RCFS Ch. 100: Graduation Speech 1

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Looking at Ye Jianxing’s slightly stiff face, Ye Yunji couldn’t help lowering his head and smirking.

Back then, Dad couldn’t lift his head up because of his grandfather, but now the feng shui had turned. This grandfather, who was known for his seriousness, couldn’t even say a word in front of Yunxi. It was really shocking!

“Heh, you girl, you are a ghost.”

It was rare that Ye Jianxing did not get angry, instead he happily picked a piece of chicken wings for Ye Yunxi: “Eat, don’t you like chicken wings the most?”

Seeing this, Butler Wen inside was stunned.

This was the first time Ye Jianxing had taken the initiative to serve food to others!

Ye Wanting had lived here for seven or eight years, but she didn’t have this honor!

It seemed that the old man really liked this Miss Yunxi!

But why?

Just because Miss Yunxi got the first place in Junyao Exams?

People who had the heart to drive their own sons away back then would be so soft-hearted now?


Everyone’s faces were full of doubts, but Butler Wen was very clear.

The old man was sorry, but there was only one thing.

That was his own son, but he could not take over his own mantle.

This was like an ancient emperor. If there was one person among their own descendants who had some ability, the throne would definitely not be handed cheaply to others.

Yesterday, he stayed in Jiang Baichuan until late at night. After that, Ye Jianxing hadn’t slept, and the whole person was in a state of excitement.

It seemed that his master whose heart has been dead for a long time, after confirming the ability of Miss Yunxi, the hope in his heart had also revived.

But sir, this young lady was so hard to discipline, would she really be obedient and follow your orders?

It was impossible to think about it!

Butler Wen was still expressionless, but about Ye Yunxi, he, like Ye Jianxing, had more expectations and more worries.

If you don’t cut jade, you can’t make a weapon. Miss Yunxi still has a long way to go.

Since Ye Yunxi won the first place with the best score in Junyao’s entrance examination history, Imperial Capital Middle School seized the opportunity and decided to let Ye Yunxi say a few words to the students before the summer vacation.

“Some words? I really don’t know what to say.”

Ye Yunxi spread her hands.

Wan Bin was anxious: “Just talk about it casually, such as your learning experience, how on earth do you know the three-three system!”

Ye Yunxi, Haha…, was through rebirth a correct answer?

Ye Yunxi couldn’t do anything about being chased off the shelves, but when she stood on the podium, she calmed down.

Looking at the pitch-black heads and the shocked eyes below, Ye Yunxi just wanted to laugh.

These people must have been shocked to death.

Even though her grades were so poor where she even took the second-to-last place in the military exercise, but she was admitted in Junyao’s best grades. Wouldn’t they be shocked?

Ye Yunxi smiled without saying a word, and the venue became very quiet for a while.

“Hey, why doesn’t Ye Yunxi speak?”

“Is she scared? She’s never seen such a battle before!”

“Then what should she say?”

Helian Moxie, Wang Tingting and others were a little anxious. What was Yunxi doing, why didn’t she speak?

When she was embarrassed, at the end, someone suddenly stood up and laughed: “Hey, goddess, goddess, goddess, tell us, how did you win Junyao’s No. 1 position, how did you discover so much? The question is, how did you do it, you are obviously not a scholar, people are really curious, okay?”

“Damn it, that’s the school uniform of Nanchang College?”

“Where did this rhetoric come from?”

Principal: Security? Security guard?! Did you eat sh*t?”

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