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That night, Lao Song took the two young ones home and found that they seemed to have quarreled, and neither of them spoke while sitting together in the back seat of the car. Lao Song observed carefully, the young master calmly listened to English by himself, while the elder master sat aside with a frosty face, his aura was still so unattainable and powerful, but he changed the position of his legs from time to time which betrayed a bit of his inner anxiety. Lao Song knew from experience that it was the eldest young master who must have committed the crime. He did the same thing after he quarreled with his wife, and he wanted to save face and suffer.

After Lu Rong got out of the car, Lao Song stopped Ji Wenfeng: “You have to coax him.”

Ji Wenfeng: “Why should I coax him.”

Lao Song: “If you don’t coax him, the cold war will last for a long time.”

Ji Wenfeng smiled slightly: “We have no cold war at all. How dare he dare to have a cold war with me. He will do whatever I tell him to do.”

Lao Song shrugged: “Then he will never reconcile with you.”

Ji Wenfeng: “Why should I reconcile with him? He is just my slave.”

Lao Song said oh and handed a bunch of exquisitely packaged purple hyacinths from the passenger seat to Ji Wenfeng, as he had been ordered to do by Ji Wenfeng in the morning. These flowers meant sorry in the flower language.

Ji Wenfeng: “…”

Ji Wenfeng: “I bought it to put in a vase.”

Lao Song: “Oh.”

Ji Wenfeng: “You don’t think I bought it for Lu…”

Lao Song: “Oh.”

Ji Wenfeng: “You don’t think I bought it for Lu…”

Lao Song: “Make it up, keep making it up.”

Ji Wenfeng slipped out of the car holding the flowers.

While Lu Rong was making small fish cakes in the kitchen, Ji Wenfeng inserted a purple hyacinth in the left breast pocket of his school uniform shirt and rushed in with a long stride: “Come to the hot spring hotel with me tomorrow.”

“Oh, because Fang Chang is not going with you, so there is a vacancy for the other half of the two-person trip?” Lu Rong took off his apron, threw it on the dining table, turned and left.

Ji Wenfeng failed to seek peace and had no choice but to fry small fish cakes himself.

When Lu Rong was carrying the laundry from his bathroom to load the dirty clothes in the washing machine, Ji Wenfeng opened the shower door and rushed out majestically announcing: “I will allow you to wash with me.”

Lu Rong was stunned looking at his naked body. Then in three seconds, he took out the dirty clothes from the laundry room and threw them in his face, then turned around and left.

Ji Wenfeng failed to reconcile again, so he had no choice but to pick up the dirty clothes on the floor and take them to Wang Xiufang to wash.

When Lu Rong was doing homework in the study, Ji Wenfeng pushed open the door and rushed in: “I can give you your pocket money in advance.”

Lu Rong put down the pen, lifted his buttocks, got up and left, but Ji Wenfeng took a few steps to stop him before he could go back to the room: “I told you, this is a misunderstanding. I don’t know that Fang Chang. I was going to go with you.”

Lu Rong looked at him for a while and said lightly: “Okay.”

Ji Wenfeng breathed a sigh of relief, and quickly tensed up, and said nobly and coldly: “You can pack your luggage now.”

Lu Rong: “I’m not going.”

Ji Wenfeng was puzzled and frowned.

“Does it feel good to have nothing to say? Does it feel good to take the blame for something you haven’t done? Doesn’t it feel bad that the other party won’t listen to you no matter what you do?” Lu Rong pressed every step of the way, almost pushing his face against Ji Wenfeng’s, it was now that Ji Wenfeng saw the flame of revenge in his eyes that were very close at hand.

“You still got away lightly.” Lu Rong passed him and opened the door lightly, “At least, no one threatened you to transfer to another school.” With a bang, the door closed in front of him.

Ji Wenfeng: “…”

He really held a grudge.

How dare Lu Rong hold a grudge against him.

Because he wronged Lu Rong on the rooftop that morning, Lu Rong had to pay back the full amount.

He had such a wild temper, did he still remember who was the master and who was the slave between them?

This was outrageous…

Deng Te stole the master’s cell phone and called Ji Wenfeng. Because the cell phone was stolen, his voice was very low: “Saturday, boxing, do you want to go?”

Ji Wenfeng: “No.”

Deng Te asked: “Why.”

Ji Wenfeng looked at the locked door and said: “I’m dead.”

Not even money could move Lu Rong, he was at the end of his rope and had no other options.

It was all because of Ling Ren.

That person was really in need of a beating.

Lu Rong entered his room and clicked his tongue regretfully. Ji Wenfeng actually wanted to give him pocket money in advance. He almost couldn’t help it. God knew how much perseverance and self-control it took for him to resist the force of the disagreement. But he could not reconcile with Ji Wenfeng.

He did want to punish Ji Wenfeng a little, but Ji Wenfeng had already paid a heavy price for his arrogance and strong possessiveness. He was now pretending to be angry just to cancel his trip to the hot springs tomorrow and just get through tonight.

Lu Rong stocked some bread in the room. He got up early the next morning and ate breakfast in the bedroom. He didn’t open the door until nearly ten o’clock. It was definitely too late for the hot spring trip. The arrogant Ji Wenfeng had been rejected by him all night, and he would definitely not speak or show up in front of him for a few days, pretending not to care about him. In this way, the afternoon plan could go smoothly…

He went downstairs in slippers and found Ji Wenfeng sitting on the bay window with a notebook, waiting for him, with a bouquet of purple hyacinths next to him.

Seeing him coming, Ji Wenfeng raised his head, his handsome face full of sunshine: “Did you have insomnia yesterday?”

Lu Rong: “…”

Where was the proud Ji Wenfeng?! What about the Ji Wenfeng, who refused to admit his mistakes?! After he threw his apron, dirty clothes, and pen in front of him, could Ji Wenfeng still say good morning to him so calmly?!

Ji Wenfeng saw him being stunned, and his eyes fell on the computer screen: “We can’t go to the hot spring hotel, but we still have time to watch movies, concerts, and plays. I booked Luyuan for noon, and you still have an hour to change clothes.”

Lu Rong: “…”

How so? The hot spring hotel plan was ruined, but Ji Wenfeng still wanted to act with him? How could things become like this?

Lu Rong fiddled with his messy hair, folded his arms in his thin pajamas and said, “No… I want to be alone today. It’s better for us not to go together for the time being.”

Ji Wenfeng said without raising his head, “Don’t touch my bottom line.”

Lu Rong: “What is your bottom line?”

Ji Wenfeng said lightly: “24 hours.”

Lu Rong was confused: “What 24 hours?”

Ji Wenfeng looked at him deeply with a glance, then he closed the computer, walked to stand in front of him, and announced slowly and clearly: “I will allow you to lose your temper occasionally and ignore me, but not for more than 24 hours.”

Lu Rong: “Loss of temper. That’s just because… I’m angry. When anger disappears, it is a natural process.”

Ji Wenfeng: “You can’t be like this.”

Lu Rong: “Why?”

Ji Wenfeng lazily walked past him and put a purple hyacinth behind his left ear and rubbed his head: “Because you are mine.”

Lu Rong: “…”

Lu Rong returned to his room like a zombie, and the places touched by Ji Wenfeng were still feeling slightly hot. He didn’t know if it was the temperature of Ji Wenfeng or the temperature of the sun, it didn’t matter, what mattered was… Ji Wenfeng won’t let him go today.

He spent half an hour sorting out his messy thoughts, drank two more cups of Ceylon black tea, and finally calmed down slowly, escaping from Ji Wenfeng’s spell. Reason returned to his mind, and he suddenly had an idea of how to deal with Ji Wenfeng.

He set his sights on the brand new and unopened iphone X beside him.

Ji Wenfeng was fully dressed, standing beside the Bentley waiting for Lu Rong, chatting with Lao Song who was washing the car.

Ji Wenfeng: “Today’s itinerary is to go to Luyuan first, then soak in an indoor hot spring, and then go to a concert.”

Lao Song: “…”

He secretly glanced at Lu Rong’s window. That was not what the second young master said that day. He had asked him to take Wang Xiufang to the city for skating and then come home to transport a batch of goods.

Lao Song probed: “Is it with the second young master?”

Ji Wenfeng: “Of course.”

Lao Song: “Didn’t you quarrel?”

Ji Wenfeng seemed to have heard some joke, so with a look of disdain on his face, he said: “Quarrel? Does he dare to quarrel with me?”

Lao Song suddenly realized: “Sending flowers is really useful?”

Ji Wenfeng nodded: “That’s right… No, I said I was going to arrange flowers! Don’t talk nonsense.”

“The eldest young master has coaxed the young master well.” Lao Song judged based on experience. “Otherwise he wouldn’t dare to talk nonsense outside.”

When Lao Song was bragging to his brothers, he also said that he was the patriarch at home. When his wife saw him come home, she would kneel down and wash his feet. In fact, he was the one who had to kneel on the washboard everyday.

Men = talk big words outside + kneel on the washboard at home. It seemed that this formula had nothing to do with whether you had money or not. It was an iron law that applied to everyone.

If you don’t believe it, take a look at Master Ji. He was strong and cold outside but still afraid of his partner.

While Lao Song silently watched Ji Wenfeng showing off, Lu Rong’s voice sounded from the window sill: “We? We’ve made up.”

Ji Wenfeng was leaning against the street lamp, and when he heard this, he looked at Lao Song. Then he raised his head and looked at Lu Rong’s window.

Lu Rong was wearing pajamas, grabbing his hair casually, walking around the room, calling people: “No, no, no, he was the one who begged me to reconcile… Yes, it was that Ji Wenfeng, I didn’t lie. Haha, you didn’t expect it.”

Lao Song and Ji Wenfeng: “…”

Lao Song cast a curious look at Ji Wenfeng, and Ji Wenfeng responded with his eyes: If you look again, you will be a dead person.

“He cares about me.” Lu Rong said with a light voice, “He came home yesterday and begged me to forgive him. He hung around me all night. When he got up in the morning, he asked me to go out to play… I didn’t know he was outside. How long had he been waiting… Oh, what you said makes sense, he may have really been waiting on that bay window all night!”

Lao Song: “What he said…”

Ji Wenfeng said coldly: “It’s all false.” It was only a few hours.

“He also said that our cold war can’t last more than 24 hours in the future… I’m so busy every day now because he sticks to me every day… Haha, more than that! Let alone 24 hours, I feel like if he can’t stay with me for an entire afternoon, he might feel uncomfortable all over. Ji Wenfeng can’t live without me.”

Ji Wenfeng looked at Lu Rong’s window with a livid face and told Lao Song: “Today’s schedule is all cancelled.” After saying that, he went upstairs, opened the door of Lu Rong’s room and announced coldly with a panicked expression on his face, “I have something to do today, please do it alone.”

Lu Rong pretended to be subtle and put the phone behind his back, and asked him: “What about Luyuan?”

Ji Wenfeng: “No more.”

Lu Rong: “The concert…”

Ji Wenfeng: “Cancelled.”

Lu Rong: “Hot Spring Hotel…”

Ji Wenfeng said firmly: “No more.”

Lu Rong: “What about next week?”

Ji Wenfeng: “…”

Ji Wenfeng: “…”

Ji Wenfeng: “…”

Seeing Lu Rong’s expectant eyes, Ji Wenfeng looked out the window arrogantly: “We’ll look at your performance.” After speaking, he left ruthlessly.

Just as he was going out, Deng Te called: “We’re having a boxing session this afternoon, are you coming?”

Ji Wenfeng said: “Coming.”

Deng Te said “Oh” and hung up the phone. Half a minute later, his pupils dilated. Coming—Ji Wenfeng said it just now!

Deng Te walked to the wall, drew the last stroke on the wall, and showed a satisfied smile: there were more than 60 orthographic characters on this piece of paper, and it was the number of phone calls he made to Ji Wenfeng this week.

“Little master, what are you laughing at?” The young apprentice from the boxing gym came over and asked him, raising his head.

Deng Te stared at the small blackboard with his only remaining right eye: “It turns out that hard work will really pay off.”

Lu Rong watched Ji Wenfeng leave in Lao Song’s car and put down the unopened brand-new iPhone X behind him.

He didn’t talk to anyone on the phone just now, and he wouldn’t speak ill of Ji Wenfeng to anyone anyway.

Deng Te’s WeChat message came from the old mobile phone in service: “I have made an appointment with him.”

A smile appeared on Lu Rong’s mouth, and he was already looking forward to the trip to the hot spring hotel next week.

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