TK Ch. 28: Extra 1: Liangyi Beast Knot

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The power of reincarnation dissipated, and the heavens restored order.

The reincarnation of the vicissitudes of life was a major event for the heavens. Everyone was eager to know the cause of this event and its impact on Taoism. The answer to the question was obviously only known by Tianzun. After the Tiangou eclipsed the moon, Yuqing Palace closed its doors to guests for a few days, even with immortals waiting left and right, and they finally opened the door again when the immortals had stretched their necks to the point of breaking.

There were not many people who came to listen to Tianzun’s preaching, because he always spoke very profoundly, and only immortals who had reached a certain stage in their cultivation could understand it. Moreover, Tianzun was too majestic, and the immortals dared not move around carelessly in Yuqing Palace, which was really uncomfortable. But this time, the immortals who came to listen to Tianzun’s talk about the power of reincarnation almost occupied the whole of Yuqing Palace.

“Why are there so many female immortals here this time?” Yuheng Xingjun looked around curiously, and when he saw Fairy Baihua, he immediately waved to her, “Here, here!” Fairy Baihua came over with Fairy Peony and Fairy Shaoyao.

Let Yuheng Xingjun occupy the position.

The three fairies greeted Yuheng Xingjun and sat on the futon occupied by him.

“I say, I have never seen them listen to Taoism on weekdays. What’s the matter?” Yuheng Xingjun raised his chin and pointed to the fairies in the distance.

“What do you know? Tianzun is willing to show his true face to others now, why won’t they come and take a look?” Fairy Baihua curled her lips. Everyone else came to see Tianzun, but she did not, she had come to see Bai Ze.

The jade platform in the middle of the Yuqing Palace was at this moment covered by a barrier evolved from the Hunyuan Knot of Liangyi, which could not be broken even by an immortal with powerful mana. Inside the barrier, the gigantic Bai Ze was sleeping soundly with his four paws curled up.

Fu Li sat next to him, then he raised his hand and gently tugged at his furry ears: “Are you still sleeping?”

After returning from the East China Sea, Bai Ze said that he would have a good sleep. Seeing that he was very tired, Fu Li closed the Yuqing Palace and slept with him for seven days and seven nights, but there was still no sign of waking up.

“Then you go on sleeping, I’m going to open the barrier.” Fu Li slightly curled his lips, raised his hand and waved away the barrier.

A misty blue light flashed, and Tianzun appeared on the jade platform, dressed in green and wearing a jade crown, he looked extremely handsome. People with higher level of mana would become more beautiful, and Tianzun’s mana was unmatched in the nine heavens and ten earths…

“Ah…” Fairy Peony quickly covered her mouth to prevent herself from exclaiming.

“Oh, isn’t that Bai Ze?” Fairy Shaoyao whispered.

But behind Tianzun, there was a huge snow-white backrest. If you looked carefully, it was not a cushion, but a fluffy and soft white back! And Tianzun seemed to have a furry paw wrapped around his waist!

When the barrier dispersed, other people’s breath rushed out of their mouths and noses in an instant. Bai Ze moved his nose and slowly opened his eyes…and his eyes were full of immortals!

“Eh?” Bai Ze exclaimed, froze and didn’t dare to move.

“You can choose to continue pretending to be asleep or shrink down.” Fu Li sat upright with far-sighted eyes, and quietly transmitted this sentence to Bai Ze.

Previously when he decided to live in Yuqing Palace, Bai Ze was a little embarrassed, so he just kept sleeping with the excuse that he was tired, thinking to himself that if he did this, others would not know that he was living with Tianzun. Who knew that when he opened his eyes, everyone would know that he was here, and what was even worse, one of his paws was still wrapped around Fu Li’s waist.

Bai Ze quickly closed his eyes and tried hard to think, whether it was better to just stay like this for people to watch, or to find a crack to sneak in after getting smaller. Obviously, it was better to find a crack to hide in.

Thinking like this, Bai Ze turned into a palm-sized fur ball and ran away.

Without looking back, Fu Li stretched out his hand, picked up the little fur ball, touched the fluff that felt so good to the touch, and held it in his arms expressionlessly.

All the immortals: “…”

“In the beginning, there were seas, but there were no mulberry fields, probably because…” Qingyue’s voice, like the legacy of the ancient times, spread throughout the audience, with the unique majesty of Tianzun, making people unconsciously hold their breath and listen carefully.

Only Fairy Baihua stared at Tianzun’s chest very dissatisfied, she really wanted to hug the furball! Beep!

Bai Ze hid in Fu Li’s clothes, feeling that his fur was going to turn red with embarrassment. Only through the layer of thin inner shirt, he could feel the temperature of Tianzun’s body, which was not as warm as that of ordinary people, but like warm jade, which was slightly cool to the touch, and it slowly became warmer after a while.

Now it could neither hide nor go out, it was just too embarrassing. Putting away the horns on his head, Bai Ze burrowed through Fu Li’s clothes, and finally lay down on his own, closed his eyes, and fell asleep again.

After the sermon was over, Tianzun got up, flicked his sleeves lightly, and disappeared in place. The immortals bowed to the empty platform and left Yuqing Palace in an orderly manner. After leaving the gate of Yuqing Palace, the pot suddenly exploded.

“Why is Bai Ze still in Yuqing Palace?”

“I heard that Cangze Mountain was flooded. This time, since he has a good relationship with Tianzun, maybe he decided to stay here.”

“I don’t think it’s that simple.” Fairy Baihua said surely.

Everyone looked at her one after another, wondering what she had to say.

“It must be that Tianzun couldn’t bear to part with that fluffy body, and deliberately kept Bai Ze in Yuqing Palace.” Fairy Baihua reluctantly bit the handkerchief in her hand.

“Cut…” All the immortals curled their lips, Tianzun was not so superficial.

Fu Li returned to the inner palace, reached into his clothes and took out the small fur ball covering his eyes: “What’s wrong?”, Bai Ze let go of his claws, looked left and right, and after finding that no one was there, he immediately twisted his small body and jumped to the ground, turned into his human form, and said with a puffy face, “If you wanted to preach, why didn’t you wake me up?”

“I did wake you up.”

“…” Bai Ze choked, “Then, you can’t just put me in your clothes in front of everyone!” Thinking of the embarrassing scene just now, it felt like digging a hole and burying himself.

If he was in his beast form right now, Bai Ze’s fur would have probably exploded. Now it was all right, everyone had seen him turn into a little fur ball and be stuffed into his clothes, so he had no prestige anymore.

Fu Li looked at him for a while and said very seriously: “If you don’t pretend to be you, they will not watch.”

Bai Ze was speechless for a moment, thinking that what Fu Li said made sense, but it also didn’t make sense. Scratching his head, he finally grasped the point: “After I became so small, I was carried in your arms in public, they will definitely laugh at me in the future.”

“You were in the shape of a beast, so there is no difference between being bigger and smaller.” Fu Li said indifferently, took Bai Ze’s hand, and placed two walnut sized Liangyi Hunyuan Knots in his palm.

“What is this?” Bai Ze was immediately attracted by the little balls.

The round balls were glowing with a blue light, because the caster’s mana was stable now, so the ball was also very stable, no matter how he shook it, it did not deform.

“Boom!” One of the balls suddenly turned golden, trying to hit another ball. The other ball suddenly turned crimson, and it faced it without fear.

Bai Ze became more and more curious. He held up the crimson ball and held it up to the light for a closer look. When he saw it, he exclaimed, “Jiuying!” The nine-headed beast, with his big and small heads, was hitting the barrier with his heads one after another. Every head was extremely ferocious, with red fangs bared, trying to bite Bai Ze’s fingers through the barrier.

Inside the golden ball was the red-flamed golden beast with a round head. “Why did you make them so small?” Bai Ze couldn’t help laughing as he looked at the red-flame golden beast that was trying to breathe fire at him and kept waving its little claws.

“To play with you.” Fu Li took Bai Ze into the room without a trace, and led him to sit down, while he sat down behind him, wrapped around Bai Ze’s body with one hand, and gently fiddled with the red flame golden beast in his hand. Because of the research on the power of reincarnation, Fu Li suddenly realized this trick. The ancient ferocious beasts that could not be killed could be reduced in size and locked in the Liangyi Hunyuan Knot. If they became smaller, their lethality would naturally decrease.

“This is really a good idea!” Bai Ze turned his head with a smile, and suddenly found that he had already leaned into Fu Li’s arms without knowing it and was surrounded by his arms!

“This is not the Liangyi Hunyuan Knot, it’s called the Liangyi Beast Knot,” Fu Li flicked his fingers, and popped out the two small balls in Bai Ze’s hand. The little trapped beast knot flipped in the air, fell to the ground and bounced again. He got up and floated slowly in the air, “I just realized it.”

“Oh…” Bai Ze shrunk his neck uncomfortably, as when Fu Li spoke, a faint breath just sprayed on his ears, making him feel a little itchy.

“Do you want to learn?” Fu Li summoned the two small balls and held them in his hands.

“Can I learn?” Bai Ze was very curious. The reason why he could know a little of everything was inseparable from Bai Ze’s constant curiosity for thousands of years.

Fu Li threw two balls away, asked him to sit upright, face to face with himself, then he drew a Tai Chi picture in the air, a blue light flashed for a moment, then he spread his palms facing the sky, hands spread out.

Bai Ze followed suit, slowly stretching out his hands, and following Fu Li’s example, slowly closing them together, and then…the two embraced each other.

The blue light disappeared, leaving only a room of silence.

“…Where’s the Liangyi Beast knot?” Bai Ze blinked.

Fu Li slowly tightened his arms: “Jiecheng.”


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