5BKCM Ch. 52

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As soon as the news about the young man in the elevator came out, the acting department of the Capital Film Academy exploded.

You must know how big an opportunity this was, almost reaching the sky in one step.

“The Legend of Xuanji” was a TV series directed by the well-known director Ning Sanyue, and the actor opposite her was Luo Juntian. It could be said that Gu Yuan got a big piece of pie that fell from the sky. With this drama, her star journey and her life would be completely different.

Some female students’ eyes were turning red with envy, and of course more of them came forward to bless her.

Gu Yuan got this opportunity. After the shooting, she was afraid that her value would be different immediately. She would not be at the same level as them. In the future, she would know some people and have some resources. If she had a good relationship with them, she may still think about them.

These students in the film school were now sophomores, and had signed with companies one after another, and started to learn to plan their own future paths. These students they got to know in school now would go out with contacts and resources in the future.

Who would have trouble with connections, unless it was someone like who Huo Sijia disliked others?

But Huo Sijia’s acting skills were not good, her basic skills were poor, and she basically had no future.

After Gu Yuan was convinced that she was selected as the heroine of “The Legend of Xuanji”, she felt like she was floating.

In fact, when she went to participate in the audition, she had a faint feeling that she might be selected, but until she didn’t get the real letter, she definitely didn’t dare to say it, and she didn’t dare to really believe it. Now she suddenly told herself that she was indeed selected. This joy was like ascending to the sky in one step.

She thought of herself lying weakly in the operating room when she was seriously ill, and the scene of Hu Yuejing she saw on TV, all the past, what she lost, how she was powerless because of illness, this time, she would eventually rely on her own efforts to go up step by step, to make up for all the regrets she had had.

After accepting the envy of countless people in school, and the congratulations from teachers and people from all walks of life, Gu Yuan left school.

After school, she walked out a section and turned to another street before getting into her son’s luxury car.

The car her son drove was very different today: “What kind of car is this? You changed again?”

Nie Yu: “Aston Martin one77.”

Gu Yuan: “What?”

She didn’t understand.

Nie Yu whistled: “The global limit is five cars, worth 50 million yuan.”

Gu Yan listened, but her face was solemn, and she said to Nie Yu seriously: “Son, mother wants to tell you something.”

Nie Yu: “Huh?”

Gu Yan: “Mom has been selected in the audition, and she is going to be the heroine of “The Legend of Xuanji”, and she is going to act opposite the actor Luo Juntian!”

Nie Yu: “Congratulations, mom, you are so outstanding!”

Gu Yuan was still excited: “Mom is so happy today. After 25 years of looking forward to it, your mother will finally have her day. But son, your mother is about to become a big star. You have to keep a low profile in the future so as not to let the paparazzi get any clues about us.”

Nie Yu: “…”

He looked at his mother with indescribable eyes, this mother who had just auditioned already had a sense of star defence.

Gu Yuan smiled smugly: “So when you pick me up in the future, you can’t drive this kind of car. You should drive a more ordinary car.”

Nie Yu: “Okay.”

Fifty million, bought for nothing.

After Gu Yuan was happy, she remembered what happened to Nie Yu: “Have you checked your body? When will the result come out?”

When Nie Yu heard this, his heart was full of pain. After drawing countless tubes of blood, he finally got a result: “I’m in good health and everything is normal.”

He told his mother the result, and when he mentioned that he was tortured in various ways, his tone was quite resentful.

Gu Yuan didn’t care about her son’s grievances at all, and she was happy: “It’s fine! Now I’m relieved.”

Thinking of her happy event for a while, she felt really happy: “Such a good day, as a son, shouldn’t you celebrate your mother’s success properly?”

Nie Yu: “Okay, how do you want to celebrate, mother?”

Gu Yuan: “You can celebrate anyway?”

Nie Yu: “Hmm, please mention it as soon as possible, there is me in this world, Nie Tuhao, is there something I can’t do?”

Gu Yuan chuckled, and leaned on the comfortable sofa seat to make a request: “Nie Yu, let’s have a reunion dinner for mom to celebrate, let your brother come over together. Mom wants to see you two brothers celebrating mom’s success together.”

Nie Yu: “…”

Gu Yuan squinted at her son, and sure enough, she saw her son’s face that had suddenly darkened: “Why, aren’t you willing?”

Nie Yu: “Yes.”

But the voice was very reluctant.

Gu Yuan smiled: “Okay, just promise, I’ll call your brother Qisen right now, and say that we are going to eat at his place and let him go home early.”

When Nie Yu heard this, his head was full of thoughts. He felt wronged.

After holding back for a long time, he finally said: “Even if he and I are brothers, don’t say we are brothers. It doesn’t matter who is older!”

He didn’t want to admit it or mention it before.

Now that he was forced to this point, he could only admit it, but the question of who was the elder brother and who was the younger brother should also be put on the table.

When Gu Yuan got into the 50 million Aston Martin one77, Huo Sijia walked out of the school in a daze.

She didn’t understand what happened, that was, in the last two weeks, she suddenly changed from the envied daughter of a rich man to a poor wretch ridiculed by everyone. What happened?

Huo Sijia thought of the rain that day more than once. She just drove past Gu Yuan and let the rain splash on Gu Yuan’s skirt. Apart from this, she didn’t do anything, but what about Gu Yuan? Since then, she had been really unlucky because of Gu Yuan.

The starring position, she would be playing against Luo Juntian.

Huo Sijia liked Luo Juntian, and had been crazy about him since very early…

Since then, she had been madly obsessed with Luo Juntian. In fact, no one knew why she, a rich lady, insisted on being admitted to the Film Academy, it was just for Luo Juntian.

Such an opportunity was snatched away by Gu Yuan.

Huo Sijia’s heart seemed to be violently disturbed, and she was so uncomfortable that she couldn’t breathe.

At this moment, a person stood in front of her.

Looking up, the man was wearing sunglasses and a hat, looking mysterious.

She sneered: “Who are you? What are you doing?”

The man looked around: “Here, here you are.”

Huo Sijia: “What the hell?”

These things were some photos.

The photo showed Gu Yuan being escorted into a luxury car by a man. The man’s hand was on the top of the car door, and he looked very caring for Gu Yuan.

Huo Sijia narrowed her eyes: “Who is this?”

But the man said: “You don’t have to worry about it, you just need to know that by spreading this photo, you can ruin Gu Yuan’s reputation.”

Huo Sijia’s eyes widened when she heard this. Then her eyes suddenly lit up.

Gu Yuan was selected as the heroine of “The Legend of Xuanji”. According to the call notification, she first went to the Star Entertainment Company to meet director Ning Sanyue.

In the past, Nie Yu drove her there. At the gate of the company, Nie Yu stopped the car and asked her to get out of the car and walk for a while: “Mom, behave well, and when you see the director, I will go home and celebrate with you.”

Gu Yuan nodded fiercely: “Okay, let’s go back and celebrate! But my son is thoughtful, I must not let people know that I am already a mother, otherwise it will affect my stardom, and I must keep a low profile so that no one can see me sitting in your car, what if they think I have a boyfriend?”

Nie Yu held the steering wheel, looked at his mother who was not a star but was already full of celebrity baggage, and held back his smile: “I know, Mom, don’t worry.”

Gu Yuan waved goodbye to her son quietly, after that, she walked into the building of Star Entertainment. This was the second time she came here, and the feeling was different from the first time. This time she was full of expectations and pride.

She went to the front desk to register, and soon someone came to pick her up. To her surprise, it was Ning Sanyue who came to pick her up in person. Gu Yuan was immediately flattered and rushed forward to shake hands.

Going upstairs and entering the office, Ning Sanyue chatted with Gu Yuan first, learned more about Gu Yuan’s situation, then asked about Gu Yuan’s plan, and talked about the script of “The Legend of Xuanji”. In the end, he gave the script to Gu Yuan, and asked Gu Yuan to go back and familiarize herself with the script. Finally, he mentioned details such as the next audition and makeup photos. Those details could be discussed in detail with the assistant.

Gu Yuan also joined the filming crew twenty-five years ago, so she naturally knew the process, but she was also afraid that it would be different from before, so she listened carefully.

After talking about various matters, Ning Sanyue shook hands with Gu Yuan again, and handed her over to Assistant Wang: “Let Assistant Wang tell you about the next process and the contract in detail, and you take it back and take a closer look, confirm that there is no problem before signing.”

Gu Yuan thanked Ning Sanyue, followed Assistant Wang to another office, where he began to explain the details to her, and asked her to add a WeChat group, saying that an actor meeting would be held next, when the time came, everyone would get to know each other well, and at the same time, she would be required to cooperate with the company’s publicity.

Gu Yuan naturally agreed again. While talking, she heard Assistant Wang receive a call.

After receiving the call, Assistant Wang took a special look at Gu Yuan, and then hung up the phone; “Mr. Chen said, let you go over there, he wants to see you.”

It was indeed a bit unexpected, although this time, the project of “The Legend of Xuanji” was the most valued this year, but according to Chen Mingzhi’s style, he never said that he would meet a certain actor alone, this was the first time in history.

So, what was the origin and background of this young new actress who became the heroine of “The Legend of Xuanji” in one step?

Gu Yuan was even more surprised, but she still nodded: “Okay, then I’ll go there now?”

Assistant Wang had something to do, so he told her about Chen Mingzhi’s office: “It’s at 1906 on the 19th floor, just take the elevator up.”

Gu Yuan agreed, shook hands with Assistant Wang and said goodbye, and then went to take the elevator.

With a ding dong, the elevator stopped. When Gu Yuan walked into the elevator, she saw a young man in the elevator.

The sunglasses on the young man’s face covered most of his face, but from the lips, nose and perfectly lined jaw under the sunglasses, the young man’s facial features were exquisite and handsome. He was wearing a snow-white windbreaker with a black sweater inside, and dark jeans underneath. The simple and capable black and white look seemed very comfortable.

Gu Yuan didn’t expect to run into a man with such a strong aura. She nodded politely and looked at the button. The indicator light on the 19th floor was on. She stood quietly at the corner of the elevator.

After she came in, the young man beside her raised his hand to take off his sunglasses, frowned slightly, and looked at Gu Yuan.

Gu Yuan felt the young man’s scrutinizing gaze, so she had no choice but to smile back at him.

This was not at school anymore. The people who appeared in this building, especially those who were handsome and beautiful, were likely to be her seniors or her colleagues, and she always needed to be more careful when getting along with them.

The young man saw her smile and looked away.

Gu Yuan breathed a sigh of relief.

This man’s aura was quite strong, it was really a little stressful to be looked at by him like that, she didn’t think she was the best.

Just as she was thinking about it, the elevator stopped.

Gu Yuan originally wanted to wait for the young man to go out first, but who knew that the young man stretched out his hand and made a gesture of invitation, signalling her to go out first.

The young man had a pair of slender and beautiful hands, and his movements were graceful.

Gu Yuan smiled gratefully at him again: “Thank you.”

After finishing speaking, she walked out of the elevator.

Who knew that as soon as she stepped out of the elevator, she saw a person walking towards her.

Seeing that person, Gu Yan frowned immediately, this turned out to be the ex-boyfriend Lu Zhiqian who fainted when he saw her!

Lu Zhiqian obviously also saw Gu Yuan, and when he saw Gu Yuan, his handsome face suddenly sank.

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