TK Ch. 27: Ending

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The scene in front of him coincided with the Battle of Buzhou Mountain from thousands of years ago. The overwhelming golden flame collided with the Liangyi Hunyuan Knot glowing with azure light, but it couldn’t destroy the barrier in the slightest. Fu Li supported the barrier with one hand, while the other hand was gathering blue light.

Bai Ze was stunned for a moment, then jumped up and stood beside Fu Li: “I didn’t bring much Tianjun wine, you don’t need to spend too much mana, just hold the barrier.”

Fu Li turned his head when he heard this, then glancing at Bai Ze, he flipped his hand to withdraw the mana of the attack.

Bai Ze grinned, waved his sleeves and turned into his beast form, shaking his hair. The moist water vapor then permeated his whole body, making the surrounding temperature drop a lot.

Gu Zhengyun lay on the clouds, watching the fierce battle below without blinking. It turned out that this was the real form of the mythical beast Bai Ze, so mighty and cute!

A huge jet of water sprayed towards the Scarlet Flame Golden Beast, and when it collided with the golden flame, it made a huge “sizzling” sound. Bai Ze stared fiercely at the giant beast in front of him. This guy hurt his eyes back then and caused him to lose that memory, so he would definitely get it back today.

Stepping hard, Bai Ze jumped up and scratched the eyes of the Red Flame Golden Beast with one claw.

Fu Li frowned slightly and wrapped the big white hairball with the Liangyi Hunyuan Knot, the essence of the sun and the moon in his body was limited, so he didn’t protect himself, and only focused on looking after Bai Ze.

Bai Ze’s paws were usually pink and tender, and they didn’t seem to have the slightest attack power, but when he really wanted to fight in his beast form, five sharp claws popped out from between his paws.

“Roar——” the golden bell-like eyes of the Scarlet Flame Golden Beast were scratched fiercely by sharp steel-like claws, and he immediately let out a roar that shook the sky, and spewed fire towards Bai Ze crazily.

Relying on his Liangyi Hunyuan Knot, Bai Ze was not afraid at all, he flicked his tail triumphantly, and with a move of thousands of mountains and rivers, he attracted river water from all directions, drowning the fierce beast covered in fire. The flames of the red-flame golden beast were annihilated in the waters of countless rivers.

“Immortal Master!” Gu Zhengyun who was lying on the cloud suddenly exclaimed.

Startled, Bai Ze suddenly turned around. While on the broken rock in the distance, Fu Li had covered his shoulders with one hand while looking at him indifferently, as blood gurgled from between his knuckles, staining his whole body of green clothes.

“Fu Li!” Bai Ze transformed into human form, moved to Fu Li’s side in an instant, held him firmly, and quickly took a sip of Tianjun wine to replenish Fu Li with some sun and moon essence, “How are you?”

Pulling away that hand, Bai Ze’s eyes suddenly became misty, as he saw that the cyan fairy clothes were burned by the flames, and a charred black hole had penetrated Fu Li’s shoulder.

Just now, Fu Li only cared about maintaining the barrier for Bai Ze, and he didn’t have any extra mana to support him. When a few strands of golden flames flew over, he could only dodge as best he could, and was eventually injured by one of them.

“It’s all my fault!” Bai Ze regretted endlessly, why did he want to be brave? He should have left it up to Fu Li to deal with the red flames and the golden beast!

Fu Li swayed, a little unsteady on his feet. Bai Ze simply hugged him, sat down on the stone, and untied Fu Li’s clothes with trembling fingertips, revealing the bloody wound.

“Don’t be afraid.” Fu Li looked at Bai Ze, said softly, raised his hand with difficulty, flicked an enchantment over, and wrapped the extinguished red flame golden beast.

“That person in the battle between immortals and demons back then, was it you?” Bai Ze sniffed and attached a ray of soft white immortal light to Fu Li’s body, lowered his head, and slowly and gently began to lick Fu Li’s wound. Bai Ze was the best at healing others. Small wounds could be wiped off with just the flick of a finger, while large wounds could be wiped away with the swipe of a tongue.

“Hmm…” Fu Li closed his eyes and groaned softly. He didn’t know whether it was because of comfort or pain.

“Does what you said before still count?”

Bai Ze responded, what did he say before?

“That counts.” Fu Li opened his eyes and looked at him with a smile in his eyes.

After Bai Ze finished licking the wound seriously, seeing the wound recovering in the white light, he finally calmed down, and then he had the time to say: “What?”

Fu Li didn’t answer, just looked at him and smiled slightly.

Bai Ze was still confused, but he put Gu Zhengyun down from the cloud and said: “The disaster here has been eliminated, you go back to Beijing, I will show up if something happens.”

“Okay!” Gu Zhengyun saluted gratefully, and looking at Fu Li in Bai Ze’s arms, he saw a pair of eyes as deep as the vast universe and felt terrified in his heart. He didn’t dare to look again, so he bowed again, turned and left.

Bai Ze notified Nezha to help drag away the Red Scarlet beast, while he dressed Fu Li carefully. The Tsing Yi Immortal Robe had been repaired by itself, intact as before. Bai Ze fastened his clothes again, stroked the blue silk sash around his waist, and suddenly a series of conversations flashed through his mind.

“If he can save you, his magic power must be higher than yours. What can you repay them with?”

“My body.”

But it was still counting…

“Boom—” Bai Ze’s face suddenly turned red, and he lowered his head to look at Fu Li, but the man had turned into a child, sleeping soundly in his arms.

Back then when he was injured by the Scarlet Flame Golden Beast, he lost his memory, maybe Fu Li would also lose his memory, right? Bai Ze thought deceitfully.

The national teacher had died, and without the “elixir” refined by the national teacher, the old emperor also went west in a few days. Having been the crown prince for many years, the power in Gu Zhengyun’s hands was not comparable to that of the third prince who has just become favored. With a destructive momentum, all the cancers in the court were solved, and before winter came, Gu Zhengyun ascended to the throne.

At the enthronement ceremony, colorful auspicious lights filled the palace, and a snow-white auspicious beast with the body of a lion and the horns of a sheep descended from the sky.

“Auspicious Beast Bai Ze, that’s Auspicious Beast Bai Ze!”

“This means that a wise emperor has appeared!”

“God bless the emperor! God bless the emperor!” All cultural relics officials bowed in unison, and their shouts shook the sky.

“Immortal Bai Ze!” Gu Zhengyun jumped off his throne excitedly when he saw Bai Ze coming to attend his enthronement ceremony.

“Benevolent Lord, I guarantee that the next three years in your country will be smooth and rainy. There is only one thing to keep in mind,” Bai Ze uttered in the shape of a beast, making the officials exclaim again and again, making him shaking his hair proudly, then with a sigh of relief, a piece of blue silk cloth floated into Gu Zhengyun’s hands, “The places drawn in the picture would have floods within three months, so people settled here need to be moved out. Only after the disaster has passed can they return to their hometown. During that time, they should close the door and not go out.”

“I would abide by the decree of the immortal.” Gu Zhengyun said solemnly, and the courtiers all agreed with him.

Bai Ze walked around in the air: “If this is done, it will be a merit and virtue, and it will ensure good weather for the next ten years!” After saying that, the auspicious light spread across the entire capital, and then he raised his head and walked away on the clouds.

“Bai Ze pretends well!” Qian Liyan lay on the clouds, laughing.

“What is pretending? Bai Ze has always been like this!” Fairy Bai Hua was not convinced, and she gave Qian Liyan a flick with the fairy silk on her arm.

Shun Feng curled his lips: “It’s obviously to solve the power of reincarnation, but he’s acting like he’s saving the common people. And these people even believe it!” Wasn’t it just because Bai Ze was good-looking? If he were a centipede, let’s see who would still believe in him!

“You two are just jealous.” Fairy Bai Hua sneered, ignored them, she took out a bottle of Baihua Honey and ran to Yuqing Palace, before he changed back, she had to hug the little Yue Lao again.

After March, on a full moon night.

“Go, go.” Bai Ze patted Tiangou on the head.

“Woo!” Tiangou responded, rubbing his head against Bai Ze’s palm, he turned around, ran towards the moon, and quickly disappeared into the star screen.

Not long after, a slender, dark dog shadow appeared on the moon in the sky, which was as round as a jade plate, as it slowly opened its mouth wide.

“The Heavenly dog is eclipsing the moon!” The people standing in front of the window looking at the sky exclaimed in surprise.

“Go out and beat the gong!” Someone yelled, as when the Tiangou eclipsed the moon, they had to beat the gong and drum quickly to drive the Tiangou away.

“No, the emperor has ordered that no one can go out tonight, and those who violate it will be severely punished.” The people around reminded.

Compared with going out to beat gongs and drums to join in the fun, their life was obviously more important, so everyone kept hiding in the house and didn’t come out.

Gu Zhengyun stood in front of the window, looking at the moon in the sky with a solemn expression. Bai Ze didn’t let the people go out, sure enough something was going to happen, but he didn’t know what disaster would happen next.

The Tiangou opened its mouth wide and devoured all the layer of moonlight on the surface of the moon. In an instant, the bright moon dimmed, and the sky and the earth went pitch black.

Unable to see even his fingers, the eunuch hastily lit a few more palace lanterns, bowed his body and put a cloak on the emperor: “Your Majesty, Tiangou is eating the moon, so you should not stand at the window.” This was a taboo in the palace, mainly for fear that when there was a dark moon and the wind was high, there would be assassins attacking.

“It’s okay.” Gu Zhengyun waved his hands and continued to look up at the sky.

The Tiangou eclipse of the moon was not over yet, and Yuehua still had a crooked hook. At this time, a dazzling golden light suddenly appeared in the west of the sky. When Tiangou swallowed the last mouthful of moonlight, the Golden Crow drove the sun chariot quickly across the sky as if going to a market. In less than a quarter of an hour, he ran to Tiandong.

“The sun is coming out from the west…” The people were dumbfounded.

Before they could be surprised enough, sand and rocks began to fly in the world, and rivers started flowing upwards. The people were so frightened that they hid in the house and shivered, and the palace servants quickly closed the windows to prevent the emperor from being blown by the ominous wind.

Tiangou stood in the air with his mouth puffed up, watching the Golden Crow whizzing past in front of him.

“Oh my god, how about a smile?” Chang’e hugged the jade rabbit, leaned against the sweet-scented osmanthus tree, and teased the dog.

Tiangou shook its tail, wanting to respond, but couldn’t open its mouth. It turned around anxiously, seeing the sun setting in the extreme east, it quickly opened its mouth, and let out all the moonlight in its mouth and the dim moon brightened again.

Flying sand fell to the ground, moving stones stopped, and rivers flowed into the sea again. The common people thought it was a punishment from heaven but found out the next day that only the places where the emperor asked to move out had been flooded. Because of the emperor’s foresight, there were no casualties. It turned out that it wasn’t God’s punishment, it was God’s blessing!

The people bowed towards the capital one after another: “God bless the emperor!”

In the Yuqing Palace, the little gods returned to their adult appearances amidst a ray of light.

Laojun still turned into an old man, then he picked up his pill furnace and went back to his palace with a smile. Donghua was still the dazzling and handsome Donghua, he raised his chin and cupped his hands at Bai Ze and drove back to the extreme east. While Li Jing remembered what he had done these days and froze for a while.

“Li Jing, your little pagoda.” Yue Lao handed him the pagoda.

“Shut up.” Li Jing blushed, glared at Yue Lao, grabbed the pagoda, covered his face with one hand and ran away.

Yue Lao blinked and looked at Fu Li: “Tianzun, do you want to untie the red thread between the two of you?”

He didn’t answer.

Yue Lao nodded, smiled at Bai Ze, and went back to Yuexia Immortal Palace. Erlang Shen was waiting for Tiangou to come back, but he had to fly out to look for him.

Everyone left, until only Bai Ze and Fu Li remained.

“Fu Li, I…” Bai Ze looked at Tianzun who still maintained a young and handsome appearance, and wanted to say something, but before he could finish speaking, Erlang Shen came back in a hurry.

“Bai Ze, it’s too bad, the power of reincarnation hasn’t been resolved yet!” Yang Jian bluffed and ran to Bai Ze.

Startled, Bai Ze quickly looked up. Erlang Shen was still fine, but in his arms was a little black puppy less than a foot long.

“Woof!” the little black dog barked childishly, struggling to be hugged by Bai Ze.

“Tiangou?” Bai Ze stroked the little milk dog.

“Woof!” Tiangou responded immediately, sticking out his tongue to lick Bai Ze’s fingers.

Bai Ze let out a muffled laugh: “It’s okay, when it spit out the moonlight, it spit out too much, and spit out even that moonlight that was stored inside of its own body, and he will recover after a few days of exposure to the moon.”

Hearing this, Erlang Shen felt relieved, and slapped the dog on the head: “You idiot!” After beating him, he put the little milk dog in front of his chest, took his own three-pointed and two-edged halberd, nodded at Bai Ze and Tianzun, and stepped on the cloud to go away.

“What did you want to say just now?” Yuqing Palace was finally quiet, and Fu Li turned to look at Bai Ze. Because all his mana was recovered, the aura around him had suddenly became stronger, and there were even tiny stars in his deep eyes, making people even more afraid to look directly at him.

“I… I’m going to meet the Jade Emperor…” Bai Ze looked at Fu Li like this and suddenly he couldn’t say anything, this person was no longer the soft and sticky little Tianzun, everything had returned to the original point again.

The Jade Emperor rewarded Bai Ze with all the treasures that could collect the essence of the sun and the moon, praised him greatly, and also gave him a large basket of Pantao peaches.

Bai Ze looked in the direction of Yuqing Palace in the distance and stood outside Lingxiao Palace for a long time. Scenes of what happened these days flashed before his eyes, and his heart, which had been silent for thousands of years, was already in disarray. But that person was Tianzun, all these days, could it be just a momentary confusion of mental regression…

After worrying about gains and losses for a long time, Bai Ze’s eyes gradually turned red.

Fu Li sat cross-legged in the Yuqing Palace, holding a non-ink jade pen, writing and drawing on the Heavenly Book, recording the rotation of the sun and the moon this time. Suddenly, he stopped writing, raised his hand to count and his thin lips gradually pursed into a straight line, then he got up and waved away the heavenly book, and he himself turned into a ray of blue light, passed through the nine heavens in an instant, and came to the East China Sea.

In the East China Sea, the humanoid Bai Ze was holding a basket of peaches, staring blankly at the top of the mountain where only a stone tablet remained. Too bad, he only wanted to go back to Cangze Mountain to sleep, but he forgot that Cangze Mountain was still flooded, so he needed to ask Fu Li to help dig it out. Turning around, he saw Fu Li standing not far away, looking at him quietly.

The brocade belt on his Tsing Yi dress was swaying gently in the sea breeze, reflecting the beautiful scenery of the sea and sky, like an ink painting, this scene was so beautiful that it made people enchanted.

“Fu Li, help me dig out Cangze Mountain.” Bai Ze said with some guilt.

Fu Li looked at him quietly for a while: “I can’t dig it out.”

“Ah?” Bai Ze was a little dumbfounded, “You said you could do it last time!”

Then he held his left shoulder.

Bai Ze suddenly felt distressed: “Forget it, I…”

“I have discussed it with the Jade Emperor, you will still live in Yuqing Palace.” Fu Li stretched out his hand and grabbed Bai Ze’s soft paw.

Bai Ze wanted to pull his hand back, but Fu Li stared at him and he didn’t dare to move, so he just muttered softly: “Then, how long am I going to live there?”

“Until Cangze Mountain emerges by itself.” Fu Li pointed to the place where only a sharp peak remained.

When Cangze Mountain reappeared, it would be the next reincarnation…

Bai Ze blinked, looked at Fu Li with a serious face, endured and endured, and finally couldn’t help laughing out loud, and slowly agreeing: “Okay.”

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