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The enemy’s surprise attack came very suddenly. For all the races living in this universe, it was a war that was provoked without warning.

At the moment before the sudden raid arrived, the entire interstellar was still very peaceful and calm, and Xie Luan was also in the Yunbao Branch with the cubs around him.

“Oni’s control of the flame seems to be getting more and more stable?” Xie Luan took the black dragon cub who was holding a small emerald gem in her mouth, lowered his head to look at the cub.


Holding the small gem, the dragon cub nestled in the arms of the young man, she made a response after hearing the young man’s words, and the dragon wings that had been slightly close to the sides of her body also moved.

As if wanting to show it to the youth, this black dragon cub held the emerald gem with its two front paws, flapped its wings and flew in front of Xie Luan, and then the young dragon took a deep breath and sprayed into the open space and spat out her dragon’s breath once again.

This time the dragon’s breath lasted for a very long time, and a beautiful flame color was drawn in the air.

Although compared with the dragon’s breath, it was like the difference between the prairie fire and fire from a small flame, but for the young dragon, this was the result of a lot of hard work.

“Huh–” After breathing out the dragon’s breath, the black dragon cub flew back to Xie Luan’s arms, raised her head, and stared at Xie Luan with her golden eyes.

Xie Luan raised his hand and touched the slightly bulging belly of the young dragon. It was still a cub, so the dragon scales on this part were not so hard yet; and had a little body temperature.

Xie Luan gave the black dragon cub an encouraging look when he touched it with his hands; and praised her: “A Oni has become very good at control, and the dragon’s breath is stronger than before.”

Dragon cubs, that is, the cubs of the Kesu clan were able to breathe dragon’s breath not long after they were born. This black dragon cub could not control the breath because of its dark attribute ability before, and occasionally, would unintentionally spit out a little dragon breath.

The black dragon cub accidentally spitting out the dragon’s breath had now become a low-probability event, which was much milder than the previous situation where the dark attribute ability could not be controlled, and now it could be controlled stably.

“No one will blame Oni for accidentally burning the corner of the table like before.” Xie Luan adjusted his posture so that the black dragon cub in his arms faced the other caretakers in the hall, and the latter after hearing Xie Luan’s words, nodded one after another.

“Yes, A Oni is a good baby.” Afraid that the cub would remember this matter, Xia Qi agreed immediately.

This matter happened half a month ago, when this black dragon cub was flying around the house with the Kuhti and Kuwei cubs, and when she passed near the table in the living room, the cub accidentally let out her dragon breath. Like this, she scorched a small piece of the corner of the table.

At that time, the black dragon cub stopped flying to other places. She stayed on the table and stared down at the scorched corner of the table. When Xie Luan walked over, the young dragon gathered her own wings and wrapped them around herself.

Then also, Xie Luan had picked up the baby dragon and said that it was okay, but the baby black dragon seemed to feel that she had done something wrong and kept herself wrapped in the dragon wings for a while and did not move.

Now Xie Luan said this as a compliment and encouragement, and watching the reactions of other adults, the black dragon cub who had been able to control the dragon’s breath quickly moved her dragon wings happily.

Feeling that the black dragon cub wanted to fly, Xie Luan let go of the hand holding the dragon cub a little bit. As a result, everyone saw the black dragon cub flying into the bedroom for about half a minute. This young dragon came out with another gem.


Putting the bitten little gem down in front of everyone, the black dragon cub flew lowly into the air with its wings.

She had the meaning of giving this gem to them…

Realizing this, everyone in the hall looked at the black dragon cub with the flapping dragon wings and the golden eyes which looked especially bright, and their hearts couldn’t help but feel softer.

Because they all knew that this cub liked these shining gems very much. These gems were the treasures of this young dragon, but now she wanted to give them one.

The black dragin cub thought that the burnt corner of the table needed to be exchanged for something.

But the young dragon liked the emerald gem that Xie Luan gave her, so she returned it to the small treasure chest in her bedroom and brought out another gem.

Xie Luan went to pick up the ruby that was placed on the soft carpet, reached out and hugged the black dragon cub that was flying at a low altitude, and put the gem back to a position where the young dragon could hug it.

“Oni doesn’t need to give us gems.” Xie Luan said warmly to the black dragon cub, and then added another sentence after a pause, “It was just the corner of the table, the table was not completely burnt.”

Although the Yunbao Branch was now fully funded, Xie Luan had not become lavish with the club’s expenses.

The corner of the table was charred and looked unsightly. Xie Luan had already asked someone to deal with it. The square table in the living room could still be used as usual.

“Huh.” In the end, she still gently hugged the gem with her front paws. The black dragon cub was nestled in Xie Luan’s arms, with her magnificent golden vertical pupils narrowed slightly.

This black dragon cub was a female.

Although the caretakers of Yunbao Branch treated all the cubs well, regardless of gender when they took care of the cubs, but they sometimes needed to be gentler and more meticulous when dealing with female cubs.

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