GLR Ch. 49.1

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The star ship sailed in the universe for a night and had arrived at its destination. When Su Yemu washed up and walked out of the room, Xiaonan and No. 2 were lying at the window and were exclaiming. Su Yemu walked over and was also shocked. It was so beautiful.

Everywhere you look, there were fruit trees, purple and red, with blooming flowers. When the wind blew, the pink petals were rolled up and flew in the air, which looked so beautiful.

The star ship slowly descended and landed in an open space.

Su Yemu and others disembarked from the star ship, and three people came up to meet them. Two young men, and one was an old man. He was slightly hunched and thin, his face was full of traces of time, and his eyes shone with a sharp light. When he stared at you, it felt like he was looking deep into your heart.

Boss Hei pulled Su Yemu forward: “Mr. Bader, this is the Su Yemu, I told you about.”

Su Yemu smiled at the old man: “Hello!”

Mr. Bader narrowed his eyes slightly and turned Su Yemu away. He looked up and down and nodded: “Yeah! Let’s go!”

The old man turned around and left. Boss Hei approached Su Yemu and whispered: “This is his temper. There are not many people on this planet, but this planet is rich in products and fruits, and flowers here are incomparable to other planets.”

Su Yemu: “Indeed, the sweetness and pure fragrance of these flowers are rare. This land should be very special.”

Boss Hei: “How did you smell it?”

Su Yemu : “Feeling!”

Su Yemu couldn’t explain why he could feel it now. He didn’t have such a good nose before.

Everyone followed the old man to a fruit forest. The old man pointed: “The fruit trees and flowers you want are all in this area. After digging, you should leave as soon as possible.”

After the old man finished speaking, he turned and left. Su Yemu turned around and saw him entering a bamboo house; the two young men remained where they were, but they didn’t say anything, they just stood there with expressionless faces.

Boss Hei laughed and said: “Not many people come to this planet, and they hate outsiders. If I hadn’t accidentally passed by this planet once and helped them fight off pirates once, I wouldn’t be able to talk to him this time.” Boss Hei thought a little bit.

He didn’t understand. There was nothing on this planet except star trees. Then why did pirates attack them?

“Then let’s finish digging and go back as soon as possible!” Su Yemu could feel that the old man did not welcome them. It was not because of digging trees, but as Boss Hei said, he probably just hated outsiders.

Boss Hei: “That’s right, we have to go back in the afternoon. Time is very tight.”

Boss Hei drove a two-seater car and took Su Yemu around the orchard. Su Yemu decided which fruit trees and flowers to take. After marking, it was still early, only seven in the morning.

“I’m hungry, go ahead and make breakfast!”

Boss Hei pushed Su Yemu and waved to him.

Su Yemu: “Why do I feel like I am here to be a chef?”

Speaking of breakfast, they had to talk about the famous Cantonese breakfast at home and abroad. When Su Yemu returned to the star ship, he happened to see a few unknown people in ship uniforms walking out with robots, and then he thought that this star, there should be others on the ship.

One of them gave Su Yemu a friendly grin.

Su Yemu smiled back at him and asked: “Hello, I want to make breakfast. How many people are there on the whole ship?”

The man’s expression lit up: “Two hundred, two hundred people.”

After receiving the information, Su Yemu left saying goodbye, his mind turned rapidly, and the menu took shape immediately. After returning to the star ship, Su Yemu said hello to Boss Hei, and then called Erha, Da Yu, and Da Zhuang back.

Big meat buns with chives[1], crab and pork dumplings[2], steamed chicken feet with black bean sauce[3], steamed pork ribs with black bean sauce[4], barbecued pork buns[5], shumai[6]…, these were all on Su Yemu’s menu, and the ingredients were also available on the star ship. Su Yemu had found the freezer with all the ingredients.

Da Zhuang and Da Yu were called back by Su Yemu to knead dough and chop bones. The amount was too big for Su Yemu’s small body. They could rest after chopping. It seemed that physical exercise must be put on the agenda.

After Su Yemu mixed the flour, he asked Da Yu to knead it, took out the ribs, chicken feet, and meat and let Da Zhuang cut it aside.

Su Yemu thought about it and simply started the live broadcast. Just when he was about to give instructions to the terminal, He Yunting’s communication came in, and Su Yemu had no choice but to answer it first.

“Still doing it? Haven’t you eaten?”

He Yunting was wearing a military uniform with a row of buttons buttoned up to his collar, looking particularly abstinent.

Su Yemu: “Well, I don’t like eating nutrition drinks.”

He Yunting frowned: “They asked you to cook?”

Su Yemu: “They don’t know how to cook.”

“Your Excellency, it’s done.” Da Zhuang walked to Su Yemu.

He Yunting paused while adjusting his sleeves: “Why is it him again?”

He Yunting was almost never absent from Su Yemu’s live broadcasts. Thinking of the day Su Yemu cooked seafood and everyone in the live broadcast room teased the two of them, his atmosphere suddenly changed.

“He helped me chop the ribs!”

Su Yemu responded, turning around and taking the chopped ribs to clean, completely unaware that the eyes of the two people behind him had met, exuding a terrifying evil aura.

Erha and Da Yu on the side looked at each other, and then looked at Su Yemu’s calmness. The first thing they felt was that Su Yemu was slow: ‘Didn’t you see that these two people, two galaxies apart, were about to fight?’

“By the way, I’m going to broadcast live.”

After Su Yemu finished speaking, he ignored He Yunting’s protest and turned off the communication.

“What…what’s going on?”

The staff officer stood at the door of the room, hesitating whether to go in or not. Why was his face so cold so early in the morning?

He Yunting put on his military cap and strode out of the room with an imposing manner.

It seemed that today’s meeting with the generals of Galaxy Fortress would not be calm. He was really worried. Love! It was so amazing that even the marshal had become like the weather, sometimes it was sunny and sometimes it was cloudy.

After Su Yemu started the live broadcast, waves of viewers came in. Seeing the kitchen changing places, they all asked where Su Yemu had gone.

“I’m on another planet today, so I’m only broadcasting live, and there’s no lottery.”

It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter, I’m just happy to be able to eat it in the hologram.

It looks like a lot of food, so rich.

Bobo, when will you come back? How long will it take?

“I can go back in the afternoon, but I would arrive tomorrow.” Su Yemu answered casually and started making big meat buns with chives and crab and pork dumplings.

As soon as everyone heard the names, their saliva began to flow again.

At this time, in a control room, a man with iron-grey hair rested his feet on the control table, staring closely at Su Yemu who was making buns, half-smiling.

The man smiled: “I was just thinking about how to enter Neptune! It won’t take much effort to get there. Check where he is now!”

After a while, the adjutant replied: “Sir, I can’t determine his specific location.”

The man glanced at the adjutant coldly: “Then invade his system.”

The adjutant shook his head: “It can’t be invaded.”

The man sneered: “Are you kidding me?”

Military equipment could not invade a civilian terminal. It was a joke.

Adjutant: “Sir, it is indeed impossible to invade. I guess this terminal is probably of military type.”

The man’s face sank: “Does he have such a background?”

The adjutant shook his head.

The man stood up. His two-meter-tall body was frighteningly thin: “After a night’s sailing, in terms of time, the destination must be outside the Tiannu Department. As long as I ambush them at the Tiannu Department, I would be able to catch him.”

Since last time, after the explosion in the Emperor’s North City, the Neptune system had many more patrol ships. The Empire’s most powerful Gray Wolf Legion even appeared outside the planet Saier, circling around every day, which made him upset.

The adjutant felt a little headache when he saw the man fighting for his life: “Sir, do you want to ask the general for instructions?”

The adjutant couldn’t understand why he wanted to arrest the man named Su Yemu. Could it be because he was hit by Su Yemu? Patted him with a brick? This matter had spread after the Lord came back last time, which made him very embarrassed.

“The revenge ship is my fleet, and you are also my adjutant. Don’t do unnecessary things.” The man looked at the adjutant with dissatisfaction and said, “Give the order to change the fleet’s course and go to the Tiannu system.”

The man touched his forehead, Su Yemu, if I can’t catch you, I will write my name upside down.

The big meat buns, crab and pork dumplings, and barbecued pork buns had been steamed. Su Yemu would next make steamed chicken feet and pork ribs in black bean sauce.

He blanched the chicken feet and ribs; heated oil in a pan and fried the chicken feet until golden brown, then soaked in water until the chicken skin bubbled up. He mixed the chicken feet with white pepper, chili, tempeh and other ingredients evenly, marinated them for ten minutes, and steamed them for fifteen minutes.

He steamed the pork ribs with black bean sauce. He heated oil in a pan, added ginger, garlic, black bean, chopped chili and other ingredients and stirred them well with the pork ribs, and steamed them directly in the pan for fifteen minutes.

Although the quantity he made this time was large, they were all steamed dim sum, and they were all ready to go in ten minutes, but the preparation time was longer. When the food started to smell fragrant, Su Yemu looked at the time and saw that it was not yet nine in the morning.

Su Yemu also made chicken porridge[7]. The rice soup was thick, the chicken was white and tender, smooth and delicious, and the color was bright. When the chicken porridge came out of the pot, everyone in the live broadcast room was stunned.

So fresh, the soup is so thick, the rice is thick and smooth, and delicious.

The taste is rich, delicious and sweet. Bobo has never let me down. It turns out that chicken can be eaten like this.

It’s really the same kind of food that can be eaten in a variety of ways, Bobo is so awesome.

“With different ingredients, the food tastes different. You can try it at home. Although the nutrient solution is convenient, it always lacks the taste of the food.”

Su Yemu’s words attracted the approval of people in the live broadcast room, and many people said that they had started cooking at home. What was annoying was that the price of ingredients had increased again, especially vegetables. Because of the emergence of green pigments, many people focused on vegetables. The price had exceeded that of meat. Even though the Chefs Association had repeatedly refuted rumours, it was not that the more vegetable one used, the higher the green pigment would be, but they didn’t listen, it was just too much.

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