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The two groups of people did meet.

Shen Yuqing looked at the girl not far away in disbelief.

The girl with a pair of pony tails and a beautiful face that was difficult to describe and difficult to draw had already surpassed the thousands of words in the world, not to mention that she still had a pair of eyes that were as moist as the beginning of a rainstorm.

The girl looked a lot like Pei Jin, but she was a little different from the previous Pei Jin.

The eldest lady who used to be Pei Jin had a temper, and she would get angry and smash things at every turn. Between her eyebrows and eyes, there was a bit of anger and hostility characteristic of rebellious girls, which was very unpleasant. But now there was only gentleness between Pei Jin’s brows and eyes.

But after more than a month of absence, Shen Yuqing felt that Pei Jin in front of him seemed to be a different person. All the rebellion in Pei Jin’s body has been removed, leaving only the best things in the 18-year-old girl.

Such pure beauty surprised her and made her jealous.

Shen Yuqing took two steps forward. This time, when she called Pei Jin, her tone was determined, unlike the first time, her tone was a bit suspicious. Because she was sure that the girl in front of her was Pei Jin.

She didn’t know what happened to Pei Jin, but she only felt that this change was something she didn’t want to see.

She and Pei Jin had not been in contact for more than a month, and Pei Jin did not take the initiative to find her. This had never happened before. Pei Jin took the initiative to repair the relationship between her and Pei Jin whenever there was a situation in the friendship between her and Pei Jin, but this time, Pei Jin’s attitude was unexpectedly flat.

She seemed to have completely forgotten her “best friend” and never came to her again. Could it be that the rejection by Qin Jun really caused such a big blow to her? Even such that Pei Jin hated her?

When Shen Yuqing was thinking about these messy things, Pei Jin was also thinking about things.

According to what Qingqing said before, among these people, there must be Qin Jun who the original owner had been obsessed with.

She glanced around, and soon saw a tall boy in the crowd.

He was tall, his complexion was creamy white, the bridge of his nose was tall, and his eyes were long and narrow. Just like his name, his looks were clear and charming, but he looked too cold, and there was no smile on his face.

If He Xun was like a gust of wind, unruly, with a bit of wildness, then this Qin Jun was like a ball of snow, cold, aloof, and a bit inaccessible.

Shen Yuqing’s tone was familiar, “Pei Jin, you said before that you would not come for Qin Jun’s birthday. At that time, I guessed that you would come. I didn’t expect that I guessed it correctly.”

Yu Yuan glanced at Pei Jin blankly. She took another look at Shen Yuqing. Pei Jin obviously came to sing with Brother Xun, what was the matter with this Qin Jun?

At this time, the rest of the class also noticed Pei Jin.

After seeing Pei Jin, many people showed amazed expressions in their eyes.

They looked at each other for three days, and thought that in a short period of time, Pei Jin had changed a lot.

With long black hair that reached the waist, her brows had become more delicate. Was this really Pei Jin who had been in the same class with them for two full years? Pei Jin didn’t have a good temper in the past, so how could they feel that she felt good now?

She didn’t feel the same anymore.

Knowing that Pei Jin liked Qin Jun, a group of people started teasing Qin Jun in a hurry.

“Qin Jun, look at it, Pei Jin has become so much more beautiful, just like a different person.”

“Fuck, it’s the first time I’ve noticed Pei Jin’s beauty.”

“Qin Jun, what are you still wondering about? Hurry over.”

Qin Jun was unmoved, he glanced at Pei Jin from a distance, and then took his gaze back politely.

Shen Yuqing smiled at Pei Jin and said in a warm tone, “Qin Jun is over there, won’t you go over to say hello?”

Pei Jin shook her head and refused, “No.”

“At any rate, it’s the person you’ve liked for so long, really don’t want to say hello?”

As soon as this sentence fell, Yu Yuan’s eyes widened in disbelief.

Pei Jin liked that Qin Jun? What about Mr. He? What about Mr. He?

Shen Yuqing looked up and down at Pei Jin, with a somewhat inattentive tone, “Isn’t it just confessing to Qin Jun and being rejected, why are you being so proud? Don’t even dare to say hello?”

The confession was rejected?

Yu Yuan felt that she had eaten a shocking melon. But she didn’t have the slightest joy in her heart. She felt that if Mr. He knew than this matter was going to explode for sure.

And after eating this melon, she was about to die.

She didn’t want to be a melon-eater at all.

The other students in the class didn’t even know about Pei Jin’s confession, so they opened their mouths slightly.

This kind of confession was very private, and generally no one knew it, or everyone knew it.

Pei Jin had now determined that this Qingqing was definitely a fake girlfriend of the original body, who specially pushed the original body into the fire pit. Otherwise, how could she tell so many people that the original body was rejected by others?

This kind of thing was not glorious, what could she say?

Pei Jin didn’t know what to say for a while.

The original body should have really confessed, and it was really rejected.

At this time, as an outsider, she felt that nothing she said would be suitable. After all, she was not the one who confessed, nor was she who liked Qin Jun. But why was it that former classmates and Yu Yuan were looking at her with strange eyes?

Just as Pei Jin was thinking about how to respond, Qin Jun took a few steps forward, and said in a very flat tone, “Shen Yuqing, I am afraid you have made a mistake.”

As soon as Qin Jun said this, everyone’s eyes fell on him. He raised his eyes, and there was no special emotion in his narrow eyes, “Pei Jin has never confessed to me. Since she has never confessed, where is she being rejected?”

Shen Yuqing looked back at Qin Jun in disbelief.

Had Pei Jin ever confessed, her “best friend” naturally knew better. At the beginning, Pei Jin confessed under her pressure. After Pei Jin was rejected, she came back crying and wanted her to comfort her.

But now Qin Jun actually said that Pei Jin didn’t confess to her? Was he actually helping Pei Jin out of the siege?

Although Shen Yuqing knew that Qin Jun was lying, the person involved had said so, no matter what she said, no one would believe it.

After hearing Qin Jun’s words, the classmates were relieved.

Yu Yuan breathed a sigh of relief. She was really scared to death just now. Pei Jin actually confessed to the boy, but was rejected? This was really simple. But fortunately, this matter was not true, otherwise it would not end well.

At this time, Yu Yuan could be regarded as an afterthought. This girl named Shen Yuqing dug pits for Pei Jin everywhere, and it seemed that she was not good. She felt that as Pei Jin’s deskmate and roommate, it was necessary to stand up for her roommate. She was not afraid of them.

Yu Yuan sneered, “Who are you? It is so dark. How is it okay to see our Pei Jin?”

Shen Yuqing glanced at Yu Yuan, “I am her best friend, how can I not see her well?”

“Beauty? You are like this? You should be less disgusting.” Yu Yuan took Pei Jin’s arm intimately, and said slowly, “Pei Jin, such a girlfriend is not so bad, because she doesn’t know when she will give you small shoes[1].”

“You!” At this time, a few boys’ voices were heard from not far away.

“Hey, A Xun, look, people are there.” This was Zheng Li’s voice.

She didn’t know why, but after hearing the voice of an acquaintance, Pei Jin relaxed all over.

“Peipei.” Pei Jin glanced back and found that He Xun and Zheng Li had also followed out. Did they come to the toilet too?

Zheng Li chuckled, “A Xun thought you were taking too long to come back from the toilet, so he was worried, so we came out to see the situation.”

He Xun’s gaze swept across the large group of people not far away, and he naturally noticed the most noticeable boy in the crowd during this period. The next second, He Xun looked away calmly, “What’s wrong?”

Yu Yuan said out first, “Brother Xun, it’s okay, just met a few acquaintances.” Yu Yuan didn’t say it was an acquaintance who had met. After finishing speaking, she took Pei Jin’s arm and prepared to leave, “Pei Jin, walk around, let’s go to the bathroom.”

Shen Yuqing’s eyes changed when He Xun appeared.

There was a kind of person that you had never met in person, but you still knew his looks and his name.

This kind of person’s name was so thunderous that almost everyone had heard of it.

He Xun belonged to this kind of person.

Qin Jun was indeed not bad, but Qin Jun, who was not bad everywhere, naturally fell short in front of He Xun.

People like He Xun had been the best since they were born. Not to mention his father, the richest man in Jiang City, and the top three wealthiest people in the country, recently stated in public that the industries under his name would only be inherited by his only biological son He Xun.

And this news dominated Weibo headlines for two days.

Many people across the country knew that He Xun’s father married his first love after the death of his wife. There were still many people who speculated whether Mr. He’s first love and stepson would inherit part of the property. But he didn’t expect that Mr. He would be so cruel, and he said directly in front of everyone that he would only bequeath his own industry to He Xun.

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[1] Betray you.

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