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Lu Zhiqian said sarcastically: “Are you really joking, relative? Hahaha, Gu Yuan, he is actually your relative? Where did you get such a relative!”

Of course Lu Zhiqian was very familiar with Gu Yuan’s relatives.

She had no relatives anymore, and her only stepsister had become her enemy.

Gu Yuan was also surprised when she heard this, relatives? This young man who exuded incomparable charm actually claimed to be her relative?

However, even though she was shocked in her heart, but she nodded fiercely on her face: “Yes, Lu Zhiqian, this is my relative. Did you see it? My relative is very powerful. If you dare to harass me again in the future, I will let my relative beat you to death.”

He really dared to pester her again. If she didn’t beat him until he couldn’t take care of himself, she would lose.

When Luo Juntian heard Gu Yuan’s words, he lowered his eyes and looked at her. He saw her pink cheeks swell slightly, as she spoke with enthusiasm. And he couldn’t help but chuckle.

At this time, an employee of Xingying had already passed by and was looking here in surprise.

Although he had met countless big stars while working at Xingying, these were Lu Zhiqian and Luo Juntian. He heard that the relationship between these two heavyweight movie stars was not very good. People gossiped and looked at both of them.

Seeing this, Lu Zhiqian glared at Gu Yuan and then said to Luo Juntian: “Since she is your relative, you should take good care of her and don’t let her pester me all day long!”

When Gu Yuan heard this, she almost wanted to rush over and slap him directly.

Gu Yuan was taken to the lounge by Luo Juntian.

“Why are you here?” Luo Juntian asked her with a faint smile on his lips after thoughtfully offering her a glass of boiled water.

Gu Yuan thanked him, held the glass of boiled water, took a sip, and looked at the young man in front of her curiously.

He didn’t know her, but he treated her very well, and he even seemed to be familiar with her in his words.

Thinking of her former relatives, he couldn’t be her own son, right?

“I’m here to sign a contract.” Gu Yuan thought about it and said slowly: “I didn’t expect to meet Lu Zhiqian.”

“Did you know him from before?”

“Yeah. There are some old grudges. When he saw me, he thought I was here to find him, so he yelled at me.”

Just as she was talking, several people who looked like assistants came over. They were naturally surprised to see Luo Juntian here. Seeing that she was still waiting for Luo Juntian, Gu Yuan saw him and stood up hurriedly and said: “Thank you for accompanying me. I’m fine, you can hurry up and do your work, I have to sign the contract too.”

Luo Juntian nodded: “Give me your mobile phone number and I will add your WeChat account.”

When Gu Yuan heard this, she hesitated for a moment. She was not familiar with this young man. Why did he directly ask for her mobile phone number and add her WeChat account?

However, seeing that this person helped her, Lu Zhiqian also knew him, and he had an assistant following him, he should be a well-known figure in Xingying Entertainment, so she immediately gave him her mobile phone number.

The two assistants next to him looked at this and were really dumbfounded and felt unbelievable.

They searched for Brother Tian for a long time but couldn’t find him. When they finally found him, they found that Brother Tian was comforting a little girl in a friendly manner. This was unprecedented.

Others didn’t know their brother Tian, but they knew him best. Brother Tian treated others politely and was always an elegant gentleman. He seemed calm and gentle, but in fact he was very indifferent to people and did not get close to anyone easily.

How was this little girl able to make Brother Tian make an exception?

After a closer look, she looked pretty good, with delicate eyebrows and a youthful and pure aura of a newcomer. But was this a good enough reason for Brother Tian to make an exception easily?

And now, Brother Tian actually directly asked this little girl for WeChat and her mobile phone number?

This, this, everyone who knew Brother Tian’s WeChat ID was very close to Brother Tian. What was going on with this little girl?

What they couldn’t believe the most was that the little girl was still hesitant, as if she was evaluating whether their brother Tian could be trusted.

Had she figured it out? This was Luo Juntian!

Luo Juntian!

Gu Yuan didn’t know that the assistant next to her was surprised. She exchanged contact information with Luo Juntian and added him on WeChat. After saying goodbye, she was about to go to room 1906 to see Mr. Chen.

There was a separate front desk on the 19th floor. When she walked to the front desk to register again, the girl at the front desk looked at her and couldn’t help but ask in a low voice: “Are you familiar with Luo Juntian?”

Gu Yuan was also a little surprised when she was suddenly asked this question.

Thinking back, it seemed that the young man just now was named Luo Juntian?

She shook her head: “Not familiar.”

Girl: “You’re not familiar with him, but he’s so nice to you. He talked to you a lot and even took you to the lounge?”

Gu Yuan was actually a little confused: “Do you know him? He is also an actor in this company?”

When the girl heard this, she looked at Gu Yuan in disbelief: “You don’t know him? He is Luo Juntian!”

Gu Yuan was stunned for a moment, and then an idea suddenly came to her mind, and she suddenly remembered Luo Juntian, yes, that Luo Juntian, the actor she had checked online, a famous figure!

Oh my gosh she wasn’t connected to that guy!

That was a top-rated actor!

The top-rated actor spoke to her so kindly, but she didn’t get excited. When he added her on WeChat, she even hesitated a little!

Gu Yuan quickly opened her phone and looked at the contacts that had been exchanged.

Fortunately, fortunately, she had already added the actor’s WeChat account.

Seeing Gu Yuan like that, the girl became even more puzzled: “Miss Gu, right? Who are you looking for?”

Jealous, I feel so jealous. Luo Juntian finally came to Xingying, but she didn’t get her turn to say a word to him. Instead, some girl came over for no reason, and she was treated like this by Luo Juntian.

She was now covered in the sour smell of lemon.

Gu Yuan: “I’m going to 1906 to find Mr. Chen.”

The girl’s expression suddenly became dull, and she told Gu Yuan very officially: “You must make an appointment to see Mr. Chen. Have you made an appointment?”

Gu Yuan: “Make an appointment? But it was Mr. Chen who called just now and asked me to come over. Do I need to make another appointment?”

The girl frowned: “Mr. Chen called? Are you——”

Gu Yuan; “I am the heroine selected for “The Legend of Xuanji”. It seems that Mr. Chen wants to talk to me personally.”

The heroine of “The Legend of Xuanji”… opposite Luo Juntian…

The girl looked at Gu Yuan’s youthful and invincible face, remained silent for a while, and finally said: “Okay.”

Uh-huh, it’s even more lemony, and it’s so irritating to people.

Her Luo Juntian, her Luo Juntian!

Gu Yuan walked into Chen Mingzhi’s office. Chen Mingzhi asked her some questions, and she answered them seriously.

Chen Mingzhi personally told her about their next publicity strategy: “This time we plan to keep it a secret first. Before starting the shooting, we will keep your identity secret, make false claims to attract attention, and also use the strategy of making false claims in the east and attacking in the west. So next, you must be mentally prepared and cooperate with our plan.”

Of course, Gu Yuan had nothing to say. She was a newbie, so naturally she would obey whatever the company did.

“Miss Gu, do you have any more questions?” Chen Mingzhi asked with a kind smile.

“No more.” Gu Yuan was actually a little confused. She didn’t know why. She felt that Chen Mingzhi was cautious when talking to her, as if he was afraid of offending her. Even when he told her plans, he seemed to be worried that she would not agree.

Mr. Chen shouldn’t know that she has two domineering sons, right? Although Ji Qisen was the boss, he was not involved in the entertainment industry. And even though Nie Yu was the crown prince of the entertainment industry, Xingying Entertainment did not seem to have anything to do with Hezong Tianxia. Nie Yu did not greet her through the back door, so this Mr. Chen probably shouldn’t know her background.

She thought, maybe this was her illusion?

Chen Mingzhi stood up with a smile on his face and shook hands with Gu Yuan: “Miss Gu, after we sign the contract, we will arrange an assistant and an executive broker for you. If there are any problems at that time, we can communicate at any time.”

Gu Yuan hurriedly shook hands with Mr. Chen seriously.

After shaking hands, Gu Yuan left, and Chen Mingzhi sent her out directly, even till the elevator.

The lady at the front desk on the 19th floor had transformed into a lemon with a sour smell all over her body, when she suddenly saw this scene.

She was stunned on the spot.

This was Mr. Chen. When did Mr. Chen send new people away after signing contracts? Or even deliver them to the elevator in person?

So, did this Miss Gu have any background?

If so, then she understood!

Yes, this Miss Gu must have landed on the crew of “The Legend of Xuanji” because of her background. She was able to get close to Luo Juntian because of her background!

The lady at the front desk felt comfortable and no longer had any lemons.

Juntian was still everyone’s Juntian. Juntian would not talk to a newcomer without any reason. Juntian was so helpless!

Here Chen Mingzhi escorted Gu Yuan into the elevator. There happened to be two people standing in the elevator, one was Lu Zhiqian and the other was a curly-haired beauty. When the curly-haired beauty saw Chen Mingzhi, she hurriedly stepped forward to say hello, while Lu Zhiqian immediately stared at Gu Yuan.

He frowned and looked helplessly at Lin Lu aside, and then said to Chen Mingzhi: “Mr. Chen, please come over. I have something to tell you.”

Chen Mingzhi looked at him as if he had something important to do, so he quickly said sorry to Gu Yuan, and then walked aside with Lu Zhiqian.

Lu Zhiqian glanced at Gu Yuan and whispered to Chen Mingzhi.

Chen Mingzhi looked at Lu Zhiqian, his eyes first filled with surprise, then suspicion, and then weirdness.

Lu Zhiqian whispered: “So please Mr. Chen, please kick this fan out. I can’t help it. It’s crazy to offend such a fan. She makes up lies and dreams that I am her ex-boyfriend. If anything big happens, it will not affect her.”

Chen Mingzhi coughed: “It’s really hard to drive her out.”

Lu Zhiqian lowered his eyebrows: “What’s wrong? What did she say?”

Chen Mingzhi cleared his throat and looked at Lu Zhiqian: “You may not know her and may have some misunderstandings. Let me introduce her to you.”

With that said, he called over Gu Yuan, and then introduced: “Zhiqian, Lin Lu, let me introduce this lady to you. This is Gu Yuan, the heroine of “The Legend of Xuanji”, whom we selected from thousands of people. These two are Lu Zhiqian and Lin Lu, the three-time best actor, and the most popular actress. Lin Lu is playing Ning Yu in “The Legend of Xuanji” this time. You should know that you will meet them on the crew in the future. You would be working together every day. These two are seniors in our company. You should learn more from them in the future. As for you two, you should also support the younger generations.”

Lu Zhiqian’s expression suddenly became abnormal.

He was a little slow to speak: “Mr. Chen, you mean, she, she is the heroine of “The Legend of Xuanji”?”

Chen Mingzhi nodded affirmatively: “Yes. This is the actress our company will focus on training in the future.”

Lu Zhiqian looked at Gu Yuan with incredible eyes, and saw Gu Yuan smile at him and wink: “Senior Lu, please take care of me.”

All this while, she had an innocent look on her face.

Lu Zhiqian’s mentality almost exploded, and he was a little unsteady on his feet.

He knew how much importance the company attached to the project “The Legend of Xuanji” this time. In order to increase the popularity of “The Legend of Xuanji”, the company even let him play a guest role in it. As a result, in such a top priority project, the female protagonist turned out to be Gu Yuan, and she was paired with Luo Juntian as soon as she debuted?

How could it be?

At this moment, Lu Zhiqian suddenly had doubts about his achievements.

He thought that after twenty-five years, he had achieved a position that Gu Yuan would never be able to reach in her lifetime. But now, she had easily become an actress that the company was focusing on cultivating?

How could she be chosen as the heroine of “The Legend of Xuanji” right after she woke up?

Gu Yuan looked at Lu Zhiqian’s face that alternated between green and red, and with a smile, she easily shot him another arrow: “Mr. Chen, I met Senior Lu just now. He thought I came to the company to find him. He actually said that he would arrange for me to have a female character with few lines. He is really nice.”

After hearing this, Chen Mingzhi looked at Lu Zhiqian with even more surprise.

Lu Zhiqian suddenly felt that he was too embarrassed to see anyone.

The best actor’s demeanour of twenty-five years was suddenly turned into paper, dangling in the cold wind.

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