IHSB Ch. 54

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“This is Nuan Nuan, good girl, you have suffered all these years, come and see your grandma, this little face looks like it was carved out of the same mould as your siblings, you are a lucky one.”

The old woman smiled. As soon as she walked over, she stretched out her hand to hug Nuan Nuan, but the little girl hugged her brother’s neck tightly and buried her little face on her neck.

Gu Nan also turned sideways and looked at her with cold eyes.

“Oh, you children!”

The old woman glared, “You don’t know how to respect the elderly at all. I’m your grandma. If you don’t greet anyone when you come in, it’s fine. What kind of attitude is this? Is it not me, cousin, your family. The manners of this grandson and granddaughter are not very good. We came here specially to see you. It’s fine for the granddaughter not to say hello when she came in, but the grandson didn’t say hello either…”


Grandpa Gu said solemnly and coldly. He put the teacup in his hand on the table.

Mr. Gu was a very smooth person. His father’s family supported each other and had a good relationship during the famine. When his father went out to work hard, he left a son in the village, and his uncle took good care of him. Therefore, after making a fortune, he also took good care of his uncle’s children.

But for this person, if you treat him well, you will have a big heart.

His cousin was weak-tempered and soft-spoken, but the daughter-in-law he married was uninformed and ambitious. She often sowed discord in front of his cousin, and some disappointing things happened because of that. Thus, Mr. Gu also gradually alienated his cousin.

Until after his death, this sister-in-law often used the banner of the king to ask for good things from him, but everything else was fine. He was old enough to endure, but if she wanted to use his granddaughter instead, this matter was absolutely unbearable, and now she was saying to his face that his granddaughter was not good, she really thought he was dead!


Mr. Gu looked at her slowly, his wise eyes revealed a sense of oppression and sharpness that people couldn’t look directly at. After all, he was also a leading figure of an era.

“What about my daughter-in-law and grandchildren? That’s my family’s problem. It’s not right for outsiders to come and point at the manners of my family members!”

Having been taught this way in front of so many juniors, she immediately blushed with embarrassment, and took a few steps back clutching her heart.

The old woman’s son hurriedly stepped forward to support her, “Mom, what’s the matter with you?”

“You… Good Gu Jianhua!”

Her fingers trembled, and then she slapped her thighs and sat on the ground and began to cry.

“Sin, I’m your sister-in-law. When your father went out to work, you were raised by our family, but now you…you treat us like this, a family with white eyes[1], you will all die!”

She was dressed in luxurious clothes, where the gold chains and bracelets hanging on her old body could be used as a display stand, but the behaviour she was showing was exactly the same as that of a country shrew.

Nuan Nuan stared at the old woman with her black and white eyes, and thought of Grandma Sun in Xiaoxi Village. She was also a bad person. Her grandson often bullied her. But it hurt, this old woman was the same as that bad woman.

Gu Nan covered her ears, because the old woman’s scolding became more and more ugly, it was simply unbearable.

His grandfather was trembling with anger.

Gu Nan sat on the sofa unhurriedly, glanced at them coldly, and said in an emotionless voice, although he was not as loud as the old woman’s voice, but it was enough for everyone to hear, and made the whole family tremble.

“Uncle, you lost 30 million yuan a month ago because of a problem with the project materials you were in charge of. My dad paid it for you. When do you plan to pay it back? And half a year ago, a worker was seriously injured and hospitalized because of safety failure, the compensation fee, the cost of replacing various security materials, and the cost of buying those reporters adds up to 80 million in total.”

Every word was pierced into the body of that family like an icy knife.

The middle-aged man didn’t dare to look at him with evasive eyes, and the old woman stopped crying because she was frightened.

Ever since they got rich, even though they didn’t have much ability, but they spent money lavishly without any restrictions. Now they spent even more, not to mention repaying the money, they didn’t have much savings on them, and they had been living on dividends all these years.

The worst thing was that her son was also addicted to gambling, and the family’s money was getting less and less, so they set their sights on Gu Linmo and his wife. Because of the loss of Nuan Nuan, and since her little granddaughter was at the same age, while the Gu family was so sad, they let their Gu Ling come here for their own sake. By the way, it would be even better if they could earn some money from here for a long time.

Unexpectedly, this little bastard was so lucky that she was found alive.

The old woman gritted her teeth bitterly, her beautiful dreams were shattered, which also made her hate the girl who was going to marry out sooner or later, she was a loser, but her cousin’s family really regarded her as a treasure.

Gu Nan sat on the sofa and looked at them indifferently, depending on how they planned to respond.

Nuan Nuan was sitting beside him, her small body leaning on her big brother as she looked at these people eagerly.

She wanted to remember these people and stay away from them in the future.

Standing in the corner, Gu Wan, who saw both brother and sister being intimate, was so jealous that her eyes had turned red, she bit her lips tightly, looked at Nuan Nuan with resentment in her eyes, and at the same time was annoyed that she was born at the wrong time, if she was Gu Ling, she would not be so useless, she would definitely please her cousin’s family, and now it would be she who would have a good relationship with Gu Nan and the others.

Then she would become the apple of the Gu family’s eye. With three older brothers who were so good to her, as well as her parents, she would be sought after by many people, instead of being in the current family, where her grandma was partial to her younger brother and the eldest brother. And because she used to be a rural person with short-sightedness and loved to play tricks, she felt extremely ashamed of her.

Her father was an incompetent person who loved to gamble, her mother also played mahjong with others all day long, her elder brother was too muddy to support the wall, and there was a younger brother who was also a worthless bastard. She had had enough of this family!

If only… If only she was born in her cousin’s family, then she would have endless money and be pursued by all the princes of the family.

Thinking about it, Gu Wan’s daydream was broken by her grandma’s mean voice.

The old woman pulled an old face, and her pair of hanging eyes looked very mean and sarcastic.

“We are all one family. Besides, isn’t it normal for your projects to have risks and losses? Shouldn’t the safety issue you mentioned be your company’s business?”

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[1] Reference to white-eyed wolves meaning ungrateful.

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