IAPP Ch. 45

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Thinking that Alice might know that she and Ling Yue had slept together, Gu Anxin felt a little embarrassed when facing Alice alone.

Alice had been an assistant for so many years, and her ability to read people’s looks was not something to boast about.

Seeing Gu Anxin’s unnatural look, Alice said goodbye wisely, but in the end she still hesitated and reminded, “Miss Gu, at what age do you… plan to have a baby?”


Gu Anxin was stunned for a moment, then blushed like a monkey.

Alice shook her head in her mind. She had reminded her, but now it seemed that she didn’t understand.

After sending Alice away, Gu Anxin happily jumped on the new bed, and then threw herself onto the bed.

Sure enough, expensive things were different.

This bed was more comfortable than her small single bed.

Gu Anxin lay on the bed in a big letter shape, thinking that with such a comfortable bed, will the third brother turn into a monster again when he came back?

Gu Anxin’s face turned red again. No wonder women became dirty after getting married.

It turned out that it was not marriage that made people dirty, but being suppressed by a man.

Gu Anxin smiled secretly that she was not ashamed.

And then she thought about how Alice was asking her when she would have children!

Have children?

The blushing face suddenly turned pale, and Gu Anxin sat up in confusion.

Last night, her third brother had turned into a wolf. She didn’t know how many times she had been tortured, but if he did, would she become a mother?

Gu Anxin couldn’t care about anything else, she hurriedly changed her clothes, picked up her small bag and rushed out.

When she walked into the community square, she saw Grandma Tang chatting with someone.

When Grandma Tang saw Gu Anxin, she immediately dropped the person she was talking with and walked over, with an uncomfortable look on her face, “Anxin!”

“Grandma Tang!” Gu Anxin had a pale face and still looked anxious. She only had time to say hello before she hurried past her.

Grandma Tang looked at Gu Anxin’s back and felt extremely upset.

She saw that the third brother was talented and had a good temper, so she helped him deceive Gu Anxin yesterday, but she regretted it later.

Anxin was clearly hurt by this man. The two of them must be angry with each other. Even if the man getting angry was a disabled person, it would be effortless for him to deal with a delicate woman like Anxin.

Therefore, since last night, Grandma Tang had not slept well. She opened the door from time to time to listen to the noise on the other side, and was ready to call the police immediately if she heard anything wrong.

Fortunately, there were no yells or screams, and there was no sound of cups falling to the ground and breaking.

But she was still restless. She got up early in the morning and wandered around the community square downstairs, wondering if she could run into him.

Only when she saw the man leaving in a wheelchair and greeting her with a smile on his face, did Grandma Tang felt relieved.

But now when she met Anxin, who used to be friendly and polite, but today she didn’t have a good face.

Grandma Tang felt a little sad. It seemed that Anxin was really angry. Regardless of whether the man had hurt Anxin or not, she let a man into Anxin’s house without discussing it with Anxin…

Grandma Tang was extremely upset.

Gu Anxin didn’t know Grandma Tang’s dilemma, she just left the community and went straight to the drug store, but after walking around in front of various medicines, her face turned red and she was too embarrassed to say anything. She didn’t know what to buy.

Seeing that she was undecided, the salesperson asked tentatively, “Little girl, do you have any symptoms? Tell me about your symptoms!”

Gu Anxin was even more embarrassed. This salesperson was in her forties, would it be known to everyone?

Gu Anxin frowned. She shouldn’t have chosen a drugstore near the community. She should have taken the subway to the other side of the city. “Uh… I…”

Gu Anxin traced circles on the glass counter with her fingers, and glanced around. When she saw a certain kind of emergency contraceptive pill, her eyes fixed on it, and then she quickly took it back.

The salesperson frowned, “Is there anything you can’t say? Are you buying it for someone else?”

Gu Anxin’s eyes lit up, “I just bought some ‘medicine’ to keep at home for daily use!”

“Oh! That’s the usual backup!”

Gu Anxin smiled uncomfortably, “Bring me some cold medicine, anti-inflammatory and fire-repelling medicine, and by the way, band-aids, isatis root…”

Gu Anxin’s face turned red when she saw the medicine she had been staring at for a long time. She seemed to point at it casually and said casually, “And this!”

When the salesperson saw the medicine Gu Anxin was pointing at, her face that had been gentle before suddenly turned serious.

Gu Anxin’s heart thumped.

The salesperson said with a serious face, “You can’t take this medicine casually. Do you want to take it afterward or before?”

Gu Anxin didn’t expect this woman’s eyes to be so vicious, so she could only scratch her head and said, “…Afterwards!”

The salesperson quickly prescribed the medicine and handed it to Gu Anxin, “This medicine cannot be taken for a long time. It is not good for the body. Besides, men should take care of things like contraception. They only think about enjoyment and not about responsibility!”

Gu Anxin’s eyes widened. She didn’t expect that this gossipy salesperson would be so responsible. She paid the bill, thanked her, and ran out quickly.

After she came out, she discovered that they didn’t even prescribe those isatis band-aids for her.

Gu Anxin felt as if she was performing a clown show. Although the other party did not watch it with great joy, they did see through her concealment.

Gu Anxin groaned in pain. She felt even more embarrassed. Even if she really was buying cold medicine in the future, she would not dare to come here.

When Gu Anxin walked to the gate of the community, she saw the elderly aunties coming back from shopping for groceries, chatting and laughing, and her eyes lit up.

It seemed that she hasn’t cooked a good meal for her third brother yet. Although her cooking skills were average, she just wanted to be considerate!

Gu Anxin happily went to the vegetable market and picked out the dishes she knew how to cook.

As soon as Gu Anxin arrived at the door of her home after happily shopping, she saw the door of Grandma Tang’s house across the corridor wide open, and she couldn’t help but frown.

Instead of entering his own home, Gu Anxin went to Grandma Tang’s house, “Grandma Tang?”

Hearing Gu Anxin’s voice, Grandma Tang hurriedly walked out, “It’s Anxin. Grandma was so stupid yesterday that she actually helped others plot…”

“Grandma Tang!” Gu Anxin felt extremely guilty when she heard her mention last night.

“Grandma Tang, I wanted to go home to cook, so… I just left in a hurry,” she just turned around and thought what if something had happened, so she turned back again and said in an embarrassed voice, “Grandma Tang, you must close the door whether you go out or are at home!”

Grandma Tang was confused by her attitude of being hot and cold. She wanted to explain again, but she saw Gu Anxin running as fast as a rabbit, and then heard a loud bang from the opposite side.

Gu Anxin couldn’t care less about what Grandma Tang thought, but she only knew that it would be a big embarrassment for her.

She finally had her first time at such an old age, why did everyone have to know about it?

Gu Anxin was slandering Ling Yue in her heart while looking for recipes on the computer.

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