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Fu Yuanzhou was caught off guard and slammed the door directly, trying to shut Ran Shutang out, but he didn’t shut it, instead he himself rushed forward due to inertia, and fell straight into Ran Shutang’s arms.

“Did you come to see my joke? Get lost!” Fu Yuanzhou became furious, and he was scolding again in his heart who told Ran Shutang his house number. This guy came to the door too fast!

“I don’t mean that.” Ran Shutang ignored his barking teeth and claws, carried the things in his hand, and helped him to sit on the sofa, “How are you?”

Fu Yuanzhou said angrily, “You don’t need to worry about it.”

“How could you get hurt? “Ran Shutang’s eyes fell on his injured ankle.

“You still have the nerve to ask?” Fu Yuanzhou was so angry that his liver hurt, “Is it not because of you!”

He was angry, but this person came to hit the gun, how could Fu Yuanzhou be polite to him, and immediately scolded him from head to toe, until he was like a bloody dog.

His original intention was to scold Ran Shutang to go away, after all.

He was definitely at a disadvantage in doing it, but Ran Shutang just didn’t leave, and even listened calmly, and finally said: “It’s my fault, I will take care of you.”

Fu Yuanzhou almost didn’t come up, did he mean that? Let him go!

At this time, someone came over again, it was the two classmates, they had agreed to come and deliver food to Fu Yuanzhou, the door was not closed just now, so the two pushed the door open, saw Ran Shutang there, and one of them asked curiously, “Who are you?”

“His high school classmate.” Ran Shutang said.

“Hey, you can’t be that Ran Shutang from the school next door, right?”

Another person showed a dazed expression, and the previous person looked puzzled, so this person said, “You forgot? He’s the master of the chemistry department next door.”

“Oh oh oh…” The person before understood it in seconds, and he didn’t know if he had heard some legends about Ran Shutang, but he said to Fu Yuanzhou enthusiastically, “You are low-key enough, why have we never heard that you are friends with him?”

“We weren’t originally.” In front of them, Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t get angry, so he could only roll his eyes to show his disdain.

“Come on, isn’t he a friend if he came to bring you dinner?”

The other two laughed, and they both saw the food on the table, so they said, “Then you don’t have to eat the food we brought you, we’re going back, and we’ll bring you food later.”

“I’ll take care of him for a few days,” Ran Shutang said.

“Oh, that means we don’t need to bring food anymore? That’s fine, let’s go, and then we’ll come to see Yuanzhou later.”


Fu Yuanzhou didn’t have time to stop them and watched the two leave. Ran Shutang turned to look at him and his tone was very calm: “The rice is cold, I’ll warm it up for you.”

“I won’t eat it!” Fu Yuanzhou was angry.

But they had been classmates for many years and Ran Shutang had long learned to ignore some of his words, he heated the rice, and took out a tube of ointment from the bag and said, “Take off your clothes, and I will help you take a look.”

The pain was too intense that day, Fu Yuanzhou had been suffering from backache all the time, with a lot of bruises on his body, and he had not gotten better till now. Ran Shutang was holding the medicine, which obviously meant that he wanted to apply medicine for him, but how could Fu Yuanzhou show it to Ran Shutang, so he reached out to grab a cushion to hit him: “Get out!!”

Ran Shutang took the cushion and left the medicine on the table: “You can apply the medicine yourself.” As he spoke, he glanced at him, “I don’t think you went to the school infirmary to get the medicine.”

Of course Fu Yuanzhou was ashamed to go, he was annoyed when he saw Ran Shutang, so he simply buried his face in the cushion and let him go until Ran Shutang brought over the hot dinner.

Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t resist the temptation of the smell of the food, so he got up to eat. This was not the food from the cafeteria, but food from outside, and it smelt delicious…

“You have a kitchen here.” Ran Shutang said, “Can I borrow it?”

“No.” Fu Yuanzhou took a sip of the soup and glanced at him, “What are you doing, you want to poison me?”

“I can cook for you.” Ran Shutang said, “Help you recuperate your body.”

“Pfft, ahem…” Fu Yuanzhou choked on the soup.

Ran Shutang wanted to cook for him? Could he cook? Sure enough, he still wanted to poison him to death?

However, Ran Shutang was really good at cooking – this was the conclusion Fu Yuanzhou came to at noon the next day.

Everything in the kitchen was all there was for Fu Yuanzhou. He only knew how to use a microwave oven, but when Ran Shutang entered it, it was different. After a while, an amazing smell wafted out of it. The three dishes and one soup were all Fu Yuanzhou’s favorite, he lost his position in less than three minutes, and ate one more bowl of rice than usual.

After the meal, Fu Yuanzhou played with his mobile phone contentedly. Ran Shutang finished cleaning the kitchen. Hearing the sound of running water, Fu Yuanzhou suddenly became more thoughtful and changed his mind. He felt that Ran Shutang could really take care of him.

Serving him like a nanny, he could humiliate and torture Ran Shutang to his heart’s content, to see how long Ran Shutang could endure.

Fu Yuanzhou made up his mind, he just hopped into the kitchen, trying to pick on Ran Shutang, but he picked up the cleaned bowls and stared at them for a long time, but he didn’t find any stains, they were as clean as new.

Washing the dishes couldn’t do anything, Fu Yuanzhou ordered Ran Shutang to clean the house for him. After he went to college, he was surrounded by classmates. So, Fu Yuanzhou was ashamed to make a special arrangement and ask a housekeeper to clean his apartment for him, so he cleaned it up by himself. He sprained his ankle this time, and he definitely won’t be able to clean it up these few days. In order to torment Ran Shutang, he naturally assigned this job to him.

He originally thought that Ran Shutang would complain, but who would have thought that he didn’t say a word, worked hard, and was much more proficient than Fu Yuanzhou, he scrubbed everywhere, until the ground was spotless, and even took the sheets and quilts to wash.

There was nothing wrong with the housework, but Fu Yuanzhou made trouble for Ran Shutang in other places. He ordered Ran Shutang to pour water for him. The first cup was too cold, the second cup was too hot, and the third cup was shaken by hand and fell, accidentally breaking the glass. Now, Ran Shutang still didn’t complain, he just carefully cleaned up the glass shards on the ground, and reminded Fu Yuanzhou: “Be careful when you step on the ground.”


Fu Yuanzhou had nothing to say, he was depressed, he originally wanted to provoke Ran Shutang emotionally, but no matter what he did, it was like punching cotton, and he was the one who was stuck in his heart after a whole day of tossing around.

There was no chance to quarrel with Ran Shutang, and it was still the same for the next few days. Fu Yuanzhou gradually became less angry. He could see that Ran Shutang really wanted to apologize to him, but he just didn’t think it was necessary.

In essence, it was just a one-night stand, and it was impossible to say who was sorry for who, but he had never hit Ran Shutang in bed that day, otherwise the person who would be slept with would not be him but Ran Shutang.

If their situation was reversed… Fu Yuanzhou shuddered at the thought of being humbled in front of Ran Shutang and felt oddly inexplicably glad that the person below was him. He couldn’t do that for Ran Shutang.

Maybe it was because he had seen too much of Ran Shutang taking care of him. After a few days, Fu Yuanzhou actually felt that Ran Shutang was not so annoying anymore, and he was a little pleasing to the eye, although only a little.

At this time, Ran Shutang washed his hands, sat down beside his bed, put his injured foot on his thigh, and gently pressed on the red and swollen area: “Let me massage, it will help heal.”    

“No need!”

His nemesis was massaging his ankle, Fu Yuanzhou’s face became hot, and he felt very ashamed, but his objection was in vain, Ran Shutang refused to let him take his foot out, his massage technique was very good, Fu Yuanzhou felt a little painful at first, but then he felt much more comfortable, and also that it was not so painful anymore.

So Fu Yuanzhou gave up struggling and leaned on the head of the bed to watch Ran Shutang give him a massage. Ran Shutang’s fingers were white and slender, and his beautiful hands, which were usually used to carry test tubes for experiments, were pressing his ankles now. Fu Yuanzhou shamefully found that he felt a strange sense of satisfaction on this thought.

“How’s your strength?” Ran Shutang asked.

“Not bad.” Fu Yuanzhou was very satisfied, “In the future, you open a massage shop, I will definitely patronize.”

Ran Shutang ignored his teasing, put on a layer of medicinal wine and continued to press, Fu Yuanzhou played with the phone for a while, suddenly felt very boring, for a few days, he had had no other entertainment items, so he just played with his mobile phone. Now he almost wanted to throw up on opening his mobile phone and wanted to do something else.

“Can you play games?” He asked Ran Shutang.

He brought two game consoles from home, which could be used for two-player battles. They were mainly used when Yuan Ye came over to play. He was bored to death, so he wanted to play with Ran Shutang. If someone told him two years ago that he would want to play games with Ran Shutang, he would definitely have despised that person to death, but now… he could only say that anything was possible.

Besides, they had already rolled around in bed, so playing games was nothing… Fu Yuanzhou thought to himself mockingly, seeing Ran Shutang shaking his head, the plan was declared cancelled before it even started. Also, it was normal for a good student like Ran Shutang not to have played games before.

“Then do you know how to play chess?”

Fu Yuanzhou asked again. He still had a set of chess here, which he used to play with Xie Lin when he was free. He had put it aside for a long time, but Xie Lin didn’t, so his level was better than his. He had repeatedly fought and lost, and it would be good if he won against Xie Lin once in ten times, but he still enjoyed it.

He thought to himself that Ran Shutang might not know how to play chess, it didn’t matter, he could teach him, after the teaching, he would abuse him, and no one would not like to watch his rival suffer, even if it was just playing chess.

Unexpectedly, after he finished asking this question, Ran Shutang did not answer, but stared at him for a long time, his eyes were very strange, maybe it was his own illusion, Fu Yuanzhou actually felt that he seemed to be angry.

It shouldn’t be, what was there to be so angry about it?

Fu Yuanzhou felt uncomfortable when he saw him, and asked him: “What’s wrong? If you can, you can, if you can’t, you can’t. Is this a difficult question?”

“Where is the chessboard?”

Ran Shutang asked after a long silence.

Oh, it looked like it would, so why did he think about it for so long? Fu Yuanzhou murmured in his heart, and pointed him to the bookcase: “It’s inside.”

Ran Shutang brought the folded chessboard over, opened it, took out the chess pieces, unfolded the chessboard, and arranged the chess pieces on both sides without saying a word.

Fu Yuanzhou could see that he was very familiar with the rules, so he didn’t say much, and started playing chess with him directly. After the chess game started, Fu Yuanzhou realized that he had seriously underestimated Ran Shutang’s level. Ran Shutang was very good and should be similar to Xie Lin. Coupled with being unfamiliar with Ran Shutang’s style, he fell into the trap set by him and lost very badly.

This time Fu Yuanzhou was not convinced. He was only going to play casually, but now he became serious. Without a word, he re-arranged the chess pieces, and said to Ran Shutang: “Come again!”

Ran Shutang was not in a hurry to start, he kept looking at Fu Yuanzhou and it took a while before he responded: “If you lose this game, just promise me one thing.”


“If you lose,” Ran Shutang said, “Just date me.”

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