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Huo Yunshen guessed that Qingqing would understand what he meant, and was prepared for her to be embarrassed or refuse. He never expected that she would say this directly.

In the breeze, the girl’s almond-shaped eyes were bright, with two traces of an embarrassed red floating at the end of her eyes.

She had a soft temper and blushed easily, but whenever it came to him, she was always brave, trying her best to affirm him and fill him with clear feelings.

Huo Yunshen couldn’t breathe steadily, couldn’t help but laugh, and tried his best to stay calm. He grabbed Yun Qing’s slightly sweaty hands and led her home.

The house was very close to the university. It was in a safe and peaceful residential area. The third floor was neither high nor low, and the area was larger than the original one. There were two bedrooms, one with a brand new big bed, and the other was arranged as a study room, there was no other place to sleep.

After Yun Qing finished walking around, she said in a long voice: “You had no intention of giving me a separate room.”

“The bedroom and the big bed are yours,” Huo Yunshen said in a low voice, “I originally thought that if you didn’t want to sleep with me, I would set up a small bed in front of your door and guard it. If you feel distressed one day, maybe you could let me in.”

Yun Qing’s heart felt soft and warm, and she glared at him playfully: “Classmate Huo has a lot of thoughts.”

Huo Yunshen didn’t refute. He really had a lot of thoughts and wanted to tie her up in his arms and hold her in his hands to prevent her from having a chance to escape.

Night gradually covered the sky, and the light dimmed, spreading into the balcony of the small home, adding a charming touch to the warm atmosphere inside.

Yun Qing’s heart was beating wildly, and she didn’t dare to look at Huo Yunshen anymore. His strong presence constantly invaded her senses, reminding her of what was about to happen.

She was still a little panicked, the tips of her ears were congested, and she hesitated: “Do you… need to… take a shower first…”

Huo Yunshen went deep into the bedroom and took out a clean and soft nightgown from the closet. It had cute kittens and rabbits printed on it, which looked like her.

Yun Qing was so nervous that she ran into the bathroom and washed herself for a long time. She repeatedly made sure that she looked good today before sticking her head out.

Huo Yunshen was waiting outside, holding a small plate of fruits and feeding her a mouthful of freshly fried milk.

Yun Qing’s mouth was filled with delicious food, and she suddenly forgot her worries and rushed towards him happily: “It’s delicious, why can you do everything!”

Huo Yunshen wiped the corners of her mouth and smiled: “Of course I have to know how to do it. I have to raise Qingqing in the future. How can I not feed her enough?”

Yun Qing was so happy that she subconsciously pressed herself against Huo Yunshen. She was only wearing a nightgown, and her snow-white arms were still wet. When she rubbed against him, she naturally felt a lingering heat from the friction.

She fluttered her eyelashes and lowered her head in confusion.

Huo Yunshen continued to feed her, seemingly calm. When she couldn’t eat anymore, he carried her to brush her teeth, then took her to the bedroom and wrapped her in a quilt: “Good girl, wait here.”

Yun Qing’s heart boiled and she rolled back and forth on the bed, feeling ashamed to death.

As a result, it took Huo Yunshen a long time to come out. When she was feeling drowsy, she heard footsteps, and her hot body was wrapped in cold water vapor.


Yun Qing woke up, looked at the looming texture under his bathrobe, she said in a mosquito voice, “It’s been a long time.”

Huo Yunshen said nothing and lay on the bed, still holding her in his arms across the quilt as before.

Yun Qing’s heart was about to jump out of her throat, and she screamed tremblingly: “Yunshen…”

Huo Yunshen suddenly turned over and hugged her tightly, so that her back was facing him. His ears were red, but his tone was deep: “Qingqing, are you afraid?”

“A…a little bit.”

She heard it would be extremely painful.

Huo Yunshen closed his eyes and said in a hoarse voice: “I know you said that we will do it today to reassure me. Don’t force yourself. Although I want to… I won’t force you.”


Yun Qing wanted to say that she was not feeling forced, she wanted to.

Huo Yunshen’s slightly forbearing voice penetrated into her ears: “Don’t be impulsive, don’t regret it.”

He could continue to wait, it didn’t matter how long he needed to wait, but if Qingqing just acted on a whim and one day regretted it, he couldn’t afford it.

Yun Qing couldn’t help but be stunned, staring blankly into the dark void. The body pressing against her was so tight and burning. She could feel it. He obviously had the most irresistible love in his arms, but he still tried his best to restrain it.

She asked softly: “Is that why you stayed in the bathroom for so long?”

Huo Yunshen was silent for a long time, and then he admitted in an awkward voice: “I took a cold shower and… solved it myself.”

He was very close, and the hot breath was pouring out. Yun Qing was almost cooked, and she stumbled and asked: “Why, why!”

She was so cute! So good! Right on his bed! Yet he…he still did it himself!

Huo Yunshen bit her deeply and said harder: “I’m afraid… I can’t help it.”

He had long wanted to go crazy with how much he wanted her.

Yun Qing didn’t know whether to be angry with him or feel distressed.

Huo Yunshen could never place himself above her, nor believe how important he was to her. She treated him neither as comfort nor sympathy, nor as a whim, nor as a compromise due to being stalked. She just loved him.

Yun Qing wanted to explain to him.

Huo Yunshen had already covered her eyes with his palms: “Don’t be afraid. Later, think about it carefully, sleep well today.”

Yun Qing felt that she was so worthless that he actually coaxed her to sleep. When she woke up the next day, she clenched her fists and swore that she was afraid of nothing. She must deal with him tonight!

However, an inspection team came to the school, and the department issued a temporary notice that rules must be strictly followed in the short term. Leaving the school without authorization and staying out at night were not allowed. Yun Qing was busy with classes during the day and was trapped in the dormitory at night. It was difficult to see Huo Yunshen for seven or eight days in a row, let alone go home.

What was even more annoying was that boys began to show their affection to her. Many of them were in the same grade, and there were also many seniors who came to block her in the morning and evening.

Yun Qing took the trouble to say: “I have a boyfriend.”

But the effect was not obvious.

Her roommate asked curiously: “Yun Qing, the junior who gave you flowers today, do you know how rich his family is? He is also in very good condition and he likes you so much. Do you really not want to consider it? And the big brother, the second one from the Department of Finance is also——”

Yun Qing said quietly: “My boyfriend is better than them all.”

In the evening, Yun Qing called Huo Yunshen. In the middle of the conversation, her roommate accidentally shouted: “Yun Qing, there is another boy downstairs looking for you! He brought a lot of gifts!”

There was sudden silence on the other side of the phone.

On the day the school ban was lifted, Yun Qing had her first class in the morning. After class, she couldn’t wait to run out. Many men and women around her were paying attention to her.

The sun was shining brightly outside and the wind was gentle.

The figure she missed could not wait even more than she did. He was standing outside the teaching building with cold eyes, his body covered in ice, and his aggression was not concealed.

He never changed and was always a formidable presence.

Yun Qing realized bitterly that he was always worried that she would be attracted to the wider world in the university, impressed by those so-called like-minded boys, and would want to spread her wings from his confinement and fly away from him.

Especially after hearing what her roommate said, he probably couldn’t be stable for a moment these days.

He was always afraid that she didn’t love him enough.

Many people were watching as they came and went, and there were also whispers about who the ferocious young man was.

Yun Qing laughed and answered one of them: “He is my boyfriend.”

After saying that, she quickened her pace and ran towards Huo Yunshen. Under the gaze of countless eyes, she threw herself into his arms and said sweetly: “Yunshen, you are here to pick me up.”

There were no other classes that day, so Huo Yunshen took Yun Qing out on a date. They played until evening. The two of them walked along the road with their fingers intertwined and walked to the bridge across the river.

Yun Qing shook his hand: “Let’s go up and have a look.”

There were special pedestrian passages on both sides of the bridge. Many young couples were walking there. Yun Qing held Huo Yunshen’s hand and jumped on the checked tiles under her feet.

Unknowingly, when they reached the center of the bridge, the sunset was just right and the river was shining beautifully.

Huo Yunshen suddenly hugged her from behind, rubbed his cheek against her forehead, held the small wrinkled box in his hands, wrapped it around her hand, and opened it together.

Inside was a thin ring, set with a delicate small diamond.

Yun Qing opened her eyes wide and held her breath.

Huo Yunshen pressed deeply against her ear, facing the wind on the river, he said solemnly: “Qingqing, I know it’s still early and we’re not old enough, but I want to use it to trap you. When your twentieth birthday comes, we will just get married.”

Yun Qing’s eyelashes slowly moistened.

His tone was urgent and low: “When the time comes, we will definitely not live in the rental house as now. I will earn you a big house and let you have a special dressing room. If you like singing and writing songs, I can also prepare a separate room for you…”

He couldn’t finish what he wanted to say next. Yun Qing turned around in his arms, hooked her arms around his neck, raised her head and kissed him.

Huo Yunshen put the ring on her with trembling fingertips. His eyelids were drooped, covering two grey shadows, and he said in a tight voice: “So you are not allowed to look at anyone else, only me.”

Yun Qing’s eyes were gentle as she kissed his cheek.

She wanted to give Yunshen a lot of love and security.

Yun Qing had a sudden idea and pointed to the river with a smile, the small diamond shining in the sunset: “I heard in school that this bridge is magical. If a couple gets engaged on it, they can be tied together for the rest of their lives and grow old together, when the day comes that we have to separate, if one leaves first and the other jumps from here, they can return to the same place. Even if they reincarnate, they cannot be separated and they will always stay together.”

Regardless of whether these words were silly or childish, she still made a serious promise to him: “When you reach the age of seventy or eighty, if you dare to let go first, I will jump down to find you.”

Huo Yunshen’s chest shook violently, and he held her in his arms, looking at the calm water.

Qingqing was promising him a lifetime.

His vision was blurred and he said with a smile: “No, the water is too cold. Qingqing is afraid of the cold, so let me chase her.”

It was already dark when they got home, just like the last emotional and lingering night.

Yun Qing made up her mind that she would never let him worry again this time.

And Huo Yunshen obviously couldn’t bear it. Qingqing was his fiancée and she was willing to have him.

The room temperature rose unconsciously, making people break into a thin sweat.

Yun Qing’s breathing was rapid, and she didn’t show her charming thoughts. She was going to take a bath to make herself smell better before…provoking him.

She didn’t realize her mouth was dry, so she kept calm and said, “I want to drink water, do you want it?”

Huo Yunshen’s eyes were dark: “Yes.”

Yun Qing walked to the kitchen and asked thoughtfully: “Do you also want water, coffee or fruit tea…”

Before she could finish speaking, Huo Yunshen grabbed her waist and held her tightly.

Yun Qing bumped into his trembling chest.

He said: “I want you.”

He wanted nothing but her.

Yun Qing felt like fireworks were set off in her ears.

Her brother Yunshen finally stopped hesitating and believed that she loved him.

Yun Qing plucked up the courage, grabbed his hand and put it on her heart.

The touch made her dizzy. Her voice was sweet and soft, and she whispered softly: “I allow you to enjoy it.”

Her boy used his scarred body to support a small world that could protect her from wind and rain. From today on, he would be her man.

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