RCFS Ch. 262

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Emperor Junxie was very satisfied.

Ding! Peach blossom value +10!

After helping him change into pyjamas, without waiting for anyone to react, Di Junxie directly grabbed her slender waist, hugged her tightly, and rolled them into the bed together.

“Hey, you!”

“Shh, baby, sleep, be good.”

Di Junxie closed his eyes with satisfaction, leaving Ye Yunxi wanting to scratch this man’s handsome face.


Rolling her eyes fiercely, she broke away from someone’s claws, rolled to the side and closed her eyes to sleep.

Since she left school, her Awesomeness XP had continued to rise. From time to time, +10+10 appears. In just a few hours, it had increased by more than 2,000. It seemed that Hades and Qiuqiu had helped her add a lot of Awesomeness XP.

This was not bad. If people didn’t show up, maybe she could consider getting a few more pets.

After thinking about it, Ye Yunxi yawned and fell into a deep sleep.

As soon as she fell asleep, the sleeping man next to her suddenly opened his eyes, stretched out his long arms, and stubbornly pulled the person into his arms. Then he curled up the corners of his mouth and closed his eyes to sleep.

After a good night’s sleep, when she opened her eyes the next day, Ye Yunxi found that his side was empty.

Di Junxie was so ready that he had time to straighten his collar as he threw a coat to her.


Moreover, it was a long suit collar windbreaker that could cover her all the way to the calf.

Ye Yunxi: “…”

“Is it for me?”


“Then why didn’t you give it to me last night?”

She thought she was going out on a plane with her waist exposed!

“Because we have to go out to meet people today.”

Di Junxie said confidently, and Ye Yunxi laughed angrily.

Young Master Di shook his finger, I am your man, I can see it, but outsiders can’t!


Suddenly her hands were itchy and she wanted to hit someone!

“Let’s go!”

Young Master Di curled his lips with satisfaction and strode away.

Ye Yunxi could only fasten her belt, completely wrap herself in the black windbreaker, and raise her legs to follow.

A luxurious car, handsome and domineering man, and a stunning and noble beauty, the two seemed to be a perfect match, attracting people in the airport to look at them.


Several bodyguard-like people wearing black clothes and black sunglasses hurried over.

“Special Assistant Jin!”

Her current identity was the President’s personal assistant, Special Assistant Jin Yao.

“Well, you guys are too late. According to the schedule, you should be ten minutes early!”

Ye Yunxi fully integrated into the role and criticized these bodyguards who did not do their duty with arms crossed.

Bodyguards: “…”

Should we get into the role so quickly?

“Okay, let’s go quickly, don’t delay the plane!”

The bodyguards twitched their mouths and looked at Young Master Di.

Di Junxie curled his lips and said, “Just do what Special Assistant Jin says!”

Typical King Zhou You!

Everyone twitched their mouths and followed silently.

A large number of troops boarded the plane in great force, and the VIP cabin was reserved.

Young Master Di sat comfortably in his seat and ordered his special assistant to serve him closely.

“Change the channel.”

Ye Yunxi could only accept her fate and change the channel.

“This wine is not authentic, change it to coffee.”

Bringing the Kopi Luwak coffee, Ye Yunxi stirred it and looked at it, dreaming of stirring up a mess.

“Suddenly I feel a little cold.”

Di Junxie stared at someone’s fair and slender neck with the corner of his mouth raised.

“I’ll get the blanket.”

Before the person could move, she was pulled her into a warm chest. Di Junxie hugged the person tightly and smiled: “I have you, what kind of blanket do I want?”


Wasn’t this mission accomplished?

No one could stop her, she was going to go berserk!

Ding! Peach blossom value +10!

Ye Yunxi: “…”

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