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Looking at Fifth Master Lu’s handsome and innocent profile, Chu Shuangyan was dumbfounded.

This was the fifth master of the Lu family? Was she dreaming?

Siyu on the side saw Chu Shuangyan staring at Fifth Master Lu in a daze, and her thoughts of mischief went out of control. When Chu Shuangyan used Fifth Master Lu to intimidate her before, did she expect to see the Master? Now that Chu Shuangyan’s lies have been exposed, she naturally has to bear it. Si Yu’s personality is soft, but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t hold grudges.

“Miss Chu, you were so prestigious in front of me before. Why, now that you see the real fifth master, you can’t speak. Are you too excited?” Si Yu tilted her head, her eyes filled with sly brilliance. .

“You, you, you don’t go too far!” Chu Shuangyan was anxious and annoyed, her face flushed with redness, and she could not help rushing to cover Si Yu’s mouth, so that she would not talk anymore. Chu Shuangyan carefully looked from the corner of her eyes towards the car, only to feel that her calves were shaking.

If Chu Shuangyan had doubted whether Siyu was talking nonsense just now, but after meeting Fifth Master Lu’s gaze, this idea was completely dispelled.

Good God, the oppressive vibe! Chu Shuangyan shook her body subconsciously. It stood to reason that the Chu family was considered to be a big family. There were many elders in the family, but even the now-head of the family; Father Chu has never had such a breath-taking aura. She couldn’t produce any resistance at all. Between the looks and the aura, she suddenly understood a little bit why the cousin was so frightened back then.

If this man in front of her was really Fifth Master Lu, and Chu Shuangyan thought it was, she couldn’t wait to get away from him, and did not even have the courage to look directly at him.

Fifth Master Lu stopped rotating the Buddha beads in his hand, and his cold eyes moved away from Chu Shuangyan, who was almost covered in a cold sweat, and moved to Siyu’s face. Unknowingly, the coldness in his eyes quietly faded, and was gradually stained with a subtle warmth.

He could naturally see that this little girl was doing bad things on purpose, but it didn’t make him angry. After knowing him for so long, Siyu had always been trembling in front of him, and seemed to be very afraid of him. Fifth Master Lu had never seen Siyu so happy. As if there was a brisk smile on the corners of her eyes.

Siyu’s body was weak and sick all year round, but when she was happy, her whole person would be full of vitality, her pale cheeks would be blushing, as if a layer of rouge had been applied on her and looked as if she had just ripened. Her peach like face was so tempting that people couldn’t help but want to take a bite and taste what it was like at the bottom.

Siyu over there was happy because of the little prank. Fifth Master Lu looked at her happy appearance, and the hostility in his heart because of hearing the two words “Chu family” was slightly wiped out until he was calm again.

“Your surname is Chu?” Fifth Master Lu spoke without any emotion. He didn’t look at Chu Shuangyan, but the coldness in his voice was like a sharp sword, which directly struck Chu Shuangyan’s heart.

“Fifth Master, this is Chu Shuangyan, Chu family’s daughter. Do you want me to deal with this woman who doesn’t know good or bad?” The bodyguard sitting in the driver’s seat turned his head and asked in a low voice. Those of them who work under Fifth Master Lu know that his attitude towards the Chu family is very weird, almost like disgust and contempt, but he had never been ruthless against them, but it was only limited to this. If the Chu family dared to come forward to him, he would never relent against them.

“How did we deal with the clowns of the Chu family before? Let’s do it the same way this time.” Fifth Master Lu spoke very slowly, but every word was indisputably murderous, “Tell the old man of the Chu family, he has taught this girl very well.”

“Yes.” The subordinate immediately opened the door and came down, then he walked towards Chu Shuangyan with a bloody and cold aura surrounding him.

Standing outside the car, Chu Shuangyan heard these words, and saw the tall bodyguard approaching, her small face paled, and for a moment, the tragic situation of the cousin flashed in her mind. She also thought that if her father knew that she had provoked Fifth Master Lu, what punishment would be waiting for her, and she felt all her energy drained.

“Zhou, Zhou Siyu, you can give me a hand, ooh…” Chu Shuangyan was terribly scared, she had no strength under her feet, and she didn’t dare to support herself against Fifth Master Lu’s car, so she could only stretch out her hands aggrievedly. She begged Siyu for help with one hand, and a whimper was mixed in her always delicate voice.

She was usually arrogant and spoiled, but she was blessed to have a princess’s life. She was usually spoiled and pampered at home, and everyone said that she was considered a jewel in the palm of her family. When the princess came in front of Fifth Master Lu, she had become a defeated Phoenix.

When Siyu saw that Chu Shuangyan was really frightened, she took her hand as soon as she saw it and let her hold on. After all, Chu Shuangyan was only verbal for a while and didn’t do anything excessive. She had scared her this time, giving her a long memory, and it was enough for them stop talking and suppress the dispute.

So she looked up at the bodyguard, and said softly, “Please wait a minute.”

Seeing Siyu stop in front of Chu Shuangyan, the bodyguard stopped on the spot and made a please gesture respectfully. Fifth Master Lu treated this girl very specially, so as soon as Siyu showed up, he didn’t dare to move.

Chu Shuangyan grasped Siyu’s slender hand, as if grabbing a life-saving straw, and then she fell to the ground in the street as if losing her mind, but even so, her voice was still trembling and she looked at Fifth Master Lu.

Her eyes were full of awe: “I’m all nonsense, fifth master, I know that I was wrong, and I don’t dare anymore…”

Fifth Master Lu was originally indifferent and turned a deaf ear to Chu Shuangyan’s pleading, but his sight accidentally fell on Chu Shuangyan’s hand that was holding Siyu’s hand tightly, and his thoughts instantly condensed, the corner of his mouth twitched, and his smile was flat and a little hostile.

“Knowing what’s wrong? I see that the Chu family has crossed the boundary again and again. Why didn’t you see this before when you knew it was wrong?” He opened the door of the car and captured Siyu’s wrist accurately, before Chu Shuangyan could react. She just now saw the person holding and hugging Siyu in the car by holding her waist, and then the car door snapped and closed in front of her eyes.

Chu Shuangyan was a little dumbfounded. She looked in through the open window, and saw that Fifth Master Lu, who did not allow her to enter, easily took Siyu into his arms. Siyu was thin and small, and it seemed that she couldn’t fill his arms. Because she was suddenly dragged into the car, Siyu’s face was no less surprised than Chu Shuangyan. At this time, Shuangyan’s eyes were wide, like a dog who saw a silly rabbit eating grass obediently but still being snatched away by the wolf.

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