IAPP Ch. 41

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Once the police really came, it would really be out of control. Then the good media would come over and casually interview the latest news in the community…

Ling Yue heard Alice’s voice in the box, and then he let go of Gu Anxin’s lips, stretched out his index finger to wipe the corners of his lips, and was bitten by her under the chaotic kiss of lips and tongue, even though there was no bleeding, but it still hurt.

“I haven’t seen you for a few days, and you’re going to bite me.” Ling Yue was bitten, but a smile appeared on his face.

The more intense Gu Anxin’s reaction was, the more she cared about him. This realization was of course a happy thing.

Gu Anxin took a few breaths in front of him and wiped her lips that were swollen from being kissed, “You gangster! We have already broken up!”

Ling Yue didn’t say anything, just came over and grabbed her arm, “Let’s go home.”

“What home do you want to go back to!” Gu Anxin shook off his hand, “And…even if we go home, it’s my home, not yours!”

“If I remember correctly, my 300,000 yuan temporary residence fee is still in your hands. Of course, it is my home.” Ling Yue said, taking her arm again and pulling her outside, “In addition, if you don’t want to continue to have so many people watching, we’d better go home first.”

“Let me go!” Gu Anxin still couldn’t relieve her anger, but after being dragged out of the box by him, she looked up and saw that the waiters and customers in Louis Cafe outside were all looking in her direction.

It seemed that continuing to argue here would not be a wise choice.

Seeing Gu Anxin stunned for a moment, Ling Yue knew that she was a low-key person and was not happy to be watched like this, so he winked at Alice next to him.

Alice immediately dismissed the onlookers and bowed slightly to Gu Anxin, “Miss Gu, the car is at the door, please.”

Gu Anxin looked at the crowd of onlookers and could only grit her teeth. She temporarily suppressed her serious dissatisfaction with Ling Yue and walked towards the door with obvious anger.

However, she did not intend to get into the car assigned to him by Ling Yue Company. She just stood at the door and said to Ling Yue, “If everything is okay, I will go home first. Don’t come to me. Do whatever you need to do. Go ahead.”

The anger in these words was almost 100%. Not only Ling Yue heard it, but Alice also heard it. She looked at her boss and wondered how he, the incompetent one, would handle this situation.

“Stop.” Ling Yue called to Gu Anxin when she turned to leave.

“Is there anything else…ah!” Gu Anxin turned around, but before she could finish her words, Ling Yue suddenly pulled her away and carried her into the car like a little chicken.

After throwing Gu Anxin into the car, Ling Yue used the support of his left leg to stand up from the wheelchair, got into the car seat, and clasped Gu Anxin’s wrist next to him.

His speed was so fast that before Gu Anxin could even react, she found that both of them were already in the car.

Gu Anxin looked at his legs in shock. Was this man really a cripple? Where did the strength and mobility come from?

“Drive.” Ling Yue frowned when he saw Alice still standing outside the car.

Alice responded quickly and came up to drive. The boss’s execution ability was really amazing. Whether it was in business or women, Alice’s admiration for Ling Yue deepened.

“Hey, wait a minute!” Gu Anxin called them and stopped them from driving. Ling Yue, the ba**ard, disappeared after a disagreement. He had disappeared for so many days without an explanation. She really didn’t want to forgive him today, let alone take him with her, home!

But Alice would only choose to be obedient. At this time, she naturally only listened to Ling Yue.

With a click, the car door was locked immediately. It was impossible for Gu Anxin to run out. And Alice drove away without looking behind her.

“Alice, you…” Gu Anxin leaned back suddenly because of the inertia of the car.

Ling Yue happened to be waiting behind. He raised his hand and hugged her waist.

Gu Anxin struggled for a while, but couldn’t get away. In the not-very-ventilated car, Alice suddenly played soulful music in front.

Gu Anxin suddenly stopped. She sniffed and lowered her head in silence. Then she heard an affectionate male voice singing in the easy music: There must be a special fate…

Gu Anxin sniffed and remained silent.

“Let’s talk.” Ling Yue said.

Gu Anxin raised her head and glanced at him, “There’s nothing to talk about.”

“It’s really not convenient for me to tell you some things, but you are indeed the woman I like. I will make it up to you in the future.” Ling Yue tightened his hand on her waist.

Gu Anxin twisted her waist and continued to remain silent.

Compared to the commotion just now, it was a little too quiet now.

Ling Yue sighed. He was also sorry for disappearing these days, but he couldn’t say that he used to just do whatever he wanted to do. This was the first time he had to do it, and he couldn’t bear to face Gu Anxin.

“Oh.” Gu Anxin said after a long time, with strong grievance and resentment.

Ling Yue stopped talking, just put his arm around her waist, held her hand, and never let go.

When Alice parked the car downstairs, the two people in the back seat were still quiet.

Alice opened the car door for Ling Yue and hurriedly took his wheelchair. After helping Ling Yue sit in the wheelchair, she looked back and found that Gu Anxin had already gotten out of the car.

She ignored Ling Yue and Alice, got off the car, and walked directly into the building.

“Sir, do you want to call Miss Gu?” Alice asked Ling Yue.

Ling Yue shook his head, “Push me up.”

Alice took Ling Yue’s daily necessities from the car, put them under his wheelchair, and pushed them upstairs and onto the elevator. When they reached the floor, Gu Anxin walked in and locked them out with a bang.

“Ms. Gu.” Alice ran to knock on the door.

After knocking several times, Gu Anxin inside didn’t answer her.

Alice suddenly realized, Ling Yue had the key to this door before, so she turned around and asked, “Sir, do you still have the key?”

Ling Yue shook his head, “If she is here, she must have changed the locks.” He knew Gu Anxin, when she was extremely angry, she would easily reject people thousands of miles away. This was also her way of rejecting him.

Alice was surprised and looked down. Sure enough, the door lock was new. Ling Yue was amazing. He could guess this, but the key, what should they do now?

“Huh? Are you back?” At this time, Grandma Tang next door probably heard the noise outside and opened the door. She was a little shocked and a little happy to see Ling Yue. “Oh, where have you been? I saw Anxin being sad these days, and my heart ached. She didn’t even have the heart to participate in community activities. She just hid in her room and drew after work every day.”

“Yeah.” Ling Yue nodded towards Grandma Tang, then looked at Gu Anxin’s locked door, and an idea suddenly came to his mind.

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