APY Ch. 173.3: Master Fu is Back!!!

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He got up as decided, and yawned as he watched him pack boxes of things into the car, “Dad, are you planning to move the entire supermarket to my grandfather’s house?”

Gu Bowen’s hands didn’t stop at all. After confirming that everything was loaded into the car, he closed the trunk door, “It’s just some daily food, where is there more, and Hengyi is now married, I didn’t even give a meeting gift as an elder. I didn’t prepare at all.”

“Okay, Dad, you are always reasonable, aren’t you rushing to see my mother, let’s go.” Gu Yang urged in the car.

Gu Bowen looked at his son and wanted to explain, but he couldn’t seem to find a suitable reason, so he shut up.

When the father and son of the Gu family arrived, Shen Qinglan was playing chess with Mr. Fu, while Fu Hengyi and Fu Jingting watched.

“Grandpa, my dad and I are here to see you.” Before Gu Yang entered the door, the voice had already come in.

Fu Jingting was smiling originally, but when she saw the figure that came in, the smile on her face disappeared, and she said to Mr. Fu with a blank face, “Dad, I’ll go up first.”

Mr. Fu listened, when Gu Yang arrived, he knew who was coming. Seeing that his daughter was leaving, he asked her to stay, “Can’t you stay with your old man after going home for a new year?”

Fu Jingting took a step and sat back on the sofa again.

As soon as Gu Bowen came in, he saw Fu Jingting’s figure. After more than two years, she seemed to have lost some weight, but she was still as capable as he remembered.

“Dad.” Gu Bowen called out, and Mr. Fu calmly responded. Although his daughter and son-in-law had been divorced for more than 20 years, Gu Bowen’s address to him had not changed. Mr. Fu could also see how Gu Bowen treated his daughter.

Fu Jingting frowned, obviously dissatisfied with the way Gu Bowen addressed her father, but before she could speak, Fu Hengyi called out “Uncle”, and Shen Qinglan naturally followed Fu Hengyi.

Fu Jingting listened, looking at Gu Bowen with eyes that became colder and colder.

“Grandpa, my dad moved the entire supermarket for you.” Gu Yang was still smiling.

Seeing that he had dyed his hair back, Mr. Fu finally felt that it looked a little more pleasing to the eye. After listening to his words, he glanced at Gu Bowen, “It’s good that you came to visit, why did you bring so many things?”

Gu Bowen smiled mildly, “It’s all daily necessities, which can be used in daily life. Don’t listen to Gu Yang’s nonsense.”

Gu Yang pouted and didn’t dismantle his own platform. He just glanced at it, and many things were his mother’s favourite food, or the brand she used to like.

After Fu Jingting saw Gu Bowen come in, she didn’t say a word. She sat on the sofa, like a wooden person, even if Gu Yang talked to her, she ignored him.

“Dad, I’m going to the kitchen to see the lunch menu.” After sitting for a while, Fu Jingting finally stood up and spoke.

Mr. Fu didn’t keep her anymore, but said, “Go, tell Xiao Zhao, Bowen and Gu Yang are also eating at home at noon, to make a few dishes that they like to eat.”

Fu Jingting’s back froze, her footsteps paused for a short while, then she left the living room without saying anything.

Gu Bowen’s eyes followed Fu Jingting all the time, until he could no longer see her figure before he retracted his gaze.

Mr. Fu naturally noticed this and sighed slightly in his heart. In fact, he didn’t know what happened that year. He only remembered that one day Fu Jingting came to him and said that she was pregnant and that the child belonged to Gu Bowen. She wanted to marry Gu Bowen, in that era, a girl would be spat on if she conceived before marriage, let alone someone like them, he was so angry that he could almost  kill Fu Jingting.

But Gu Bowen came and knelt in front of their house for a day and a night, and Fu Jingting stated at the same time that even if Mr. Fu kicked her out of the house, she would marry Gu Bowen. Mr. Fu had no choice but to agree to their marriage.

After the two got married, Gu Bowen treated Fu Jingting very well. It could be said that he was obedient. He gave her what she wanted, and the old man gradually felt relieved. But they suddenly got divorced.

When Mr. Fu found out, the two had not only completed the divorce procedures, but even Fu Jingting’s application to go abroad to be an ambassador to China was prepared and approved.

At first, Mr. Fu thought it was Gu Bowen who did something wrong to his daughter and broke down the door of the Gu family, but as a result, he saw a drunken Gu Bowen, who after seeing him hugged his thigh and cried like a child, begging him to tell Fu Jingting not to leave.

Mr. Fu still remembered what Gu Bowen looked like at the time, with a stubborn beard, dishevelled clothes, red eyes, crying his eyes out, and looking embarrassed. Even a big man couldn’t bear to see what happened to Gu Bowen, but he didn’t say anything and asked Fu Jingting, and the result was that she just said, “I don’t love him anymore, I don’t want to be with him.”

Then Fu Jingting went abroad and didn’t come back once for several years.

Even today, Mr. Fu still didn’t know the truth of that year. After seeing Gu Bowen being single for many years, Mr. Fu even persuaded him not to wait for Fu Jingting and remarry when he met the right person, but what did Gu Bowen say?

“Dad, Jingting is the woman I love the most in my life. No one is more suitable for me than her. I will always wait for her where I am and maintain this home for her. When she is tired from walking one day, when she turns back, she will still have a home to go back to.”

Even Mr. Fu had to be moved when he heard this, so he repeatedly persuaded his daughter, but his daughter’s temperament was like him.

Shen Qinglan naturally noticed the differences between Fu Jingting and Gu Bowen, but she was only a junior, so naturally she couldn’t say much about the elders, and besides, she was not so curious.

But today, ever since he entered the door and greeted her, he had never dared to face her, and didn’t even say a word to her.

Knowing what he was worried about, Shen Qinglan didn’t break it, but glanced at Fu Hengyi, not expecting Gu Yang to be so afraid of him.

Could Gu Yang not be uneasy? Shen Qinglan said before that she would tell Fu Hengyi about the casino. Originally, he thought that his eldest brother would not come back so soon. As a result, he saw him as soon as he entered the door, and he was frightened at this time. His soul was about to fly, and he wanted to run away immediately. If it wasn’t for Fu Hengyi’s normal expression when he saw him, it must be because Shen Qinglan hadn’t told him yet.

Feeling Shen Qinglan’s gaze on him again, Gu Yang was about to cry. Taking advantage of Fu Hengyi’s inattentiveness, he secretly gave Shen Qinglan a pleading look and silently beggrd for mercy.

Although Shen Qinglan planned to let Fu Hengyi take care of Gu Yang, she didn’t plan to say it now. Seeing his monkey-like expression, she couldn’t help laughing.

“Gu Yang.” It was Fu Hengyi, who noticed the “looks” between Gu Yang and his little wife, and said lightly.

“Here.” Gu Yang called out in a conditioned reflex.

With such a shout, it called back the attention of Gu Bowen, who had been distracted since Fu Jingting left.

He looked at Shen Qinglan, “You are Qinglan, right?”

Shen Qinglan nodded, “Uncle.”

Gu Bowen smiled gently, “I know you are married to Hengyi, but I have never seen you before. I brought you a gift when I came back from a business trip abroad, but I never had the chance to give it to you, so I just brought it here this time, now I’ll give it to you together.” Then he took out an exquisite small box from his suit pocket.

Shen Qinglan took it, but did not open it immediately.

“Why don’t open it and take a look?” Gu Bowen asked with a smile.

Shen Qinglan glanced at Fu Hengyi, and then opened the box under everyone’s attention. It was a pair of diamond earrings, designed with cherry blossoms, and inlaid with two blue diamonds, although only two small ones, but the dark blue was deep and pure.

“I don’t know what you like, but I just saw this and thought that you would like it.” Gu Bowen explained that in fact, he was an uncle, so it was a bit inappropriate to give such a gift, but there were no girls at home, and neither did he have a daughter, so he really didn’t know what girls in their twenties would like.

“Thank you, uncle.” Fu Hengyi thanked him.

“I like it very much, thank you uncle.” Shen Qinglan slightly hooked her lips.

Hearing this, Gu Bowen smiled, “You like it. Gu Yang said that you are still in school?”

“Well, I will graduate in June next year.”

“Is the wedding planned to be held after graduation?” Gu Bowen asked again.

“Well, she is still in school after all, so it would be better to hold the wedding after graduation.” It was Fu Hengyi who answered.

Gu Bowen nodded in agreement, chatting casually with Fu Hengyi and Shen Qinglan.

He was a gentle and funny elder, chatting with him was a very relaxed and pleasant thing, and time passed without knowing it.

Aunt Zhao came to ask everyone to eat, and everybody moved to the dining room. Fu Jingting had already helped Aunt Zhao to bring out the food.

During the meal, Gu Bowen gave Fu Jingting a set of dishes, but Fu Jingting just put it aside and didn’t even touch it.

After the meal, Shen Qinglan was about to go out with Fu Hengyi for a walk, but when she walked to the door of the house, she heard the voices of Fu Jingting and Gu Bowen coming from the yard. She and Fu Hengyi looked at each other and stopped.

In the yard, Fu Jingting stood beside an osmanthus tree. She didn’t look at Gu Bowen, but asked coldly, “What do you want to say when you come out to me?”

Gu Bowen stood one meter away from her, deeply looking at her, “How have you been all these years?”

Fu Jingting turned to him, feeling his gaze on her, her eyes calm, “Very good.”

“Are you used to living abroad?” Gu Bowen asked again, although he would fly to country Y every month and look at her from a distance, but he was worried if he didn’t listen to her in person.

“You called me out for this?” Fu Jingting didn’t answer him, but looked at him with a frown, a little impatient.

Gu Bowen still had a gentle smile on his face, “I just want to know if you are doing well.”

“Gu Bowen, we have been divorced for more than 20 years.”

Gu Bowen smiled and nodded, “I know, we are not husband and wife now. But we are still friends, and it’s always okay to care about each other occasionally.”

“Gu Bowen, do you understand that we can’t be husband and wife, and we can’t be friends either.” Fu Jingting was very impatient. Every time she came back, she would perform such a scene once, which made her very upset, but at the same time, the faint pain in her heart spread unknowingly.

“Jingting, I’m not malicious, I just want to care about you.” Gu Bowen explained.

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