RNMG Ch. 4.2 (Vol. 2)

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Si Huang thought that if she were really a man, what she had seen so far would really be called sexy. It was a pity that she didn’t have any physical reaction to the charming woman in front of her.

Feng Manzhu, the famous gold medal teacher in the acting department, was a beauty. Everyone who saw her for the first time would think so.

Wearing professional attire on her body, she could make a man’s blood boil with sexiness. She had big breasts, a thin waist, a slender build, and well-maintained white and tender skin. She had a charming face with light makeup and bright phoenix eyes. She also had a strong aura, which showed that she was a very independent woman.

Now she was sitting on the office chair, crossing her legs and looking at Si Huang in front of her with a smile.

She obviously didn’t do anything, but every part of the woman exuded the sexy charm of a woman. The overlapping thighs, the capital on the chest holding the clothes tightly, and the smile outlined by the red lips, all of it seemed to be meaningful.

What a stunning beauty. Si Huang once again commented in her heart that her first impression of Feng Manzhu was very good.

This was a woman who could make men jealous of their own sex and drive them crazy. However, she looked charming but not vulgar. Even though her whole body exuded an aura that made men want to throw her down, there was no evil thought or ambiguity in her eyes. Her temperament was in fact just the opposite. Her eyes were unexpectedly strong, and she was obviously the strong woman type.

“Teacher Feng, what’s the matter?”

After looking at each other for at least half a minute, Si Huang took the initiative to speak.

Feng Manzhu’s eyes lit up, “The voice is really nice.”

Si Huang smiled: “Thank you, teacher, for the compliment.” Her eyes silently revealed that she wanted to know her true purpose.

Under the gaze of such a pair of clear and bright eyes, Feng Manzhu’s originally prepared words of temptation and hints were swallowed back in her throat. After facing the child alone, she felt that beating around the bush was an inappropriate method.

“Actually, I want you to enter the acting department.” Feng Manzhu stood up and said solemnly.

When Si Huang stood up, she accidentally glanced at a glimpse of her assets and had a helpless thought: This Teacher Feng is really careless. As soon as she looked up, she saw Feng Manzhu’s eyes that seemed to be smiling but not smiling, as if she knew all about her carelessness.

Anyway, it was not that she peeked intentionally, nor did she have any dirty thoughts. Si Huang faced it calmly and looked at it with satisfaction, without any embarrassment, and responded calmly: “This is one of the majors I decided to study.”

Feng Man’s eyes flashed with a flash of interest towards him, “One of them. If you have excellent grades and can guarantee your test scores, the school can indeed open a back door for you and let you choose more majors and so on.”

“But what I want most is for you to be my direct student.”

This sentence made Si Huang a little surprised and feel a little expected.

There was a tradition in Jinghua University that allowed the famous professors and teachers of the school to choose one or two direct students, which was like the direct disciples in ancient times.

They would definitely be closer to each other than ordinary teachers and students. As direct disciples, they could share the teacher’s campus privileges, which would make their life more convenient in the school. They would also receive more elite education than ordinary students, and they would also have more free time. Of course, they could not be as relaxed as ordinary college students. But if you are talented, have a strong learning ability, and can quickly complete the homework assigned by the teacher, then the extra time could be arranged as you wish.

Si Huang currently had no idea about being the direct student of any professor, because her identity was inconvenient, regardless of whether the teacher was a man or a woman. He didn’t want to spend too much energy dealing with this.

Just as she opened her mouth to refuse her, Feng Manzhu, who was opposite her, had already said, “Don’t refuse in a hurry.”

Si Huang looked up and saw that Feng Manzhu had already approached less than half a meter away from her. Her smile was very seductive. If her eyes weren’t clear and clean, even Si Huang would misunderstand what she wanted to do.

However, as she continued to get closer, the distance had reached a range that Si Huang didn’t like, and the two of them could feel each other’s breathing.

“Teacher.” Si Huang did not move. She lowered her eyes and looked at Feng Manzhu’s face close at hand, her tone already cold.

This was a warning.

Feng Manzhu stopped, made a small gesture of taking a breath, and then said with a smile: “Si Huang, you smell so good.”

Si Huang shook his head, “I don’t wear perfume.”

She always knew that she had no smell.

“No, you have a smell, a smell that makes people fascinated, but it is hidden deep and still growing. But even if a trace leaks out, it is like a spotlight, allowing me to find you in a group of people at a glance.” Feng Manzhu said it very seriously.

Si Huang also responded seriously, “Teacher, I’m not interested in you.”


Feng Manzhu was stunned.

Si Huang took advantage of her daze and turned around to leave, “I’m sorry, teacher, I have something else to do…”

“Pfft hahaha!” Feng Manzhu came back to her senses and laughed loudly, but did not forget to call Si Huang, “Wait a minute. Wait, you misunderstood me. It is true that I am very interested in you, but teacher already has someone she likes.”

Si Huang stopped for a moment, turned around and smiled at Feng Manzhu: “I understand, about the teacher I will go back and consider your suggestion carefully.”

“Don’t be perfunctory to me.” Feng Manzhu restrained her laughter, “Don’t you think it will be very convenient for you to have a female personal teacher? There are always activities such as physical examinations in the school. How do you plan to get through them? Maybe you have a way, but I believe it will be more convenient with a teacher to help you.”

Si Huang turned back, with dark green demonic waves shimmering in her eyes.

Feng Manzhu was well prepared, but she was still shocked by the aura she suddenly exuded. She said quickly: “Don’t be nervous. It’s all because your smell is so fragrant. It can’t cover up the fact that you are a woman. If it wasn’t like this, I would also never have expected you to be a girl, your pretense was quite successful! Also, I have no ill intentions towards you! I promise.” She raised her hands and widened her eyes, pretending to be cute.

The author has something to say:

The shadow of superpowers begin to appear at this point in the article. The category of this article is superpowers, so His Majesty is not the only one with superpowers. However, the superpowers in this article are not exaggerated. There won’t be any wars between users of metal, wood, water, fire, earth, and magic. In fact, this has been revealed secretly in the article before. I believe these small factors will make the male god more exciting ~ if the future opponents are too weak, how can it reflect His Majesty’s strength?

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