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The cub’s home seemed to be in a lodging area in that direction. Xie Luan held the young dragon with a white bandage on the left dragon wing and walked in the direction the cub’s eyes were pointing.

Within ten minutes, Xie Luan saw a room that looked very ordinary.

Compared with other houses in this lodging area, it was much simpler in appearance. The door did not have the shiny decoration that conformed to the aesthetics of the dragon. Apart from the slightly old wall, it was more in line with Xie Luan’s thinking.

“Here?” Xie Luan lowered his head. The young dragon he was holding upright against his arms had a little body temperature, and the two front paws of this black dragon cub seemed to be particularly careful when hugging the little emerald gem tightly.

If it weren’t for the gem being so small, maybe this young dragon would also hug it in its hind legs.

Feeling the cub’s reaction where he obviously moved his body, Xie Luan confirmed his statement.

The door of the house was unlocked and could be opened directly. Xie Luan raised his hand and knocked on the house under the watchful eyes of the young dragon in his arms. At the door, a very old voice came from inside a few seconds later.

“Come in.”

Seeing the young dragon respond to this voice, the owner of this voice should be the cub’s family. Xie Luan reached out and turned the doorknob, holding the cub who was leaning against him comfortably and walked in.

As soon as he walked in, Xie Luan saw an old man.

When he was still outside, Xie Luan couldn’t feel the life response of a dragon which is much stronger than other races from this person with his mental power, but in fact the response was even weaker than the average person.

It was because he had reached a certain age, no matter how powerful individuals in each race were, their life span was still limited.

As soon as he entered the door and saw someone, Xie Luan felt the movement of the cub in his arms, so he took a few steps forward to gently put down the black young dragon he was holding.

“Oni.” Although it was a strange human who came in, this old dragon focused more on the young dragon whose left dragon wing was wrapped in a white bandage, and immediately called the young one’s name.

She was temporarily unable to fly but was also put down by the young man not far from the old man. This black dragon cub bit the little emerald gem with its mouth and walked towards the old dragon.

After approaching, the young dragon put down the little gem in front of the old dragon, made another move to press his body onto the gem, and then raised his head to make a sound to the old man.

“Hey.” The young dragon’s voice didn’t have any deterrent power, and it sounded immature and soft. After pressing the gem under him, the black dragon cub looked at the old dragon’s amber eyes with a faint light.

Adults of the same race could easily understand the information expressed by the cub’s cry. Modo looked down at the cub who was close to him, then looked up at the black-haired human standing not far away, and said: “Really, he gave it to you, and he helped you bandage the wound.”

The young dragon pressed the gemstone this time in response and shook its tail.

Usually there was no other cub willing to play with this young dragon. So, this black dragon cub went to places to play by herself. This time she flew to the beach and was accidentally scratched by the sharp rocks on her wings.

It was strange that there could be a sea on a floating island, in fact it could not be regarded as a real sea. The rocks all over this seaside were also of special material, said to be rocks, but their properties were closer to metal.

It was confirmed that the wound on the left dragon wing of the young dragon was not too problematic after having been bandaged. After receiving a clear response from the cub, Modo got up from the seat and approached the young man while leaning on his cane.

“Thank you for your help.” After saying this, Modo deliberately avoided the sight of the young dragon, put a bottle of ointment into the young man’s hand, and at the same time lowered his voice, “If there is any pain, use this it can alleviate some.”

Xie Luan received the bottle of ointment and was still stunned. He turned his head to look at the black dragon cub who was biting on the little gem and had begun to walk towards its room. He unconsciously squeezed his hand on the ointment a little bit tighter.


It was a baby dragon with black dragon scales and the name was Oni. Although the eyes were not golden, from the previous two coincidences, this black dragon cub should be the one he met in the parallel world line.

He also realized that it would be a bit rude not to respond. Xie Luan suppressed the surprise and astonishment in his heart, nodded towards the person in front of him who was obviously apologetic, and then said: “It was not intentional.”

Now Xie Luan was thankful that the portable treatment device in his space button had no energy. Ravi from the other world had told him that the physical attributes of this black dragon repelled the beam of the treatment device.

If he didn’t know that, he would have used the treatment equipment on the young dragon to treat the wound on the dragon’s wing, and it might have caused secondary damage.

Of course, Xie Luan’s friendly attitude had gained a lot of favor from the old dragon. It was getting late. When Xie Luan said he was going to find a hotel to stay, he was invited to stay with them.

Xie Luan agreed without hesitation, mainly because after he knew that the black dragon cub was Oni, he was more worried about the young dragon, and wanted to confirm the status of the young dragon.

This old dragon named Modo was Oni’s grandfather by relation. After the young dragon bit the gem and walked into her room, Xie Luan talked to Modo in the living room, and now he roughly knew about the condition of this black dragon.

The cub’s parents were gone, Modo had been taking care of it since the birth of the cub.

It was true that the young dragon could not control its own power, and the dark attribute power that it unconsciously emitted would attack people around it indiscriminately. Therefore, this black dragon baby was now more than three years old but had not stayed in any cub nursing branch.

The dark attribute was a mutated ability, and the life energy of others was consumed by its attack, so even some adults were reluctant to approach this black dragon cub.

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