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“You all performed well, let’s take a break.” Yang Bixian came over first.

Followed by the staff who distributed mineral water and towels to them, which made a group of girls itch with hatred. Could they do things like serving tea and water? Why did you big men come to join in the fun while pretending to be virtuous!

Han Zhi, who was delivering water and towels, was shot while lying down, feeling the stares filled with malicious intent trained on him, he withdrew without daring to stay too long by Si Huang’s side.

“Your Majesty, towel! Give us the towel when you don’t need it!” A shout came from behind.

Si Huang put the sweat-soaked towel around his neck and smiled back: “No.”


Yang Bixian stood beside Si Huang and said with a smile, “This sports towel is also the latest RB model this year, suitable for both men and women.”

Si Huang glanced at him.

Yang Bixian lowered his voice first, “We can talk about more endorsements.”

Si Huang smiled, “I’m not good at this, you can just talk to Yu Xi.”

The Yu brother and sister who were walking over happened to hear their conversation, and there was a flash of strangeness in his eyes, but Yu Xi’s face did not show any strangeness, he just quietly looked at Si Huang.

Si Huang sighed lightly, “Acting is still a lot of work.”

Yang Bixian didn’t notice their little gestures and replied with a smile: “The results of the work are very good, and this is something that other people can’t do. Si Huang, you’re really amazing.”

“Thank you.” Si Huang smiled.

Yu Xi understood what he meant. This matter was to be completely handed over to him!

This was not Si Huang wanting to be lazy, but this was his job, even though he hadn’t had a long time to adapt, he was confident that Si Huang would not be disappointed.


Yang Bixian was very satisfied with the short film and photos taken in the morning, and for the rest of the noon time, he allowed everyone to rest freely, while he and Si Huang went to the conference room to discuss the new contract.

Regarding the new contract, Yang Bixian meant to renew the contract for another year, until Si Huang was eighteen when he could sign him for two more years. In the next two years, unless RB voluntarily terminated the contract, Si Huang could not refuse, otherwise he would have to pay huge liquidated damages.    

Originally, Yang Bixian also wanted to make a request, that was, the issue of contract renewal, but was rejected by Yu Xi. Just as Yang Bixian saw the value and future of Si Huang, Yu Xi knew it better than him, and also knew that Si Huang didn’t like to be forcibly restrained.    

On the basis of the existing contract, Yu Xi also put forward the requirements: “The scale of the promotional films and plane photos should not be large, and there should be no excessive intimacy and kissing scenes.”    

Yang Bixian frowned, “Where is your scale? He glanced at Si Huang who was sitting not far away and was playing with his mobile phone. “I think Si Huang has a good figure and showing it off will attract more fans. And next year, he will be seventeen or eighteen years old, nearly the age of adulthood, a young girl of this age is just in the beginning flushes of love, so an emotional drama will be a good gimmick.”    

Yu Xi didn’t give in the slightest, “Si Huang doesn’t show flesh, and doesn’t like to have excessively intimate physical contact with strangers.    

Yang Bixian laughed and said: “Many couples in the entertainment industry are acting…”

Yu Xi shook his head, “This is Si Huang’s bottom line.”    

Yang Bixian was speechless, and after two seconds of silence he said, “If his performance can always reach today’s results, then it’s fine.”    

Yu Xi confidently smiled: “This is absolutely no problem.”    

Yang Bixian nodded first, “That’s it.”

Then he laughed and teased: “Si Huang’s bottom line, I don’t know how happy and sad it would make the women in this country.”    

Yu Xi smiled without saying a word.

Don’t look at the fact that the place where Si Huang was sitting was not close to them, she could hear them clearly, and she was quite satisfied with the conditions that Yu Xi had put forward. She thought that in the future, these things could really be handed over to Yu Xi without worrying about it. She browsed the mobile phone forum and other places, and finally saw the news she wanted to see.

[The life of the rich and powerful is chaotic, and the group P feast of wine and meat forest, you can’t think of it, you can just see it!] This title, incorporating such explosive words as ‘rich family’, ‘chaotic’ and ‘group P’, immediately attracted countless attention. When people clicked in, they exclaimed in front of their mobile phones, tablets or computers, that there were no disappointing pictures.

The high-definition and uncensored photos were simply blinding to the eyes.

It appeared quickly not only on the campus forum of Huaxing Art School, but other gossip forums and web pages also, as if a sudden flood had gone out of control.

Si Huang looked at the various comments that quickly appeared in the campus forum of Huaxing Art School and thought happily: Mr. Xiong’s work efficiency is more active and serious than his previous life. Could it be that he really won the prize?

Fenghua Entertainment Company.

“Secretary Wang, come over now!” Si Zhihan said coldly to the phone while suppressing his anger.

In less than three minutes, Secretary Wang knocked on the door and came in, bent over to Si Zhihan who was on the verge of rage, and said, “Boss, what are your orders?”

“Now immediately delete all the photos of Si Hua on the Internet and find who is the one spreading them behind the scenes!” Si Zhihan gritted his teeth.

“Okay.” Secretary Wang agreed and hurried to the technical department.

Si Zhihan stared intently at the photos on the computer, and seeing the efficiency and rapidity of the photos spreading at an incredible speed, blood gradually filled his eyes.

Si Hua didn’t come home yesterday. He called his classmates and got the answer: Si Hua was having a good time, and Si Huang had already left early.

Si Zhihan actually knew that Si Hua’s heart was not as good and sunny as it looked on the surface, and he also knew that Si Huang’s mistakes were often framed by him, but Si Zhihan was too lazy to find out the truth. As Si Huang said, he had already determined that Si Hua was the heir of the company, and Si Huang was just a victim who had to be obedient. Occasional beatings and scolding made her fear him from the bottom of her heart, so that he could better control her.

Therefore, even knowing that Si Hua intended to frame Si Huang, Si Zhihan never stopped him, but instead would add to the flames, becoming even more certain that his choice was right – Si Huang was not Si Hua’s opponent.

However, since the last time he beat Si Huang, everything had been turned upside down, and changes had taken place that he could not have predicted.

A burst of cell phone ringing interrupted Si Zhihan’s thoughts. Seeing the caller ID, Si Zhihan frowned and answered.

“Zhihan! What’s going on with the news on the Internet? Is Xiao Hua going to be humiliated?”

The questioning from the other side of the phone made Si Zhihan look ugly, “Why don’t you ask Si Hua what’s going on??”

Bai Qinglan’s voice was colder than his, “What else can happen!? Xiaohua told me that it was all designed by that little bastard. She has gone absolutely crazy. Not only did she give Xiao Hua medicine, but… Si Zhihan, this is all your fault!” As she spoke, her voice was so aggrieved that she wept softly, “Why am I so miserable, if it wasn’t for you, how could Xiao Huang not even have a tombstone? Yes, now even Xiao Hua will be wronged, woo!”    

If it was before, Si Zhihan would still comfort her, but now there was only a moment of upset, and his tone was impatient instead of comforting, “Don’t listen to the wind in your ears, use your head. The place where they went to play yesterday was chosen by Si Hua. How could Si Huang plot against out Si Hua…”    

“You’re talking for that little bastard now? Having second thoughts? Why haven’t I seen you care about her before?”    

“Bai Qinglan, pay attention to what you say!”    

“You’re afraid of others telling you what you know yourself? It’s not the first time you’ve done this kind of thing, practice makes perfect, right? How you used her mother to make a lot of money in the first place, and now you must be thinking that if you use her now, you will be able to do better? After all, she also has half of your blood flowing in her body, father and daughter…”

“Bai Qinglan—!” Si Zhihan snorted coldly.

At this time, Bai Qinglan, who was at home, was taken aback, and when she came back to her senses, she regretted her choice of words, “Zhihan, I didn’t mean that. I just can’t see Xiao Hua being bullied. You can see that this time. How much will the matter affect Xiao Hua’s future? If it is not handled properly, it will become a stain on Xiao Hua’s life, and it will also bring indelible damage to Fenghua Entertainment. I’m just anxious, Zhihan… These few days, you’ve become cold to me too, I… I can’t find anyone to talk about my worries.”

Si Zhihan’s face stiffened, “I see, you stay at home, I will handle this matter, Si Hua is the only heir I like, this will not change.”

Bai Qinglan’s mood did not change because of these words, and she said stiffly: “Okay, I will listen to you. Zhihan, I will wait for you, tonight. Remember to come back early.”

Si Zhihan pretended not to hear her suggestion, hung up the phone, and leaned down on her chair tiredly.

“Ah—!” With a sudden roar, Si Zhihan kicked the desk in front of him fiercely.

The table staggered.

Si Zhihan’s face was ferocious and painful.

Since the night of indulgence in Jinhong Daxia, Si Zhihan found that something was wrong with his body – he couldn’t get an erection!

He didn’t dare to go outside for a check-up on this most important issue related to men, so he asked a private doctor, and the result told him that something really had gone wrong, he seemed to have taken too many stimulant drugs, leading to impotence.

He didn’t sleep in the same room with Bai Qinglan for more than half a month, which led to cracks in their relationship as husband and wife, especially with Bai Qinglan’s always suspicious temperament.

Sometimes Si Zhihan did look for women outside, but the boundaries were clearly marked and there was no emotional involvement. More often, he still went home. Bai Qinglan knew this and didn’t care too much.

Not doing that kind of thing for more than half a month was something the couple had never seen before, and it was only natural for Bai Qinglan to doubt him. Si Zhihan could just tell her the truth. But his self-esteem did not allow him to do so, he couldn’t bear Bai Qinglan’s cynicism after she found out, and he also feared that she would accidentally say something and humiliate him.

How should Bai Qinglan’s suggestion be met today? Si Zhihan felt that a fire inside him was burning stronger and stronger, and he wanted to destroy everything in front of him.

“Beep beep” the landline on the table rang.

Si Zhihan took a deep breath, reached out and picked it up, “Hello?”

“Boss, the person who spread the photo of the second young master on the Internet is a master hacker. We can’t find his ID address here, and we can’t delete the photo.”

“You all, do you eat shit?!”


“If you can’t delete it, then fight back! Say PS or frame up, you must protect Si Hua!”


Si Zhihan swept the landline to the ground and took two deep breaths. Then he picked up the phone and dialed Si Huang’s number.

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