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Hearing Xie Lin’s answer, Fu Yuanzhou was stunned for a moment, and immediately remembered something from the past.

It was not that he and Xie Lin had never been to a hot spring together in their last life. It was almost at this time that the hot spring resort invested by Xie Lin’s family started to operate. They had been there several times, including with their family members. He and Yu Fei also went alone when they were dating twice.

The person who was going to go with him now had become his Xie Lin – Fu Yuanzhou was still fascinated by this change, Xie Lin asked again: “Want to go?”

“…Ah, go.”

Fu Yuanzhou came back to his senses and subconsciously nodded, but suddenly felt a little embarrassed after realizing it.

He was actually nervous. Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t believe that he would have such a reaction. It was not like he hadn’t been there with Xie Lin before. He had always swam with Xie Lin, and they had even taken baths together when he was a child.

Was this because he had fallen in love with Xie Lin, so his mentality had changed?

But no matter what, since he had promised Xie Lin, Fu Yuanzhou didn’t plan to go back on his word, and he had some expectations about later. After all, after falling in love with Xie Lin, this was their first date.

On the weekend, Yu Fei’s mother was discharged from the hospital. Fu Yuanzhou’s family and Xie Lin went to see her. They also met Yu Fei’s father, Mother Yu’s ex-husband.

Many years ago, the husband and wife divorced because of disagreements. Father Yu felt that his wife was too busy with work and should be more concerned about the family, but Mother Yu felt that her husband, like her, had no time to take care of the family and was not qualified to restrict her from developing her career. The bigger the differences, the earlier the marriage ended in divorce.

Now that Mother Yu had returned to China with her child, and neither of them had remarried, Father Yu wanted to get back together with her. Fu Yuanzhou knew that they did remarry later. Yu Fei entering the entertainment industry, was also related to her father, but Fu Yuanzhou was very supportive of her.

Everyone had lunch together, then Yu Fei’s family left, Fu Yuanzhou’s parents wanted to take him and Xie Lin back, as they took it for granted that the two children were going home for the weekend.

“Xiao Shen hasn’t lived there for a few days. The lights are dark at night, and there doesn’t seem to be anyone at home.”

His parents were not there at the time, so they didn’t know about Shen Xigou’s self-harm, they just thought he had something and had thus left, so his mother said that while laughing. Then he said to Fu Yuanzhou: “You don’t have to worry, go back with us, and Mom will cook for you in the evening.”

Shen Xigou was still recuperating in the sanatorium, and Fu Yuanzhou was aware of it. He had been learning about the situation on his side through Dr. Sun. Until he was willing to cooperate with the treatment, he would be relieved, otherwise he might not have been in the mood to go out with Xie Lin.

He gave the reason that he had thought of for a long time: “We won’t go back this week, we will review at the apartment, Xie Lin will guide me, and I’ll strive to do better in the final exam.”

“Isn’t it just after the midterm exam? You can review at home as well.”

“I have to hurry up every minute and every second, Xie Lin won’t have time to help me in the future.” Fu Yuanzhou said, “The books I need are all in the apartment, there are too many books to get back.”

Mother Fu was a little disappointed, Xie Lin said a few more words, and the parents finally agreed that they should not go back this week. As for the aunt, Fu Yuanzhou had already said that he and Xie Lin would go back this weekend. Since yesterday, the aunt had been given a holiday, so the aunt had returned to her hometown.

There was a feeling of secretly doing bad things… After getting into the hot spring hotel’s arranged transport, Fu Yuanzhou felt a little guilty, but he was relieved quickly. Unlike Xie Lin, he was not an obedient child since childhood, which made him even more excited.

Xie Lin had arranged the other things. Fu Yuanzhou didn’t need to worry about anything except clothes. When they arrived at the hot spring manor, a young woman greeted them. Her surname was Cheng. They were all very familiar with each other, and they usually called her Sister Cheng.

“I’ve arranged everything for you.”

Sister Cheng said with a smile: “Before the official opening of this place, you are the first batch of experience customers, and you can just give us suggestions to see what needs to be improved. You don’t need to be polite.”

“Thank you, Sister Cheng.” Fu Yuanzhou smiled.

“You guys have fun, you’re tired from studying, just relax.” Sister Cheng blinked and said, “Let me take the liberty to ask, why are you the only two here? Are you dating?”

Fu Yuanzhou’s face turned red, Xie Lin glanced at him, saw that he had no intention of refuting, took his hand, nodded and said, “Yes, but it hasn’t been made public yet.”


Sister Cheng showed a mix of surprise and joy on her face, she couldn’t close her mouth with a smile: “Then really congratulations to you all, it’s alright, Xie Lin, it has not been easy to catch Yuanzhou at last, after so many years, I thought you could only be friends, but I didn’t expect that. In the end, it became…”

She was really happy for the two of them, she had a very gentle temperament, but she said a lot unexpectedly, Fu Yuanzhou suddenly became concerned after listening to it for a while, Sister Cheng seemed to have known that Xie Lin liked him, but he had absolutely no idea about it.

Indeed, until now he didn’t know the reason why Xie Lin fell in love with him, was it because he differentiated into an Omega?

After the rebirth, things in this life were very different from the previous life. Fu Yuanzhou didn’t think about anything at first, but after he fell in love with Xie Lin, he became somewhat concerned. He wanted to know the real thoughts of Xie Lin.

Even if Xie Lin liked him because of him being an Omega, it didn’t matter, he also liked Xie Lin because Xie Lin’s attitude towards him had changed.

As for the past, he simply regarded Xie Lin as his friend, and never had any ambiguous feelings towards him, and Xie Lin was the same.

Both of them were important to each other and that would not change.

Fu Yuanzhou told himself that he didn’t have any bad emotions, and even if there were, it would be regrettable that Xie Lin didn’t like him in his previous life.

But that was also very problematic. The past life was different from the present, and two men would definitely be criticized for being together. Even their family members may find it difficult to accept.

His family was okay, but especially Xie Lin’s mother, she and Yu Fei’s mother were sisters. The two came from a conservative family atmosphere, they did not accept homosexuality, or even premarital sex, so they had talked about it with Yu Fei. Therefore, even though they had been in love for many years, Fu Yuanzhou didn’t do anything with Yu Fei, otherwise both of them would have their legs broken.

Fu Yuanzhou’s thoughts gradually drifted away, and revolved back to him and Xie Lin. They were dating, but Xie Lin’s mother was so strict, it was estimated that they would not be able to do anything in the future, unless… He and Xie Lin got married later …

He shuddered and suddenly came back to his senses, feeling that it was too early to think about getting married now, when things were still uncertain.

What’s more, with his physique, he didn’t dare to have anything with Xie Lin, but he could take 10,000 steps back and say, in the future, when he and Xie Lin got married, they couldn’t continue to be platonic all the time, right? This was really a problem, unless Xie Lin was willing to be the bottom. Well, the gender of ABO was not so absolute… The more Fu Yuanzhou thought about it, the more uncomfortable he felt, especially in a place where they could soak in hot springs together. This made the situation even more ambiguous, he had been relaxed these days, thinking that they were just going to a hot spring, but now he suddenly became nervous again.

This holiday manor was well built and had everything in addition to the hot springs. Fu Yuanzhou felt guilty and didn’t want to soak in the hot springs, so he took Xie Lin to play other things. After dinner, he couldn’t hide. He finally changed into his swimming trunks and came out wearing a bathrobe.

There were many large and small hot springs nearby. They chose one. The open-air hot spring was quiet and beautiful, with white steam rising up, the spring water was warm and had a faint smell of sulfur.

When Fu Yuanzhou came, Xie Lin was already in the hot spring pool, his shoulders were above the water surface, his black hair was wet because of the water vapor, and it was slicked back. When he looked over, his eyes made Fu Yuanzhou’s heart tremble.

In front of Xie Lin, Fu Yuanzhou was embarrassed to take off his bathrobe, so he went into the water quickly after going around Xie Lin and submerged his entire body under water.

“Come here.” Xie Lin told him.

Fu Yuanzhou hid half of his face underwater, blowing out a bubble, his beautiful eyes looked at Xie Lin, black and white, showing an innocent meaning and silently rejecting.

Xie Lin looked at him for a few seconds, and the sound of water sounded. He walked over by himself. Fu Yuanzhou froze and stepped back, but was caught by Xie Lin, which made him stand up immediately: “Don’t…”

“Don’t do anything?” Xie Lin asked.

Fu Yuanzhou’s face was very red, half from the hot spring, half because he was shy, Xie Lin’s hand on his waist made him feel hotter than the spring.

He was speechless, and even trying to stand firm in the water had become difficult. Finally, there was no way to retreat. He leaned his back on the rough rock wall. Xie Lin stood in front of him and repeated: “Tell me not to do anything?”

He lowered his head, his lips almost pressed against Fu Yuanzhou’s, and the red wine-flavored pheromone lingered in their breath.

“Won’t let me kiss you?”


Fu Yuanzhou was silent, his heart was beating like a drum, he closed his eyes nervously, he was not rejecting Xie Lin’s kiss, he liked kissing him, so this was his acquiescence, but Xie Lin didn’t seem to understand his attitude, so he asked again: “You don’t like it?”

He couldn’t understand. Fu Yuanzhou opened his eyes and his ears were all red. This time he was angry. He could only lean up by himself, wanting to kiss Xie Lin, but he lightly held him with his fingers.

“Tell me what you are thinking, Yuanzhou.” He said, “If you want me to do it, I will do it. If you don’t want me, I will not do it.”

“I want you…” Fu Yuanzhou took his hand, as if being bewitched by something, he looked at Xie Lin with wet eyes, and said in a soft voice, “Kiss me…”


Xie Lin lowered his head and kissed him, the sound of hot spring water flowing around them. Although it was winter, Fu Yuanzhou didn’t feel cold at all, and even felt very hot, making his head dizzy. If Xie Lin hadn’t held him, he might have sat down into the water long ago.

The kiss was lingering and long. At the end, Fu Yuanzhou had to take a deep breath to avoid fainting. Xie Lin kissed the corner of his lips, took him to sit outside, and brought him a bottle of water to drink.

Fu Yuanzhou was indeed thirsty. He drank water and watched Xie Lin sit next to him with a blanket and put the blanket over the two of them. It felt too much like sharing a bed. Fu Yuanzhou almost choked. He got nervous again and started to talk about something else to distract himself.

“I want to know…” He held the corner of the blanket and said, “How on earth did you fall in love with me?”

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