SLDH Ch. 62.2: Poor Guan Shu

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“My lord, my lord~~” Suddenly, a weak voice sounded behind Fan Chen, Fan Chen turned around suspiciously, and found that it was a mouse spirit with a pale face and inconvenient legs.

“What’s the matter?”

“My lord, your demonic power will affect the flowers in the exhibition hall.” This flower show was open to the public, and there were only ordinary people here except for a few staff members. If all the flowers and plants had a sudden change in front of ordinary people, the consequences would be disastrous. Therefore, the mouse spirit had to risk his life to remind him.

“Sorry, I will pay attention.” Fan Chen was very embarrassed that he made such a low-level mistake again.

“It’s all right, my lord’s demon power is too huge, a small fluctuation will have an impact, these flowers and plants are too sensitive.” The mouse demon replied flattered, how dare he accept the apology from the demon king.

“I’ll leave here first.” In order not to affect the flowers and plants in the exhibition hall, Fan Chen turned around and left the exhibition hall, but his divine sense permeated the flowers and plants in the entire park, and he could feel it no matter where Mi Wan went.

When Guan Shu saw that Mi Wan had finally returned, he immediately became energetic. He also learned a lot about flowers and plants when he was enjoying the flowers alone just now, so he took the opportunity to show off at this time. He deliberately took Mi Wan to the few flowers and plants that he had seen and understood and introduced the details of these flowers and plants to Mi Wan to popularize again. Although Guan Shu’s explanation was not as detailed as to be called popular science, it was not bad. It was a pity that after Mi Wan had already heard Fan Chen’s introduction, compared with Guan Shu’s explanation at this time, she didn’t get the other side’s shining point at all.

The exhibition hall was not big. Although the girls from the Department of Landscape Architecture were interested in rare flowers and plants, they were not as dedicated as experts and scholars. After walking around for a while, the freshness was almost gone. They planned to leave the exhibition hall to go outside and take photos in the general exhibition area.

It was still two people groups, looking from a distance, it was just like a couple of male and female friends who came out on a date. The girls loved to take pictures, the boys were enthusiastic and attentive, so the two sides quickly got to know each other during the interaction.

“Student Mi Wan, let’s add each other on WeChat, and I’ll send you the photos.” Just now, Guan Shu helped Mi Wan take a lot of photos.

“Okay.” Mi Wan’s eyes lit up, did he start asking for a WeChat account?

“Excuse me, please let me pass.” At this moment, a rough voice came from behind the two of them, and then Guan Shu’s hand holding the phone was suddenly bumped by someone, and the phone was not held firmly. So, it fell into the bucket with a bang. And the bucket full of water was brought over by the gruff man, and this man was the mouse spirit who reminded Fan Chen of the fluctuation of demon power in the exhibition hall just now.

“Oh, little classmate, are you okay?” The man put down the bucket in a hurry, with guilt on his face, he reached out to grab the phone in the bucket, “Is your phone okay, quickly check if it’s broken or not?”

“It’s okay, the mobile phone is waterproof.” Guan Shu was a kind and good boy, and when he turned sideways just now, he had already noticed that this uncle carrying a bucket seemed to have trouble with his legs and feet. So he was not angry, and kindly comforted the uncle that his mobile phone was waterproof.

Waterproof? The mouse spirit’s eyes flashed, and the demonic power in his hand moved slightly, directly using the demonic power to destroy the internal system of the phone without making a sound.

Guan Shu took the phone and looked at it, and found that the phone was turned off, but it couldn’t be turned on: “Hey, why can’t it turn on?”

“Is it a counterfeit product, or… I will pay you for it?” The mouse demon said.

“Probably not. I bought it in a physical store and took it across the sea before. Why did it suddenly break?” Guan Shu was still full of doubts.

“Oh, it’s all my fault, classmate, give me the address, I’ll buy it online now, and I’ll deliver it to you tomorrow.” The mouse spirit felt extremely guilty and wanted to make up for his mistake.

“No, I’ll check and check again…”

“Yes, yes…”

At the stall where the two were arguing, Mi Wan finally interjected: “Guan Shu, since he wants to pay, you just let him pay for it.”

“No, uncle didn’t do it on purpose.” Guan Shu was a good boy, and he felt that it was not easy for this uncle gardener with handicapped legs to make money.

“You really didn’t do it on purpose?” Mi Wan looked at the mouse spirit with a smile.

The mouse spirit suddenly felt a sense of coercion, and his already pale face became even paler with fright. He almost cried and begged Guan Shu: “Student, I did it on purpose, so let me pay. I will pay you double, I will compensate you with the latest mobile phone, and I will give you the latest earphones.”

Guan Shu looked at the scene in front of him inexplicably, and finally couldn’t stand the pleading, and left his address.

Although Mi Wan didn’t know why the mouse spirit deliberately destroyed Guan Shu’s mobile phone but seeing that he had paid enough compensation and had no malice, she didn’t care about it anymore, and withdrew her coercion. After all, this mouse spirit seemed to be the gardener of Wanwu Park, so she had to give Fan Chen some face.

After getting the address of Guan Shu, the mouse demon repeatedly promised that he would send the mobile phone and earphones for compensation tomorrow and ensured that it would not affect Guan’s use.

“It’s okay.” Guan Shu laughed dryly, not knowing what to say anymore.

“By the way, to express my apologies, let me take you to a newly developed scenic spot in our park.” The Mouse Spirit said again suddenly.

Because of the entanglement with the mouse spirit, Peng Jia and the others slowly gathered together. When they heard that there was a new scenic spot, the students who wanted to take pictures immediately asked curiously: “What attraction?”

“Maze.” The mouse demon lightly laughed.

“Ah, I know.” As a senior fan of Wanwu Park, Peng Jia immediately responded, “Wasn’t it announced on the official website, Forest Maze?”

“This classmate knows.”

“Won’t it open in a month?” Peng Jia asked excitedly.

“Yes, it will be officially opened to the public after half a month, but the interior is almost ready. I happen to have a few experience places in my hand, and you can experience it in advance. Do you want to go?” The Mouse Spirit invited enthusiastically.

“Go, go.”

Of course, the maze was more interesting than viewing the flowers, and the boys were also a little interested. Moreover, the labyrinth tested spatial perception and logical thinking. As top students in the Department of Architecture, they were somewhat confident. When the time came to enter the maze, wouldn’t it be a good time to show off your talent? It was really a good opportunity to enhance their relationship. The four boys looked at each other tacitly, and happily followed the mouse spirit to the maze.

Although Mi Wan always thought the mouse spirit was weird, she didn’t feel any malice from the mouse spirit, and with the other party’s third-level cultivation base, he really couldn’t pose any threat to her. In addition, this was in Fan Chen’s territory, and nothing would happen if she thought about it, so she didn’t say much, and went to the maze with everyone.

At the entrance of the maze, four smug boys entered in batches tacitly, trying to make sure that in the complex and changeable maze, girls could only rely on themselves when they were afraid or feeling helpless. The mouse spirit was at the door all the time, and after everyone went in together, he wiped the sweat from his forehead, took out his mobile phone and called a certain boss: “My lord, I sent them in.”

“Well, you did a good job.”

Fan Chen hummed in satisfaction.

“Thank you for your compliment, my lord. It’s just… my lord, that demon hunter seems to have suspected me.”

“It’s okay, I’ll explain it to her.” Fan Chen replied.

“Yes, thank you sir.” The mouse spirit breathed a sigh of relief.

In the maze, everyone was wandering around aimlessly. After walking around, they felt that everything was unfamiliar and they couldn’t find their way at all.

“Mi Wan, let me draw a bird’s-eye view of this maze and find out the direction to go out.” Guan Shu was a top student with good spatial ability. He wanted to draw it out, and then complete it a little bit, so that they could go out.

“Okay.” Mi Wan’s sense of direction was also not good, but she was not very afraid, after all, she could just dismantle it if she couldn’t get out. Of course, this was what she would have in the past. Now that she had a phone by her side, if she couldn’t get out, she could call the customer service and let the staff come in to pick her up. There was no need to panic.

After all, he was from the Department of Architecture and had solid drawing skills. Soon Guan Shu drew the general shape of the maze on the ground. Mi Wan’s eyes lit up when he saw it, and he couldn’t help but praise: “You memorized everything, it’s amazing.”

“It’s okay.” Guan Shu smiled modestly, and at the same time, he became more determined to perform well. He stood up and said, “Next, we should go this way.”

As he said that, he took the lead in turning around a bush wall in front, and Mi Wan followed, but when she turned around, Guan Shu had disappeared?

Huh? Separated? No, there seemed to be a slight wave of demon power just now.

Mi Wan’s eyes froze, and she quickly chased after the demon power, and soon she chased to the source of the demon power. It was a bush demon that had become a spirit, and beside it stood a man who was absorbing the essence of wood.

“Fan Chen?” Mi Wan was taken aback.

“Wan Wan? Why are you here?” Fan Chen was also taken aback, looking at Mi Wan in surprise.

“I was just visiting the maze with my classmates, you…” From Mi Wan’s sight, she could see countless wood-type essences turning into thousands of thin lines and melting into the big hole in Fan Chen’s chest bit by bit, then she widened her eyes curiously, and realized in a daze that this might be the reward from nature that Fan Chen was talking about.

It turned out that Fan Chen came to the park to heal his injuries today.

“What about your classmates?” Fan Chen asked with a smile.

“We were still looking for the exit just now, and then we got separated suddenly. By the way…” Mi Wan looked at the bush monster beside him and asked, “I felt its demon power just now, and then my classmate disappeared.”

Fan Chen immediately looked down at the bush demon, and asked in a cold voice, “What’s going on?”

“My lord, I was debugging the maze just now. Maybe this master’s classmate happened to walk to the place where I was going to debug. Unfortunately, he was caught by my demon power and got teleported to another place. I’ll send him back right now.” The bush demon replied immediately.

“Well, guide him out of the maze quickly.” Fan Chen ordered.

“Yes, my lord.” The bush replied respectfully, then stood up rustlingly, and squirmed away from the bush, leaving the place to the Lord Demon King and a certain demon hunter.

Mi Wan heard that it was just an accident, so she didn’t pay much attention to it. At this time, all her mind was on Fan Chen’s wound: “Your wound seems to have returned to its previous size.”

“Well, this year’s rebates were extraordinarily large.” Fan Chen’s face was also full of joy.

“After that, we will plant more trees and strive for more rewards from nature, so that your injury can be healed as soon as possible.” Mi Wan said immediately.

“Thank you.” Fan Chen’s heart warmed.

Staring at the inexhaustible wood-type essence, Mi Wan suddenly had an idea: “I want to see how the wood-type essence heals your wound, is that okay?”

“Of course.” Fan Chen nodded.

After getting permission, Mi Wan immediately leaned over happily and stretched out her hand to the wound on Fan Chen’s chest, then she randomly sent a touch of spiritual power, and entered the wound along with the wood essence. But even if it was just one of the thousands of strands of wood-type essence, Fan Chen could accurately lock onto that strand of wood-type essence mixed with Mi Wan’s spiritual power, it seemed like a feather was tickling his heart.

Others couldn’t see the wound on Fan Chen’s chest, so the picture that fell in the eyes of others at this time was of a petite girl stretching out her hand to press on the chest of a tall man. While the man showed the color of gentleness. Unexpectedly, it was very harmonious.

After a long time, Mi Wan finally mastered the law of wood essence energy to heal wounds, and she raised her head happily: “I know how to use spiritual power, and when I help you refine medicine next time, I will adjust it, and the medicine effect will definitely be better. Good.”

“Yeah.” Fan Chen withdrew his gaze and nodded lightly.

“Hey, why is it getting dark?” Mi Wan looked up in surprise, why were the street lights turned on, did she spend a long time in running her spiritual power just now?

“Your friends are about to get out of the maze, let me take you out.” Fan Chen said.

“Did Guan Shu go out too?” Mi Wan asked hastily.

“Yeah.” Guan Shu didn’t just go out, he was the first to go out, but he didn’t have a mobile phone and couldn’t contact anyone, so he had to wait alone at the exit of the maze for more than two hours.

“By the way, just now we met a mouse spirit on the road. He somehow destroyed Guan Shu’s cell phone. I didn’t deal with him for your sake. Go back and ask him what happened.” Mi Wan hadn’t forgotten about the mouse spirit yet.

“I know about this.” Fan Chen replied without changing his face, “When your friend was taking pictures, he accidentally photographed his tail, so he deliberately destroyed his phone. Don’t worry, I will let him compensate your friend.”

“Oh, so that’s the case.” Mi Wan suddenly realized.

The author has something to say:

How dare he ask for Mi Wan’s WeChat ID, and there are so many of her photos stored in his phone.

Fan Chen: Come here and destroy the phone for me.

Mouse Spirit: Yes, my lord.

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