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Liang Xiaoduan looked at her empty hand, and then at Jiang Zheng’s hand on Ji Muye’s arm. For a moment, she couldn’t tell whether she should be happy or depressed.

The barrage exploded instantly.

#what’s the situation? Why did Jiang Zheng pull Ji Muye behind her?

#Hahahaha distressed for Xiaoduan for three seconds.

#Ahhhhh what did this CP fan see? screenshot screenshot.

#Hahaha Jiang Zheng. Do you still think this is still Dongnu Country? Want to protect the husband at all times?

In the first half of a second, Ji Muye was still shocked by the ferocious zombies in front of him, and the back of his head was numb. In the second half of a second, he was shocked by Jiang Zheng’s tugging and guarding him. He stared at Jiang Zheng’s seemingly tall back with uncertainty. His heart was being rubbed to death.

Jiang Zheng focused all her attention on the terrifying zombies, and her actions to protect Ji Muye were purely subconscious.

The zombies smelled the smell and rushed over after hearing the sound.

Jiang Zheng pulled Ji Muye into the next house, and the others quickly followed.

He Xiao and Xiao Cheng were the last to come in and they immediately locked the door, and then moved the table, chairs and bench to hold the door firmly.

Zombies rushed towards them, slamming the door hard.

Ji Muye was blocked by Jiang Zheng as if he had accepted his fate, Ke Cancan hid behind Xiao Cheng, who looked a little better, and He Xiao jumped onto the table with a solemn expression.

Liang Xiaoduan turned around alone, then walked to Jiang Zheng’s side, and poked Jiang Zheng’s arm pitifully, “Sister, I’m also afraid.”

Jiang Zheng snorted and pointed at Ji Muye, “Then you stand with him.”

Ji Muye: “…”

#Hahahaha, in Jiang Zheng’s eyes, Ji Muye and Xiaoduan are both very timid and pitiful.

#Why does Jiang Zheng have this understanding of Ji Muye? Could it be that something happened during the filming of Dongnu Country?

#Her Majesty the Queen protects her husband. Ji Muye, don’t resist.

#These zombie NPCs are so dedicated. Even nibbling at the wooden door with their mouth?? It’s scary to work nowadays.

Liang Xiaoduan saw that Ji Muye actually walked away from under Jiang Zheng’s protective umbrella, as soon as she came over, and secretly thought that was Teacher Ji unhappy because of her interference?

Ji Muye went to the middle of the house and looked up, down, left and right, and found a wooden ladder behind the mess. Jiang Zheng came over and erected the wooden ladder with him. The houses here all had sloping roofs, and there were compartments in the triangular area on the roof, where food or sundries were stored.

The wooden ladder hit the beam, Jiang Zheng wanted to be the first to go up, but was held back by Ji Muye.

Blocking the camera with his body, he lowered his voice and said, “Zhengzheng, let me go first.”

Jiang Zheng was stunned for a while, seeing the unbearable look in Ji Muye’s eyes, she reacted instantly. Maybe her act of protecting him just now hurt his self-esteem? There were few people in the filming of “Dongnu Country”, but now it was a live broadcast, and everyone was watching. Even if he was afraid, he had to be tough.

Liang Xiaoduan looked left and right, while her little head began to make up a small theater.

Jiang Zheng stepped aside, Ji Muye smiled at her, and jumped up.

Jiang Zheng climbed up after him immediately, followed by Liang Xiaoduan hurriedly.

Sure enough, the show crew didn’t just put things in the room, there was actually a small wooden door on the roof compartment leading to the outside.

The other three quickly climbed up and got out through the small door. Seeing them, the others also climbed up to the roof with difficulty, but not far away, several zombies covered in blood were also climbing over the roof.

#Hahahahahahaha Liang Xiaoduan’s face is turning green. Who would have thought that zombies could also climb houses.

#This show is too cruel. An escape route was arranged for the guests, but it turned out to be a huge pit.

#I want to laugh and I’m scared as well, I don’t know which expression to show.

Ji Muye walked at the forefront, only a few meters away from the nearest zombie. The cloudy eyes, the gnawing, the uneven limbs and the smell of blood rushing toward the face, there was no need to mention the six people who met them directly were so frightened that they almost rolled off the roof, and the audience watching the live broadcast through the screen was also frightened.

“Run, run, run!” Xiao Cheng shouted, then like a sensitive swallow in a cloud, he stepped on bricks and tiles to fly a few meters away. It seemed that the person who was dragged on the roof was not him …

#hahaha he is not lazy like a dog, when something happened.

#Xiao Cheng’s Qinggong is amazing.

#Ahhhh, run away after being chased.

What was even more frightening was that at the beginning, there were only a few zombies crawling over, but in a blink of an eye, the entire roof was full of zombies, screaming to come and catch them.

At this time, the high-angle lens was being used to shoot from a long distance, and there were six pitiful people in the middle of the ferocious zombie group. This picture was too exciting. Fortunately, there was still a trace of conscience left in the program team. “Just” then a tree with tall branches appeared outside the gable of a certain house. The six people climbed over the gable and climbed down the trunk to escape for the time being.

The zombies that lost their food began to scream frantically again, and instantly the entire Wuyou city fell into the horror song of the zombie chorus. Jiang Zheng seriously doubted that the program team recorded the howls of zombies in advance, and then used the loudspeakers placed in all corners of Wuyou City to play them in a loop to enhance the horror atmosphere.

Sure enough, in a corner of an alley that she passed by, she kicked a big hat and rolled out a modern device: a loudspeaker.

The little brother who was filming with him didn’t have time to avoid this scene, and thus broadcasted this scene into the live broadcast.


#Forcing Zhengzheng to be a flying woman on the beam, she is very unhappy, very unhappy.

#The program group is really good and bad. Exhausting brain cells to create such an atmosphere.

By now, everyone had understood that the city should be overrun by zombies. However, there were only a few pieces of information obtained, and they really couldn’t think of the reason why the Wuyou city had become a zombie city.

The program team had only posted a notice at the city gate calling for a son-in-law. After thinking about it, they should go to the city lord’s mansion to check the situation, maybe there would be a new discovery.

The idea was beautiful, but the reality was quite harsh. The several people risked being eaten by zombies in the city, running from this alley to that alley, but except for the wandering zombies, they did not even encounter the edge of the city lord’s mansion.

The six people were panting and leaning against the wall, looking quite miserable.

#Hahaha what did I see? A piece of paper fell from the sky?

#Mom, it’s the map of Wuyou city.

#The director group really can’t stand it. They have wasted time and money, so they threw down clues directly.

The six quickly took the map and hid aside to study it carefully.

The street where the zombies were first encountered was called Suzaku Street, and the brick tower in the middle was called Kuta. It was the place where the ancients burned the writing paper, reflecting the spirit of the ancients cherishing words. Now it had become a place where zombies went to eat.

If they walked three blocks from the street to the left of Kuta, they would find the City Lord’s Mansion.

Ji Muye: “Look at the map, here, and here, are the places where we encountered zombies just now.”

Everyone looked over, but that’s right, these places were all marked as red dots on the map.

The next step was easy. With the map prompt, it was nothing more than a detour. Anyway, they walked from there to the City Lord’s Mansion and never encountered zombies again.

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