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After returning to school, Fu Yuanzhou, who had not come to class for a week, was surrounded by classmates, and everyone was very concerned about his physical condition. Fu Yuanzhou thanked them very much, but he still lied that he had just been sick with a cold. The temporary marking was too sensitive a topic to say it easily.

He put on a suppression collar, took restraining drugs, and carried pheromone inhibitors with him. The bite mark on the back of his neck were also pasted with soft patches close to his skin color. He was well-armed. No one doubted him. The only person who knew the situation was Yuan Ye.

“You’re here.”

Yuan Ye smiled when he saw him sitting down and reached out to touch his hair.

Fu Yuanzhou felt it was a bit inappropriate, so he moved back. Yuan Ye didn’t expect Fu Yuanzhou was avoiding him because he was dating Xie Lin. He just thought that it was because a marked Omega would feel instinctive fear of other Alpha’s closeness, so he stopped the action immediately, and said: “Sorry, I’ll pay attention.”

“It’s fine.” Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t explain anything, so he gently raised the question and said, “How was your game, did you win? Did your dad say anything?”

“Of course I won, how could I lose.” Yuan Ye laughed, “My dad? What can my dad say, he didn’t even know I was going to the competition, he thought I was in school.”

Fu Yuanzhou thought about it and said, “I I heard that the game you are participating in, its final will be held in the stadium, and even the local channel will have a live broadcast, have you considered letting your dad watch it?”

This was a more formal game, if he could get a place, he would still get the trophy and certificate on the spot, the organizer might have even invited leaders to present the award on the spot, which would make it look more like a “competition” rather than a “game”. If it was shown to Yuan Ye’s father, it may be a good opportunity to reverse his existing impression.

“He won’t watch it.”

Yuan Ye just smiled, Fu Yuanzhou was a little helpless, in fact, it was not only Yuan Ye’s father who was stubborn, but Yuan Ye himself too. The prejudices of his father could not be changed, while he insisted that his father would never accept him playing e-sports.

In fact, if Fu Yuanzhou hadn’t seen the transformation of Yuan Ye’s father in his previous life, he would certainly not believe it, but because of this, he firmly believed that there could be a change. He must help Yuan Ye realize his dream and get the support of his family.

During the lunch break at noon, Fu Yuanzhou went to Xie Lin. After lunch, he went back to the classroom and found that someone was looking for him, and the person looking for him was Ran Shutang.

“This is for you.”

Ran Shutang handed a cardboard box to Fu Yuanzhou. In the past few days, he had sent a WeChat message to ask when Fu Yuanzhou was coming to school. Knowing that he was coming to class today, he brought the things from home.

“It’s a dumpling made by my family, with some medicinal herbs in it, which is good for nourishing the body.”

“This…Is it not good for me to accept it?” Fu Yuanzhou hesitated a little.

“No.” Ran Shutang said, “I have given them to all the classmates in the class.”

Fu Yuanzhou was relieved: “Then thank you, I’ll ask my aunt to make something to eat for you later.”

Ran Shutang nodded, then he went silent. A few seconds later, he said, “Do you still remember the party that day…”

“What?” Fu Yuanzhou asked, “What do you mean?”

Ran Shutang saw his blank expression, as if he didn’t remember anything special. He pursed his lips and said in a low voice, “…Nothing.”

Seeing that he didn’t mention it anymore, Fu Yuanzhou was secretly relieved. In fact, he knew what Ran Shutang was referring to. He was very impressed by what happened that day. They went to the KTV that day. The drunk Ran Shutang bumped into him in the corridor, pushed him against the wall and kissed him, and almost confessed to him, so he ran away without letting Ran Shutang finish all the words.

At that time, Ran Shutang was very drunk. Fu Yuanzhou took it as a fluke and thought that Ran Shutang might not recognize who he met when he was drunk, but he didn’t expect him to still know. Fortunately, Ran Shutang’s alcohol capacity was not very good.

Ran Shutang lowered his eyes, a bit of loss showing in his expression.

He was very drunk, and his memory was vague. He only remembered that he seemed to have met Fu Yuanzhou, and he mustered up the courage to confess, but was quickly pushed away. That person said that he was not Fu Yuanzhou, so was it really someone else?

Ran Shutang didn’t know what happened when he was drunk, but it didn’t mean he couldn’t make more efforts. For example, he gave the dumplings to Fu Yuanzhou. Although he did give it to many classmates, only Fu Yuanzhou’s were made by himself. Yes, let’s take another example –

“Are you free this weekend?” Ran Shutang controlled his nervousness and asked, “Someone gave me two tickets to the chess master’s game, if you are interested, would you like to go watch it together?”

Before Fu Yuanzhou could answer, someone intervened in the conversation between the two of them.

“He has an appointment with me this weekend.” Xie Lin came over from the other end of the corridor and said to Ran Shutang.

“I’m sorry, I have to go out with Xie Lin this weekend.” Fu Yuanzhou apologized to Ran Shutang. This was not only a reason for refusing, but he really had an appointment with Xie Lin. This weekend, Yu Fei’s mother was being discharged from the hospital, so it was just the two of them. He was going on a date with Xie Lin.

“…I see.”

Ran Shutang did not show too much emotion, he just clenched his fingers slightly, nodded and said, “We can make an appointment another day.”

After he left, Xie Lin handed Fu Yuanzhou’s mobile phone back to him, when they were together just now, Fu Yuanzhou left his cell phone with him.

“How are we going to spend this weekend?” Fu Yuanzhou asked. In fact, he didn’t know what else he could do after dating Xie Lin. When they were still friends, they basically did everything they could.

He was thinking about it when he heard Xie Lin speak.

“Go to the hot spring.”

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And let me tell you, if there is no accident, the main text will be finished this month, but there should be a lot of extras, such as daily sugar sprinkles, everyone’s future, various love rivalry scenes, and some things from previous life, anyway the end should be pretty sweet (in fact, the whole text is quite sweet), and everyone should be able to see it, the final winner is Xie Lin, let us congratulate him = v=

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