how to kill this guy Hutch so that he could be satisfied.

The few people around outside were like you look at me and I look at you, and then they all left.

Meng Han, who only came to challenge someone, was a little confused when he encountered an accident. So, he did not move: “Why do you call yourself AKA. The world’s number one junior high school student. Tiger? This name is weird.”

There was no such creature as a tiger in this world, and neither did they have junior high school students. The interstellar era had no distinction between elementary school, junior high school and high school. They all studied in a basic school for twelve years, and then went to the vocational school of their choice.

The combination of the words “chu” and “zhong” was also weird, including the pronunciation of AKA, which Meng Han could not pronounce correctly. It may be because of the nationality of the author of the original novel, but the default language of this world was the same as Yan Leyang’s, but there was completely no such concept as the English language.

The name wasn’t exactly right, but it still sounded strange.

Yan Leyang looked at Meng Han, and the hair on Meng Han’s hair stood up at this sight: “Hey, I’m leaving first. I’m sorry your door was damaged.” The man who was over 1.9 meters ran away faster than anyone else after reacting.

This was a keen sense of danger.

As for Lang Shiyi, he was still analyzing.

Yan Leyang had an affair with the leader of the second planet of the wolf clan, so he couldn’t leave Yan Leyang for the time being. It was best to establish a good relationship with Yan Leyang, so that he might be able to leave this ghost place without having to do anything himself.

But at this time, Lang Shiyi’s brainwaves strangely matched those of Dai Zu.

He also felt that Yan Leyang was good to him because he was from the wolf tribe, and it was probably because of this that Yan Leyang from the cat tribe tried to seduce him.

Is it that he fell in love with the entire wolf clan because of that Hutch? Or did he think he was similar to Hutch?

Thinking of this, Lang Shiyi suddenly had an epiphany. The upper echelons of wolf society were all intermarrying each other, and his own father was a senior member of the wolf clan. It was possible that he and Hutch were related by blood, so maybe they looked alike.

No wonder Yan Leyang thought he looked good like this.

The substitute was actually himself?! Lang Shiyi subconsciously touched his face.

It was not the fault of Lang Shiyi’s quick thinking.

Yan Leyang was so bored these days that he kept catching Lang Shiyi and Dai Zu to tell them stories.

It started out as telling a ghost story, but in the interstellar age, everyone was materialistic. Before getting to the scary part, Dai Zu kept asking why there were ghosts and what the principles involved were.

Later, Yan Leyang changed his routine, and started telling stories about either Long Aotian or Mary Sue, which had occasionally a little more abuse.

Lang Shiyi was not interested, but he listened.

Just when Lang Shiyi was still brainstorming, a black thing with white fur popped out of the window. If he looked carefully, he could see that it was the big anaconda.

Seb clung to the window and looked inside: “A Yang, you have a sweetheart, it’s time to get rid of this pretty boy.”

Lang Shiyi bent down and picked up a stone and threw it at Seb. The glass shattered with a bang, and with an ouch, the world became pure again.

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