YXBG Ch. 52: Dry Cleaning

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This evening, the French-style building of the Yin family home was extremely lively. Red and white balloons flew all over the roof, and various glasses full of champagne, red, and white wines were placed on the table. Yin Zhefei even invited a private chef who used to be the chef of a three-Michelin-star hotel. When the cook came, A Chun ran very diligently before and after him, planning to steal some good dishes from the teacher.

It was Hu Yue’er who came first, whose purpose was as impure as A Chun, that is to steal the teacher.

Then Zhang Xiangyi followed her in like a dog who smelled meat.

“Huh? Why are you wearing black again, don’t you feel hot?” He looked at Yin Zhefei strangely. This guy had been strangely wearing only black recently. No wonder the people in the laboratory said he might have finally become a vampire completely.

“I’m happy!” Yin Zhefei didn’t lift his eyelids and focused on the candlestick.

“If you really become a vampire, I should be the first person you tell …… so I can stay away from you.”

Yin Zhefei said, grinning: “Do not worry, even if I became a vampire, I would not drink pig’s blood ah.”

At the side, Hu Yueer, who was putting on the plate, couldn’t help but laugh when she heard it.

Zhang Xiangyi was annoyed for a while, but then he turned to a smirk: “I can’t tell you, but when Xiaomei comes, you will naturally behave.” Yin Zhefei’s hands became stagnant, and suddenly he wanted to use a lighter to give Zhang Xiangyi a warning.

It was said that Cao Cao would be there when talking about him. Soon, Yin Xiaomei arrived wearing a loose plaid shirt, a large mask and a peaked cap, as she sneaked in. Yin Zhefei hurriedly greeted him: “Are the things going smoothly?”

“Fortunately, I first sent my mother to the destination.” She removed her disguise and showed her delicate little face, “I hope she and Dad don’t fight.”

Yin Zhefei looked upset when he saw her and said: “They will handle their own affairs.”

“I’m not worried about this. I feel a little strange. Recently I always feel that someone is following me…” Yin Xiaomei wrinkled her face into a frown, “I generally feel that I’m not wrong.”

“Is it a fan of yours?”

“It’s possible,” she shrugged, and suddenly came back to life, “There’s no way, Xiaomei is so attractive!”

She actually had such a big face! Yin Zhefei couldn’t help but blacken his face again.

Hu Fei and Lu Xianxian were the last to arrive. As soon as they entered the room, they were startled by the explosion of the party popper.

“Surprise!” Zhang Xiangyi and Qin Yuan leaned forward and put a pointed hat on each of them.

Lu Xianxian was so disgusted that her eyebrows were about to knot: “What the hell is this!”

Hu Fei smiled and accepted: “Thank you, thank you!”

“Brother, you are great!” Hu Yueer rushed up and gave him a hug. “But I was really scared…” she couldn’t help but start to cry as she said this, she was so nervous that she almost scratched her face when she was watching the game at home.

“Okay, isn’t it all right? Don’t worry, I was protected by braces, it doesn’t hurt that much…” Hu Fei softly comforted her.

“Hmm…” Hu Yueer wiped her tears aggrievedly, but she was still sad.

Zhang Xiangyi hurriedly half-pushed and half-pulled Hu Yueer away when he saw this, and changed the subject by the way, “Alright, come on, everyone sit down, eat delicious food first, I’m starved to death!”

Everyone toasted together. “Congratulations, Hu Fei, for winning the championship!”

With the warmed wine, even Lu Xianxian, who had been cold, had started choking a faint smile, obviously in a good mood.

“Everyone…” Hu Fei stood up suddenly and knocked on the glass.

Everyone calmed down, and Zhang Xiangyi and Yin Zhefei exchanged knowing glances.

“This time I won the championship, and I want to take this opportunity to speak my heart.” He paused, plucked up the courage, and said to the woman beside him, “Xianxian, if not for you, there would be no me today, thank you!”

“I just provided you with an opportunity,” Lu Xianxian raised her wine glass and said humbly, “It is your own efforts that you made it today.”

“No, you not only provided me with opportunities, you may not know it, but I know very well in my heart that you follow me to the games, watch the previous videos with me over and over again, to find out my shortcomings, when you followed me to championships, you always carried trauma medicine, I am really grateful! “Hu Fei was very emotional at this point, “Xianxian, thank you, but I hope you know that what I’m going to say next has nothing to do with thanks…”

Lu Xianxian suddenly put down her wine glass: “I have drunk too much. Hu Fei, I have something else to do, I’ll leave first.”

“Wait a minute,” Hu Fei hurriedly intercepted her before the people who were eager to stop her, “Please, let me finish talking…”

“There is nothing that cannot be said later.” Her back trembled slightly, “It’s really late today.”

“I like you, would you like to be my girlfriend!” Hu Fei said loudly.

The whole living room went silent, as if it was suddenly muted, such that even a needle dropped on the floor could be heard.

What Yin Xiaomei thought at this time was, which bastard turned off the music?!

“I’m sorry, Hu Fei,” Lu Xianxian clenched her fist tightly, “I just… take you as a friend…”

Hu Fei smiled bitterly and sadly: “Why, don’t tell me, you still like…”

“Shut up!” Lu Xianxian turned around abruptly, and then she took a few deep breaths, and whispered: “I’m tired, I’m going to leave.” Then she fled through the door.

“Xianxian!” Hu Fei knew that he had made a mistake, and hurriedly chased her out.

The protagonists disappeared, and everyone reflexively turned their heads to look at Yin Zhefei.

“…” Yin Zhefei looked at them stiffly, “You…why are you all looking at me…”

“I really didn’t think that Xianxian would be so infatuated…” Zhang Xiangyi was very uncomfortable, “I don’t know how good you were as a kid. You have been popular with girls since childhood. Xianxian likes you, and Xiaomei also likes you…”

“Wait, wait, slow down! “Yin Xiaomei drily chuckled,” Who says I like him?!”

Yin Zhefei’s face suddenly changed, and the entire room temperature lowered a bit ……

“I’m late ah! I have to go back to the villa for supervision. I can’t let Song Yuanyuan eat, you know, the end is coming!” The slick Qin Yuan got up first and didn’t forget to take a plate of steak before he left. He did not forget that the chef Yin Zhefei invited was really good.

“I… I also want to see my brother…”

“Hey, Uncle Yin is back, I have to go back to work overtime, Xiaoyue, I will send you off…”

“Boss, then I and A Zhong will also leave first. ……”

Even A Chun came dazedly to the door: “Well, master…A Fei…my grandson’s birthday is today…” Then she ran away in the chaos.

Yin Xiaomei was stunned, why did everyone run away in an instant?

Should she run too?

But before she could react, Yin Zhefei grabbed her wrist and said coldly: “You come with me.”

“Hey, where are you taking me…” Yin Xiaomei was pulled by him before she finished speaking. She couldn’t stand firm, and half a glass of red wine in her hand poured over him. She covered her mouth in horror and said seriously: “I swear to heaven! I really didn’t mean it this time…”

The way Yin Zhefei looked at her was terrible, as if he was going to swallow her alive in the next second. For the first time, she felt that she was so weak…

But, for the first time, Yin Zhefei did not get angry.

He just closed his eyes slowly and sighed a long sigh. In that sigh, there was patience, helplessness, and a little sadness.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Yin Xiaomei felt his depression, and pulled him to apologize repeatedly, “You…you go and wash! This time…this time it is really my bad, but if you hadn’t pulled me, I won’t have…….”

Although this apology was not very sincere, it was also rare for Yin Xiaomei, who had always refused to admit her mistakes.

Yin Zhefei endured the damp discomfort and went into the bathroom of the bedroom. Yin Xiaomei was still draped on his back like a tail, holding a napkin in her hand to try to “help” which had made the stain spread even more.

“Okay, do you think it was not completely destroyed, you troublesome…” He cursed in a low voice, unbuttoning his shirt, and threw the expensive shirt directly into the trash can.

“I apologize, you are still a man, you are always so careless!” Yin Xiaomei took the shirt out of the trash can again, “and how could you just throw it away? What a waste! Anyway, it’s black. Just wash it, and you won’t be able to see the stain!”

“You know how to wash, now, the pants are also for you, you can make a set!” He also took off the wet pants and stuffed them into her arms.

At this moment, only a pair of white underwear was left on his body. Yin Xiaomei held his clothes and looked straight. Although she had seen it before, but he usually wore pants…

Now she had seen his slender and powerful legs and bulging private parts!

Yin Zhefei noticed her gaze, and then realized that he was almost completely exposed…

His face burned as if it was on fire, and his body unconsciously approached her, lamenting and frivolously teasing: “Hey, underwear. You are also stained with wine, so just accept it, I remember, don’t you love my underwear very much…”

Yin Xiaomei’s mind exploded. This bastard, she knew he was the most shameless person in the world!

“Fuck off! Ghosts love your underwear!” Yin Xiaomei pushed him away and walked out angrily.

Yin Zhefei smiled and took off his underwear when he saw the bathroom door closed. But who knew it was only halfway closed when Yin Xiaomei suddenly came back! Yin Zhefei was taken aback, he hurriedly pulled his pants back on, and said angrily: “Yin Xiaomei! Do you like pornography…”

“Hush!” Yin Xiaomei hurriedly went to cover his mouth and said angrily. “Dad is back!”

Yin Zhefei quickly understood. The current situation was really difficult to explain clearly. He was taking a bath, and Yin Xiaomei was holding his clothes. The guests at home had run away, and it would look like an affair anyway one looked at it.

Naturally, the situation was actually not as bad as they thought, but at this time the two people had a ghost in their hearts, and it was inevitable that they would be frightened.

“A Fei?” Yin Ruoji ‘s voice came from outside, “Are you at home?”

“Ah, yes, Dad, I’m at home!” Yin Zhefei shouted, pulling Yin Xiaomei into the shower glass enclosure in the bathroom, turning on the hot water.

“Just you? Where’s Xiaomei?” Yin Ruoji walked into his room.

Even though Yin Xiaomei was shrunk in the corner of the bathroom like a drenched chicken at this time, she could only curse and endure in her heart.

“Xiaomei has already gone back, everyone is gone, they left early today!” Yin Zhefei checked that the heat was not enough, so he boiled the water even hotter.

“What are you doing?” Yin Ruoji immediately heard the weird tone of his son, and walked into the bathroom, “Nothing happened.” The steam in the glass bathroom spread violently, and even the ceiling was covered by a layer, almost like the heavenly plane.

“It’s okay,” Yin Zhefei opened a gap in the glass door. “I was splashed with red wine, and I was taking a shower.” He gave a very simple smile.

Yin Ruoji hesitated and said: “Uh …Wearing underwear to take a bath?”

“Ah, I thought to wash it together, by the way…” He smiled dryly.

Yin Ruoji frowned disgustedly and turned and walked out, dissatisfied: “Can you kid be anymore sloppy!”

Yin Zhefei just breathed a sigh of relief, but suddenly Yin Ruoji turned back.

He hurriedly blocked the glass door again.

God, if he came here a few more times, his heart was going to burst!

“I seemed to have heard you calling Xiaomei’s name just now?”

“Ah…Yes, I called her to confirm that she had reached home.” Yin Zhefei said seriously.

“Okay, hey, this girl, I’m back, and she didn’t even call to ask, I will call her.”

“No, Dad, just now Xiaomei said she was going to take a bath, I think you should contact her later.” Yin Zhefei hurriedly stopped him.

“Um…” Yin Ruoji looked at him suspiciously.

“Dad, you go out first, I have to take a bath…”

“Oh, okay.” Yin Ruoji hurriedly turned around and went out, it was probably his own illusion. His son had always been this weird, wasn’t it?

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