APY Ch. 125

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Wu Qian was forced to raise her head and look at him, looking at the fierce light in his eyes, she said, “If you hadn’t given me a drink with added ingredients, I would have never been here with you.”

Although she was groggy last night, but she was not completely unaware by what had happened. Regarding her loss of control last night, Wu Qian thought that the problem could only be with the glass of juice she drank after coming back.

Zhou Liang chuckled softly, “Hehe, it seems you’re not stupid, but you said I forced you, where is the evidence?”

Wu Qian was also a little broken now, although she didn’t believe Chen Qingtian would treat her like this, but she also listened to Zhou Liang’s words.

“I am the evidence myself.” Feeling the sticky discomfort in her lower body, Wu Qian knew that the evidence was in her body. Wasn’t it just for evidence? She decided that she will go to the hospital for an examination. Did he think he could run away?

Zhou Liang squeezed her chin and tightened her hand, “You really came from a naïve household. As long as I say that you slept with me willingly for money last night, but after waking up in the morning because you were not satisfied with the price I gave, you threatened me by saying that you will go to police, who do you think everyone will believe, you or me?”

Wu Qian’s expression had become extremely ugly, because she was pinched at her chin and was forced to look at him, “You are shameless!”

Zhou Liang shook her away and Wu Qian fell on the bed. She slammed her head against the bedside table, which made her hurt.

He looked at her condescendingly, “Since you are shameless, then you call the police to see who loses in the end. Oh, yes, Chen Qingtian asked me to tell you that now he has nothing to do with you. Bridge to bridge, road to road.”

Before Zhou Liang left, he took a few banknotes from his wallet and threw them on Wu Qian’s face, “This is your service charge for last night.”

Wu Qian’s eyes were red and she felt like dying. Staring at the banknotes, she still maintained the posture of being pushed down by Zhou Liang, with her head down, her long hair covering her face, and her expression could not be seen clearly.

Suddenly, she rushed into the bathroom naked, standing under the shower, letting hot water pour down, rubbing her body hard, as if there was something dirty on it, she squatted on the bathroom floor, and finally burst into tears.

When Wu Qian came out of the hotel, she was desperate. Zhou Liang’s words kept circling in her mind. Instead of going back to school, she went to her and Chen Qingtian’s home.

As soon as she took out the key to open the door, she saw a pair of red high heels at the door. These were not her shoes.

Looking along the high heels, from the door to the bedroom door, she could also see women’s stockings, coats, underwear…men’s shirts, tie… even if she didn’t see that scene, she could imagine just how fierce and anxious the battle between the two was.

Wu Qian’s face went pale, it was one thing to hear it from Zhou Liang, but another to see it with her own eyes.

She moved towards the bedroom step by step, even though she had guessed what the picture was inside, but she couldn’t give up if she didn’t see it.

She put her hand on the doorknob of the bedroom, and before she opened it, she heard the ambiguous sound of bodies colliding with each other. Her face became pale again, and her hand holding the doorknob was trembling.

Standing outside the door and listening for a while, she heard the soft voice of the woman in the room, and the voice of Chen Qingtian which she couldn’t be more familiar with. Even if Wu Qian didn’t believe Zhou Liang, she had to believe her own eyes.

She was heartbroken as she opened the bedroom door. The woman saw her first, screamed, and pulled one side of the quilt to cover her body, but Chen Qingtian was not surprised to see her, and he picked the clothes lying around him slowly.

“Why are you here?” he asked her.

Wu Qian’s face was pale, without the slightest blood, looking at Chen Qingtian’s face in disbelief, “Who is she?”

“You have seen it, she is my new love.” Chen Qingtian said casually and also touched the woman’s cheek.

“She is your love, then what am I? What do you take me for then?” Wu Qian asked sharply.

Chen Qingtian frowned, “We are over? What does your love have to do with me.”

“So you threw me in the bar for such a woman, do you know what happened to me last night?” Wu Qian had tears in her eyes, but stubbornly refused to let them fall.

Chen Qingtian looked at her a little impatiently, “You’re shameless. What’s wrong with me looking for a woman? Didn’t you also stay with Zhou Liang last night.”

Wu Qian’s eyes widened in shock. It turned out that what Zhou Liang said was true, Chen Qingtian really pushed her onto other men.

“Chen Qingtian, you bastard, how can you treat me like this!” Wu Qian rushed up, raising her hand to hit Chen Qingtian, but Chen Qingtian grabbed her wrist.

Then he slapped Wu Qian to the ground with a backhand, “Don’t be shameless, everyone here is an adult. It was all just for fun. Did you think that I will marry you? Don’t daydream, and don’t look for me ever again. What is the identity of a village girl who came from the country?”

He pointed towards the door, “This is my home, so you get out, and you must not appear in front of me ever again. “

Wu Qian’s hand stayed on the ground, one hand clutching her sore face, as she looked at Chen Qingtian bitterly.

The woman looked at Wu Qian who was embarrassed on the ground and a trace of compassion flashed across her eyes, but it was fleeting. She sympathized with Wu Qian’s experience, but still laughed at Wu Qian’s innocence.

Wu Qian left, she went straight back to school, and when she saw Fang Tong, she stepped forward and asked, “Where is Shen Qinglan?”

Wu Qian’s eyes were red, and one of her cheeks was scarily swollen. She looked really embarrassed, Fang Tong was shocked, “Wu Qian, what’s wrong with you, why are you asking for Qinglan?”

“I asked you, where is Shen Qinglan?” Wu Qian’s eyes were fierce and hateful.

“Qinglan is not here, she hasn’t appeared in school for a long time.”

“Of course I know that she is not at school. I am asking you where is her home. If you have such a good relationship, you must know the address right.”

Fang Tong intuitively felt that Wu Qian has no good intentions towards Shen Qinglan. Although she knew the address of Shen Qinglan’s home. She also knew that Wu Qian was up to no good..

“I don’t know, I haven’t been to her house.” Fang Tong denied.

Wu Qian naturally didn’t believe it. Seeing the phone on Fang Tong’s desk, she snatched it over. When Wu Qian came back, Fang Tong was sending a WeChat message to Shen Qinglan. The screensaver of the phone hadn’t been locked, so Wu Qian found it easily. She found Shen Qinglan’s phone number and dialled it immediately.

Fang Tong wanted to take the phone back, but today she didn’t know what medicine did Wu Qian had taken. She was so powerful that she couldn’t take it back.

“Wu Qian, what are you going to do, return the phone to me.” Fang Tong was also angry now.

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