TK Ch. 29: Extra 2: Lantern Festival

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Bai Ze was very popular in the heavens, so knowing that he was now living in Yuqing Palace and had nothing to do, some people came to invite him for drinks every few days.

“Where are you going?” Fu Li asked calmly as he stood on the jade bridge, feeding the two cranes in the pond.

Bai Ze, who was sneaking past him, stiffened for a moment: “Fairy Baihua and Lord Yuheng Xingjun asked me to go drink.” After saying that, he felt that he had committed no crime, so why should he feel guilty? It was like a husband who secretly went out to drink wine and was caught by his wife…

Fu Li threw the last bird’s food in, then he turned around to look at Bai Ze: “I’ll go with you.”

“Huh?” Bai Ze looked shocked. Tianzun actually wanted to go drinking with him? Before he could react, Fu Li had already taken his hand and walked out.

As they were bypassing the Jiuqu Bridge and walking through the White Jade Corridor, there were passing fairies who kept peeking here.

Bai Ze felt that someone was looking at him, so he raised his head to greet them.

“Hee hee hee…” The fairies didn’t respond to him, they just covered their mouths and looked at each other, laughing and running away.

Bai Ze scratched his head and suddenly realized what was wrong, this hand could be used to scratch his head, what about the other hand? The other hand was being held firmly by a big hand hidden under a wide green sleeve.

“That…” Bai Ze stopped.

“Huh?” Fu Li looked back at him.

“Don’t hold hands, others will see us…” Bai Ze wanted to take his hand away, and his ears turned red involuntarily.

“So what if they saw us?” Fu Li ignored him and continued to walk forward.

“When others see it, they will say that we two are a pair of broken sleeves[1]!”

Fu Li stopped, turned to look at him, and slowly raised the red thread between their wrists: “Wouldn’t they be right?”

“…” Bai Ze opened his mouth but was speechless, so he could only let Zhu Fu Li continue to pull him away.

Under the jade pavilion in the Baihua Garden, Fairy Baihua was putting out the snacks she had just made. Qian Liyan reached out to eat, but Fairy Baihua slapped his hand back: “Don’t move your hand, wait until Bai Ze comes before you eat.”

Qian Liyan curled his lips and said, “You are thinking about Bai Ze, but he’s not thinking about you. He’s already together with Tianzun.”

“Nonsense!” Fairy Baihua hit him with the silk handkerchief on her arm. While they were making a fuss, Fu Li pulled Bai Ze over.

“Pfft——” Yuheng Xingjun spewed out a mouthful of wine.

Fairy Baihua turned her head to look, and was immediately stunned: “You… you…”

“I’ve seen Tianzun!” Qian Liyan and Shun Feng’er immediately stood up straight and saluted Fu Li.

“You don’t need to be too polite.” Fu Li pulled Bai Ze into the pavilion, found a seat and sat down, letting Bai Ze sit beside him.

Bai Ze covered his face with one hand in horror, sat down obediently, and not daring to look at the expressions of the few people, he just took the snacks and started eating.

The atmosphere was a bit awkward. Yuheng Xingjun wiped the wine from the corner of his mouth and coughed dryly: “Why was Tianzun interested in coming here?”

“I have nothing to do today, so I came out with Bai Ze for a walk,” Fu Li responded warmly, then pouring himself a glass of wine, he raised his eyes and looked at Qian Liyan, “Has anything interesting happened in the world recently?”

“In two days, it will be the Lantern Festival. Because of the peaceful and prosperous times, the mortal emperor will hold a large lantern festival in the capital. We are discussing whether to go and have a look.” Qian Liyan said honestly but was elbowed by Shun Feng’er.

“There are still a lot of things to do over at Beidou Hall, so I won’t go.” Yuheng Xingjun said with a righteous face, gritting his teeth secretly. This Qian Liyan who couldn’t speak, if Tianzun heard these words, wouldn’t he know? That they were not doing their jobs every day?

“Yes, there is a festival held by the Queen Mother during the Lantern Festival, and I am also busy.” Fairy Baihua took this opportunity and said with a smile.

“Then none of you are going?” Bai Ze blinked. Originally, he came here to discuss with these people about going to play in the human world. He glanced at Fu Li and knew that this guy was here, so no one dared to say that they would go to play. He couldn’t help but purse his lips, he really wanted to go to the lantern festival.

“In that case, I’ll go with you.” Fu Li handed Bai Ze a piece of pastry.

Bai Ze’s eyes lit up, and he took it and bit into it: “Okay! Yangou can’t go out these days among the people, so Yang Jian asked me to buy him the sauce elbows from Xiang Yunzhai in Beijing. The elbows are really delicious. Yes, I’ll take you to try it.”

“Yeah.” Fu Li responded lightly, looking at Bai Ze with a smile.

Fairy Baihua twitched the corner of her mouth and kicked Yuheng Xingjun under the table. Yuheng Xingjun turned his face away, pretending not to see it.

During the Shangyuan Lantern Festival, the three main streets in the capital were all hung with lanterns. Standing on the street and looking at it, the colorful lights seemed to spread all the way to the horizon.

In addition to lanterns, there were also many small stalls, selling snacks, gadgets, monkey sticks, opera singers… everything. Men, women and children came out hand in hand, and their faces were filled with festive joy.

Bai Ze changed into an ordinary white robe and dragged Fu Li into the crowd. Fu Li concealed his aura, wearing a blue robe similar to Bai Ze’s clothes, and followed Bai Ze at a leisurely pace.

“Sauce elbows!” Bai Ze went straight to Xiang Yunzhai, ordered ten catties of pork elbows to wrap, and took another catty to eat with his hands.

“Eat less meat.” Fu Li looked helplessly at Bai Ze who was stuffing meat into his mouth. Immortals cultivating Taoism should eat less turbid food like meat. Eating too much was not good for cultivation.

“I don’t plan to increase my magical power, it’s okay,” Bai Ze chewed with his cheeks bulging, pinched a piece with his oily hands and handed it to Fu Li’s mouth, “Try it, it’s delicious.”

Fu Li looked at the sauced elbow handed in front of him, the thoroughly marinated sliced meat was covered with sauce, which looked very appetizing. What’s more, the fingers pinching the sliced meat were slender and white, with some sauce sticking on them, which looked even more delicious than sauced elbow.

Forgetting about the fact that eating meat would affect his cultivation, Fu Li squeezed Bai Ze’s wrist, and ate the meat with his hand, and by the way, rolled the slender, white fingers into his mouth.

Bai Ze could not help trembling as he felt the warm tongue brushing against his fingertips.

“Sir, buy a mask.” The shouts of buying masks broke the delicate atmosphere between the two.

Bai Ze retracted his hand, hid it in his sleeve, then after attracting a ray of clear water to wash away the sauce, he turned to look at the mask stall.

Many people who came to the Lantern Festival liked to wear a mask during the festivities. Some were dignitaries and didn’t want people to recognize them; some were shy girls who didn’t want people to see their faces; and some just wanted to join in the fun.

There was everything on the mask stall, including bull heads, horse faces, grimaces, beauties, and a figure with eyes on his forehead, which was obviously Erlang Shen.

“Hahaha, Yang Jian looks so ugly.” Bai Ze pointed at the Erlang Shen mask and laughed.

Fu Li picked up a half-face mask with white fur: “What is this?”

“This is the mythical beast Bai Ze. It is selling very well this year.” The stall owner said with a smile and pointed to the people on the street. There were indeed many people wearing Bai Ze masks.

Bai Ze picked up the mask, looked at it, and put it on his face: “Do I look like the Divine Beast Bai Ze?”

Gu Zhengyun stepped out of the carriage and looked at the bustling Huadeng Street: “I heard that the Divine Beast Bai Ze likes to be lively, but I don’t know if he likes it. Will he really come?”

The attendants around him did not dare to answer. Only the chief eunuch whispered: “Your Majesty, let’s go in and take a look.”

People were coming and going, and Gu Zhengyun followed the crowd and looked at the faces of the people with brimming smiles, seeing this he couldn’t help but smile. Bai Ze would be satisfied with such a peaceful and prosperous age. When he was at his most desperate and helpless, he just came to him, like an oasis in the desert or someone to give him charcoal in the cold winter, saving him and his country from death. But after he gained the power of the world, he never appeared again.

“Guess the lantern riddles, three cents for one guess!”

“Tanghulu, candied haws!”

“Sir, would you like to buy a mask?”

Gu Zhengyun looked around aimlessly. Suddenly, he saw a person in front of him, tall and in a snowy robe. His brocade robe seemed to have a soft light all around…

“Bai Ze!” Gu Zhengyun quickly ran over and grabbed the man.

The man turned around, wearing a furry Bai Ze mask: “Master, what are you doing?” The bright and energetic voice was not Bai Ze’s…

He was pulled by someone for no reason, and the person wearing the mask seemed to be a little unhappy, but he still held back and asked a question without getting angry.

Gu Zhengyun frowned. Although the person in front of him was also wearing white clothes, he was sure that this was not the back figure he saw just now: “Sorry, I recognized the wrong person.”

The person took off his mask, and it turned out that he looked unfamiliar. He had a handsome face, but he was also very handsome, with a pair of dark and bright eyes, which were particularly energetic. Such an appearance made people feel good after seeing him, and Gu Zhengyun’s feeling of sadness subsided a little: “Young Master is new to me, not like people from the capital.” This man was tall and had an indescribable energy between his eyebrows. You would forget this vulgar world once you see it, not like ordinary people at all.

“Ah, I came from the east,” the man smiled, “My name is Hui… Ma Hui.”

“We were destined to meet each other. Let me treat you to a cup of tea.” Gu Zhengyun always felt that there was something in this man. It was a breath that made him want to get closer to him.

“Okay.” Ma Hui was also very accommodating and left with Gu Zhengyun. After taking two steps, the two turned their heads at the same time, looked at the mask stand just now, thoughtfully, turned their heads to meet each other’s eyes, and immediately smiled at each other.

“Brother Ma, please!”

“Master, please!”

Bai Ze licked a bunch of candied haws, standing in the shadows and watching the two people walking away: “Isn’t that the gray horse from Kunyu Mountain?”

“Yeah.” Fu Li leaned over and bit off a hawthorn in one bite.

“Why did he transform so quickly?” Bai Ze was very surprised.

“I guess his luck has improved due to your auspicious aura.” Fu Li said nonchalantly, the path to immortality also paid attention to luck. If someone’s luck went against the will of heaven, good things would always happen to them, so their cultivation would naturally be faster.

“Really…” Bai Ze thought about it and turned to look at Fu Li, “Then you have been with me every day recently, has your cultivation level improved?”

Fu Li looked at him and shook his head.

“Why?” Bai Ze took a bite of the candied haws, crunching the candied hawthorn.

“The Taoist mind is unstable.” Fu Li said seriously.

Bai Ze blinked, and then slowly blushed: “You’re talking nonsense again…”

“This is what the wordless heavenly book says, it’s absolutely true.” Fu Li said, then he leaned over and gave him a sweet and sour kiss. To compensate for this increasingly unstable Taoist heart.


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[1] Ancient Chinese slang for homosexuals.

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