TMCF Ch. 17

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A grown man actually tried to step on a little girl like Tan Mo to get into power and win the favour of the Wei family. This method was really disgusting and made people want to vomit.

There was no need for Xu Mingzhen to say something, when Tan Jinqi also thought that he must speak up to support his precious daughter.

Unexpectedly, before he could speak, Wei Zhiqian spoke first and said, “This child belongs to my family.”

The three brothers of the Tan family quit after hearing this.

“Obviously she belongs to our family, why did she become his family!” Tan Jinyi was furious, “He wants to steal our sister!”

As soon as Tan Jinyi finished speaking, Wei Zhiqian said again: “My niece.”

That one. The man who spoke was startled, his face burning with pain.

He wondered if it was too late to apologize to Tan Mo?

Wasn’t Tan Mo’s surname Tan?

Why did she become Wei Zhiqian’s niece?

Could it be his cousin’s niece?

But they hadn’t heard of Wei Zhiqian having any cousins named Tan.

The man was pulled back to sit by the person next to him, with a look on his face, but he didn’t dare to say anything more.

Old Mrs. Wei didn’t say anything to the man, she just held Tan Mo on her lap and let her sit on her lap, telling others with practical actions not to meddle in other people’s business.

She was not ashamed to have a massage from a little girl!

“This is an old problem of mine.” Old Mrs. Wei said with a smile, “I didn’t pay attention to my health when I was young. Taking advantage of my youth, I squandered it at will and focused on my work, which overdrew my health and energy in advance. As a result, now that I’m old, I’m starting to have problems.”

“So, young people must not just rely on their good health and not pay attention.” The old lady said to Wei Zhiqian.

She tapped Tan Mo’s nose again: “You should also pay attention to the same in the future.”

Tan Mo raised her hand, and her soft fingertips landed on the place where the old lady had just rubbed: “Grandma, does it hurt here?”

“Here it is.” The old lady said with a smile, “Do you want to rub it for me?”

Tan Mo nodded, pretending to be an innocent child and said: “Momo will rub it for you, and the pain will fly away.”

Tan Mo’s fingers gently touched the side of the old lady’s head, and while rubbing it, she secretly transferred the healing energy to the old lady’s painful area.

Tan Mo was afraid of arousing the old lady’s suspicion. In addition, she was still a human being and young, so the amount of energy she could deliver at one time was limited.

She could only transfer energy to the old lady slowly and shallowly.

The shallow and warm energy was very inconspicuous and did not attract any attention from the old lady.

The temperature was controlled at the most suitable temperature for the human body, which was very close to the human body temperature.

The old lady suddenly felt very comfortable.

The pressure of Tan Mo’s hand was obviously very light. The old lady even felt a little itchy because of the lightness, but it was also strangely comfortable, and her headache disappeared without even realizing it.

The headache disappeared and the old lady felt relaxed all over.

“My headache is gone.” The old lady quickly held Tan Mo’s little hand, “Have a rest.”

“Really?” Tan Mo asked.

“It’s true.” Although the old lady didn’t think it had anything to do with Tan Mo, her headache got better as soon as Tan Mo came over, and the old lady liked Tan Mo even more.

“You just rubbed it for me a few times. Oh, what a little lucky star!”

Although Tan Mo sent some energy this time, she was not very tired.

It was much easier than it had been to relieve Xu Mingzhen’s pain when she was a baby.

Tan Mo knew that one reason was because she had grown up now.

When she became an adult in the future, her abilities would be even stronger.

Another reason was that the old lady’s headache was not unbearable yet.

The old lady had been having doctors take care of her. Although they could not cure her, they were all working hard to reduce the pain.

So one energy transfer didn’t require a lot out of her.

It was just that the old lady’s illness had accumulated over the years, and it could not be completely solved with just having one or two energy transfers.

The old lady and Wei Zhiqian were both very good.

She had only met Wei Zhiqian once, and today was the first time she met the old lady.

But both of them were very protective of her.

She didn’t want the old lady to suffer from headaches all the time.

However, it was impossible for Tan Mo to directly tell the old lady that she could cure her headache.

“Grandma, next time you have a headache, just call me and I will make your pain go away.” Tan Mo made a flying gesture with both hands.

“Okay, okay.” The old lady liked it so much that she hugged Tan Mo and didn’t want to let go. “If I feel pain again, I will come to you. With you here, it won’t hurt anymore.”

All the guests: “…”

Whose child was this? She was so good at climbing on poles.

Regardless of whether the old lady would really call her in the future, what she said was right.

Those who brought children couldn’t help but look at the children they brought.

Why don’t you have this cleverness?

Children: “……”

Feeling wronged.

Qin Muxiao looked at Tan Mo with vicious and angry eyes, and said to Qin Murong: “That Tan Mo, why is she so thick-skinned?”

“She is not thick-skinned, and she can’t compare to Wei Zhiqian.” Qin Murong pursed her lips and said to Qin Muxiao said, “If you can win the old lady’s favour, we won’t have been embarrassed by Wei Zhiqian in public today.”

Qin Muxiao threw away the chopsticks unhappily and said, “Even if Wei Zhiqian doesn’t like you, as long as the old lady likes you, Wei Zhiqian wouldn’t have dared to do this to us today.”

Qin Murong said angrily: “You don’t even look at who caused this today! If you hadn’t caused the trouble, could we have come to this?”

“I…I’m just not convinced!” Qin Muxiao was angry and aggrieved at the same time, “That stinky girl Tan Mo came out of nowhere and she has only met Wei Zhiqian once. We have known the Wei family for many years, can’t it be compared to Tan Mo, a stinky girl who we don’t know where she came from?”

“Not talking about us, our family and the Wei family alone have been friends for several generations.” Qin Murong said in a low voice, “How can Tan Mo compare with us? If you compare yourself with her, wouldn’t you take the initiative to lower your status? Don’t put your energy on an unimportant person.”

“Your sister is right.” Mrs. Qin Lu Yiling reminded Qin Muxiao, “Just calm down today and listen to your sister. Let’s find out what happened to the Tan family later.”

Tan Mo didn’t know yet that she was being targeted.

After she relieved the old lady’s headache, she returned to Wei Zhiqian’s side and whispered to Wei Zhiqian: “Uncle, I’ve finished eating, can I go back to find my parents?”

Wei Zhiqian looked down at Tan Mo’s pink dumpling-like jade little face and suddenly didn’t want to return the dumpling to Tan family.

It was rare to meet such a cute little dumpling who was neither pretentious nor wilful, but still quirky. He liked her very much!

Even if he could hold her as his own niece and raise her, there would be no problem.

Wei Zhiqian’s left thumb repeatedly rubbed the side of the first knuckle of his index finger.

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