AROEDM Ch. 71.1: The IF Line: Ran Shutang P. 1

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The author has something to say: the if line has started, the setting and text of each if line are different, and the if lines are also different, you can choose to read it or not…

The if setting of =v=Ran Shutang line:

1. Normal world view, non-ABO background, Fu Yuanzhou has not been reborn

2. Yu Fei is a girl, but she has never been in love with Fu Yuanzhou

3. Yuan Ye’s hand was not injured, and he is a professional player

4. Fu Yuanzhou does not know Shen Xigou, and goes to school in China by the way…

The length of the if line will not be very long~ The length of today’s update can barely be counted as a double update…!

-What kind of experience is it to have sex with a rival after drinking?

-Thanks for the question, I was in a hotel, just woke up, ready to commit a crime, kill the enemy first, and then stab myself to death.

-It seemed like five thunders hit my head. I felt ashamed and angry.

If you must describe Fu Yuanzhou’s mood at this moment, you could only use these two words.

Waking up in the hotel early in the morning, he was sore all over, and when he opened his eyes, he saw Ran Shutang sleeping next to him. All kinds of signs pointed to what had happened last night. Although Fu Yuanzhou’s memory was a little fuzzy due to being drunk, it was still easy for him to quickly piece together the facts – last night at the class reunion, he and Ran Shutang were both drunk, then they rolled into bed for no reason, and the gun went off.

After sorting out the intermittent memories of last night, Fu Yuanzhou almost killed Ran Shutang before committing suicide, but seeing that Ran Shutang was about to wake up, he couldn’t face him, he didn’t even have time to wash up, he just put on his clothes in a hurry, and escaped—— That is if limping out of the room while holding on to the wall, counted as “escape”.

Damn, it hurt…

The pain in his muscles caused Fu Yuanzhou to want to burst into tears. He really felt how much Ran Shutang hated him. When he was getting dressed just now, he didn’t have a piece of good flesh on his body. Ran Shutang really tortured him to death, it was as if he wanted his life.

When he finally reached his student apartment, Fu Yuanzhou collapsed on the sofa, almost falling apart. After being angry, what was left was intense remorse. He regretted why he attended the class reunion last night, why he had to drink, and even regretted why he had to apply for university in this city. If he had listened to his parents, he would have gone abroad to study.

The reason why he applied for this university at the beginning was entirely because Xie Lin and Yuan Ye were studying here, and Xiao Fei often came here for filming, so he followed along to join in the fun. Although he knew that Ran Shutang was also here, but he never took it seriously. He actually sowed the seeds of today’s disaster himself.

During the three years of high school, he and Ran Shutang had a tit-for-tat confrontation. He really hated Ran Shutang, but now that they were both in their sophomore year, things from high school had gradually faded away, and he almost forgot about Ran Shutang. He remembered him again because last night, the classmates in Class 1 met again.

It didn’t matter if they just met each other, but why did they meet on the bed?

Fu Yuanzhou tried his best to recall, but he couldn’t remember why he and Ran Shutang went to the hotel. He was so drunk at that time, and he vaguely remembered that he was looking for someone to take him back. Fu Yuanzhou wished he could lose his memory on the spot, but unfortunately he couldn’t. Fortunately, although it looked miserable, he didn’t really suffer any injuries, and the follow-up treatment was still in place. Fu Yuanzhou decided not to go to the hospital, and he didn’t have the face to settle accounts with Ran Shutang—because if he really looked into it, it seemed that he was the one who had flirted with Ran Shutang first…

How could he have been so cheap back then!

Although it was because of his drinking behavior that he went out of control, Fu Yuanzhou really wanted to die when he thought of what he had done. If Ran Shutang revealed this matter, he would definitely jump off a building. Fortunately, even though Ran Shutang had an annoying personality but his character was still passable, and besides, he had to face himself, so he would definitely not tell this matter to anyone.

It was estimated that Ran Shutang should think the same as him, and would pretend nothing had happened, and they would never see each other again…

As soon as this thought came to his mind, Fu Yuanzhou’s phone vibrated a few times. He had received a WeChat message. He picked it up and looked at it, and his hands immediately started trembling, because it turned out to be from Ran Shutang.

Ran Shutang: I’m sorry about what happened last night. Where are you? I want to talk to you.”

At the class reunion last night, before he was drunk, he and Ran Shutang exchanged WeChat in a very plastic way, but he didn’t expect him to use it now. Yes, Fu Yuanzhou’s hands trembled for a few seconds, then he took a few deep breaths to calm himself down and replied to him.

“You and I have nothing to talk about. Let’s just pretend that what happened yesterday didn’t happen. That’s it.”

After finishing typing, he quickly deleted Ran Shutang’s WeChat and refused to have any further communication with him. Fortunately, they didn’t exchange mobile phone numbers yesterday, Fu Yuanzhou thought, otherwise he could guess Ran Shutang’s direct call would have been even more terrifying.

In the end, he found that he really should not have thought about it, he didn’t know who had leaked his mobile phone number. After a while, an unknown number called, and Fu Yuanzhou picked it up casually, and heard Ran Shutang’s voice, which scared him until he almost dropped the phone.

The final result was naturally that Fu Yuanzhou blocked Ran Shutang’s number, let’s talk about it, what was there to talk about, why did he have the nerve to bring it up? Could it be that Ran Shutang still felt that he was at a disadvantage and wanted to seek compensation from him?

Because of his anger, Fu Yuanzhou’s dark thoughts came out for a while, but after calming down, he still had to admit that Ran Shutang was not this kind of person, and he probably really wanted to discuss a solution.

But there was really nothing to say, he was not a woman, and he didn’t need anyone to be responsible for him. It was even less likely for him to claim that Ran Shutang had forced him, and he wouldn’t need to go to the police station. It was obviously a happy thing, but Ran Shutang seemed to be not want that.

So that night, Fu Yuanzhou was not surprised to be blocked by Ran Shutang at the entrance of the cafeteria. He knew that Ran Shutang would come to the door sooner or later.

“I really have nothing to talk to you about.”

Fu Yuanzhou’s complexion was not very good. He was afraid of being noticed, so his voice was deliberately lowered: “Can’t you just pretend that there is nothing wrong?”

Ran Shutang shook his head and looked at him with slightly lowered eyes. Only then did Fu Yuanzhou notice that Ran Shutang who was a little shorter than him in high school, was now taller than him, even though he was obviously two years younger than him.

“Then what do you want?” Fu Yuanzhou asked impatiently.

“This is not a place to talk.” Ran Shutang said, “Let’s talk in another place.”

He spoke in a calm tone, which made Fu Yuanzhou more irritable. Although he wanted to forget about it, it was obviously not so easy. It was annoying, but Ran Shutang was so calm, as if everything was under his control, and he was in charge of their affairs, why?

“I said there is nothing to talk about.” Fu Yuanzhou’s face darkened, “I don’t remember what happened, you better forget it too.”

But Ran Shutang said, “I won’t forget.”

What did that mean?

Fu Yuanzhou was enraged and punched him. Ran Shutang didn’t hide, and he broke the corner of his mouth. Passers-by saw this, and quickly pulled Fu Yuanzhou to separate them.

In the crowd, Fu Yuanzhou quickly calmed down, stopped entangling with Ran Shutang, and turned around and left, Ran Shutang seemed to want to chase him, but was stopped by others, for fear that they would fight.

Some of his close classmates heard about Fu Yuanzhou’s conflicts with others. They asked him what was going on, but Fu Yuanzhou just kept silent. In his heart, Ran Shutang was already a dead person, and he wouldn’t care about dead people.

After a few days passed, Ran Shutang didn’t come again, and Fu Yuanzhou’s mood improved a lot. Although he was still in pain, when he was asked to play basketball, Fu Yuanzhou thought about it and went anyway. In the end, thanks to the gift of that night, he was only at half his strength which was not enough, due to which he didn’t stand firmly when shooting and sprained his foot.

“Yuanzhou, are you okay?”

Two classmates accompanied him to the school infirmary to get the sprain treated, and then sent him back to his apartment.

The apartment was not like a dormitory. Fu Yuanzhou rented it separately. He lived alone. The two classmates were worried that he would not be able to cook by himself, and takeaways were not allowed in the apartment. So, he said: “We’ll bring you food tonight.”

“Thank you, I’ll treat you to dinner when I’m well.”

Fu Yuanzhou smiled and sent them away, and when he was the only one left, he immediately changed his face and became angry. He scolded Ran Shutang more than 800 times in his heart, if it wasn’t because he was like a beast that day, would he be hurt like this!

Originally, there were several waves of people asking Fu Yuanzhou if he wanted to go out to play, but now it was all in vain. Fu Yuanzhou leaned on the bed, thinking that it would be too troublesome to explain one by one, so he simply posted a circle of friends, saying that he had a sprained foot and could not go out recently.

After posting this circle of friends, more than half an hour later, the doorbell rang. Fu Yuanzhou wondered if his friends had come too early to deliver dinner now, but he hopped to open the door, only to see Ran Shutang’s face appearing behind the door.

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