HWBGC Ch. 11: Kidnapper and Pretty Boy

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“Yan Leyang.” A furry black bear waved its paw at Yan Leyang, “Is there any follow-up to your story?”

“Let’s talk about it when we have a chance.” Yan Leyang smiled and waved his hand, carrying the food and going home.

“Something’s not right with him lately.” Another black bear poked its head out from behind a nearby tree trunk. “What’s going on with Seb?”

“I don’t know. He was injured recently. I don’t know where he has hidden to recuperate. He was probably afraid that others would kill him.” There was a group of people in the prison who specifically hunted criminals who wanted to be released from prison.

However, the gathering point was very large and there was no transportation, so the possibility of encountering one was actually quite low.

“By the way, did he just go to the store to get drinks?” Black Bear asked again. Yan Leyang had become famous recently and was quite famous in their area.

However, Yan Leyang was not aggressive, so there were fewer people who took the initiative to provoke him. After all, everyone cherished their lives.

“Probably, the wolf in their small team seems to have turned into his human form recently.” The other bear nodded.

“By the way, do you remember what Yan Leyang talked about last time?”

“Uh… the forbidden love of Cinderella and Rapunzel?”

“Oh, yes, yes.”


Lang Shiyi closed his eyes, and he was detecting the flow of energy in his body.

Lang Shiyi had a B-15 energy stone in his body, which could still be used for more than ten years. He needed to leave this crappy place. But surveillance all around was a big problem.

When Lang Shiyi opened his eyes again, the world he saw had changed. The floor and walls were blue, and he was surrounded by a group of red dots. These were the cameras.

Lang Shiyi needed to interfere with and block these things, but not now, he had to do it when he was finally ready to escape.

There was the sound of footsteps. Lang Shiyi shook his head and looked at the door. Sure enough, he saw Yan Leyang running in happily carrying wine.

Yan Leyang was also a problem, so he had to find an opportunity to get rid of him.

“Dai Zu went to take a bath?” Yan Leyang looked around after coming in but didn’t see Dai Zu. This was not unusual. Dai Zu was a crocodile and spent most of the day in the water. He could still hold on to his human form for a while, but he couldn’t survive without water for more than a day.

“I heard that a new guy is going to be thrown in today.” Yan Leyang sat down opposite Lang Shiyi and placed the wine between the two of them. “When I went to get the food, a beastman from the Fennec Fox tribe reminded me that he saw those mechanical guards starting to prepare, I guess he is a very ruthless character.”

He was probably of a large size, like a bear. Anyway, there were no mechanical guards watching over Yan Leyang when he came over, nor when Lang Shiyi came over.

“Yeah.” Lang Shiyi was very cold. After Yan Leyang handed him a drink, he knew he wanted to drink it now.

However, Yan Leyang was quite confident in his way of gaining favor. As for Lang Shiyi’s attitude, wasn’t this the same state throughout the entire story? This was a character set and could not be broken: “Shiyi, you are really a wolf who is cold on the outside and hot on the inside.”

Yan Leyang’s words caused Lang Shiyi who was trying to open the wine bottle suffer a jerk.

[This is not cold outside but hot inside, this is pure indifference! Indifferent!]

[Can someone please save Yan Leyang’s IQ? I saw how cold Lang Shiyi was, but I didn’t see the slightest bit of heat!]

[There is one thing to say, it is true. So how did Yan Leyang fail in his assassination? I can’t figure it out!]

[Does this count as being overwhelmed by beauty?]

[But, if we talk about beauties, strictly speaking, Yan Leyang is the prettier one, right?]

[I was attracted by Yan Leyang’s face before! Brother Yan, you have to stand up!]

[What are you talking about? Throwing away one’s armor.]

[Ouch! Look at his smile!]

Yan Leyang’s comment area was becoming more harmonious day by day. After all, after arresting Yan Leyang and issuing a notice, the royal family of the cat clan had had no follow-up. The major media of the cat clan had not criticized Yan Leyang, and they did not know what the royal family was thinking.

In addition, Yan Leyang himself was not a heinous criminal. Except for some members of the cat tribe, Yan Leyang’s comment area was quite harmonious.

After Lang Shiyi was speechless for a while, he continued to open the bottle: “You know more than I thought.” This was referring to the information originally revealed by Yan Leyang.

But there were cameras here, and Lang Shiyi didn’t say anything clearly.

“But I don’t know you very well.” Lang Shiyi said sincerely. Maybe he knew Yan Leyang before, or he thought he knew Yan Leyang.

Yan Leyang should be a person who harbored hatred, was forced into a difficult situation, and wanted to die with the entire cat clan. He should not be so… lively like the person in front of him.

Yan Leyang raised his eyebrows when he heard this. He understood that what Lang Shiyi was talking about was the difference between him and the original owner, but he couldn’t talk about time travel, and no one would believe him if he did, so Yan Leyang scratched his head in embarrassment: “Do you want to get to know me?”

His tone was like that of a young boy who had met his sweetheart.

Lang Shiyi was speechless again.

Before Lang Shiyi could refute Yan Leyang, there was a sudden roar and stones flying.

Yan Leyang and Lang Shiyi turned their heads and saw a man standing at the door. He had bronze skin, stood about 1.9 meters tall, and had very strong muscles. He looked like he had a face on his muscles.

The man looked around between Yan Leyang and Lang Shiyi, and sneered disdainfully: “Which one of you is Yan Leyang?”

“What are you doing?” Yan Leyang stood up, “Is there something urgent?”

The sarcastic smile on the corner of that muscle’s mouth was still hanging: “Introduce yourself, I’m Meng Han, my race is Sumatran rhinoceros.”

“I heard that Yan Leyang is the strongest in this area, so I came to give it a try.” Meng Han raised his head in the direction of Yan Leyang, “I want to leave this damn place. If you don’t run away, then don’t blame me for treating you harshly and taking action.”

Wow, this was so arrogant.

The Sumatran rhinoceros was the smallest of the rhino species. Yan Leyang thought it was funny. He wanted to beat the toughest one first when he went to jail. This guy was quite courageous.

Meng Han rushed over, and Yan Leyang was about to confront him, but Meng Han passed him directly and attacked Lang Shiyi behind him.

Meng Han caught a fennec fox when he came and asked about it and learned about Yan Leyang’s arrangement here.

Yan Leyang was the eldest and had a younger brother. The younger brother should be taking a bath at this time. Then there was a pretty boy who was taken care of by Yan Leyang.

As soon as he broke in, Meng Han knew clearly that the one with sinister eyes should be the legendary Yan Leyang, and the one with blond hair should be the pretty boy being taken care of by Yan Leyang.

Apart from anything else, Yan Leyang had really good taste in choosing pretty boys. That little golden retriever’s face and figure was really exciting.

Bang, bang, bang, several sounds were heard. Yan Leyang turned around to see, well, Lang Shiyi was fighting with that lump of muscle.

“Yan Leyang! Do you still want to show off?! You actually let your little lover block your moves!” Meng Han yelled while fighting. After his moves were easily blocked by “Yan Leyang”, he understood, “Yan Leyang” was indeed a ruthless character.

Ha? Yan Leyang was a little confused, so now… he was mistaken?

“I’m not Yan Leyang.” Lang Shiyi replied very calmly. He didn’t want to take the blame for Yan Leyang, “The one with the blond hair is.”

Meng Han stopped and looked back at Yan Leyang.

Golden hair, soft, delicate and handsome facial features, eyes like emeralds, and fair and handsome skin.

Meng Han snorted, then turned to look at Lang Shiyi: “Yan Leyang, do you still want to lie to me?”

“What I said is true.” Lang Shiyi moved his wrist.

“You have really betrayed your conscience by allowing such a little guy to die for you.” Meng Han looked down on Lang Shiyi’s behavior. “That’s fine, so I don’t have to worry about attacking you.”

Yan Leyang, who was called a little thing, opened his eyes wide and quickly interrupted Meng Han before he made another move: “I am really Yan Leyang.”

“You don’t have to be afraid of this guy’s threat.” Meng Han frowned, “When I kill him, you will be free. I won’t do anything to you.”

“Beat him to death?” Lang Shiyi frowned, “You can try.” This was about taking it seriously.

[Pretty boy, don’t join in the fun hahahahaha.]

[That’s right, a mere little kitten actually dares to hinder the battle of ferocious beasts, hahahaha]

[Because he was so good-looking, the kidnapper was mistaken for a hostage. How to break it.]

[Superior! Go teach him a lesson! Let him know the dangers of society!]

[Society is sinister? How could it be? How can a kitten have evil intentions?]

Dai Zu, who got the news at this time, rushed over and shouted when he entered the door: “Brother Yan!! Are you okay!”

Following closely behind him was the anaconda that had disappeared for many days, as well as a bunch of prisoners who came to watch the fun.

Seb was unhappy when he saw Lang Shiyi. His nose was not a nose, his eyes were not eyes: “Pretty face.”

Lang Shiyi, who was fighting with Meng Han, took the time to glance at Seb, his expression still expressionless: “Little black face.”

So Seb also rushed up to fight Lang Shiyi.

“Brother Yan! That guy is the one who wants to challenge you? The rhino?” Dai Zu came over and looked Yan Leyang up and down and found that there was nothing wrong with Yan Leyang. He breathed a sigh of relief: “By the way, why is he fighting with Lang Shiyi? Lang Shiyi provoked him?”

Lang Shiyi? Meng Han finally stopped. At the same time, Seb the snake was knocked away by its whole body. If he hadn’t dodged quickly enough, Lang Shiyi’s claws might have ripped out his heart.

As a bang sounded, Lang Shiyi and Meng Han looked at each other.

Meng Han stared at Lang Shiyi with wide eyes for a long time: “Aren’t you Yan Leyang?!”

“I told you already.” Lang Shiyi frowned impatiently.

Meng Han found it even more unbelievable: “You are actually that pretty boy?!” Lang Shiyi was indeed quite white, as white as a stone, not tanned at all.

What kind of aesthetic would allow such a dangerous thing to be kept around like a pretty boy?

But that was not the point.

The point was.

Meng Han looked at Yan Leyang who was being held by Dai Zu: “Are you Yan Leyang?!”

Yan Leyang also looked at Meng Han: “Hey, you’re right this time.”

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