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Jiang Zheng’s unexpected operation made the barrage instantly full with question marks.

#Ah ah ah mad at me, Jiang Zheng, you hurt my brother Ji!

#What kind of demon is this woman going to be?

#Anyone to explain? My brain is not enough.

#Your Majesty, you don’t want your royal husband, then why don’t you please give me a good cut? Why give him to the zombie king.

#The ruthless woman who throws her husband.

Ji Muye’s collision caused Miss Tan Wu to stumble backwards. The guests made exaggerated exclamations very cooperatively.

Tan Wu’s face sank, and she stretched out her blood-red claws to try to pinch Ji Muye, but before it touched his neck, she heard Jiang Zheng say, “Wait a minute. It’s useless for you to pinch him.”

Tan Wu: “?”

The director feeling helpless: Ah ah ah ah here we go again! Chaos again!

Jiang Zheng took a step forward and said with a smile, “Your Ji Lang took the calming heart grass. It’s useless for you to pinch him or even eat him. He can’t become your same kind.”

Ji Muye raised his eyes and looked at Jiang Zheng faintly. Whose Ji Lang he was couldn’t be judged by her Jiang Zheng.

Tan Wu was stunned for a moment. In the plot setting, her nemesis was the calming heart grass, zombies could wake up after eating calming heart grass, and normal people could become immune from infection by zombies by taking calming heart grass.

At this moment, Ji Muye suddenly turned around, and like conjuring out of thin air, he had a few green grasses in his hands. While Tan Wu was not paying attention, he squeezed her chin and stuffed the grasses into her blood-red mouth.

Tan Wu’s mouth instantly burst into a strong smell of chives… There was also a sweetness of frosting sugar mixed with it.

The person in charge of the props team couldn’t bear to look directly. Where could he go to find some calming heart grass, so he could only find the closest chive and plant it in the third lady’s yard according to the director’s description, and then rub a layer of white frosting on the stem of the leek, similar to white fluff.

The original setting didn’t say that the actors would eat the grass, and the result…

After Ji Muye stuffed the leek-flavored calming heart grass into Tan Wu’s mouth, he stretched out two fingers, “What is this?”

The guest NPCs didn’t know what was going on and looked at the people in front of them with bewildered expressions.

Tan Wu took two steps back, her whole face twitched, and she struggled to fall to the ground… After twitching for a while, she suddenly opened her eyes, sat up, her eyes were instantly clear, and the cold madness had suddenly disappeared.

Tan Wu seemed to have had a terrifying and deep dream, in which she overlooked all living beings, controlled zombies, and was omnipotent. Now that she woke up from the dream, she saw her father in a wheelchair for the first time, and looking like a dead tree, her tears flowed immediately.

Seeing this, the third lady quickly gave the man in black behind the city lord a look. At this moment, a figure blocked her face.

Jiang Zheng stared at her, “Third Madam, you are a married woman, but you don’t keep the woman’s modesty and had an affair with others. You are afraid of the eldest daughter, so you used secret medicines to confuse people and make people into demons.”

The Third lady sneered, “Nonsense, I gave birth to a holy son and saved Wuyou City from danger. Without me, everyone here would have to become devils.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the guests knelt down and shouted that the third lady was wise.

Jiang Zheng laughed, and took the paper of poem which they had found in the mountain temple out of her pocket, “As soon as the spring wind and rain meet, there are countless victories in the world. Third lady, this piece of paper appeared in the mountain temple outside the city, although the words are ugly. But it is easy to identify, and it is exactly the same handwriting as the scriptures in your room.”

The guests gasped in unison again and played the appearance of the melon-eating crowd.

The third lady laughed, “It’s all a false accusation, it’s not enough to be believed.”

Jiang Zheng frowned, this person was determined to refuse that she had had an affair? This Nima was difficult to do.

The barrage opened with the advice of wise men and the sand sculpture.

#You can investigate the monitoring in the mountain temple.

#Or ask the only witness in the mountain temple – Mr. Mountain God.

#The truth is about to come out.

#DangtangCity Lord being played and applauded by a girl, this IQ is worrying.

#Maybe the City Lord is pretending?

#There is a bug in this plot, the eldest lady has a bloody hole in her chest, how can she still speak?

#People, the director said that this plot is as private as a mountain, don’t be rude.

#The core of the whole story should still be on the eldest lady.

Sure enough, just when the third lady was proclaiming her innocence, the eldest young lady Tan Wu giggled.

Her brows were full of sarcasm, “Third Madam, at my father’s birthday banquet that day, you sneaked away and hung out with your little lover. It turns out that this person was hooked up by you from the temple.”

Suddenly her face turned pale. After a change, she rushed over a few steps, pointed at the man in black behind the city lord, and said tremblingly, “You are… Ji Lang?”

Jiang Zheng turned to look at him, just now she had felt that this person was a bit strange. Black veil covered his face, he dared not show his face, but he was qualified to push the city lord out. It should be organized by the third lady.

It turned out that he was the husband of the eldest lady. Also surnamed Ji, but she didn’t know if it’s Ji or Ji?

Suddenly she laughed, “So that’s the case.”

She turned her eyes, “I’ll make a blind guess first. One day, Miss, you accidentally bumped into the third lady having an affair with someone. You were filled with righteous indignation and quickly told your father, but he didn’t believe it at all, and instead he blamed you for talking about the elders. The third lady looks kind and compassionate, so in turn, she acted like an elder and said that won’t care about the younger generation. It’s a pity that you only saw the back of that person, but you didn’t see who it was.”

Tan Wu remembered her father’s blame, and how the third lady, the slut, was so proud, and her shoulders trembled.

“Later, maybe the third lady said in front of the city lord that you are getting older, and it is not good for you to stay by his side and encouraged him to find a husband for you. Maybe you went to find a helper to help you reveal the true face of the third lady. Whether it was for that reason, but Wuyou City held a grand husband selection ceremony. At the ceremony, you took a fancy to a man surnamed Ji. He was not only powerful, but also handsome. He was your favorite man. Wearing ten miles of red makeup, you became his bride. At night in the bridal chamber, the two of you joined harmoniously, like a duck to water. You thought you had found a reliable person, but it turned out that he and the third lady were secretly cooperating…”

#??? No.    

#Eldest Miss took Meiqiang’s tragic script. It’s too pitiful.

#Too dog blood.

#So the other four guests are purely make-up? Only Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye have their IQ online?

Tan Wu’s tears fell one after another. She used to be the daughter of the distinguished City Lord, but since the third lady came, her father became incompetent, and it was useless to persuade him. She finally found her so-called sweetheart, but he turned out to be the one who was having an affair with the third lady. Even if he turned into ashes, she would still recognize him.

“At night, you told me that life has me and the four seasons are warm. I swear that I will live in your four seasons for the rest of my life, free from the harsh cold and summer, and from the wind and rain…”

The director listened to Tan Wu’s love story, thinking that the barrage must praise him a lot. He had this talent, who knew…

# Rather believe in sows climbing a tree, but don’t believe in men’s nonsense.

#vomit. Good earthy love words. It’s hard for the eldest lady to read it out in tears.

#Too scum.

#This love story is unreasonable. There are severe cold and heat in the four seasons, isn’t it still called the four seasons? Can you resist it?

Director: “…”

Ji Muye, who had been silent, walked to Jiang Zheng silently, and said weakly, “His surname is Ji, my surname is Ji. He is her Ji Lang, I am your Ji Lang. “

Jiang Zheng:” …     “


#jimuye cares that Jiang Zheng pushed him just now.

#Wow even. A pitiful look begging for comfort.

#jiangzheng: He is my husband. Not your Ji Lang. Ji Muye: I am your Ji Lang, please don’t push me away. Comparing the two, Ji Muye is so humble!

#jimuye, stay awake, don’t go too deep into the play.

#Killing me. Ji Muye is afraid of being abandoned.

Jiang Zheng coughed twice, “It’s not important. Let’s continue to decipher. The zombies outside are almost rushing in.”

Ji Muye: “…”

After a while, he silently stood beside Jiang Zheng and then remained motionless.

The group of zombies outside were screaming, which was really scary.

Tan Wu rushed over crying, Ji Lang indifferently stepped aside, leaving her in the air. Tan Wu lay on the ground and touched the City Lord her father’s leg again, crying and begging him to wake up, but he didn’t respond, staring blankly ahead.

The third lady handed the baby to the man in black, then her arms shook, and the servant zombies who had just chased Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye suddenly appeared and rushed towards the crowd.

Ji Muye immediately moved to protect Jiang Zheng.

Tan Wu glanced at the two of them with teary eyes, “He’s been kind to you. Ha.”

Jiang Zheng: “…” Sister, are you sure this is the line the director arranged for you?

The guests were chased by servant zombies and fled, and the scene was about to get out of control.

“I know a secret road that can pass through Wuyou City and lead directly to the mountain temple outside the city.” Tan Wu said casually: “If you can take my father and my city residents along with you, I will tell you. “

Jiang Zheng’s psychological quality was so good that she could still laugh, “How many zombies can we kill with so many of us?”

“Besides, we have two companions who have been captured and are waiting for us to rescue.”

Tan Wu: ” …”

Ji Muye understood in a second, and immediately rushed down to raise the round wooden table and pushed a zombie with its fangs and claws to the ground.

#Hahahaha my sister Zheng is mighty.

#The two of them work well together.

#Killing me. Miss misses.

#do not die? What a tiger’s word.

#Hahahaha Jiang Zheng is still thinking about Xiao Cheng and Ke Cancan, but these two are singing in the dungeon…

The director zoomed in on the camera in the dungeon in real time. Xiao Cheng shook hands and made a microphone, as he sang with a blushing and thick neck, obviously having become insane due to captivity.

Ke Cancan grabbed the haystacks on the ground, one after another, only to bite them with her mouth. Apparently going crazy too.

There were only seven or eight servant zombies, and there were at least fifty or sixty guests present. The panic was because everyone was too afraid of zombies. At this moment, relying on the advantage of the number, under the brave guidance of Ji Muye, these zombies were knocked down in a short while. On the ground, they all tied them down with ropes, tables, and all the tools that could subdue them.

Ji Lang held the baby and hid to the side to protect the third lady.

The third lady was so furious that she laughed, “Do you think I only have this trick?”

Jiang Zheng also laughed, “Do you think we only have this trick?”

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