TBVSR Ch. 61: Score

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In the last two months, Jiang Yu stopped accepting any commissions from the app and began to study hard.

Just as Qiu Li was worried, if she were to be admitted to Beicheng University with her current grades, she could only say that she had a chance, but it was not 100% sure.

So she had to try her best at the last moment.

Even after going to college, she must stay with Qiu Li, because no one could tell what would happen in the future.

Sometimes, one difference in thought could also cause two completely different lives.

Jiang Yu had to watch him through these years smoothly.

Every day at noon, she would come to the school’s library study room to review her homework.

The library of Yuxi Middle School was also very elegant, with complete infrastructure and services. The study rooms were all configured with single and double compartments to avoid mutual disturbance.

Qiu Li would come over at six o’clock every morning to occupy a study room for two people, and then put thermos cups, paper towels and a small fan on the table in the spare space beside him.

He didn’t say who it was for, nor did he invite Jiang Yu to sit down.

So even if Jiang Yu came to the library and saw the place he had prepared for her, she still went to the other study room with integrity and ignored him.

The two started a long tug-of-war, where whoever bowed his head first would be the loser.

As the last half month of the college entrance examination approached, the self-study rooms in the library became increasingly overcrowded.

At noon, Jiang Yu came in with her schoolbag and looked around, but couldn’t find a vacant seat.

She walked to the innermost study room, and Qiu Li still occupied a double room, with two rows of seats next to each other, and small items such as thermos cups and paper towels were properly placed in the vacant space.

Jiang Yu didn’t take the initiative to walk over, as if she was waiting for his invitation.

However, Qiu Li didn’t invite her, didn’t even look at her, and was immersed in working on the problem.

Gritting her teeth, Jiang Yu finally walked over and asked, “Who is this seat for?”

Qiu Li quickly turned the pen with his fingertips, and replied casually, “My girlfriend.”

“Then who is your girlfriend ?”



Jiang Yu still lowered her face and asked, “Then can I sit?”

“Are you my girlfriend?”

“Am I not…” She angrily kept the schoolbag heavily on the table, she said, “Who else is there?”

Qiu Li was quite satisfied with this answer, and pulled out the chair to let her sit down. At the same time, he turned on the small and exquisite desktop fan to blow off the steaming heat on her face.

Jiang Yu took out a math test paper from her schoolbag, and began to rack her brains to solve the problems.

Qiu Li looked at her from the corner of his eye from time to time, he saw how she scratched her head, doing the very hard questions, all the questions she didn’t know were left empty, and there were also a lot of blanks on the test paper.

He glanced at the test and saw a few wrong answers casually.


At this level…, she still wanted to be admitted to Beicheng University?

Qiu Li couldn’t hold back anymore, and wanted to remind her, but he couldn’t hold back his face. He had talked enough before, but in the end, she regarded him as a nonsense monk.

Anyway, she didn’t want to listen to him, so Qiu Li didn’t bother to talk to her, and continued to do his own test questions with his head down.

Jiang Yu deliberately did a few wrong questions on the paper, and then secretly looked at Qiu Li, but he turned out to be as calm as a mountain.

This man was too vengeful.

She thought of his serious expression when he was lecturing on the topic to another girl that day. And Jiang Yu felt a little unhappy in her heart, so she unscrewed the lid of the thermos cup and took a sip of water.

“Ah! It’s so hot!”

Caught off guard, she was scalded by the hot water in the thermos and almost choked.

Qiu Li immediately put down his pen and looked at her worriedly.

The little girl was so choked that tears flowed out, and she coughed vigorously, her fair little face flushed.


Qiu Li immediately leaned over and patted her on the back: “Who told you to drink in such a hurry.”

“Who knew the water was so hot.”

“This is a thermos cup.”

“The thermos cup can also be used to bring warm water.”

Qiu Li rolled his eyes and said angrily, “I’m sorry, my girlfriend has been out of touch with me for so long, I forgot that the thermos should be filled with warm water.”

Jiang Yu knew that she was making trouble out of no reason, and licked her burned lower lip, sulking by herself.

Qiu Li took the thermos cup, unscrewed the cap, and blew lightly to cool down the water temperature.

Jiang Yu said angrily: “I won’t drink it anymore, I won’t drink hot water in my life.”

Qiu Li glanced at her lightly, and commented: “Childish ghost.”

Jiang Yu was very angry in her heart, and she also knew that she was too hypocritical, if it was before, it definitely wouldn’t be like this.

It seemed that there was someone around her who could tolerate her.

No matter what she said or did, he would never be really angry… She finally had the capital to make trouble without reason.

Jiang Yu frowned and looked at the young man beside him: “Boyfriend, it hurts.”

Qiu Li put down the water glass and asked, “Where does it hurt?”

“Here.” Jiang Yu pouted her lower lip: “It’s burning.”


Just when Jiang Yu wanted to blame him for being ruthless, the boy looked at the small door of the cubicle, and after making sure that there was no one at the door, he quickly moved over and licked her lips: “Does it still hurt?”


“No, it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Jiang Yu turned around, lay down on the table and began to cover her head to do the questions, blushing, while ignoring him.

Qiu Li rested his cheeks, held a pen in his hand, turned it around, and looked at her with unfinished thoughts: “Xiaoyu, the college entrance examination is coming soon, let’s not quarrel, okay.”

His attitude of seeking peace was very sincere and also very gentle.

The four words Jiang Yu liked to hear most from Qiu Li were “stop fighting”.

Every time he said these four words, it was his compromise and concession, and it was also his infinite tolerance for her.

“I didn’t want to quarrel with you.” Jiang Yu got the advantage, so she started to be good: “I didn’t allow you to talk to other girls. I’m a very generous person, so I don’t care about your narrow-mindedness…”

What did she ramble on about? After finishing speaking, Qiu Li pinched her mouth with a smile, and blocked the rest of her words in her throat, “Well…”

“There’s no need to be jealous.” He stroked her lower lip with his palm: “I am yours.”

Two months passed in a flash, and the college entrance examination came as scheduled.

Jiang Yu was very nervous, and her classmates who were comparable to her were also very nervous, which was normal.

But Jiang Yu never imagined that a high-IQ boss like Qiu Li, who had a long-term memory and quick thinking, would also be nervous.

The afternoon before the college entrance examination, the two of them were still reading in the library and doing self-study. Jiang Yu held her cheeks and watched helplessly as the boss wrote a small English composition under the last big question of the math test paper.


She had seen him tense, but she had never seen him so tense.

“Is it okay?”

Jiang Yu rubbed his hair: “You are as stable as an old dog in the first place in the grade. What are you still worried about?”

A crooked parabola was drawn on the paper.


Jiang Yu knew that it was inevitable for Qiu Li to be nervous.

He had waited for so many years, worked hard for so long, and put all his hopes on this.

He wanted to get a proud score, get admitted to Beicheng University with the best grades, and appear in front of his mother with the best appearance.

This was the belief that Qiu Li had insisted on for so many years.

Jiang Yu saw that he really couldn’t learn it anymore, and if he continued to review, his nervousness would only become more and more serious.

She simply picked up his schoolbag, carried it on her shoulder, then pulled his sleeve and took him out of the library.

Qiu Li let her hold it, and walked aimlessly on the street: “Where are we going?”

“I don’t know, to play.”

Jiang Yu pulled Qiu Li to the park.

The sun was shining today, the temperature was cool, and the breeze was gentle on the face.

In the park, many children were playing with sand in the sandpit. Jiang Yu pulled Qiu Li to the swing, asked him to sit down, and said, “I’ll push you.”

Qiu Li looked back at her, “Childish.”

“That’s childish.”

Jiang Yu said with a smile: “The most important thing now is to relax.”

Qiu Li didn’t refuse, and let Jiang Yu push his back one by one, swinging on the swing.

The swing was getting higher and higher, and Qiu Li’s restless heart finally gradually settled down.

From childhood to adulthood, he always came to the park to sit on the swings alone, and there was no parent to ever push him.

It turned out that when there was someone pushing from behind, it could swing so high.

“Do you want to go higher, boyfriend?”


Jiang Yu saw that he was interested, so she pushed him hard and let him swing high.

Qiu Li’s tense expression relaxed, and an unconscious smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

There was no cynicism, no sarcasm or coldness, just a smile from the heart because of happiness, Jiang Yu liked to see him smiling like this.

At this moment, a child came over holding his mother’s hand, pointed at Qiu Li, and said nonchalantly, “Look, mom, this brother is still playing on the swing at this age! It’s embarrassing to ask his sister to push him.”

The child’s mother hurriedly said: “Don’t be rude.”

Jiang Yu said to the child harmlessly: “This brother is also a child.”

“This brother is not a child.”

“This brother is. In my heart, this brother will always be a child.”

It never occurred to Qiu Li that after he walked out of the scarred years and walked to Jiang Yu’s side, he would find his simplest childhood again.

Only those who were loved were qualified to lose their temper, play tricks, and even act like a spoiled child…

Qiu Li felt it.

After the college entrance examination ended, Jiang Manyi squatted in front of the phone and immediately called the hotline to check the score.


Jiang Manyi’s hand holding the pen trembled uncontrollably.

It was normal, but it was still a bit dangerous to get into Beicheng University with this score.

However, Jiang Yu was admitted as a special student, and her cultural subject score could reach 600 points, this could almost be regarded as the top group of special students!

Jiang Manyi’s eyes turned reddish. It seemed that all her wishes and hard work for so many years had paid off.

She was so happy that Jiang Yu was able to live up to her expectations.

Jiang Manyi wiped the corners of her eyes with her sleeve, and said silently in her heart: “Ah Yan, did you see that your daughter not only dances well, but also has good grades.”

“She is much better than you back then, you scumbag…”

Jiang Manyi walked to the window, looking at the busy streets and the pedestrians coming and going on the street, her tears couldn’t be stopped, they fell one by one, and finally she almost choked up.

“You can’t even see her look so good… Come back, girl, I will never laugh at you for singing out of tune. I promise, I won’t laugh at you…”

At this moment, a lady at the front desk found Jiang Manyi and said, “Sister Yi, there is a call for you at the front desk.”

Jiang Manyi thought it was Jiang Yu calling to announce the good news, so she wiped away her blurred eyes, calmed down, walked to the front desk, and answered the phone, “Xiao Yu, you are amazing. This time the score is beyond my mother’s expectation. When mother comes back tonight, I will cook something delicious for you…”

There was no answer on the other end of the phone for a long time.

“Hello? Is it Xiaoyu?”

Jiang Manyi could hear the sound of breathing from the other end of the phone, but the other party didn’t speak.

“Who are you?”


Beep beep…

The phone was hung up.

Jiang Manyi looked at the young lady at the front desk in surprise: “Xiao Liu, was it my daughter calling?”

Xiao Liu shook his head: “It’s not Xiao Yu’s voice, it was a man with a very gentle voice, very pleasant to hear. He said he wanted to find you, but I thought it was a customer asking for you to make an appointment.”

Jiang Manyi was a little puzzled: “Then why didn’t he talk?”

Xiao Liu shrugged, expressing that she didn’t know.

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