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Pei Jin didn’t take Qingqing and what she said to heart. In her opinion, Qingqing was just an insignificant person. And now she was in the twelfth middle school, and Qingqing was in Huai’an middle school, so there would not be much overlap between the two sides.

The next day was the monthly exam in the twelfth middle school.

Before, Pei Jin avoided the preliminary examination of boys’ college, but could not avoid the monthly examination of the twelfth middle school. However, she was also a senior high school candidate before transmigrating into the book, so she was very suitable to give all kinds of large and small exams conducted in high school.

After the two-day exam got over, it was the weekend.

In order to celebrate the passing of the two-day test, Zheng Li and others planned to go to the KTV collectively. Zheng Li chose the largest and most luxurious KTV in the city center.

Pei Jin specifically called Yu Yuan and Xu Lulu, who were in the same dormitory, so that their group happened to be three men and three women.

While walking on the road, Pei Jin looked at He Xun, Zheng Li, and Fatty beside her, feeling a little bit weird in her heart. She didn’t ask how their relationship with Zhang Chen was, and they didn’t mention this person, equally tacitly. Zhang Chen seemed to be completely gone from Pei Jin’s life and there was nothing else except the slight traces left from before.

After arriving at KTV, the Fatty took the lead to order a song. Zheng Li sat on the sofa and chatted with Yu Yuan and Xu Lulu.

After Fatty ordered himself a song “Qinghai-Tibet Plateau”, he moved his huge body, turned his head and asked them, “What are you going to sing?”

Zheng Li said casually, “You can click on one by the way. Anyway, I can do most pop songs.” After speaking, he blinked at Xu Lulu who was on the side, “I’m ok even if it is a duet for men and women.”

Xu Lulu was generous, “Okay. Then we’ll sing a duet later.”

So, Fatty ordered several love sonsg sung by men and women for Zheng Li and Xu Lulu, naturally including “A Little Sweet”. After ordering, he did not forget to ask, “What about Brother Xun?”

He Xun slowly stood up from his position and walked behind Fatty. He tapped his finger on the screen and clicked on a song by himself.

After clicking, He Xun returned to his position. Fatty knew everything, he did not forget the others, “What about Xiao Wu and Yu Yuan? What are you singing?”

Pei Jin and Yu Yuan both waved their hands and refused. Yu Yuan said while eating a piece of fruit, “My voice, I still don’t want to harm you.”

As for Pei Jin… she sat quietly and saw that all their eyes were looking at her, so she smiled. “I like to listen to people singing.”

At this time, the melody of “Qinghai-Tibet Plateau” had sounded, and Fatty no longer paid attention to others, he devoted himself to the song, and started roaring.

Zheng Li laughed twice in response to the loud music, “It’s good to listen to people singing, but this is how A Xun sings.” After finishing speaking, Zheng Li gave his thumbs up without hesitation.

Xu Lulu glanced at Zheng Li, “What about you?”

Zheng Li said without flushing, “I sing like Eason Chan.”

Xu Lulu chuckled and laughed. She rolled her eyes and asked, “Then… How are you compared to the boss?”

Zheng Li spread his hands out, “A Xun is A Xun. Anyway, he sings well, and you will be blessed later.”

Pei Jin looked a little surprised. He Xun glanced at her.

She slept with him for so many days, but she had never heard He Xun sing a song, she was a little curious, “Brother Xun, what song did you order?”

He Xun put the warmed coconut milk in front of her and looked down. He smiled and said, “You’ll know in a moment.”

After the Fatty finished “Qinghai-Tibet Plateau” with his shouting, Xu Lulu and Zheng Li immediately sang “A Little Sweet” together.

She had to say that Xu Lulu’s voice was sweet and Zheng Li’s voice was also sweet, so the two of them singing love songs together were a very good match. When the two sang love songs together, Fatty kept winking at them. Anyone with eyes could see that Zheng Li and Xu Lulu had some signs of chemistry.

Soon, after the two songs, it was He Xun’s song.

The unfamiliar melody sounded, and He Xun took the microphone from Zheng Li.

Pei Jin discovered that He Xun’s song was called “Fascinating”. She bit her lower lip subconsciously.

As Zheng Li said, He Xun sang really well, his voice was deep and sexy, and his appearance was bright. It felt that he could make his idol debut without need for any packaging.

Music gradually entered her ears.

Pei Jin discovered that He Xun did not continue to look at the TV screen anymore, but instead turned to look directly at her.

Pei Jin was flustered for a moment.

“Current through the heart of the moment was hit

even if you do not give up the world’s a pity

because at the moment my eyes only see you

your smile makes me so fascinated

your eyes make me give up the resistance

all the drama all point to you”

After this section, the next lyric was “I just want to love you.” After the song got over, Fatty, Zheng Li and others especially applauded and almost clapped the room down.

Fatty covered his mouth and joked, “Brother Xun, are the lyrics your own thoughts?” He ordered this fascinating song personally. There was even a “I only want to love you” in the lyrics. If there was no special intention, Fatty wouldn’t believe it.

He Xun chuckled and admitted openly, “Yes.” After the words fell, there was a round of laughter around him.

When she was a student before, boys who were handsome, good in figure, from a good family background, and sang very nicely were always unattainable. And He Xun met all the conditions.

He Xun didn’t plan to sing any more after he finished singing. Fatty was in high spirits, feeling that he could sing to the world by himself, so the box was always lively, and the singing never stopped.

Pei Jin took a sip of coconut milk, and He Xun put his arm behind her, while his eyes never looked away from her. She always felt that He Xun wanted to say something. She blinked, “He Xun, do you have anything to say?”

He Xun chuckled lightly, “Peipei, what I can say in front of others, I have already I said it through the lyrics. There are some more things I want to say to you in private.” He Xun deliberately added an accent to the two words in private and alone.

Don’t look at the Fatty who had been occupying the microphone and singing, but in fact his attention had never been removed from He Xun and Pei Jin. Hearing He Xun’s words, he put down the microphone, twisted his little potato-like body, and sat down beside He Xun with a face full of expectation of gossip.

“Brother Xun, what can’t you say in front of us?”

Zheng Li smiled, “What else can it be?” He could even say “I just want to love you” in front of people, what else could he not say? Could only speak privately? It must be more shameful and more private.

Fatty rolled his eyes and immediately understood, he laughed wickedly on the side.

Zheng Li assisted, “Axun, this is what you don’t understand, what do you mean by lyrics, singing is singing, talking is talking, one thing does not belong to the other thing, the two can’t be confused.”

He Xun stroked his chin and felt that what Zheng Li said was reasonable.

Singing really couldn’t replace face-to-face confession.

The colorful lights in the box were brilliant and blurred, but these lights were far less than the brilliance of He Xun’s eyes.

In front of everyone, he said word by word, “Peipei, you fascinate me.”

He had completely given up resistance and was being very obedient.

Pei Jin was a little embarrassed to be ridiculed by these people. She felt that her cheeks were slightly hot. At this time, Yu Yuan said that she was going to the bathroom, and she hurriedly said, “I will go too”.

After her and Yu Yuan left the extremely high-temperature box, Pei Jin felt that her face had cooled slightly.

Yu Yuan joked, “The boss’s intention is so obvious that it can’t be more obvious. Are you two together?”

Pei Jin put the back of her hand on her face and said dryly, “No.”

When she heard this answer, Yu Yuan started to feel sorry for the boss again. However, she estimated that the boss might have been holding back a big move, so he didn’t make a formal confession.

Zheng Li’s box was at the end of KTV, and the two of them needed to go through a hall to go to the toilet.

As the two of them talked and laughed and walked to the toilet, there was an obviously incredulous cry from not far away, “Pei Jin?”

Pei Jin subconsciously turned to look.

They saw a large number of men and women standing not far away, there were roughly 30 people. They should have just arrived at KTV, so they were still opening boxes, and the hall was very lively for a while.

The girl who called her out had air bangs, her hair was a bit long with curly ends, her face had a lot of makeup, she was wearing a black suspender dress, and she wore a pair of black stilettos on her feet.

This girl’s beauty was not low, but this level of beauty was obviously not enough in front of the newly promoted school flower from the 12th middle school, Pei Jin, who was called “epic beauty” by the 12th middle school students.

Seeing this girl, Pei Jin suddenly had a name in her mind.


It suddenly occurred to her that Qingqing said that they would celebrate Qin Jun’s birthday on the weekend. So, they were now coming to KTV as a group to celebrate Qin Jun’s birthday?

Could it be such a coincidence, that they actually met here?

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