CFCS Ch. 203.1: Apocalypse World (7)

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Jing Yang here was still wondering whether to shout to the people outside, when the outside had already started using the loudspeaker to shout first, the content of the shout was to let them open the door and accept their search obediently, and not to give any senseless resistance. Otherwise, they would attack with weapons, and the casualties would definitely be the people inside. Even if it was the apocalypse, it was still better to stay alive if you can, and those who were aware of current affairs could live longer.

After listening to this, Jing Yang hummed and felt that the eloquence of this shout was really good and had successfully angered him. If he didn’t let outsiders see how powerful he was, Qi Yun and those people would probably really think that in front of the army, they were just lambs to be slaughtered.

Jing Yang asked the bodyguards to set up weapons on the rooftops of the three buildings. Even after the weapons were ready, the people outside still kept shouting. The other bodyguards were not as relaxed as Jing Yang. After all, there were professional soldiers outside, and they didn’t know that the weapons modified according to Jing Yang’s method were no worse than the army’s weapons, so the atmosphere was still a little tense.

Jing Yang took the gun that Li Sheng brought and aimed at a car outside. It was the first time in his life that he used his powers. Although it didn’t take a long time to master it like others did, he needed to be familiar with the skills first. He took a deep breath, then activated his ability, transported the concentrated ability to his hand, poured it into the gun, and fired.

Before the people outside could react, a car suddenly exploded and ignited into high flame. After they avoided it subconsciously, they were all stunned. Because they didn’t think that Jing Yang would dare to act first in the face of professional soldiers like them, and they thought that Jing Yang was bombarding them, as it was impossible for them to think that Jing Yang had used a gun to shoot a car.

But the bodyguards who saw Jing Yang just fire a shot and the car outside explode were truly shocked. They looked at Jing Yang in disbelief, wondering how he did it.

Jing Yang did not explain to them, he waved his hand to signal them to shoot at the people outside, and the bodyguards did so immediately. Although for a moment, they felt that the gun in their hands might be able to have the same effect as Jing Yang, but they soon had to face the reality. However, they clearly felt that these modified weapons were much more powerful than the ones they used in general.

The sudden rain of bullets caught the people outside by surprise again, and what was even more unexpected was that Jing Yang had actually stocked up such a large amount of weapons and bullets that they were shooting out as if they didn’t need money. Now that the apocalypse was here, all kinds of materials would become more and more scarce, and weapons and ammunition would become the most in short supply. Even professional soldiers like them dared not waste bullets like this now.

Those people quickly got into the car to avoid, and drove the car back, wanting to retreat out of the shooting range. They felt that even if the people inside had more weapons and bullets, it would not be endless. They wanted to let them use up some of their ammo first, and when they stopped firing, it would be time for them to fight back.

Jing Yang fired two more shots in a row, blasting their two cars again, causing them to retreat a further distance.

Jing Yang stretched his arms and shoulders. He felt that he had become accustomed to the use of supernatural powers, and he had also shown his strength to those outside. Now he could go out and confront them face-to-face.

Jing Yang went downstairs with a dozen bodyguards and let the others continue to guard the rooftop. He opened the door and drove out a total of five cars.

The people outside saw that the originally closed iron gate had opened, and five cars drove out one after another. After they drove out, they stopped side by side.

The captain of the Wolf Warrior Special Forces, who was ordered to lead soldiers to find someone, just got outside the fence and lost three vehicles and twelve soldiers. Naturally, he was very unhappy. But he felt that if he could subdue those people without causing a bigger conflict, he could not only get their manpower and materials, but also control them. At that time, would it not be just what he wanted to do with them, so why bother about a lose-lose situation now?

The captain of the Wolf Warriors, Chen Weilu, shouted with a loudspeaker in person, “We are here to find someone, and there is no malicious intent. It’s better for everyone to calm down and we can talk.”

“Go on.” After Jing Yang finished speaking, he opened the sunroof and stood on the roof of the car again, not afraid of being shot by the other side.

Seeing Jing Yang standing directly on the roof of the car, Chen Weilu also got out of the car with the soldiers, and the people on both sides concentrated on guarding against each other.

“I’m the captain of the Wolf Warriors. Could you please come down and let’s talk?” Chen Weilu said to Jing Yang.

Jing Yang held a gun in one hand, put it on his shoulder, and said casually, “I’m used to standing in high places and talking to people. When I go down, I just want to do something and don’t want to talk anymore.”

Chen Weilu asked Jing Yang to come down. It was because he wanted to show his sincerity, because he felt that the goal of standing at a high place was too big. He thought that Jing Yang didn’t understand what he meant, and also thought that Jing Yang was not as smart as he imagined and felt that since Jing Yang wanted to stand at a high place, let him stand. What he didn’t know was that Jing Yang didn’t care if he became the target of these people, because he had the ability to protect himself.

“We’re here to find Professor Cui, is he here with you?” Chen Weilu asked.

“So what?” Jing Yang said.

“It’s the end of the world now, and there are zombies everywhere. Some of Professor Cui’s research can help human beings live better in the future. If you hide him here, my ability will not work at all. Our base has a complete set of experimental equipment. It can provide a good environment for Professor Cui to do research and experiments. You let us take him back. You will be one of the heroes of mankind in the future. And you can also take your people and go to the base with us. It is better for these soldiers to stay together than to fight alone, and the hope of survival would be greater.” Chen Weilu tried his best to convince Jing Yang.

“What you said is very reasonable.” Jing Yang said with a light expression, “But as far as I know, the base that your Wolf Warriors belong to is only one among several under the Eastern Army District. If I want to join the army, I will join the Eastern Army District directly, why would I want to rely on your base?”

“…” Chen Weilu was speechless for a while, because what Jing Yang said was the truth. Those who could join the military region would not choose to join their small base, which was why they had to get Professor Cui. After being silent for a while, he could only say, “The reality is the end of the world. Our base has become independent from the military region. Now we are developing our own forces. Our strength will soon surpass that of the Eastern Army Region.”

“Really?” Jing Yang smiled and said, “You guys are quite confident, but that’s not the reason I won’t come to join you, the person who brought you here has a deep hatred with me, so it’s even more impossible for me to rely on you.”

Chen Weilu turned his head and glanced at Qi Yun who was sitting in the car, and said to Jing Yang, “If you take refuge in our base, your personal grievances can be resolved by yourself. We will definitely not favor either side.”

Qi Yun heard Jing Yang mention him, so opened the door to get out of the car, raised his head and stared at Jing Yang who was standing on the car.

“You found a helper so soon, it seems that I really underestimated you.” Jing Yang looked at Qi Yun with a sarcastic smile and said.

Before Qi Yun could speak, Chen Weilu said first, “We are just here to pick up Professor Cui, not to help him. I will not care about your personal grievances.”

This was completely different from what they said before they came. Hearing this, Qi Yun’s heart was furious. Before they came, they agreed that he would lead them to find the person who took Professor Cui away, and they would help him kill his enemy. As a soldier, he could go back on his word so quickly!

No matter how angry Qi Yun was in his heart, he didn’t dare to be angry at Chen Weilu, and the only person he hated most in his heart was Jing Yang. Compared with his monstrous hatred for Jing Yang, his anger towards Chen Weilu was nothing.

Qi Yun saw Jing Yang’s sarcastic smile, and the flames in his heart became more and more intense. He quietly moved his left hand to the lower back, making sure that the gun was in his hand, then he raised it quickly after the last mistake. The gun fired at Jing Yang several times in a row.

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