YXBG Ch. 3 To one

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In the afternoon, Zhang Chenxi (Father Zhang) came in with a mini version of him, hiding behind him. That little guy’s name was Zhang Xiangyi. He was the same age as Yin Zhefei.

Father Zhang gave something to Zhang Xiangyi and said “Go and play with Grandpa Zhang and Zhefei. I have something to say to Uncle Yin.”

The little boy nodded, greeted his uncle and aunt, then he suddenly saw that there was also a little girl in the living room, and asked strangely: “Huh? Who is this?”

Chang Mei laughed. “This is Zhefei’s younger sister. She is Yin Xiaomei.”

“Weird… Zhefei said it was a little brother?” He scratched his head and went to the yard.

Chang Mei called Ah Chun to take Xiaomei to the yard to play as well, and then sat next to her husband.

Father Zhang sat down on the sofa and handed over a few documents. “The guy was afraid to say it all. He had a previous record of abusing little girls, but before he could be apprehended; he covered up his tracks and was declared innocent. Then he turned his eyes to those orphans, because his image is good, his income is stable, so almost no one doubted him. He had collected a lot of material, including photos, videos, and recordings.”

He took out a voice recorder, and there was a man’s horrified voice. “What are you doing! I just touched her a little and took some pictures. Is this also illegal? … Ah, who are you, I really just touched her. Touched a little, but that little girl was wild like a monkey… Ahh…”

Chang Mei’s face was white, she was both angry and sad: “Xiaomei is just a child, but she already suffered…”

Yin Ruoji immediately frowned. He now completely regarded Xiaomei as his own daughter. After knowing this fact, he really wanted to beat up that man. He stiffened his face and said to Father Zhang. “Thank you Chenxi, leave the rest to me!”

Outside, the sound of the children laughing was heard, with Young Master Zhang shouting. “Hey! The Interstellar Monster is coming!”

“Xiangyi, catch the monster!” Yin Zhefei’s voice sounded, and the two little boys imitated the sound of the gun, “dududu” and fired.

The adults in the house became a little more relaxed, and Father Zhang said helplessly. “Does the old man still insist on driving?”

Yin Ruoji said. “Yes, Uncle Zhang doesn’t like leisurely life, so he drives around every day, and he is happy with it.” This was the bitterness for the younger generation. After all, the old man was originally one of the founders of Sky Group so there were issues with settling the salary.

“Let him be…” As a son, Zhang Chenxi really felt that he couldn’t help his friend. In the middle of talking, suddenly there was the voice of a girl crying loudly coming from outside.

Several people quickly went outside and saw Yin Xiaomei sitting on the ground, crying.

Zhang Bo wanted to help Xiaomei. Xiaomei said, “Xiangyi! You are a bad kid, Xiaomei wants to play with you, it’s okay if you don’t want play with me! Why do you push me!”

Ah Chun rushed to Xiaomei. “Xiaomei is the cutest girl in the world, so don’t cry, okay!”

Xiangyi had the particular dislike of girls which was common for boys at his age. He retorted: “I said I don’t want to play with her, but she still wants to join us!”

Father Zhang frowned. “Xiangyi! You are a boy, how can you bully Zhefei’s sister, how does Dad usually educate you!”

“But she is not Zhefei’s younger sister! She is an unwanted girl, no one wants her!”, Xiangyi shouted out disobediently.

Xiaomei heard this, and she started crying louder. “I am not a child no one wants, I am not a child no one wants, mother…” She cried with tears and looked at Chang Mei. “Mom! Mom, don’t you want me?”

Zhang Chenxi walked over, flipped Xiangyi and slapped his ass fiercely: “What are you talking about! Who told you!”

Xiangyi saw the little girl with messy hair who was crying loudly, then he pointed to Yin Zhefei standing on the other side with a calm face. “It is Zhefei, it is Zhefei who said it! I have not changed his words at all!”

Chang Mei hugged her daughter, who was still crying, and looked at Zhefei’s face angrily. Yin Ruoji was also angry: “A Fei, come in with me.”

Yin Zhefei’s face was very calm, but he couldn’t help but tremble when he saw his father walking away. When he passed by his mother, he finally couldn’t help but ask for help. “Mom…”

However, Chang Mei poked a bit on his head and said harshly. “Not this time!”

Uncle Zhang took leave and led his grandson back first. 

Yin Zhefei had a meal of fried pork with bamboo shoots and was educated by his father for a long time. 

Negotiations between two men, one big and one small, were very difficult. Yin Ruoji immediately rubbed his head with an oncoming headache. This child was as hard to deal with as he was before, and now he could quite understand the distress of his own father. “Anyway,” the father concluded, “You won’t be allowed to say this in the future, you know? Brat!”

Yin Zhefei cursed Zhang Xiangyi’s betrayal quickly in his heart. This guy must have been a traitor during the war. But in the end, it was Yin Xiaomei’s fault!


Zhang Xiangyi was not much better. His father was a very fierce guy. He often hit his butt, if he did bad things.

However, his mother always helped him by saying, “How can your father do this to you? When you are already this skinny, Dad doesn’t care about you, I am really disappointed.”

The little boy with excess energy, was lying on the bed with his butt in his hands, cursing Yin Xiaomei viciously, thinking that it was all because of that dead woman! She cried so poorly, didn’t she just get pushed a bit, and she screamed like a pig. Now Zhefei must hate him, alas…

Two little boys, in their respective rooms, bit their teeth in hatred for the same little girl.

The third round, Yin Xiaomei, wins!


Meanwhile, Chang Mei and Ah Chun took Xiaomei shopping, Yin Xiaomei bought a doll and a dress. And she looked like a doll as well.

“Little Miss is so cute!” Ah Chun praised, many people in the street kept glancing at the girl that looked like a beautiful doll.

But Xiaomei still had a sullen face and did not speak anything. Chang Mei tried to persuade her. “Xiaomei, Dad must already be giving a lecture to your big brother! So, when we go back, Big brother will never bully you again!”

Hey, Zhefei must be feeling pretty wronged today.

Yin Xiaomei grinned, Yin Zhefei, you bastard! I did ask you not to mess with me, why do you always block my road! You stupid boy, who told you to wake the sleeping Tiger? Who was not afraid of her in the orphanage! Even the wretched uncle was cleaned up by her. You are only a small boy and dare to say that I am a child that no one wants!

Yin Xiaomei is a bad Girl and all the children who were bullied by her call her like this.

But she didn’t care! What’s the use of being good, if you cannot eat enough! She still remembered that when the man lured her to the side of the tank, she deliberately jumped in and made the floor flood with water, and then jumped around like a fish to make him fall badly.

Humph! If she was so good, she would be the same as the girls in the photo! Although she was young, she still had some concepts about metamorphosis!

Yin Zhefei, even if I am driven away, I will torture you, ahaha haha haha!

If this Lao Niang doesn’t torture you, this Lao Niang is not surnamed Yin!

However, the little girl who claimed to be “Lao Niang” remembered that her surname was not Yin. But what was her surname again? Oh, she couldn’t remember it. So, let’s swear like this first! To make Yin Zhefei that stinky boy, beg for mercy!

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