YXBG Ch. 53: Sharing a Bed

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After Yin Ruoji left, Yin Zhefei confirmed it again and again, then returned to the bathroom, locked the door, and turned off the hot water.

Yin Xiaomei had hid in the corner and covered herself with a bath towel, but she still looked like a drowned chicken.

“It’s okay,” he helped her up, “Dad is gone.”

“Huh, luckily my phone is muted, or if Dad actually calls me, it would be over!” She got up nervously, her clothes all wet as they stuck to her body.

Yin Zhefei hurriedly took a bath towel to wrap her up, then took out a new set of home clothes from the closet and handed it to her, “You can put on this first.”

He was covered with water drops, and his black hair was hanging down in front of his forehead. His dark eyebrows had also become inkier and moving because of the moisture. Yin Xiaomei let him dry her hair blankly, her heart pounding like a pump, pumping her all strength away, making her feel a little bit weak.

“You change your clothes, I’ll go outside to check the situation.” Yin Zhefei held her face and motioned to her to regain her soul, thinking she was scared stupid.

“Hmm…” Yin Xiaomei stared at him and responded lowly.

Yin Zhefei also took a bath towel, put it around his body and went out.

Yin Xiaomei patted her face and thought to herself in despair: I really want to change the color.

She put on Yin Zhefei’s jacket and found that there was no need to wear pants at all. The clothes tightly covered her till her thighs, and the sleeves had to be rolled up several times to show her hands. It was just that her underwear had gotten wet, and it was really uncomfortable to wear. She rummaged in the closet again and found a new pair of men’s shorts to put on.

Her own panties were secretly hidden behind a bath towel.

This felt so strange…

The clothes on her body smelled of detergent that Yin Zhefei often used, and she felt as if she was completely surrounded by him. Yin Xiaomei straightened her hair in front of the mirror and seemed to have some strange expectations in her heart.

She opened the bathroom door and asked softly: “Dad has gone to bed?”

Yin Zhefei had also changed into home clothes. Seeing her like this, his eyes seemed to be a little darker again. He approached her and said softly, “In the living room, he seems to be thinking about something, why don’t you wait here?”

Yin Xiaomei nodded, sat down by his bed, and said like a thief: “Is your room door locked?”

“It’s locked. Normally, Dad won’t come to me if nothing happens.” He sat next to her.

The room was very quiet for a while, and the ambiguous breath spread around like many slippery snakes.

“Do you think that Dad signed it?” she asked suddenly and unpleasantly.

“Well, based on what I know about him, he won’t sign it.”

“I actually don’t want them to get divorced, but after knowing about Dad’s betrayal. I think if it was me, I might not be able to forgive…” She was a little disappointed. While wearing the clothes, she suddenly said to Yin Zhefei, “You are not the kind of person who will betray your marriage, right?”

Yin Zhefei looked at her with deep eyes, and said in a low voice, “No, I will only love one person for the rest of my life.”

“That’s fine…” There was a smile on her face, as if she had received some promise.

“Waiting is waiting anyway, how about watching a movie?” He handed the I-Pad over.

“Okay, I haven’t had time to watch a lot of movies recently.” She said, agreeing, “By the way, dim the light so that Dad thinks you are asleep, and he will go to sleep soon too!”

“Okay,” Yin Zhefei said with a smile, “When it comes to conspiracy and tricks, you are the best.”

“Bah!” Yin Xiaomei pretended to slap him, and began to arrange the pillows on the bed, while Yin Zhefei dimmed the lights in the room and waited until she turned around, had found a comfortable pose and was choosing a movie.

“What do you want to watch?” Yin Xiaomei slid her fingers quickly, “Do you mind watching a horror movie? I had a morning shoot today and I am a little sleepy. If I watch other things, I will probably fall asleep.”

“It’s up to you,” he sat next to her, “I can watch it.”

“Let’s do this, “Ghost Trail”, it’s scary!”

“Okay,” Yin Zhefei smiled, “Don’t bite me if you get scared.”

In fact, not only did Yin Xiaomei not bite him in fright, but because the sound of the movie was too low, she got lethargic after less than half an hour of the movie playing.

She leaned on Yin Zhefei’s shoulder and sighed without knowing what she saw in her sleep.

Yin Zhefei looked at her sleeping face, smelled her fragrance, and sighed softly.

Xiaomei, why are you still not growing up?

Am I telling the truth or teasing you, can’t you tell?

You are sometimes clever, but sometimes horribly stupid…

Or are you, a slippery and evil guy, pretending to be stupid, to torture me on purpose?

He kissed her gently on the forehead.

Xiaomei, hurry up and like me, I can’t wait any longer.


Chang Mei was very nervous as she was waiting to see Yin Ruoji.

But when she actually saw him, she calmed down instead.

Yin Ruoji’s mood was just the opposite.

He handed the flower in his hand to Chang Mei and said in a deep voice: “You haven’t changed at all.”

Chang Mei took it very naturally and said still as gentle as water: “I’m old.”

In fact, even in Britain, she was the goddess of bachelors nearby. Unlike foreign people who had wrinkles prematurely on their faces, she was well maintained, her skin was white and glossy, her demeanor was elegant, and she had a mysterious oriental atmosphere. She was often sought out by people!

Yin Ruoji immediately looked at her deeply, as if he had become the young boy who couldn’t pursue her again.

“I’m here this time because I want to finish what we have left undone.” She pushed the document to him, “I have signed it. We have been separated for ten years. I was scared before when you brought it up, but now that I look away too, it doesn’t matter.”

Yin Ruoji frowned and said, “What did I bring up?”

“Weren’t you going to divorce me,” she smiled bitterly, “When you wanted to marry that secretary…”

At this moment, Yin Ruoji suddenly wanted to shoot himself to death.

She probably heard something, and according to her upbringing, she would never allow herself to cry endlessly. But how Yin Ruoji wished she could cry to him like a normal woman, so that he would have a chance to explain to her.

“Are you with her?” Chang Mei asked nervously when she saw Yin Ruoji change color.

“No, she is dead.” Seeing Chang Mei’s stunned expression, he immediately said, “Even if she was not dead, I would not divorce you. The only one I love is you. As for divorce or something, that is the nonsense that I made up…” He held Chang Mei’s hand. “At the beginning, she took pictures while I was drunk. If I didn’t hold her back temporarily, the company might have suffered a big blow. Chang Mei, this is the one time where I didn’t do a good job. I shouldn’t have hidden it from you so that you wouldn’t get to know these disgusting thing through other channels…”

Chang Mei silently withdrew her hand and looked at him in horror.

Yin Ruoji was taken aback for a moment, and slowly withdrew his hand in a daze, but he continued to explain the original matter. At the end he said: “This kind of extortion is very common. Her purpose was to make money and force me to marry her, as well.”

Perhaps Wen Xuan once really admired Yin Ruoji, but in his eyes, the other person was always just a scheming woman after him for money.

“But she was pregnant with your child…” Chang Mei hesitated.

“That’s not mine, it was her boyfriend’s, Chang Mei, you must believe me, I would never betray you.” He eagerly said, “For so many years, why didn’t you come to question me…no…this is me I did not do it right, Chang Mei, I understand how you feel, I’m sorry, I beg you, don’t end our marriage so easily, give me another chance…I really just wanted to protect you…”

Chang Mei’s eyebrows were slightly furrowed, and her face was very sad: “I, always thought that you were tired of me.”

“No, no, even when I die, I want to die with you, you know this. How did we come here to 2013? At this time, I have experienced the most painful ten years…”

Chang Mei shed tears and whispered: “Why didn’t you…”

“I am not good, I am a bastard. Chang Mei, if you feel angry, just hit me. As long as it makes you happy, tell me what to do, and I will do it all.” He said, sitting next to her and grabbing her hand to hit his face.

“No…” Chang Mei struggled to get rid of him, “If that is true, you let me, think about it…”

“Chang Mei…” Yin Ruoji pleaded holding her, “Please tell me, what should I do …”

She looked at the man she loved so much in front of her with a little bewilderment: “If that is true, your handling of that matter is in line with your usual style… I just understood it now,” she smiled faintly, “With Wen Xuan dead, you don’t have to be blackmailed, it won’t affect your family, your company won’t be threatened… You are the biggest beneficiary; everything is just like when I was kidnapped…”

Yin Ruoji looked suddenly panicked.

“…Even if I am in danger, you must come out at the most appropriate time to ensure that your own interests are maximized…” She looked at him sadly, “I fell in love with you, and my parents felt that you are the best man in the world, you have always been like this…”

Yin Ruoji was completely frozen.

Chang Mei left in a hurry.

She knows… Yin Ruoji came to understand, Chang Mei knew the truth of that matter very early. He could even think that Zhang Chenxi must have told it to Yao Fei as a rare thing, and Yao Fei had told Chang Mei again.

But he couldn’t blame anyone, it was his fault, even if he could explain that he was young and arrogant at the time, thinking that everything was within his control, but this couldn’t hide the possibility that he was risking Chang Mei’s safety.

He was not good enough for Chang Mei, it had always been like this…


“Xiaomei, wake up…”

Yin Xiaomei woke up in a daze, while Yin Zhefei was patting her face gently: “Dad is going to bed, he should be asleep now. Now, get up, I’ll take you back.”

“Um… OK,” she was reluctant to get up, she had never slept so comfortably before, “Did mother try to find me?”

“I told her that we played till a little late. She asked me to send you home safely. Let’s go.” He helped Yin Xiaomei to get up, and whispered, “We still have to be quiet.”

“Okay…” Yin Xiaomei rubbed her eyes, and without changing her shoes, she picked up her high heels and followed Yin Zhefei out.

The two people sneaked out of the house. If they were photographed by the paparazzi, it would have been an explosion of news such as “The goddess meets with a strange man late at night, and she was in disheveled clothes as she sneaks away.”

After getting in the car, Yin Xiaomei breathed a sigh of relief, and then said in disgust, “You broken car, you have been driving[1] for many years!”

Yin Zhefei said in a huff: “I’m so old, shouldn’t you be relieved?”

Yin Xiaomei couldn’t help laughing, but she muttered: “What do you have to do with me…”

“There are a lot of women who like me.” Yin Zhefei suddenly turned back to the topic a long time ago, “Otherwise how you could rely on me back then? Didn’t your photos make so much money?”

“Huh? Why do you suddenly say this…?”

“It’s nothing, you guy, have always been blind.” He suddenly reached over and shuffled her hair.

“Yin Zhefei, you are dying!” Yin Xiaomei opened his hand and combed her hair back in anger. Then she seemed to think of something, “No, mom said you don’t have a girlfriend. You must have done it before. When you were in high school, there was a pink cotton bunny bag in the closet. Don’t tell me, yes. You used it yourself.” She had used that little bag for many years!

“You still have the face to talk about back then!” He was so angry and itchy when he thought of her making him almost rush home naked.

“Were you going to give it to a female classmate!”

“I wanted to give it to a pig.”

“Send it to the same kind? It’s good.”

Yin Zhefei clutched the steering wheel, suddenly regretting that he hadn’t greeted her little butt a few more times.

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[1] Driving is an euphemism for sex.

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