APY Ch. 124: What about the evidence?

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There were only Wu Qian and Zhou Liang in the booth. Even though the bar environment was noisy, Wu Qian still felt embarrassed. She drank a sip of juice from time to time and looked around for Chen Qingtian.

After a while, she couldn’t concentrate on Chen Qingtian, as her body was getting hotter and hotter. Wu Qian thought it was because the air in the bar was not circulating. So, she took out her mobile phone and called Chen Qingtian. .

Zhou Liang didn’t stop her, but watched it all in his spare time.

The phone was connected but no one answered. Wu Qian made two calls, then made a third call, she hung up and tried again and again.

She felt a little uneasy in her heart, “Qingtian’s phone is turned off, do you think something is wrong?”

Wu Qian was a little worried, this was a bar. Everyone knew it was hard to guarantee that there would not be any abnormalities here.

She stood up, trying to find Chen Qingtian, but as soon as she stood up, she fell back weakly.

Zhou Liang sat up and said with concern, “Are you okay?”

Wu Qian shook her head, “Nothing to worry. I’m a little dizzy, I probably drank too much. Don’t worry, I’m fine. We should go and find Chen Qingtian, I’m afraid he might have got hurt.”

“OK, I I’ll accompany you to find him.” Zhou Liang said he was going to step forward to help Wu Qian.

Wu Qian did not refuse this time, and stood up with Zhou Liang’s help. The two of them walked a circle along the way to the bathroom. They did not find Chen Qingtian. Instead, Wu Qian was getting hotter and hotter in her body. She felt a sense of emptiness.

Her skin was getting hotter by the second, her cheeks flushed, and her eyes blurred. Zhou Liang saw that the effect of the medicine was almost finished. So, originally, the hand that was holding her arm shifted to hug her waist. “I think Qingtian must’ve gone back first because he was drunk. Now, I’ll send you back to find him.”

Wu Qian’s mind was a little confused, and the emptiness in her body came in waves, eroding her sanity. She just felt that the body beside her was so cool, she didn’t realize it that she had shifted closer to Zhou Liang.

She didn’t hear Zhou Liang’s words clearly, just nodded and obediently followed Zhou Liang out of the bar. Zhou Liang handed the car key to the driver who was waiting at the door of the bar and reported the address of the nearby hotel.

Wu Qian and Zhou Liang sat in the back seat. Wu Qian twisted her body restlessly, pulling her neckline with her hands unconsciously, and soon there was the big spring scenery of her chest visible.

The hotel was not far away. Soon Zhou Liang helped Wu Qian get out of the car and they walked into the hotel elevator. She leaned against the cold elevator wall. Wu Qian was stimulated by the cold metal, and her consciousness recovered a bit. Looking at the surrounding environment, she finally realized something was wrong.

“This is not my home. Where are we?”

Zhou Liang smiled. “You got drunk and misunderstood. This is your home. We are in the elevator and will reach soon.”

Although Wu Qian’s mind was not clear at the moment, but there was still a sense of reason left, “This is not my home, and my elevator is not like this.”

Just at this moment, the elevator door opened and Wu Qian struggled to get out. Zhou Liang stepped forward and easily imprisoned her in his arms.

“Okay, we’re here, we’ll be fine soon, be good.”

Wu Qian continued to struggle and wanted to leave, but she was held by Zhou Liang after drinking alcohol. She was not Zhou Liang’s opponent. Soon, Wu Qian was taken in a room.

Zhou Liang took Wu Qian directly into the bedroom and threw her on the bed.

The heating was turned on in the room, but Wu Qian, who had regained her sobriety, didn’t feel warmer because of this warmth.

After Zhou Liang locked the door behind him, he ignored her and went into the bathroom to take a shower.

When he got out of the shower, Wu Qian was still lying on the bed, but at the moment she had nothing left on except a pair of underwear.

She gasped slightly and moaned in her mouth.

Zhou Liang smiled and looked at the snow-white jade body on the bed with deep eyes. He tore off the bath towel covering his body from his waist down and threw it on the ground casually.

He had just finished taking a shower, and the skin on his body was a little cold. As soon as he approached Wu Qian, Wu Qian automatically hugged him. She was so hot now, and her body was so empty, she was no longer a girl, so she naturally knew what this emptiness represented.

The man’s breath came on her face, and as her sanity was tortured by the medicine, the woman could not discern who the man in front of her was, and she closed her eyes and kissed him.

This night, the couple’s gasps sounded for a long, long time.

Next morning, when Wu Qian opened her eyes, she saw an unfamiliar environment. Her head was still a little confused. She was feeling uncomfortable all over her body, especially in her lower body, and her head felt dizzy for a moment.

Realizing what might have happened, her face turned pale, she turned her face and saw a familiar face appear in front of her eyes, her face was dull, and then she let out a heart-piercing scream.

Zhou Liang was sleeping, he almost died last night.

He was scared by the scream and sat up directly from the bed, “Morning.”

He suddenly sat up, the quilt was pulled by him, revealing the scenery of Wu Qian’s chest, then Wu Qian saw her chest. There were densely packed bite marks, she knew what might have happened.

She pulled the quilt and hugged herself, “You, what did you do to me?”

Her finger pointed at Zhou Liang, her fingertips trembling.

Zhou Liang was very angry about being awakened by her. He was irritated and angry. “You don’t know what happened here.”

“I’m Qingtian’s girlfriend. How can you treat me this way? Are you worthy of being Qingtian’s friend?” Wu Qian’s face was angry, and her body was shaking unconsciously.

Zhou Liang smiled, “If it weren’t for Qingtian’s acquiescence, do you think I would touch you?”

Wu Qian’s face paled, “No, no, Qingtian wouldn’t do this to me.”

Zhou Liang looked at her pale and bloodless smile and felt a little pity. “I should tell you Qingtian doesn’t want you anymore. He is just teasing you. Only you are stupid enough to take him seriously. Last night, when Qingtian disappeared midway, do you know why? It was because he had found a new girl and was eager to have sexual intercourse with her.”

“No, impossible. Qingtian, he loves me, he will not betray me. You are lying to me.” Wu Qian didn’t believe it, she shook her head vigorously.

“Since you don’t believe it, what are you afraid of, why are you shaking?” Zhou Liang revealed her inner thoughts, “Now Qingtian doesn’t want you anymore. For the sake of your energy yesterday, I can temporarily accept you. Don’t worry, I always treat women generously, I will never treat you badly.”

Wu Qian looked at him with a look of hatred, “Don’t think about it, what happened last night was not of my volition at all, you forced me, I’m going to tell Qingtian. I want to call the police.”

Zhou Liang’s face changed and the look in his eyes became a bit dangerous. He reached out and pinched Wu Qian’s chin, “I forced you? Who held me last night and kept shouting for more. You need to recall your memories.”

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