IHSB Ch. 72

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Bai Mohua’s slender and white fingers poked lightly on the warm and soft little face, and immediately sank into a small meat pit. The little cousin still smelt delicious, and he really couldn’t hug her enough.

When the adults came, they saw the cousins were enjoying themselves happily.

“Really, Nuan Nuan woke up when you were playing chess.”

Her Aunt looked at Nuan Nuan with some guilt. “Aunt should ordered someone to watch you.”

They were playing chess and drinking tea in a room not far away, and they didn’t walk away, but they just didn’t expect Nuan Nuan to wake up so soon.

Nuan Nuan shook her head in embarrassment, and said softly, “Nuan Nuan forgot to call Mom and Dad with her mobile phone.”

The little girl shook her head obediently, “No.”

“It’s no wonder she didn’t, she was all crying.”

Bai Mohua squeezed her little face, “It was pitiful.”

Father Gu and Mother Gu felt even more distressed when they heard the words, Nuan Nuan didn’t want them to worry, she hugged their hands limply and coquettishly, and then she let them go.

“Mom, aren’t you surprised to see me?”

Bai Mohua put down the drawing board and looked at his parents with a smile. The handsome young man’s smile made him easy to be liked by others, so the elders in the family especially liked him.

“Who doesn’t know you yet, it’s strange that you can come back.”

Bai Mohua laughed, pulled them to sit down and talked for a while, and then hugged Nuan Nuan.

“Auntie, I’m taking Nuan Nuan to play.”

Nuan Nuan was a little dazed, she looked particularly easy to bully, and she was so obedient that she didn’t resist at all. “Go, go, take care of your sister.”

“Got it.”

Bai Mohua ran upstairs with Nuan Nuan in one hand and his drawing board in the other.

Arriving at his room, Nuan Nuan was attracted by the large and small oil paintings hanging in the room, many of which were landscapes, beautiful snow-capped mountains under the warm golden sun, fairyland-like waterfalls under the rainbow, and a graceful flower, every painting was a visual feast for Nuan Nuan.

After entering his room with Nuan Nuan in his arms, Bai Mohua went directly to the small attic, and then opened the curtains. It had huge floor-to-ceiling windows, and he could clearly see any scenery outside from the room.

And this small attic was the place for calligraphy and painting with white ink. The layout was very simple. The paints, brushes and paper used for painting were neatly placed in the wooden cabinet against the wall. In the middle was a bracket and stool with a drawing board. In this room, the most dazzling things were the paintings hanging on the walls.

The paintings in the bedroom below were relatively small in size, but the paintings here were very large.

The most conspicuous one in the middle was a ginkgo tree more than two meters high. Nuan Nuan could tell at a glance that this ginkgo tree was the one in the outer courtyard.

At first glance, it seemed almost as if the ginkgo tree in the painting was alive, and the yellowed leaves made people feel the breath of autumn. She seemed to have returned to the time when she first came here, standing in the small courtyard to admire the big ginkgo tree.

There was another painting not far from the ginkgo tree. It was an elegant beauty in a blue and white porcelain cheongsam. She was standing in front of the simple reddish-brown window eaves with her back to people. Only a small half of her face was exposed, but it could make people feel the dignity and elegance of a lady from a great family in her just by looking at the painting.

Such a beauty, no one would not like it!

“It’s my aunt.”

Nuan Nuan looked at the tall cheongsam-clad beauty and called out softly. Although there was only half her face revealed, it could make people who knew her see who was painted on it at a glance.

Bai Mohua went down again in this short period of time, carrying a black schoolbag in his hand, and changed his clothes.

“Second cousin, you are amazing!”

Knowing that these were drawn by the young man in front of him, Nuan Nuan admired him immensely.

She just heard from her mother before, but after seeing these paintings, Nuan Nuan felt that her second cousin’s hands might have a special magic.

Seen by the little girl looking at him with adoring star eyes, Bai Mohua scratched his head in embarrassment and his ears turned red slightly, he was actually feeling shy.

“How can I be so powerful? Everyone has something they are good at. Nuan Nuan can find something she likes in the future, and she will become very good.”

He said, taking his schoolbag to the large balcony outside the floor-to-ceiling window, he then waved to the little girl.

“Come here, let’s see if you like these things.”

The little girl walked over obediently, and then looked at the schoolbag with a shocked expression… full of all kinds of snacks.

Bai Mohua only wore white socks and stepped on the balcony floor covered with soft blankets. The heating in the room was fully turned on so the balcony would not be very cold.

At home, he liked to wear a white shirt and light grey cropped slacks with his white calves exposed, with a slight smile on his face, and his black hair so soft and obedient, he looked casual and clean like white jade, and generally very good looking.

Nuan Nuan also took off her shoes and walked over, sitting cross-legged with him in her little white socks, and took the Wangzai milk handed over by the boy with her thin white hands.

“Nuan Nuan, let’s drink milk.”

Unlike Gu An, a little adult who kept yelling that he had grown up, Bai Mohua was completely like a child, taking out his favourite things to share with Nuan Nuan.

“This little cake is delicious, and this spicy stick is my favourite, but it’s a bit cumbersome. I like to eat one by one with my hands. Try it Nuan Nuan.”

Nuan Nuan opened her mouth. She leaned over with her mouth and grabbed the spicy strips in his hand, then held her delicate little face and began to eat happily.

“Mmm… delicious!”

Bai Mohua laughed happily, holding up his oily fingers, his cat’s eyes were curved, very clean.

“That’s right.”

The two sat together like friends who had known each other for many years and happily ate a lot of snacks. In the end, Bai Mohua hiccupped and held the Wangzai milk up.

“Come on, with this cup of milk, I welcome the little cousin to visit my house!”

Nuan Nuan lifted her hands up like him, her eyebrows and eyes curved and said in a childlike voice, “Drink this cup of milk!”

Obviously it was milk, but it was as if it was treated like wine by the two.

“Okay, okay, tidy up, let’s wash our hands.”

Bai Mohua skilfully tidied up everything on the window sill, and then went to wash his hands with Nuan Nuan.

Both hands were covered with white delicate foam, but one pair was slender and clean like white jade, and the other pair was small and cute with milky white complexion. Because of the growth of flesh, a few lovely fleshy nests could be clearly seen on the warm and tender backs of the hands.

“Let’s go, Second Cousin will paint for you.”

The young man’s slender hand held the warm soft hand, and propped his chin to find the scenery that could be painted, but he was not very satisfied with the many places he found.

“Hmm… no, the scenery here is not vivid at all, and it doesn’t match Nuan Nuan.”

Nuan Nuan, who was running around with him, suddenly saw a half-sized orange cat in the tree in front of her, and it seemed to want to come down very much, but was a little scared, so it was hanging on the branch meowing and bewildered.

“Brother, cat.”

Nuan Nuan tugged on Bai Mohua’s clothes, and the orange cat fell from the tree in anxiety, but it fell in the courtyard of someone else’s house.

Bai Mohua was taken aback and his cat-like eyes widened, “Why did it come to our house!”

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