YXBG Ch. 51: Advertising

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At this moment, someone rang the doorbell.

“I’ll get it. I’ll get it!” Yin Xiaomei dropped the half-cut tomatoes in her hand and hopped to the door.

Looking through the peephole, her face suddenly collapsed. She seemed really afraid of something. It turned out to be Yin Zhefei, the plague god…

She slowly opened the door and stared at him, “What are you doing here?”

She then thought that he had misunderstood that she liked black shirts. So, today, Yin Zhefei deliberately wore a linen casual black shirt with a large bouquet of red roses in his hands. “I came to see my mother, do I still have to report to you? Yin Xiaomei, are you too overbearing.” He was still being sarcastic, she was so annoyed that her face had turned into a book, and she turned her face and refused to recognize the person at every turn.

“Tacky! Sending roses!” She wrinkled her nose.

“It’s not for you, don’t be presumptuous!” He squeezed in from the door forcefully, ignoring Yin Xiaomei’s anger, and said to Chang Mei, “Mom, I brought you flowers.”

“Ah, thank you Zhefei, it’s really nice of you. “Chang Mei smiled openly.

Yin Xiaomei immediately took over: “If mother likes flowers, I will bring you every day!”

Yin Zhefei saw that she was about to fight for favor and said coldly: “Naive.”

Chang Mei embraced her daughter lovingly and comforted her. Since she was very young, because of being abandoned, Yin Xiaomei had a strong sense of crisis and a strong desire for exclusivity. She was very sticky to Chang Mei. When she first returned to China, she talked with her on the phone every day, and made sure that her mother was thinking about herself and the only thing she was thinking about was her.

She … Chang Mei could only comfort herself when faced with her daughter’s attachment. Maybe it would be fine when she got married.

“I really hope you can find your partner sooner,” Chang Mei smiled, “So you can stick to your husband and let me relax.”

Chang Mei had originally said it inadvertently, but Yin Xiaomei felt guilty when she heard it. She couldn’t help but glance at Yin Zhefei. And it happened that Yin Zhefei was also looking at her, her dark eyes were not joking at all, and they were full of tenderness.

She hurriedly looked away, her heart beating quickly.

“A Fei, you are not young anymore. Even if you don’t want to get married, you should find a girlfriend.” Yin Zhefei had been single for so many years, and Chang Mei even thought that even if he said he was going to come out with Zhang Xiangyi, she would accept it.

Yin Zhefei hadn’t spoken yet, but Yin Xiaomei had already exaggeratedly smiled: “Hahahaha, mom, he is so annoying, no women would like him!”

Yin Zhefei narrowed his eyes dangerously, “What did you say?”

Yin Xiaomei had only said something when the focus turned to herself: “But there are many boys who like Xiaomei, Xiaomei is very popular!”

Chang Mei smiled and clicked her tongue: “Yes, Xiaomei is popular, brother is not popular, you…”

If it weren’t for the “welfare” that Yin Xiaomei had given before, Yin Zhefei really wanted to greet her little butt again! Many boys? Very popular? She really dared to say it!

It was just that after all, their mother was here, and he was not good at it, so he could only write it down in his heart secretly.

“Mom, actually I’m here for one other thing…” He stepped forward and hesitated, “Dad has returned from Singapore…”

Chang Mei was taken aback, and the sharp kitchen knife cut a cut in her finger.

“Oh! Mom, you are bleeding!” Yin Xiaomei hurriedly grabbed her hand.

“Where is the medicine kit!” Yin Zhefei said hurriedly.

“It’s in my bedside table!” As she said, she hurriedly grabbed the tissue to press the wound for Chang Mei first.

Yin Zhefei hurried to her bedroom and opened the bedside table. The first thing that caught his eye was an old photo of him.

He was stunned for a moment. It was a photo of him in high school, half-naked taking a shower in the garden.

She still had…

Unconsciously showing a happy smile, he hurriedly picked up the medicine box next to it and walked out.

Chang Mei allowed her children to deal with the wounds for her, but her expression was dazed. Was she really ready to face that person?

“Mom, if you are not ready, you can wait.” Yin Zhefei said thoughtfully.

“After so many years, I cannot be badly prepared, the divorce agreement has been drawn up.” Chang Mei smiled bitterly, looking at her tightly bandaged fingers. It was said that the ten fingers were connected to the heart, and the cut just now really cut into her heart.

Yin Ruoji, you are also a knife in my heart…


On the day Yin Ruoji returned to the company, it happened that Song Yuanyuan’s second advertisement had also been edited, and Zhang Xiangyi showed him the samples like a treasure.

The original dark gray-black picture was like glass suddenly shattered, and a ray of light penetrated. Instead, a beautiful and slightly plump girl smiled and used the product in a bright room, full of confidence and expectation…

“Yes,” Yin Ruoji said after reading it blankly, “But add one or two more shots, and add a few close-ups to the areas where the thighs are prone to fat lines, to highlight the product’s ability to repair the skin.”

“Yes, yes!” Zhang Xiangyi hurriedly noted it down.

“There is also the effect of broken glass. Slow motion will give people a stronger sense of sense, reducing some facial close-ups, and keeping the duration as usual.”

“Good, good,” Zhang Xiangyi hurriedly wrote down.

“Well, that’s it. Is there anything else?”

“There is another sponsorship. The whitening product endorsed by Xiaomei before sells very well. The department discussed it and wondered if we should continue to work hard and sponsor some more variety shows. There are two variety shows that are in contact with Xiaomei, one is for romance and the other is for game format. You can take a look.” He said, handing over two plans and budgets, “We are also aware that Xiaomei’s agent has contacted her, and she is going to participate in the romance category, and then be a guest of the game competition program.”

“Hey,” Yin Ruoji said jokingly, “It is said that raising a daughter is expensive, as expected … “

Zhang Xiangyi also laughed.

“Let me take a look at this first. By the way, today Hu Fei and Xianxian are back. A Fei asks you to go to the house to have a party tonight.”

“Oh, okay…”

“Don’t worry, I have nothing to do.” Yin Ruoji looked at his mouse and cat-like expression, and said, “I know I can’t have fun with you.”

Zhang Xiangyi’s eyes lit up immediately, and he smiled: “Uncle Xie Yin!” For some reason, he thought Yin Ruoji seemed to be in a good mood today.

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